Wolf Dad Takes His Hungry Pups For A Stroll With Brown Bears Near By….

“Alpha male wolf plays with and regurgitates food for 4 pups in a high density brown bear (grizzly) feeding area of the Katmai coast, Alaska. filmed by naturalist guide Brad Josephs”

Looks like dad has his hands full with four hungry pups. Watch how he regurgitates food for them as they lick his mouth. They just can’t get enough. He’s one dedicated alpha male and there are brown bears around too.

Alpa male with his pups Katmai Alaska Courtesy Brad Josephs

Wolves are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters that we always hoped we could be….Ed Bangs, Former Wolf Recovery Coordinator, USFWS


Video: YouTube Courtesy Brad Josephs

Photo: Screen Grab Courtesy Brad Josephs

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  1. […] Wolf Dad Takes His Hungry Pups For A Stroll With Brown Bears Near By….. […]


  2. Such beautiful footage of this family!


  3. It never ceases to amaze me just how family oriented animals are. They love each other as we do, they hurt and mourn as we do, and they don’t understand why humans want to kill them, as we don’t understand either. EVER STAND FOR WOLVES!


  4. Wolves are the most community family valued being on the planet.
    The very folks that espouse these same values seemingly want them killed, how ironic and full of ignorance and arrogance human condition is.
    Long Live Wolves!
    They have so much to teach us ..even better than Moses…
    They don’t need the 10 commandments we can’t seem to follow.


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  6. Doesn’t seem like any big fight between the wolves and the bears. Guess human beings are the only ones who kill without a reason or just for fun.


  7. So lovely. Once again, another example of nature teaches us how to coexist.


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    jinxx ♠ xoxo


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