ACTION ALERT: Wild Horses Sent To Brutal Mexican Slaughterhouses….

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Wild horses are being slaughtered under BLM management. The BLM sold 1795 wild horses to a known kill buyer by the name of Tom Davis, who BTW has ties to ex Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. Remember him, he and Obama delisted wolves in Montana and Idaho in 2009.

Davis admitted that most of the wild horses he purchased from the BLM were sent to Mexican slaughterhouses, which are incredibly brutal.


Horse Slaughter In Mexico

This is the agency we’ve entrusted the care of our “supposedly protected” wild horses to. Many wild horses have blood lines dating back to Cortez, now lost forever.

For anyone who has ever owned horses you know they have a prey animal mentality. Their natural instinct is to flee danger. Can you imagine the fear and suffering these animals experienced as they were led to their deaths, having their throats slit in a savage way. It makes me physically ill to even think about it.

This kill buyer should be prosecuted. Why is he still walking around with no charges brought against him? Why is the BLM getting away with their egregious negligence? They should NOT be managing the nation’s wild horses, it’s obvious they could care less about them.

Action needs to be taken! Wild horse numbers are dwindling fast. They are continually rounded up and sent to BLM holding facilities, where many languish. But in this case their home was a Mexican slaughterhouse.

Wild horses should be running free, that was the purpose of the Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burro Act

“The act provides specific protections to “all unbranded and unclaimed horses and burros on public lands of the United States,”[2] and makes it a crime for anyone to harass or kill these animals on federal land. It requires the departments of the Interior and Agriculture to protect the animals.”

There are almost a 100 million cattle in this country, trampling all over our public and private lands. Yet there is no room for a few thousand wild horses?

Please contact the BLM and let them know what you think about their negligence. These horses belong to all Americans. We are their only voice. Please take action.


BLM Washington Office
1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
Washington DC 20240
Phone: 202-208-3801
Fax: 202-208-5242

Director: Neil Kornze
Deputy Director (Operations): Steven A. Ellis
Deputy Director (Policy): Linda Lance
Chief of Staff: Jon Raby (Acting)


Washington, DC contact


BLM Colorado 

Front Range District Office

3028 East Main Street
Cañon City, Colorado 81212
FAX 719-269-8599
District Manager: Tom Heinlein


BLM illegally sold thousands of wild horses for slaughter: report

– The Washington Times – Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Bureau of Land Management, the agency tasked with protecting wild horses and cattle and their grazing lands, sold 1,794 federally-protected wild horses to a Colorado rancher who sent them to slaughter, a new report confirmed. 

Between 2009 and 2012, rancher Tom Davis purchased the horses through the agency’s Wild Horse and Burro Program (WH&B) and wrongfully sent them to slaughter, according to the report from the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General. According to the allegations and news reports, Mr. Davis also had farming and trucking connections with former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. 

 “We determined that BLM did not follow current law while managing WH&B. BLM also failed to follow its own policy of limiting horse sales and ensuring that the horses sold went to good homes and were not slaughtered,” investigators wrote in the report. 

Mr. Davis admitted that most of the horses that he purchased through the BLM went to slaughter.

He told investigators that “in selling so many loads of horses, BLM had to know that the horses would end up at the slaughterhouse.” 

The wrongful sale also cost taxpayers $140,000 to deliver truckloads of horses to Mr. Davis. He paid $10 a piece for the horses, or less than $18,000 total, and made as much as $154,000 in profits by selling them for slaughter, according to the report. 

BLM employees never attempted to verify the information that Mr. Davis provided regarding his intentions for the horses he bought, despite the unusually large number of horses being sold to him, investigators wrote. The agency also did not stop selling horses to Mr. Davis after receiving reports that he was sending the horses to slaughter. 

The OIG declined to investigate Mr. Davis‘ ties to Mr. Salazar.

The investigation was referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado as well as the State of Colorado Conejos County District Attorney’s Office, which declined civil and criminal prosecution, according to the report.

“It took more than three years for the OIG to confirm what we’ve always known – that the BLM sold 1,795 federally-protected wild horses to a known kill buyer who sold them to slaughter,” said Suzanne Roy, Director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC). “Unfortunately, there will be no justice for these mustangs, who suffered a brutal death in Mexican slaughter plants. No one at the BLM is being held accountable for this betrayal, and Tom Davis is not being prosecuted for violating his contractual obligation to not sell the horses for slaughter.”

