Wisconsin Trophy Hunters Wipe Out 65 Wolves In Just 4 Days..

Wisconsin wolf public domain

Deja’ Vu – Slaughtered Wisconsin Wolf – 1909 – What’s different today?

October 18, 2014

There’s a wolf killing frenzy going on in Wisconsin. In just four days Wisconsin trophy hunters have slaughtered 65 wolves, that’s over 16 wolves per day. Wolves are being tracked and trailed by up to 6 dogs per hunter and I don’t believe for one second that some of those wolves haven’t been directly killed by dogs or at the very least bitten multiple times before they’re killed by the hunters. Can you imagine the terror wolves face as their chased by barking dogs and hunters?

Besides legalized dog/wolf fighting,Wisconsin allows wolves to be trapped, arrowed, shot and baited. And they’re killing wolf puppies, who are barely eight months old. Trophy hunting is sick and anyone who engages in it needs their heads examined.

The Badger state trophy hunters are acting like barbarians, this is nothing but blood lust and hatred toward an animal who’s been persecuted for hundreds of years in this country. Shame on the Obama Administration for allowing  USFWS to delist Great Lakes wolves. They’ve turned wolves over to their greatest enemies, fish and game agencies.

IMO Ted Nugent was obviously encouraging poaching of Wisconsin wolves when he  posted this on his Facebook page on October 17, 2014.

“WISCONSIN Spirit BloodBrothers the Weisner family trapped this stunning wolf. Though no state has issued an adeqaute number of wolf tags, believe when I tell you that certain WE THE PEOPLE in touch caring Americans are killing MANY MANY more wolves than the numbnut corrupt dishonest PC government thugs allow. Kill as many as you can real conservationists. The wolf population is irresponsibly & dangerously out of control. Wolf jackets ROCK!!”

Is Wisconsin DNR investigating Nugent’s outrageous comment? I doubt it, they’re too busy sucking up to their customers, the hunters.


Don’t buy their cheese or any products they sell. Don’t visit or take vacations there. The only way to send a message to the state is to hit them in their pocketbook. Maybe they’ll reconsider their disgusting “dog fighting” wolf hunt.


Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Why is the DNR destroying our wolves?

October 12, 2014 4:30 am  • 

“My favorite recipe for wolf is to skin it, piss on it and let it rot for the maggots. Then cash in the hide and watch people like you squirt a tear over it.” — Dwayne Glosemeyer, Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Facebook page 

Dwayne Glosemeyer’s in-your-face arrogance flinging torture and disrespect for wolves at wolf advocates mirrors the hatred of wolves promoted by the Department of Natural Resources. The DNR has a flagrant disregard for science, nature, and the majority of citizens in Wisconsin.

Paul Paquet is a world-renowned Canadian biologist who has been studying wolves for over four decades. He is on the advisory/science and recovery board of the Living with Wolves organization started by Jim and Jamie Dutcher after they lived with and filmed the Sawtooth Pack for six years. The organization’s goal is to stop the slaughter of wolves. Jane Goodall and Robert Redford are on the honorary board. I heard Paquet speak passionately against hunting wolves, as a moral issue, at the International Wolf Symposium last October in Duluth, Minn. He co-signed the letter sent by UW-Madison’s Adrian Treves recommending suspension of the 2014 Wisconsin wolf hunt.




Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. What can you say to something like this, except I hope the trophy hunters will someday be hunted and slaughter in the same cruel manner they did to the wolves.


    • Just my thought. So terrible what’s happening to America’s wolves.


    • The barbaric treatment of the wolves, and probably a lot of other creatures by these savages, is unbelievable.
      I agree with you Sue Stack, that the hunters should be let loose without any weapons, and the hunted down and get shot through both knees and their hands. They must be left to suffer, the same as the animals they cannot respect. These cretins do more damage to the environment than the wolves could ever do.
      “Trophy hunting is sick and anyone who engages in it needs their heads examined.” That is being very polite, I would rather see their rotting corpses stacked around the wolves natural territory.


  2. If we want to stop this Atrocity to our Nations Majestic Wolves, Its going to take ( non violent) Civil Disobedience, At the State capitols in the Wolf killing states; With Media present. Nothing else has worked.


    • You are probably correct Peter, my remarks above were because I was angry, and all they do is stir-up anger on both sides, with the poor animals in the middle.
      Albert Schweitzer, physician and Nobel Laureate, said:

      “The time is coming when people will be astonished that mankind needed so long a time to regard thoughtless injury to life as compatible with ethics.”

