Demonizing Wolves

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September 19, 2015

Here we go again, a wolf supposedly killed a cow in Washington state, on federal land and it makes headlines but what the media never reports is how well-behaved wolves are and what a non-threat they are to ranching or farming.

In 2010, 51,200 cows died in Oregon from non-predation causes. (NASS 2010). That’s right, FIFTY ONE THOUSAND! This should be front page news, right? When wolves are involved in miniscule livestock losses they make the front pages of local media. So what about those 51,200 cows that weren’t killed by wolves? Where are the headlines?  We hear nothing but this.

Oregon had 1,300,000 cattle at the beginning of 2011. Wolves were accused, specifically the Imnaha pack, of 14 cow losses in 1.5 years. Oregon was ready to kill several members of the Imnaha pack over it, including the alpha male OR4, who is OR7’s father. But no exposure about the thousands and thousands of cows keeling over in Oregon from all manner of things, not wolf related such as:

Digestive problems

Respiratory problems

Metabolic problems



Other diseases

Weather related

Calving problems



(NASS 2010) National Agricultural Statistics Service

Meanwhile in 2009  “federal agents associated with the USDA’s Wildlife Services program killed 114,522 mammalian carnivores (including 480 wolves; 82,097 coyotes; and 477 domestic dogs)…… It spent $121 million that year.”  

In a state like Montana, with around 2.5 million cows, ranchers may lose 50 to 60 THOUSAND cattle  annually to non-predation and on average between 60 to 80 to wolves. That is what we’re talking about here folks. Wolf predation on cattle is so overblown it’s ridiculous. Except the media and wolf haters never miss an opportunity to report on any cow killed by a wolf. What incredible hypocrites.

The press exploits wolves for ratings, pure and simple. They know the fringe wolf haters love to read negative articles about wolves. But consider that wolves aren’t even in the running as a true threat to livestock. Coyotes and domestic dogs are the number 1 and 2 predators of livestock followed by mountain lions, then other predators (bears, bobcats or lynx, foxes, wolves, ravens, eagles, vultures ) Wolf predation on cattle is so low they don’t even have their own category but are lumped in with other predators who do miniscule damage. Non-predation, like respiratory illness, reproductive issues, weather, hell even altitude sickness kill thousands upon thousands of cattle every year but we don’t hear about that. You know why, because it doesn’t fit into the anti-wolf agenda in the West and it doesn’t increase ratings.

In reality wolves are extremely shy animals and would prefer to stay as far away from people as possible. And if wolves do kill a few cows or sheep each year it’s mostly because many ranchers don’t practice sound animal husbandry. They use the Columbus method of ranching,  “Let em loose in the Spring and discover em in the Fall”. Those cattle are out there roaming around in remote wilderness areas, not protected, not watched and usually on public land grazing allotments. Hey ranchers, pen up your cattle and stop blaming wolves if they take a cow now and then because you practice careless ranching. That land belongs to the American people and it’s about time the feds start retiring grazing allotments and allow wolves to roam on public land without having to bump into cattle. Wolves should trump cows on public land anyway.  Yet even with millions of cattle out there for the taking, wolves show incredible restraint and prefer to diet on their natural prey of elk and deer. That’s the kind of self-control they’re capable of but rarely get credit for.

So shame on the press for reporting on every single little misdeed they think wolves have committed when the real truth is the biggest threat to cattle is non-predation and being slaughtered for food.

Here’s a post I did  on the Washington Wedge Pack, who were eventually murdered for this very type of persecution.


ACTION ALERT: Washington Wedge Wolf Pack Targeted For Death..

September 22, 2012

“State hunters are ramping up their efforts to kill wolves in northern Stevens County, and now don’t plan to stop until they’ve killed off the Wedge Pack.

“The attempt now is to remove the entire pack,” said WDFW wolf policy coordinator Steve Pozzanghera this morning.

The agency is loading up its toolbox for the effort to take out the eight to 11 members of the livestock-depredating group, including tasking more marksmen, trappers and biologists to the area; hunting over not only calf carcasses but roadkilled deer; hunting at all hours with a fuller array of weaponery; bringing in USDA Wildlife Services for “technical assistance” on snaring; and possibly bringing local law enforcement into the hunt.

“If we’re unsuccessful, we will consider aerial gunning,” Pozzanghera adds”


Photo: Wisconsin DNR

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  1. Why is that obstination all over the world? Here in Switzerland there is a big fuss about wolves gettin over the border from Italy to kill sheeps in our mountains. I guess if the sheeper would pay much more attention to their animals, for ex. having guard dogs or lamas, there wouldn’t be any type of problem. Wolves wouldn’t came near the sheeps and look for some other small animal to feed on.
    But actually the pastors let the animals alone all the time, even without protection from the very heavy rain or snow…
    We should learn how to leave in peace and harmony with nature! That’s the big goal…

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  2. i know i mean there are lots of cows and we farm them around the wold so wat if a cow or sheep get killed by a wolf its not the wolves folt its just doing what it was made to do hunt its not hunting us and for all we know it might not be the wolves that are killing the farm animals.