In their response to the report, BLM officials said they are taking the matter very seriously and have taken preventative measures to ensure horses sold by the agency do not end up at slaughterhouses in the future.

BLM officials also said that the agency no longer has any business relationship with Mr. Davis and will not in the future.


After Wild Horse Report, Jewell Faces First Moment of Truth at Interior

A new federal report blasts the Bureau of Land Management for its wild horse policies– putting the new Interior Secretary squarely between science and politics.

June 7, 2013

Wild horses are rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management in the West Desert of Utah in 2012 Jim Urquhart Reuters

“Wild horses are rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management in the West Desert of Utah in 2012. (Jim Urquhart/Reuters)

At the heart of the current debate over the nation’s wild horses is the BLM policy (encouraged and enhanced by Jewell’s predecessor Ken Salazar) of removing horses from their native rangelands out West and warehousing them in enclosures in the Midwest. Tens of thousands of wild horses now are so kept, at great taxpayer expense, while federal officials figure out what to do with them. For years, the BLM has justified these removals, many of which are dangerous to the horses, by claiming they are necessary to protect grazing lands for “multiple uses,” which really means livestock grazing and energy exploration.

The NAS Report took a dim view of the science behind this policy. The BLM’s “current practice of removing free-ranging horses from public lands promotes a high population growth rate,” the report concluded, “and maintaining them in long-term holding facilities is both economically unsustainable and incongruent with public expectations.” In other words, the scientists found that by removing so many wild horses from our lands the Interior Department was doing the opposite of what it was trying to do — decreasing population rates among the herds — and doing it without adequate scientific reason.

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  1. So the BLM won’t have anymore business with Mr. Davis. A little late for all those poor horses, isn’t it? I’m sure they’ll find a clone to replace him. The BLM is just as much in the pocket of ranchers as fish and wildlife departments. Wild horses were given those lands but they don’t have votes, bank accounts, or big organizations advocating for them. The fate of the powerless in this great, corporate-driven democracy is bleak. .

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  3. So, the BLM will not continue a business relationship with Mr. Davis. It’s just a little late for all those poor horses, isn’t it? I’m sure they’ll find a clone to replace him. That agency is as much in the pockets of the ranchers as the fish and wildlife services are. The lands were given to the wild horses. Unfortunately, the horses can’t vote and don’t have bank accounts or big, wealthy organizations to advocate for them. So they suffer the sad fate of the powerless.

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  7. Washington does nothing
    Washington doesn’t even help the American People

    You need a voice…a loud voice

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    • Donald Trump does not care a wit about the horses nor does he care about what is happening to the Earth. He denies global warming. You one statement is true – that Washington does not care nor help Americans. We need more than a new president . ..


  8. @hocuspocus13
    Fk – Donald Trump,. do you actually believe Trump gives a fig about wild horses? Stop deluding yourself. Most politicians dont rate an A in environmental management, but most Republicans do rate an F in environmental management. Unfortunately Obama also rates poorly in this area, but it doesnt mean you are going to get a better shake with Trump, far from it.

    Now that the legislation that was supposed to have protected wild horses and burros has been completely flushed down the toilet – and bank on it, state legislative bodies governed by pro-cattle Republicans are the strongest mover of wildlife eradication – now we can expect that it will be difficult to re-establish a respect for wild horses and burros and to re-introduce protective legislation.

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  9. yet more endless victims of the flesh, dairy and egg industries, and yet another of countless reasons why it is imperative for eveyone to go vegan:

    “Aren’t humans amazing? They kill wildlife – birds, deer, all kinds of cats, coyotes, beavers, groundhogs, mice and foxes by the million in order to protect their domestic animals and their feed. Then they kill domestic animals by the billion and eat them. This in turn kills people by the million, because eating all those animals leads to degenerative – and fatal – health conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and cancer. So then humans spend billions of dollars torturing and killing millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals. Meanwhile, few people recognize the absurdity of humans, who kill so easily and violently, and once a year send out cards praying for “Peace on Earth.”~ David Coates

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    • Here’s the accurate assessment – public lands ranching is supported by the Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the entire American Federation of Farm Bureaus. This public lands use helps them to finance their pollution agenda – CAFOs, freely dumping polluted water into riparian systems, promoting illness, gaining financing through the egregious profits made per Animal Unit Month off US taxpayers.. There’s more, but until BOTH the human growth economy and th corrupt political control of a relatively few wealthy ranching and farming corporations (of COURSE they are backed by the huge feed companies, –
      Who “OWNS” Nature?
      well, go here to reread a list of some of the most destructive corporations on earth:

      Do NOT jive yourself, however that millionns or even hundreds MORE humans could thrive.
      The situation by the 20th century has well shown that TOO MANY HUMANS NOW EXIST.
      ALL the issues of Nature, pollution, species loss, purposeful extinctions for agricultural ease, occurred so seriously by that time (wolves, for instance, still survivevd neaarly everywhere until the years of the 20th century. Yet the ROOTS of EVIL are involved with human proliferation for hundreds of years previous to that century, in which most of us were born.

