A Victory For Wisconsin Wolves!! Judge Says No To Hunting Wolves With Dogs!!

The Wolf Hunt

The Wolf Hunt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally a  victory!! Judge Peter C. Anderson has barred hunting Wisconsin wolves with dogs. This could derail the Wisconsin wolf hunt for this year. GOOD!!  Wisconsin was set to sic up to six dogs per hunter on innocent wolves. But it won’t be happening and wolf advocates couldn’t be happier. The wolf hunt insanity has reached epic levels of depravity and hunting wolves with dogs was the height of it. Now let’s hope there will be no wolf hunt in Wisconsin this year or any year.


 Judge: Don’t bring your dogs on wolf hunt in Wisconsin

 The Associated Press AP

7:45 p.m. CDT, August 31, 2012

 MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Dane County judge issued an order Friday that temporarily bans wolf hunters from training or using dogs in the chase, casting doubt on whether this fall’s hunt will happen.Judge Peter C. Anderson’s order comes as part of a lawsuit that a group of humane societies brought against the state Department of Natural Resources. The group contends the agency failed to impose any restrictions on dog training and dog use when it set up this fall’s new wolf hunt, creating the possibility of bloody fights that would violate Wisconsin’s animal cruelty statutes.

Judge bars dogs from Wisconsin wolf hunt

MADISON- A Dane County judge has blocked hunters from using dogs to go after wolves this fall.Judge Peter C. Anderson issued a temporary injunction Friday as part of a lawsuit a group of humane societies have filed against the Department of Natural Resources. The group contends the DNR failed to impose restrictions on hunting dogs during this fall’s wolf hunt, setting deadly dog-wolf clashes in the woods.It’s unclear what the ruling means for the hunt. Anderson says hunters can still go after wolves. DNR officials have warned the injunction could scuttle the hunt. They have said don’t have enough time to change their regulations to reflect the dog ban before the hunt begins in mid-October.DNR attorney Tim Andryk says the agency will have to review the judge’s order.



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