Watered Down Justice For Lookout Pack..

Suspect Tom D. White (Photo Courtesy King5.com and WDFW)

For  poaching and decimating the first wolf pack to roam Washington State in 70 years, William White and his son and daughter-in-law Tom D. & Erin White of Twisp, Washington are expected to receive no jail time, getting off with probation and fines. They could have faced HUGE fines and jail for killing endangered wolves. They were tripped up when Erin White attempted to FedEx a box dripping blood, which contained  a poached wolf pelt from one of the Lookout wolves. (I think it was a pup.)

The Whites should have had the book thrown at them. Watered down justice for the  Lookout Pack.


Washington wolf killer pleads guilty, wife admits role in scheme


Posted on April 18, 2012 at 4:56 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 18 at 4:59 PM

 It started when workers at a private shipping company in Omak discovered a box bound for Canada was bleeding. It ended Wednesday when Twisp rancher Tom White and his wife pleaded guilty to federal felony charges of killing and conspiring to export the pelt of a protected species.

White’s father William had already pleaded guilty to charges involving the killing of at least two members of the first known wolf pack in Washington State in 70 years.

Tom and his wife Erin agreed to pay $35,000 in fines and both face up to a year in prison when sentenced in July.

Sources say the pair is more likely to face three years of probation. The three still face State charges in connection with the killings that biologists say set back the Lookout Mountain Pack that was discovered in the Okanogan Valley in 2008.

READ MORE: http://www.king5.com/home/Washington-wolf-killer-pleads-guilty-wife-admits-role-in-scheme-148017955.html



WA couple plead guilty in wolf killing case

Originally published Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 9:14 PM

A Twisp, Wash., couple have pleaded guilty to federal charges in the killing of a protected gray wolf and an attempt to ship its bloody pelt to Canada.

SPOKANE, Wash. —

A Twisp, Wash., couple have pleaded guilty to federal charges in the killing of a protected gray wolf and an attempt to ship its bloody pelt to Canada.

Tom White, 37, pleaded guilty to killing two endangered gray wolves, in May and December 2008. His wife, Erin White, also 37, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to export an endangered species, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors are expected to recommend that the couple be sentenced July 11 to three years’ probation. Tom White agreed to pay fines and restitution of $30,000, with his wife paying $5,000.

READ MORE: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2018003762_apwawolfkills1stldwritethru.html


In happier times.

“Uploaded by on Jul 15, 2009

When Conservation Northwest Executive Director, Mitch Friedman, his children, and nephew joined state and federal biologists to check in on the Lookout Pack, Washington’s first pack in over 70 years, they were treated to quite a chorus! http://conservationnw.org/scat/news-of-nature-rebounding for the whole story.”


Photos: Courtesy King5.com, Conservation Northwest and WSFW

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  2. This has become the norm. Poachers and animal abusers just get a light slap on the wrist for breaking the law.

  3. Is there anything that can be done besides lighting a candle for the pack?

    • Rachel, we are working on new approaches and ideas to address this wanton slaughter. It will have to be a multi pronged approach. One thing I do know is we need every wolf advocate to stand up for wolves and support them. Anything that is done has to have the full support of the American people.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Well, you have my full support. Most of the people killing wolves aren’t taking meat or trophies, they just kill. They give no reason behind what they are doing. If the same thing was being done to squirrels or bears I’d feel just as sick. It’s macabre as well as pointless. Why do people think it’s funny or enjoyable to sit around and shoot wolves or trap them and watch them hobble around in circles, drunk from the pain, until they die of blood loss, or worse, starvation or infection? What tragic thing has happened in their lives that makes them thing wolves are monsters that should be tortured for amusement? Honestly, these people are more sad and depressing to look at then a dead wolf, because in them, part of humanity is dead.

  4. The wolf MUST be reinstated on the Endangered List, not only for their protection, but if harmed in any way by man/woman or killed by man/woman , a hefty fee should be ensured along with a good number of years behind bars. …… Or….we could treat them and their families the way they treat the wolves. That surely would send a message. “An eye for an eye”. These hunters are far more vicious and blood thirsty than any wolf has ever been. A wolf only kills the lame and sick and old in herds (for food), therefore, making a stronger herd. They keep the herds moving so there is no overgrazing and our Eco system flourishes. When mankind kill numbers in a pack, the few wolves left in that pack cannot take down the big herds, they are FORCED to go for easier game through no choice of their own. They don’t want to come near man. They’re not stupid. It’s mankind that is the ignorant species on this planet. They bite off their noses to spite their faces. Put the wolves back on the Endangered List and severally punish anyone who harms a wolf/wolves in any manner.

    • Agreed. ESA relisting is the only thing that will stop this insanity. Problem is, feds relist, but State RIGHTS can then trump and you know Idaho is not going to just roll over — not with Butch “The Butcher” Otter. Too many good old boys (no offense to any males of this group intended).

      • Relist them, then cut Idaho and Montana off from any federal funding as punishment until they stop the killings. That’ll hit ‘em where it hurts. Take away their money, and that should send them a message. I don’t believe in states’ rights, except with liquor control. That one the states have shown they can handle responsibly. But predator management? No! States should never be allowed to manage predators. No one should.

    • They do need to get back under the federal ESA. That is probably our only hope. If not, and even if it does happen, the ‘State Rights’ thing will come up….and we know Idaho isn’t going to just roll over. I’m sure the mighty trophy hunters are going to flock there just because they think and will be advertised as a place where there is plenty of game and little if any wolves…OR…bag a wolf yourself! Disgusting. Truly makes my heart hurt. The only way I can get comfort after seeing these images is to hug my lab, bury my face in her fur, and pray to every diety there is for it to end.