      The CULTURE must change, accepting that humans have overbuilt, taken FAR too much of the earth and productivity (Estimates of over a decade ago were 40% of all basic productivity on earth. This is because we ate the big fish (and Euros ate the big fish off their shores so long ago, that Basque fishermen had actually discovered the Atlantic banks off New England & Eaast Canada BEfoer the discoveries so implanted in your minds by phony history.
      They dried their cod on Maine and other shores, before their return to Europe. euros fished down to forage fish in the warring feudal times.

      But our concern now is to dam the damned impulse to financially profit from the death of the future.

      I have been working on the reasons why hunting should NOT be used as wildlife management. Although the wild horses arrived with Coronado and the spanish travel north, the mustangs and the longhorns adapted to the lands of the south, like texas, and wherever the bison, antelope, native mountain sheep, elk, and other ungulates were killed for public consumption, or in some cases precisely to starve and make dependent the hunter-gatherer natives. (even the Comanche, created a trading empire because Euros along the Mississippi wanted the skins – I have written on the evils of trade as economy in the past, and YOU must study the actual history that reduced the original Serengeti-like North america to emptiness.
      Horses ARE using land that millions of pronghorn and small deer used to. They possible serve a replacing ecological purpose, but I love the original fleet goats (pronghorns are goats) the wild desert bighorn rushing up mountainsides (Seen it), the incrfedible stamina of the wolves (not merely the argued “Mexican” subspecies, but those who filled in the genetic difference in Texas, OK, the Mogollon and greater Grand Canyon areas (which CAN return if you do the work. During the scoping and public comment, I personally DEMANDED that mexican wolf habitat include Northern AZ, Southern CO, the Utah mountain chain rising to forest, and all of New Mexico. YOU must unceasingly DEMAND this)

      There will be place for the wild horses, because they are sufficiently adapted, but unless they are part of a larger whole, in your mind, they cannot become part of a whole at all in ANY minds.

      John Wes;ley Powell was ACCURATE when he said that the US southwest can ONLY accommodate a few tens of thousand humans. Get it STRAIGHT, that the world can only accommodate at most a few tens of millions of humans, so that the magnificent diversity of life will protect from crowd disease not extant until the “history” you believe in came to be. Even the Oregon “Blue tongue” wiping ourt mule deer is a result of too many sheep,grazed, too many humans occupying the winter habitat of bison, wolf, pronghorn, elk, deer, bear, who as you might know are mostly shy enough to keep their species apart, instead of fenced together and put into meat grinders for the excess humans.

      Remain on task. If this is about wolves, then promote what recreates the health of the systems that made wolf live.

      Few or none of you know about the poisoning of prairie dogs from SD counties to BLM pandering to ranchers. the Prairie Dog is a profoundly intelligent little species, who enhances the grass for native animals – ranchers want them dead even though they create new fresh growth, and were intrinsic to the thriving of the bison.
      and thr Pronghorn, . The wolf throve so in the great plains and arid landscapes BECAUSE of prairie dogs.

      If you are not for them, then you are merely one of the excess humans taking and taking and taking – cruelly diminishing these other lives, innocent in YOUR gunsights, becaue YOU tolerate and prefer what humans have done and overdone.
      Did you knnow that the Upper COlorado river is shunted across the Rocky MT front to feed the toilets of that disgusting overpopulated and increasing urban strip from Laramie to Fort Collins?

      The greed rising while you sleep for the last public lands giving safety to the wild, is not sleeping, but like a disease (which it IS) lives nightly and daily in every republican , and all too many others.

      There is no more room for humans – they have overpopulated everywhere. Walk in the once-wild, understand that, and you may do the right thing.


      • Hi Mak,

        I think you’re preaching to the choir. We all know the BLM is in bed with cattlemen and their minions and that the earth is overpopulated. That wasn’t the point of this article. It’s about the slaughter of almost 2000 of America’s wild horses and the BLM’s negligence in this matter.

