OR-7 A Daddy Again?

or-7-pups 2014

OR-7 Pups 2014

It looks like our favorite, famous wolf and his mate may have new pups. This is exciting news!


Famous gray wolf in Oregon may have more puppies

By Shelby Sebens

 PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) – A gray wolf who signaled the comeback of his species in Oregon and California might be welcoming some new pups to his pack, wildlife biologists said on Wednesday.

The wolf, known as OR-7 because he was the seventh of his species ever collared in Oregon with a tracking device, is showing signs he may have more offspring after siring three pups last year, two of which officials know to have survived.

“We think they’re denning again. Just the behavior we’re seeing,” said John Stephenson, wolf coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services in Oregon. “OR-7 is returning to a same area repeatedly.”

OR-7 made headlines in late 2011 when he turned up in northern California, becoming the first wild specimen confirmed in the Golden state for 87 years.

He was known to have been wandering between California and Oregon until last year when he met a mate and sired puppies.

Wildlife officials said trail camera photos show he could be mating with the same black female wolf.

“It’s not surprising,” Stephenson said. “Wolves do tend to attempt to reproduce each year. We expected them to den again.”

Although the wolf’s collar lost its GPS signal, it still produces a radio signal which can be tracked, said Michelle Dennehy, spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, adding that the state plans to try and re-collar OR-7.

Dennehy confirmed the wolves appear to be denning, but said officials will not know for certain until they can safely check later this summer.

The potential for new pups comes as the number of Oregon wolves rises. At the end of 2014, when officials last counted, there were 77 wolves in the state.

“So far the trend in Oregon is the population has been growing steadily and rapidly,” Stephenson said.

Gray wolves, native to Oregon but wiped out in the state by an eradication campaign during the early 20th century, first returned in 2008.

The state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission is considering easing state Endangered Species Act protections for the wolves in central and eastern Oregon, where most wolves live.

Federal law would continue to restrict hunting of the wolves in western Oregon.

Many of OR-7’s fans will be waiting eagerly to know if he has in fact become a father again.

“OR-7 is a legend,” Stephenson said.



Photo: Courtesy Oregon Live

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  2. I wish the parents and the little ones all the good luck possible. They will definitely need it.

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  5. It’s refreshing to hear some good news in the wolf world. So much of it is tragic and terrible. Long live the Rogues!


  6. Such wonderful and happy news. Many blessings to them and we must keep up the fight to protect them all.

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  7. I pray for their safety. Hopefully the government will stop collaring them. They don’t need to know where he is. The government has all the data on wolves that they could possible gain. Constant tracking is not necessary. The collar is only a tracking device of death for him and his family.

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    • My exact sentiments. Enough of the controlling.


  8. Such great news! I hope they’re successful with some little ones.

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  9. I would so love and pay, to see them from a distance..anf hear them!! Have any wildlife guide businesses started up?


  10. I am afraid to comment, seriously. But best wishes if so.


  11. I am also afraid BUT hope all will be good – IF only more states were like California and if only “republicans” would stop killing all wildlife


  12. I hope all goe well for OR-7, his mate and little ones.


  13. Republicans and Democrats both are against Wolves and other predators, but it is mainly the Republicans from what I hear. I guess they want to be the only predators, just in human form. Too bad ‘they’ couldn’t be disposed of as easily as they dispose of our beautiful Wolves…Bears…Mountain Lions..Lynx…Bobcats. And let’s not forget our brave wildlife services who are paid by the government to shoot, trap, snare, gas, and poison these glorious animals whom the Almighty God gave us to appreciate and respect. The ‘men’ who kill our wildlife are going against God, and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes come Judgement Day. What a bunch of ….I’ll leave that up to you. God be with OR-7, his mate and all offspring. May they live a long life.


  14. I hope he stays safe that is my main concern


  15. It’s official: Journey (OR7) has a second litter of pups! Biologists also captured photos of the yearlings from his first litter, and they are absolutely beautiful!

    Both exciting news stories can be found in this article: http://www.kgw.com/story/news/local/animal/2015/07/07/biologists-second-set-of-pups-for-wandering-wolf-or-7/29842825/


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