Fighting For The Wild Ones….

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Dead and dying wolves haunt my thoughts. Wolves suffering slow, painful deaths in choking snares or leghold traps, waiting in the cold, without food, water or shelter,  for their killers to emerge and stomp, strangle or shoot them to death. Pups who will never have a chance to grow up wild and free, as they watch their families ripped apart, dying along with them.

There is total chaos in the wild places wolves call home. They are suffering unimaginable horrors as their killers slash their way through living flesh, driven by blood lust, posing with their wolf corpses, smiling like Cheshire cats, claiming their prizes in full color. But what they don’t realize is every dead wolf picture, every trapped, snared, gut shot wolf I see only steels my resolve to fight on. Gloating over dead, sad bodies of their victims only makes them look small and insignificant. I wonder how brave they’d be without their scopes, high-powered rifles, snares, traps, blinds, poisons, compound bows and other weapons they use to kill defenseless animals in their sick game? How brave would they be going  mano y mano with any wild animal? I think we all know the answer to that question. When the playing field is even there is no contest.

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They think they’ve won and the wolves are now theirs to torture but this war is far from over. We are many and they are few. They can crow now but it won’t always be this way. We will see wolves protected once again. Count on it.

Druid Peak Pack Iconic Alphas 42 and 21


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Desktop Nexus
wolf wallpaper
Jim Brandenburg 2011
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Mountain Express June 2012
Wikimedia Commons
wolf people
Gunnar Ries Amphibol
Scott Flaherty

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