        For the wolves, for the wild ones,


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  11. I am not from the U.S, but when Obama was elected, many of us here in Canada wished we could have voted for him. and had him as our P.M. I think animal groups thought he was going to do much better by the animals as well. Well, he has turned out to be a bitter disappointment in that regard. I believe things have been made much worse for them since he was elected and named some of the awful people he did to the important posts for animal welfare. Shame on all of them. How can he sit back and watch this slaughter take place?

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    • How can the Usurper-in-Chief sit back with his pen and his phone and his illegal Executive Orders and watch anything!

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    • Totally in agreement here with you.


  12. There are so many people willing to help these horses…selling them to slaughter through a friend is nothing. But profit through the old guys buddy system…making s profit off of the governments land and the beautiful lehacy of the west

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  13. Tragic for these beautiful wild beings and for the pathetic compromised human souls involved.

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  14. Now we know for sure, what happened with those horses, how they were slaughtered in terrible conditions in México, now we know for sure they are not protected by the officials, ” U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado as well as the State of Colorado Conejos County District Attorney’s Office, which declined civil and criminal prosecution, according to the report.” and we know BLM has ties with ranchers and that they could care less what happens to breaking the law and the fate of the horses, they only care about money. Now, what can we do about it? I know you are as sad and angry as I am, but there has to be something we can do…

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  15. This makes me physically ill! WTF is wrong with some “people”?


  16. Thanks, Nabeki, for bringing this to our attention and for giving us a way to vent our anger in a positive way. I immediately sent emails to all those directors and the u.s. attorney registering my anger and disgust and asking for a response to my questions.

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  17. BLM is the biggest Maffia IN THIS Country!

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  18. It is abject horror to imagine the terror and suffering these horses go through, all because our government is breaking the law, and counts on the fact that the average person is too wrapped up in their own lives to care. It sucks really bad, and it must be stopped. The government is breaking the law, or to cover their asses, making up new amendments as they go along! Thanks for posting this, Nabeki.

    I remember Sally Jewell saying how fast she says horses reproduce. Our species needs to look in the mirror. She’s done nothing since the NAS report came out saying what a crappy job the gov’t is doing with wild horses and ‘managing’ the landscape, and the fact that our gazillions of cattle meant to feed our multitudes is wrecking the landscape. I don’t blame the poor cattle, they don’t get treated well either – it’s human overpopulation and mindless breeding that is causing every problem on earth.

    The cattlemen are saying now that stress to their herds from wolves merely being in existence is leading to $$$$ losses.

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    • Here’s a great article from The Atlantic with a link to the NAS report that criticizes the BLM’s mismanagement of ‘our’ wild horses. Still waiting for something to be done!


      • Excellent article ida. I’ll include it in the post, it should be read by everyone.

        The BLM’s treatment of the nation’s wild horses is a national tragedy and this article, very articulately, explains why. Thank you.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • It’s not overpopulation nor is it breeding. Spiritual sickness is the root cause of all these sadistic depravities.


    • Cattle suffering stress from wolves!? How about stress from being left out in the storms and sub-zero weather? how about the stress from no medical care from the resulting sickness, accidents, and difficult births? How about the stress from just plain neglect and greed on the part of the ranchers? No, it’s just easier to blame the wolves and demand a death sentence for them.


  19. BLM is not following policy and the law.


  20. I am calling this morning to the BLM office in DC
    I hope all who commented and read this account do …

    This is graft pure and simple !
    You sell these protected horses, by Pres Nixon since 1974, for $10 each at $18,000 and then the American taxpayers have to pay $140,000 for these protected American icons to be sent to their death…
    Are you kidding?
    This is so illegal
    I am appalled by the lack of oversight.
    The horses suffered terribly and they taxpayers got fleeced ..If this is not corruption, what is?


  21. I just called the Colorado office listed in this piece and a very pleasant forest Service employee gave me the email address of the person in charge of the “questions” in DC re this situation
    It is as follows:

    I will call them # given above in body of article and then email the address provided to me just now by the Colorado forest service office. They seemed to know about the situation

    Perhaps the Colorado BLM number is in error ?


    • Good work rebecca. I included the Colorado BLM because it was a Colorado rancher who the BLM sold the doomed horses to. I’m sure all the Colorado offices are well aware of the situation but are referring calls to the main office in Washington, DC.

      Here’s the main page for all the Colorado BLM offices.
      Colorado BLM Offices

      I’ll post the DC email address you listed. Thanks for taking the time to take action for the wild horses!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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