UPDATE: Two Young Wolves Run Down On Purpose?

Facebook post_Toby Bridges claims to run over two wolves_Photo posted in the Great Falls Tribune

Photo posted in Great Falls Tribune – Warning Graphic

September 20, 2014

I’ve added an editorial from Predator Defense you will find at the bottom of this post. It’s a call to action for all who are outraged by this terrible tragedy. We cannot allow it to fade into obscurity. Please use the contact information provided by Predator Defense for Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks (MFWP). Demand action!


September 19, 2014

I guess wolf haters think they can get away with anything.  They certainly don’t think they’ll be held accountable for their actions. This is truly disgusting. Warning graphic descriptions follow.


Missoula man runs-down wolves, brags on Facebook

John S. Adams 10:34 p.m. MDT September 19, 2014

Editor’s note: What follows is a graphic description that may be difficult for some readers.

A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks law enforcement official said Friday the agency is “looking into” a Missoula anti-wolf extremist’s Facebook claim that he purposefully ran down a pair of wolves on Interstate 90 just east of the Idaho-Montana border.

Montana FWP Region 2 Warden Capt. Joseph Jaquith said they were aware of Toby Bridges’ Facebook post in which he brags about killing two young wolves with his wife’s van.

“We’re trying to determine, first of all, what exactly we can do with something somebody says on Facebook with no other physical evidence,” Jaquith said. “Whether or not it’s true remains to be seen.”

Bridges, who runs an anti-wolf website and Facebook page called Lobo Watch, on Tuesday posted pictures on Facebook and described in graphic detail how he accelerated his vehicle in an apparent attempt to intentionally run down the wolves.

Bridges did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Bridges described a scene in which he claims a group of wolves were chasing a cow and calf elk across the highway about four miles east of Lookout Pass. Bridges said he “let off the brake and hit the accelerator.”

Click Link To Read More:



Predator Defense Calls For Action

posted by Predator Defense (Facebook)

It is never a good time to be a wolf in Montana, but actions last week by a known wolf-hater there really take the cake. A man
named Toby Bridges claims he intentionally ran down two wolves on I-90 outside Missoula with his vehicle and then bragged
about it on Facebook. His behavior is reprehensible and we need your help calling him to task and demanding a full investigation by Montana wildlife authorities.

Please rally everyone you can to contact Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks as detailed below. Tell FWP you are horrified by Bridges’ actions, that the state needs to come out publicly and say his behavior is deplorable, and that they must fully investigate whether he should be charged with a crime against wildlife.

In addition to possible poaching or “weapons” violations, Bridges running down the wolves is a hate crime. And he has been known for years as a wolf-hater. He runs an anti-wolf website and Facebook page and his words on both prove his hatred. He has even posted instructions on how to poison a wolf online–poison that has killed dogs and threatens humans.Please help us flood FWP with outrage right away. Their office doesn’t open til Monday, but you can fax email or mail them any time at:

FWP Headquarters
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
1420 East Sixth Avenue
P.O. Box 200701
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Phone: (406) 444-2535
Fax: (406) 444-4952
E-mail: fwpgen@mt.gov
Directors Office: (406) 444-3186

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
PO Box 5446
Eugene, OR 97405

Photo: Courtesy Great Falls Tribune

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  1. Disgusting act, this man should be charge with crime against animals

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  2. This is despicable!! These lowlife subhumans should be found and disposed of like the garbage they are!! Disgusting!!


  3. This is why we don’t compromise with the wolf haters! This is why wolves need protection!


  4. Rest in piece young wolves, surely didn’t deserve to end that way


  5. Oh what? Was a wolf trying to eat?
    Sadistic idiot.


  6. “We’re trying to determine, first of all, what exactly we can do with something somebody says on Facebook with no other physical evidence,” Jaquith said. “Whether or not it’s true remains to be seen.”

    I guarantee if he made a threat to Joseph Jaquith, they would know what to do with that information. He would be arrested.


  7. Exactly if someone threatens this punk on facebook the feds and cops come a running …because they’re all NRAs


  8. I don’t know what these people think that a wolf will do to them, but I had a wolf for 17 years & never had any problems with her. You treat animals good, & they will treat you the same way. There should be a strong law about being abusive with animals. Some people I know should be kept in cages !