      Some of us must find a way of suppressing our anger and use other methods to voice our opinions.


  3. Such a disgusting and senseless slaughter. Something really wrong in Wisconsin starting from their gov down !

    Sent from my iPad


  4. OMFG, beyond words, Monsters among us! I agree with Peter..


  5. “Wisconsin wolf management” is a travesty, yet most Americans are indifferent. It’s sickening.


  6. I am at a loss to understand why humans can enjoy murdering fellow mammals on this earth. I know that most humans eat meat to survive, that is part of nature, wolves only kill what they need, they don’t kill for the pleasure of killing. I bet these monsters don’t eat their victims! Do they? The poachers in Kenya, who kill the elephants and rhinos for the Ivory are often shot by the Rangers, this should happen in the States to stop the wolf murders.


  7. Bat crap crazy WI, Idaho, MT, WY, the redneck wolf jihad states, and just generally controlled by redneck mentalities. USFWS is the real disappointment because wolves should not be delisted in a state that has not proved itself conservation minded. Hunting with dogs is slaughter minded state.


  8. How much proof does USFWS need to prove that wolves should not be delisted? Wyoming had them classified as varmints in 80% of the state. Montana’s new rules allow ranchers to shoot any wolf they see as “threatening”, which means any wolf they see year around, on top of extended trapping and hunting seasons. Idaho was having wolf and coyote killing contests for cash and hired a hunter to kill a couple of packs arguing that it is in defense of elk herds, and proposes wolf baiting to kill more wolves for sportsmen and elk farming in the wilderness. Wisconsin is using dogs. MT-WY-ID-WI are obviously marginalizing this apex predator which is not good ecology for trophic cascade effects; yet hunters (sports killers) and ranchers and these state wildlife agencies have unhealthy effects on ecology. We are rapidly getting back to the 1800’s with wolf massacring states. Wolf management–they do not need general management, should not be by states. The states mentioned are too hostile, biased. colloquial in attitudes and controlled by historic hostile elements. They are promoting wolf hate myths despite contrary evidence: For instance, wolves do not kill too many elk and their impact on cattle is less than 0.002%. These states are run by rancher and hunter folklore, myths and lies and their ilk in the state wildlife agencies and legislatures, with so far the only exceptions being OR and WA and CA. OR and WA are the the model wolf management states, and the state of CA which has already enacted wolf protections anticipating their arrival. Wolf conservation states allow the killing of only chronic offenders, not general wolf killing, and require that nonlethal management be in place and tried. The throwback (1800’s) wolf massacre states are mismanaging wolves and like in WY should wolves should be relisted until there is a conservation plan in place that allows for more than a marginal population.


  9. Blood thirsty rednecks-if you want to kill-join the service-front line where you belong.


  10. This is what is happening to wolves while we sit around and let it happen by not being outraged. This is what the “new” American hunter group is now, you old hunters need to step up and speak out against what is going on. This is not the kind of hunting to fill your freezer, this is a hunt to wipe out one of Gods creatures that he created to do the job it’s doing. They are NOT decimating elk herds, they are not wiping out livestock, we can co exist with a little work. Please write USFWS and tell them to stop the slaughter by resisting wolves again. Kathy

    Sent from my iPad Kathy Cheatham



  11. Wisconsin is pretty bad, isn’t it. I think they are even worse than the Rocky Mountain states. So much for the lie that wolves are difficult to hunt!

    Thanks a lot, Obama administration. And with Jewell and Ashe ‘frustrated’ that Wyoming’s wolves have been protected again by the ESA, what can you say? Sally Jewell said she thought WY had a good plan. Apparently what’s going on in Wisconsin is acceptable management to this Administration. Clueless from Seattle!!!!!


    • So bad ! Sally Jewell is uneducated on all things re predators and probably doesn’t know a thing about these ecosystem engineers!
      She’s a numbers gal in retail
      And this is wholesale slaughter Sec Jewell


  12. “It’s a shame, really…..” *eyeroll*


    “Ashe’s boss, Interior Secretary Jewell, said she was also “very frustrated” with Jackson’s decision, saying the delisting in Wyoming was justified and the state exhibited strong cooperation with federal agencies in the process.”

    Yes, everyone was in collusion in that other backroom deal with WY too.