  3. Hmmmm….I thought they had put wolf persecution on the back-burner for now while they concentrate on delisting the grizzly bear in the same obvious systematic way (1. Livestock, 2. Elk and Deer, 3. Human Danger, 4. Outstanding, Remarkable Recovery of Population (gag), 5. We Need Money From Trophy Hunting . But they seem to be back at it lately with that fool of a prosecutor from Shithole, OR.


  4. Now consider the traditional farming practices in India, they allow around 68-72% of their livestock to be lost to predation because it is their belief that it is a way of paying “rent” to the native wildlife. There was also the study in South Africa from 2008-2010 that found lethal response is more expensive and less effective than non-lethal measures.

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  5. I like your remark Nabeki, They use the Columbus method of ranching, “Let em loose in the Spring and discover them in the Fall”. Why don’t the ranchers hire Vets to guard the animals, instead of leaving them alone. That would allow them to know where their livestock is and help the Vets by creating jobs? Dogs and Llama’s have also proven themselves to be good at looking after farm animals.

    The figures you give are amazing, that the farmers are willing to let so many of their animals die, purely because they don’t do anything about it. They are obviously making too much money, so they don’t have to care.

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  6. Since Washington now has the former Idaho Fish & Game 2nd-in-command at its helm, every move in Washington needs to be scrutinized and publicized. And Idaho Gov Otter has appointed 2 new Fish & Game Commissioners, one of whom is “an active member” of Idaho for [killing] Wildlife. Idaho for Wildlife is the filthy entity that runs the wolf & coyote killing contests out of Salmon, Idaho each year.

    I am astonished that the Idaho F&G Dept issued a press release admitting (actually bragging about) Blanco’s affiliation. When I asked for more information and confirmation of accuracy, they referred me to the Governor’s Office. Yesterday the Gov’s Office confirmed that Blanco is affiliated with Idaho for [killing] Wildlife, although the spokesman said he doen’t know “how active” a member Blanco is.

    All of the outrage and domestic and international criticisim of the killing derbies made no difference whatsoever to Gov Otter. He’s a tired old cowboy that the world has left behind, but he’s going to puke on Idaho’s reputation, protect low-life ranchers and recreational killers, and treat Idaho wildlife with vehement malice till the bitter end. Of course, he’s never been accused of having an elevated intellect or displaying any level of compassion. The world changes around him, but he remains steadfastly rooted in the 1800s.


  7. Your figures put into irrefutable perspective how wrong the Fish and Wildlife Service truly is. They know this but want to satisfy the Welfare Ranchers. I did some research 10 years ago to find out who had the Land Leases. It was called ‘The Living Legends and the Rolex Ranchers’ because some deep pockets had the land leases. Ted Turner has some for his Bison! There were others and the fee was so small at the time it was just nuts. They don’t want to raise the fee because these ‘Ranchers’ have been doing this for generations and they think they are entitled.

    It is just like the Puppy Mills; the USDA created those in the 1940’s during the Dust Bowl so the people could earn some money by breeding and selling Dogs. There are Thousands of Dogs in those Mills and ONLY Four USDA Vets available to check ALL of them. They too have been passed down from generation to generation. Long story short, the US Government is the worst thing to happen to any animal wild or domestic!




  9. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    Not to mention the thousands of cows (and probably a few wolves) killed by fires over the past few years in Washington…


  10. bloody ranchers again, profit before wild life or any thing else

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  11. Good God! I truly believe this is a disease called ‘politicalicia’. It eats the brain cells where common sense thrives only leaving the brain cells of stupidity, ignorance and greed to survive. Who watched this cow being killed my a wolf? (Most farm animals are killed by other wild predators..including packs of wild dogs…not the wolf.) Cattle also die of many different diseases. Then we have the occasional cow that is makes it’s way to human dinner plates. If it was the wolf who took down a cow…it sounds like it might have been a lone wolf trying to survive on his own. I think that maybe we should all (those who eat meat) should take a month off from consuming beef…seeing as loosing a cow is so detrimental to a farmer’s sustainable well-being. Can you imagine what this would do to these wolf killers? Their cows would over graze the farmers’ land, he wouldn’t have the income from selling the meat, his cow feed prices would soar..the list goes on. I think that the farmer needs to be taught a lesson and maybe a rude awakening would spring his common sense brain cells into action!

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  12. Any word on the facts pertaining to the death of OR-21 and her mate found also dead 50 yards from her during the week of August 24, 2015? Also the fate of their five month old cubs? This is deeply troubling….


  13. i am glad to on board with this website…..


  14. The media continues to demonize wolves. There is currently a commercial on TV where a grandmother holding a baby turns into a wolf and the AMC show “The Walking Dead” has a huge pack of wolves stalking the people that are hiding in Alexandria. The subhuman “Zombies” are intended to be the enemy on the show, so I don’t know why the wolves were added.
    It would be better if the wolves came to the aid of the humans and attacked the “Zombies”. Then it could be said that wolves are also “man’s best friend”.
    I believe that most wolf killers know that what they are doing is wrong, but they need justification for their actions. Demonizing wolves is their way of proving that wolves are evil and need to be destroyed.


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