    • I agree with you Karen. The animal-cruelty laws seem to be much too weak – they should treat him the same as a hit and run driver. He would probably have wet himself if he was not in a vehicle.


  9. I don’t believe it. Did he remove evidence too? I think the Wolf Patrol has got these nuts nearly apoplectic! (good). Just wait until they go to WI to hound the hounders.


  10. Sadly, state and federal wildlife agencies do not act on wildlife’s behalf. They were established to lead the charge in exploiting wildlife and to encourage exploitation. They’re good at it, you know, and are populated by staff who hunt and trap. For the most part, they answer to their “customers” — hunters, trappers, haters.


    • I would like to alert comment readers that the alarmist comment in this column about PA wildlife agency breeding coywolves is FALSE.
      This crap is spread by wild animal haters.
      Canis lupus lycaon has for some centuries had some coyote DNA, and biologists tell us that it most likely happened when Euroamerican immigrants killed off as many wolves as possible from the 1600s on.
      THere is a spectrum of increasing coyote DNA content in Wolves from MN across Ontario into lower Quebec.
      Canis rufus, the Red Wolf, has some coyote DNA, but wolf sociality and culture – behavior, trumps this.

      Coyotes have certainly occupied wolf niche as far as Alaska, Yukon, NWT all across to historical wolf habitat in (PA) New England, ME, and the Maritime Provinces, due to Euroamerican persecution of wolves.
      This is natural, and infestation of Howling For Justice by coyote haters and fearers is obscene.

      As most of you know, wolves when allowed their lives without persecution, diminish coyote populations. At some time in the best future, wolves will retake their place, and coyotes theirs.

      DNA not benefiting a species diminishes over time – EVERYONE who has had 6th grade science knows this.

      Deer, by the way, whitetail, are as much as 6x excess in human agricultural areas, and numerous diseases have resulted, including a few transmissible to humans, so ecosystems balanced by wolf or coyote are advantageous to all.
      I’m not going to gross you out by elaborating, as this modern Euroamerican culture invents things to fear, as you see by the comment above mine.


  11. I hope it isn’t a thinly veiled threat for wolf advocates. Stay safe!


  12. Yeah like i believe an anti wolf persons claim that tey were chasing a cow all i can say is BULL SH!T he just saw them n did it.


  13. Hmmm,
    I have told people for decades that this intentional running over is done (I have heard the bragging myself, from males who grew into that outlook – I live in the US West, and have heard it in CA and NV).

    EVERY effort made to prevent road creation on public lands, and to “retire” present roads, helps,
    So MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT road removal on USFS and BLM lands!

    Also support as much as you can denial of ORV access to public lands!

    These hit&run people usually do it on public highways, although jeeps, atvs, etc are used to pursue animals for illegal or legal shooting. This is America’s common method of hunting.
    I hope you all will
    ACT TO END SPORT HUNTING in the USA. There are several organizations with this agenda.

    Here’s one:


  14. It is so sad our country is to barbaric that is these subhumans can do it kill wolves, brought back by the govenrnment and now desserted. The whole govenment system has failed them. Packs start in a state where they are supposedly welcome and then kills them. We stink and our political views are definitely warped as well as our humanity. Obama and then Jewell lied through their teeth, surely they are still not reading the science, they are ignoring the truth. The wolf haters give more money to the campaign funds. Dirty, dirty, dirty.


    • our government has failed the beloved wolf and the wild horses and lies about it all…… disgusting. this guy should be in jail, but of course as it was stated earlier the officials all work for the hunters and wolf-haters…. may these little ones rest in peace 😦


  15. This is one of the most disturbing and terrible things I have ever read. People can go to Predator Defense website to find ways to take action against Toby Bridges by requesting the state to investigate and prosecute his actions. I also asked the state to try and find the suffering wolf pup to end its suffering. I hope that bastard ends up in jail where he belongs for animal cruelty.


  16. Toby Bridges is an insecure, sadistic, cowardly little man desperately seeking approval from other similarly backward humans.