  13. Why are our politicians allowing this?we cannot stop these brainless,evil,scum.hunters…what we need to do is petition and get the media involved so the public knows exactly whats going on. Politicians giving orders to brutally trap and kill our wolves and wildlife. This needs to stop now…even if it takes a revolution! What gives them the right to decide that our wolves and their familys have to die? What kind of person kills such beautiful life? Not anyone sane! Not anyone that should lead our country!


  14. What I know we better hope Scott Walker loses that is the best chance to save our wolves. We need political people who care about our wild life. Scott Walker is an outrage and all the people behind him I am sure the general public hates these hunts just as we do on this site but Walker runs the show now, this is a real shame.


  15. This kind of killing is very scarey that this goes on, We need to take them to court and find a way to stop this mess. This makes me so sad to murder so many Wolves for nothing. They must be suing radios to find the collared wolves to do this good a job a killing WS gives the info to the hunters to find the wolves this must stop.

    I am so sad to see this going on it shows how the government failed.


  16. Last night it was reported, that they had gone way over the limit to kill the wolves in more than one zone in Wisconsin. They knew about this the day before yet did nothing to close the zone until a day later.This is corrupt gov’t at it’s finest. There needs to be a way to have ONE agency in charge that benefits the wildlife and wolves in the nation, rather than leave it up to independent states and corrupt officials that just want to pad their pockets. All people working in the wildlife division should have qualifying credentials,training, and able to discern right from wrong. The SSS rule not only seems to apply to poachers and the people that encourage it, the officials are just as guilty of supporting this type of lawlessness.They need to be fired ,fined and jailed. Being an employee of these agencies, does not give them the right to break the laws Until huge changes are made across the board, the wolves wilderness, and wildlife will unfortunately continue to suffer and the cost will be their lives. I pray there is a solution that will bring justice for the blunders in Wisconsin and all other places that abuse the laws and creatures in this nation


  17. What does Wisconsin have that anybody would want to boycott? Who would want to visit that a**h**e state of the nation? The Great Lakes’ heyday is long past, and that’s why they are so filled with hate and want to kill everything. You can’t even drink the water there.


  18. And another thing – animal rights people are associated with the likes of Charles Darwin, Pythagoras, Arthur Shopenhauer , Albert Schweitzer and Mark Twain, just to name a few. Who do the wildlife killers have? Toby Bridges and Ted Nugent! (just to even be able to find any who wouldn’t be ashamed to be associated with this kind of barbarism.) Oh, Maybe Sally Jewell, Dan Ashe, and Adam Bump(off the wildlife).

    Why do humans think we can do this – because we are intelligent? Well, sorry, we aren’t – a few people are intelligent, most are average and mediocre, and many are complete idiots. But we keep telling ourselves we’re intelligent.


  19. Let’s get the phone numbers out for the depts we need to call in Wisconsin
    As well USFWS phone number
    Dept of interior .. We need to call everyone keep those phone lines busy
    Make noise and contact letters to Editor
    At NY times this is a national issue not a Wisconsin issue
    This is immoral and incomprehensible
    They are like a killing CULT
    Authorities must be contacted by citizen lobbyists..
    Boycott Wisconsin everything
    The wolves are held in the Public Trust Document for all Americans, not just this CULT ..
    Thank you
    I will also post this to my petition
    ” please stop killing us”@change.org
    My signers can call and write too
    Can we get this info out on phone numbers and email addresses? ASAP !
    Thank you for this piece as gut wrenching as it is, we need to know and alert the general public
    Rebecca Vitale Mandich


  20. There are no words to describe how helpless I feel.


  21. Why so fast to kills the wolves so quickly! Such bunch of machine guns and traps! Afraid so more than 200… because easy for poachers won’t show it!!! Of course SSS… Why governments closed hear,hear… Only follow the game, the ranchers and politicians.. Not at science.


  22. Speaking of Shopenhauer:

    As a consequence of his monistic philosophy, Schopenhauer was very concerned about the welfare of animals. For him, all individual animals, including humans, are essentially the same, being phenomenal manifestations of the one underlying Will. The word “will” designated, for him, force, power, impulse, energy, and desire; it is the closest word we have that can signify both the real essence of all external things and also our own direct, inner experience. Since everything is basically Will, then humans and animals are fundamentally the same and can recognize themselves in each other. For this reason, he claimed that a good person would have sympathy for animals, who are our fellow sufferers.

    Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to living creatures cannot be a good man.

    Nothing leads more definitely to a recognition of the identity of the essential nature in animal and human phenomena than a study of zoology and anatomy.

