ACTION ALERT: “House Republicans Unveil Another Anti-wolf, Anti-endangered Species Appropriations Bill”

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Center For Biological Diversity

For Immediate Release, May 24, 2016

Contact: Jamie Pang, (858) 699-4153,

Release, May 24, 2016

House Republicans Unveil Another Anti-wolf, Anti-endangered Species Appropriations Bill

114th Congress Has Now Launched Nearly 20 Legislative Attacks on Wolves

WASHINGTON— Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives today introduced a bill to fund the U.S. Department of the Interior that includes a poison-pill rider to end federal protections for wolves in Wyoming and the western Great Lakes and to undermine other endangered species protections. The legislative rider would undo two court decisions affirming that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrongly removed Endangered Species Act protections for the wolf.

The bill is the 18th attack by the current Congress on gray wolves nationwide and the 12th attack targeting wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming populations.

“This is the most extreme, anti-wolf Congress our country has ever seen,” said Jamie Pang, an endangered species campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Rather than allowing for wolf recovery to follow a course prescribed by science, a small group of politicians has repeatedly tried to undermine species protections through unrelated policy riders tacked onto must-pass federal spending bills.”

The Fish and Wildlife Service removed protections for gray wolves in the Great Lakes region (Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota) in 2011, and in Wyoming in 2012. In both instances federal judges overturned agency decisions for prematurely removing protections, failing to follow the requirements of the Act and failing to follow the best available science. Republican lawmakers have responded by repeatedly attempting to remove protections from wolves and open the animals up to state-regulated hunting and trapping. Since the passage of the 2011 wolf rider that removed protections from wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains, there have been almost 30 legislative attacks on wolves in Congress. Already in 2016 there have been 10 legislative attacks, surpassing the number of anti-wolf bills for all of 2015.

In addition to this rider, the appropriations bill also contains language preventing the greater sage grouse from being protected under the Act, and would weaken protections for salmon and the Delta smelt in California’s Bay-Delta region.

“This shameful meddling is harmful to science, harmful to the rule of law, and harmful to our democratic processes,” said Pang. “Congressional lawmakers know that 90 percent of American voters support the Endangered Species Act, which precisely is why they have to resort to such back-door attempts at weakening the law.”

Despite overwhelming public support for the Endangered Species Act and the species it protects, there has been a greater than 600 percent increase in Republican-led legislative attacks on endangered species since the landmark ruling in Citizens United.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 1 million members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.


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  1. It’s very bizarre when all the American Government has on its agenda is wiping out wolves and catering to hunting interests. Sportsmen (and I use the term loosely) are a very, very small minority and do not deserve this kind of attention from our ‘leadership’. Shameful.


  2. How utterly stupid can these politicians be?!!! Hasn’t it dawned on them yet why we don’t trust them? They STILL are not listening to the people of America. I do hope the new President cannot be bought. I pray that our present government lackeys wake up before they destroy the life God intended for this planet before it’s too late.


  3. The problem is, politicos are the individuals that provide scientific policies that fail to embrace science. The pro-wolf science is flawless and powerful. The wolf is not only biodiversity and bio means, “life”, the wolf is a vital keystone species. Keystone is an architectural word. The keystone supports the entirety of a man built structure. The keystone species, like the wolf, is the one species that supports entirely his chunk of planet Earth, exactly the pro-wolf science. The wolf is also the salvation of the evolutionary event that provided life as we know it, the appearance of vegetation and especially trees, on the land’s surface.


  4. So sad…Please God don’t let them be successful!


  5. It says action alert – not finding a link to anything to sign???


  6. O.K. here we go again I hope of all hopes that this years elections gets some of these jerks out the door. Bernie would have been our best answer to getting the ESA back for wolves and all wildlife but Hillary is in. If she follows Bills footsteps she might be good for the wolf. I hope somebody saves them.


  7. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  8. the Bill 659 has gone threw the senate committee ,and will be up for a vote. One needs to get on the phone or e-mail your Senators .Just signing petitions doesn’t/ seldom work alone. One has to keep at it. It would be helpful to choose words that they will listen to and not a slur a emotional anger, that we all feel, but would only make them hang up.


  9. I have forgotten what all this fuss is about? Why do these people want to kill off wolves? I would like to no what they have to say!


    • I don’t think they really know. It’s an irrational, knee-jerk reaction, a last stubbornly remaining old vestige of the human brain.


    • Allan I believe they equate killing wolves with sticking it to the government even though ranchers receive millions of dollars from the government in subsidies and handouts. Hypocrites.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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