  17. OMG!!! When I hear about this I was in tears! This must be heartbreaking for any wolf lover!!!!! No no no!!! Ok?? This is the last straw that wolf hater’s can get to. Because I’m ending it. No!!! No more accident’s like this!!!!!!! I can’t let it happen.. ;( it’s to heartbreaking..


    • Tom bridge’s we just want peace ok? We want you to understand you crossed the line this time.. No more ok YOUR Facebook page is heartbreaking pictures of dead wolves… So that’s your hobby hmm??? We’ll say no more. We just want you to tell us the truth please… Just tell us the truth… It’s all we ask.


  18. This has got to be one of the most disturbing things that I have read about since I got involved with the Wolf Wars! To intentionally chase down and run over wolf pups so that they suffer and die, just because they were following their instincts, is extremely sickening! I hope this anti-wolf guy gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

    Rest in Peace, little wolves. Hopefully you two did not die in vain and that the story of your gruesome deaths will finally open people’s eyes to the war that is being waged against wolves in Montana and elsewhere.


  19. read the sites on this problem man. he says wildlife needs to be controlled but fails to see that the wolf is the natural predator and can do a better job than him. i left him a message.


  20. I can’t believe this happened… I knew people hunted wolves, but I didn’t think anyone was this shallow.. I mean like, are you kidding me?! He better be getting charged, and I just don’t see the point in hurting animals, wolves are interesting creatures.. They are beautiful. And we
    Let people hurt them 😦 but I cross the line at something like this.



  21. And one more thing, I care about wolves more than anything in the world.. They only listen to me.. I can talk to them.. I can understand them. I know it sounds crazy but I hear them for some reason, and wolves keep going.. Why would you do this? What have the wolves EVER done to you huh? And this is for everyone who kills or hunts wolves for a living, you have no life. If you do that. Understood? And for the people that do it for fun! You are horrible. Because you shot. A. Life.



  22. Past UNACCEPTABLE. We must let all know what these murderers are doing. Many people are ignorant to what is going on. All must be make aware of the atrocities that are taking place right under their noses. I’ve posted on FB, Twitter, Care2. I am now going to start on the long list of politicians. This murdering SOB is not going to be able to drive down the road ever again without looking over his shoulder.


  23. This was many, many years ago,(late ’70’s, early ’80’s) but it feels like yesterday…He did live a good life. He passed when he was 17. (I’ll always be with you Thor.)


    He was found in the city on the top of a roof,
    Isolation from others was all he knew,
    Brought to the country 150 miles away,
    Once again caged, alone night and day.

    I wanted to see him to let him know,
    He had a friend who loved him so,
    But I was told he would not come to me,
    He was a wild animal and that’s the way it would be.

    I went to him anyway ignoring what I was told,
    For folks have a way of being so cold,
    I approached his cage knowing his fear of man,
    He slowly came forward and licked my hand.

    In his eyes I saw a great need for trust,
    Seeing him often would be a must,
    Eventually his cage door was unlocked for me,
    I was able to enter and set his doubts free.

    He loved to play ‘tug’ with my old stretchy hat,
    Or loved just to put his front paws on my back,
    For many months I enjoyed all his games,
    But now it’s to end…..life won’t be the same.

    He going to be shipped to some other state,
    I cry every day fearing his fate,
    I will love him always and forever more,
    I will never stop loving my friend named Thor.


    • What a beautiful tribute Anne, thank you for sharing it with us ❤

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  24. What a despicable, cowardly act. Toby Bridges is human garbage. I will contact MTFWP, but given their track record, I doubt they will even care. They’ve known about this A-Hole for some time. Let’s hope they have the guts to do something beyond a slap on the wrist.


  25. Bridges is now denying that he did it on purpose and that he wanted to annoy wolf advocates. I notice his story changed as soon as he started to attract negative attention.
    Seriously how much more immature can you get? As soon as you realise that others are not finding your b.s. funny and you’re getting in trouble for it, you immediately deny it. Truly pathetic.


  26. Karma DOES exist.
    They will get theirs.
    Someone WILL come forward to do the right thing… & be a witness.
    Why there is a Holocaust against wolves is beyond me.
    If wolves are gone—so are we. You cannot take out links in the chain & expect us to remain.
    Prayers to have balance of Nature.

    A Great Being has said….”Despite Human Ignorance,- Nature Endures”


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