    The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.

    In 1841, he praised the establishment, in London, of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and also the Animals’ Friends Society in Philadelphia. Schopenhauer even went so far as to protest against the use of the pronoun “it” in reference to animals because it led to the treatment of them as though they were inanimate things. To reinforce his points, Schopenhauer referred to anecdotal reports of the look in the eyes of a monkey who had been shot and also the grief of a baby elephant whose mother had been killed by a hunter.

    He was very attached to his succession of pet poodles. Schopenhauer criticized Spinoza’s belief that animals are to be used as a mere means for the satisfaction of humans.

    source: Wikipedia

    It’s frightening to me that there are people who are incapable of higher thought, and who would indiscriminately kill wolves like this. What kind of lowlife thinks killing is fun?


  23. Why doesn’t someone stop this madness??? This is unnecessary, and it is happening because these blood-thirsty hunters need entertainment. Hunt the hunters. The only good hunter is a dead hunter!!! Leave our wolves alone and let them live without fear the way it was mean to be, for God’s sake!!!!




  24. The only bright spot from such dismal scum is that some of the scum are whining because the trappers got most of the wolves, not leaving enough for anybody else. (Ya, using that awful Fargo-esque accent too.) Blech!!!!


  25. We should have learned something in one hundred years, when the father of Ecology, Aldo Leopold, witnessed an ecosystem die in the absence of her wolves. This was a century ago, before the enlightenment of today’s sciences that reflect how Earth functions and cycles to create and sustain all life on Earth. Back then, Leopold, for the first time, seeded the word “green” to denote a healthy life-pumping Earth because of Earth’s green, wild, life-pumping natural ecosystems.

    In his, “Thinking Like a Mountain”, Leopold used mountain as a metaphor for ecosystem and for planet Earth. Leopold witnessed a “fierce green fire dying” in the eyes of a just shot American wolf. Then, without the presence of wolves, Leopold witnessed the mountain/ecosystem die because the deer devoured all the green on the mountain; then the deer died of their own too much, and the upshot was, this ecosystem was now as dead as the surface of Mars.

    Today’s science declares that the appearance of green vegetation and trees on the surface of the land, a big game-changer that altered soils so they pumped out life, permitted multi-cellular life to invade continents and — changed climates around the globe…

    Today, science recognizes that the wolf, alone, is the champion and the savior of the big green, the most vital, necessary species within his historic ecosystems. He, alone, ensures that — the vital evolutionary event that changed climates globally through the appearance of green trees and vegetation on the surface of the land — remains vital and intact…

    because a skinned, devoured and brown ecosystem is a mirror image of the surface of planet Mars. In my opinion, these are/were the most vital, important words ever applied to paper:

    “Since then I have lived to see state after state extirpate its wolves. I have watched the face of many a newly WOLFLESS MOUNTAIN and seen the south facing slopes wrinkle with a maze of new deer trails. I have seen every edible bush and seedling browsed, first to anaemic desuetude and then to death…

    Such a mountain [ecosystem; planet Earth] looks as if someone had given God a new pruning shears and forbidden Him all other exercise…

    In wildness is the salvation of the world. Perhaps this is the hidden meaning in the howl of the wolf, long known among mountains, but seldom perceived by man.” A century ago! And, we’re back to the Dark Ages devoid of today’s science.


  26. Yes, I thought of Aldo Leopold when I read the ‘light in the eyes’ observation by Arthur Schopenhauer too. Perhaps the masses are just to stupid to see it. There are scientists right now trying to discredit the trophic cascades theory, and at least one Piled High and Deep blogger who is gritting his teeth in anticipation to post the study. 😦


  27. Most shocking. Can nothing be done against such perpetrators? Indignation is OK, but not enough.I suppose it is easier said than done, but I am convinced there must be a way.


    • All we can do is kick they bums out in November, please vote! And in 2016 also. Then try to pick up the pieces and repair the damage the Obama administration has done. Will Hillary be the right candidate?


  28. I have several books on trophic cascade. In these books, they have photos of ecosystems with wolves and ecosystems without wolves. The differences are extremely dramatic, and photographs do not lie.

    Without wolves, ecosystems have more exposed, bare soil [more erosion], vastly less vegetation and trees, smaller trees. Exposed soil heats up the climate while green vegetation and trees cool the soil, the leaves and the surrounding area as plants and trees transpire the vital climate cooling water cycle…”transpire the climate cooling water cycle that cools the leaves, the soil and the surrounding area.” [quote taken from an entire union of European scientists!]

