“White Falcon White Wolf”……

It gives me comfort to view wolves in their natural habitat, unmolested by their greatest enemy, humans.

The Gyrfalcons, snowies, foxes, hares and all the wildlife on Ellesmere, are beautiful as well.

Interestingly the wolves got by on small prey, including lemmings,  for a while,  since they didn’t have a litter of  new pups to feed that year!

I seem to remember Arctic wolves eating lemmings in Farley Mowat’s iconic book, Never Cry Wolf!

Alert to the anti-wolf crowd…notice the raptors and foxes are hunting and eating prey, just like the wolves, as all predators do. Amazing how nature works!

arctic-wolf-wallpaper brothersoftdotcom


Video: Courtesy Black7Cloud YouTube

Photo: wolf wallpaper brothersoftdotcom

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