Wisconsin Assembly Passes Brutal Wolf Hunt Bill….

Dead Wolf  (or coyote) Wisconsin 1909

March 14, 2012

All the pleas, the testimony from Native Americans, didn’t make any difference at all. The Wisconsin Assembly passed AB502  early this morning.  Let’s turn back the clock to 1909, the second wolf  pogrom is under way except this time, they’ll keep around a small, beleaguered group of wolves to torture every year for trophy hunters.  I can’t tell you how disgusted and angry I feel right now. Three years of this madness since Obama delisted wolves.  And for what?

In the brief  AP report it was mentioned the bill passed over the objection of  Democrats so I’m assuming all the ugly particulars sailed right through. Now wolves can be hunted with dogs (a pack of  up to six dogs can be used to track and trail a wolf), hunted at night, clubbed to death in traps, shooting across roads will be allowed, the use of almost any type of weapon including muzzle loaders, handguns, shotguns, bow and arrows, crossbows, traps and snares, predator calls, baiting  and a hunt extending into wolf breeding season, allowing pregnant alpha wolves to be shot and killed along with their unborn pups. Nice going Wisconsin.

These are the groups who reported lobbying for this monstrosity of a bill. This wolf hunt is being driven by “thrill kill seekers” and  has nothing to do with science but everything to do with providing amusement for trophy hunters.

Groups Reported Lobbying For Wolf Hunt Bill

Safari Club International, Wisconsin Chapters
United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, Inc.
Wi~Force (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators, Inc.)
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association 
Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association
Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc 
Wisconsin Pork Association 
Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association (CRANBERRIES???)


Group Reported Lobbying Against the Wolf Hunt Bill

Stockbridge-Munsee Community ( I don’t know who you are but thank you for standing for wolves)


Wisconsin has declared war on its wolves. Please consider a boycott of Wisconsin products and tourism. There are plenty of other places to visit and buy cheese.  Shame on the Wisconsin legislature! Shame!


Assembly passes bill creating wolf hunt

Posted: Mar 14, 2012 2:33 AM MDT Updated: Mar 14, 2012 2:33 AM MDT 
MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A wolf hunt in Wisconsin would be created under a bill that has passed the state Legislature.

The Assembly passed the measure early Wednesday morning despite objections from Democrats who argued concerns of experts about the need for such a hunt and the way it was organized under the bill.



 Contact the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and let them know how you feel about the Wolf hunt. Be polite but resolute!!

Wisconsin Department of Tourism

201 West Washington Avenue
PO Box 8690
Madison WI 53708-8690
1-800-432-8747 or 608/266-2161



Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

8030 Excelsior Drive, Suite 305
Madison, WI 53717-1950

Contact Information

Phone: 608-828-4550
Fax: 608-828-4551



Office of Governor Scott Walker

115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702


(608) 266-1212






Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702


Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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