    Regardless of trophic cascade, wolves are a native species, and all native species, alone, are the strands in the web of all life. Wolves are biological diversity; biological diversity is the job-holders in and work force of all ecosystems. An ecosystem is wild, native species of trees, plants, animals and birds, all integrated and interconnected to the whole of the one organism — the ecosystem. Regardless of trophic cascade, wolves are “biological diversity”, a rivet holding spaceship Earth, altogether:

    “The extinction of Earth’s biological diversity is a threat to civilization, second only to THERMONUCLEAR WAR”. THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES

    “Biological diversity is central to the productivity and sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystems. Organisms, biological structures and processes are the means by which the physical elements of the ecosystem are transformed into the goods and services upon which humankind depends.” Ecological Society of America [an entire society of ecologists]

    Upon which humankind depends…Vegetation and trees sit at the bottom of the ecological ladder [pyramid], and every strand in the great web depends upon green trees and plants for their very existence — all, and if wolves trim the herd to fit the ecosystem, well, sometimes, it’s merely common sense. A skinned, brown planet of dead soil [the big green also renews soil] is the surface of Mars.

    Deer and elk devour trees right? And wolves, trim their populations to fit the ecosystem:

    “Trees, in particular old growth trees, are vitally important for life as we know it.” Dr. Halter

    Trees and vegetation absorb carbon dioxide for Earth and recycle it back into oxygen, and they transpire the climate cooling water cycle.

    NASA: “The loss of trees in the planet’s water cycle is critical to the advancement of climate change….trees and vegetation play an important role in absorbing greenhouse gases…

    Trees are vital to Earth’s water cycle and cooling ability and their destruction exacerbates the issue…”

    All we have to do is connect these dots. And, we can say, wolves protect Earth from CLIMATE CHANGE.


    • This is all absolutely correct, but we have an administration that delisted and doesn’t give any attention to wolves … Obama still feels if he caters to the red states with the hunters they will support his agenda
      Unfortunately, the President should be setting policy based on Science not politics
      .,. He has proven to be a dismal leader on the environment .. A real disaster for the wild of America
      The citizens need to call the Wisconsin Governor office and let them know how disgusting their wolf policy actually is .. The negative reaction will cause a stir .. NY times needs to be contacted .. This a blood thirsty slaughter … Very barbaric and not fitting of our nation’s heritage… Social media folks need to get all over it
      When I tell friend about this they are stunned and can’t believe this terrorizing bloodbath is allowed !
      Please post all Info you have for for Wisconsin so we can call and email !
      This is actually politically volatile state, let’s expose their madness!
      Thank you


  29. Only very small minds would kill for trophy. I guess one must ask one’s self, what drives me to take the life of an innocent animal? What is lacking in my own personal life/ego that I feel the need to kill? Killing for trophy, and finding joy in that speaks volumes about the person that would condone such activity. Get help. You are not right in the head/heart/soul. You have not evolved in the least but are instead lacking tremendously.


  30. I can’t believe what is happening to our wolves!! no human should do this! can some one list all the phone numbers and emails and addresses so we can call them email them … what else we can do? I am deeply saddened by this, speechless…


  31. can some one write to newspaper and spread the news out, let public know what is happening in wisconsin, what else can do?


  32. All hunters are thrill seekers and have sick minds!!!!


  33. I was extremely shocked when I checked the number of wolves slaughtered by hunters in Wisconsin today! 81 innocent wolves lost their lives in 5 days! Very disturbing!


  34. This is simply outrageous! No doubt this is hunting season in Wisconsin as schools close and hunters pill on their orange jackets. But surely there must be better game than wolves. Have killed off all those deer by now?


  35. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  36. It is simply outrageous… in front of such cruelty I have no words. Man is the worst of the “beast” – he does not kill for survival of his species, but unpleasant satisfaction of himself.


    • I hope you can write a book about those wonderful wolve! I wish I could write!

      Liked by 1 person

      • In fact… very often in my novels I speak of wolves! They’re fantastic and for them I feel a very deep feeling. Their presence in my writings is always “magical” and evoke the true power that is their… From the mysticism related to science fiction, the exoteric truth of shamanic tied and to ancient prophecies… Serenity :-)c


      • Thank you ! For the wolves and all the people who support


  37. […] Wisconsin Trophy Hunters Wipe Out 65 Wolves In Just 4 Days.. […]


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