  5. Something has to be done – these people act with total impunity, this was such a blatant disregard for an animal and the laws. I read where the old man was involved in various poisonings too, with the intent to wipe out wolves in the area.

  6. I can’t tell you how sad this makes me. There are people in our society who have no regard for other beings, no compassion. Their hearts are filled with killing. And in this country they have all the guns they need. Good bye beautiful wolves. You were a natural art form. You were a glorious , physically beautiful example of free predator, nature at its best. I am sorry my species is so deadly and mean.

  7. This is disgusting and infuriating. We should throw the book at these criminals and use them as an example to deter others from doing the same thing. It’s shameful and appalling.

  8. I am so sick of hearing how wolf killers and other animal abusers get no real punishment for what they do. There is no incentive to stop the bad behavior since they only get a fine (usually not a big one) and no jail time. Probation? Community service? Big deal! They need real fines and real jail time. I guess the prosecutors and judges don’t want to get into trouble with the hunters and the NRA, etc., or they just don’t take animal suffering seriously.

  9. All I can say is SHAMEFUL.

  10. This will NEVER end, if the justice system doesn’t do something about it. These two scum-bags got off with a slap on the wrist. They should have gone to prison. This will NOT STOP them, they WILL do this again. This is why they should be in prison, where they could not kill another wolf. The justice system needs to step up and do there job. STOP letting these people get away with killing these ENDANGERED WOLVES. Once they are EXTINCT, there is NO going back. PROTECT THE WOLVES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Their father got his hunting license suspended for nine years. Doesn’t sound like much, but this family will be on the go-to list whenever there’s trouble with wolves in that state from now on. So I suppose that’s something.

    No excuses, but I think people in the wolf states are raised from father-to-son with these ideas – in other states their are other things that fathers and sons and daughters follow without question. The only troube is it’s not the 1800s anymore.

  12. I googled these idiots and it’s page after page after page of articles about these yahoos dating back to 2009 regarding these killings. I am just sick about this. Here’s something else that is nausiating: there is a website where people are soliciting $$ to pay for their defense. People are donating (directly to the attorney, name and address included) and “praying for this wonderful family.” Makes me want to vomit. Here is the site: http–www.biggamehoundsmen.com-forum-index.phpsid=5e6a350f93d70883465eff3412d7bcb3 (you will have to cut and paste) if anyone cares to “give it” to them.

    What I don’t understand is, that with all the people in this country who are against this slaughter, that the few jerks who are doing the killing seem to be winning. What’s wrong with this picture?? We outnumber these asses! Short of declaring a hunting season on the hunters, something has to be done. (Personally, I woudn’t mind leading the “hunt!!”)

    • Profit

    • Is it our friendly neighborhood chapter of the NRA and the Safari Club International? People are too (a)pathetic and too wrapped up in their own worlds, and don’t know what is going on. Once they do, most are appalled. This stuff needs to be made known to the average person. I think in our modern age there’s a real disconnect between them and the natural world, they need to rediscover it and know that it matters..

    • I would be right by your side ~

  13. Dear Grandma, not enough people are seeing the dead bodies. It’s the same in Wisconsin with the cranes. Wait till pics of the dead cranes surface. There will be shock everywhere. But it’s their fault . I for warned friends to go to the meetings the DNR had and speak up. You have to do that. Glad you’re back Nabeki.

    • Thank you Bobette!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. Oh a slap on the wrist. Isn’t it nice to have the government bailing people like these out whenever they kill an innocent creature?

  15. Just submitted this letter to the editor of the Seattle Times in response to the article:
    Thanks for your Apr 17 article: WA couple plead guilty in Wolf Killing Case.

    Like psychopaths, they show no remorse.Studies show that serial
    killers, your basic garden variety killers, and hunters (who aren’t
    eating their kill), all do it for the same reason – the drug like
    “high” they experience when they kill….it is an epinephrine rush
    (adrenaline)…that is why they do it and don’t stop with one
    kill….the “high” doesn’t last….it never does…so they kill as
    long as they can (until they are stopped….put behind bars and/or
    killed themselves)….

    There is an ongoing War on Wolves in this country that is depraved.
    Wolves need to be back on the Endangered Species List PERMANENTLY! The
    worst part about this bloodthirsty family is that they MURDERED these
    wolves while they were still protected. Where’s the protection?THIS

    The Lord had Adam name the animals to bond with them (like when you
    name your child). We have been Mandated to be
    guardians/caretakers…THOU SHALT NOT KILL!

    You can judge a country by the way in which it treats its animals – Ghandi.

  16. absolutely sinful!!!!!

  17. Federal – it has to be that- States will never do it- all energy should go to the Federal level- the States are so broke – they would rather have the fines and fees than care about animals- and why spend money incarcerating when they get get fines? The whole thing makes me blood raged- I don’t like to feel what I feel-

  18. free the wolves….you only have to look at what man does to man to realize we are a world society that condones… rape….torture…inhumanity….as accepted by all government and peoples….and as such are doomed as a race for what we represent as creatures of conscience…..people…in general…really suck !!!! thank.. the whoever…that there are folks trying to make a change….and *outing* the black souls of society who continue to abuse and get away with it……..

  19. For such as this family with wolves, it is a shame that crucifixion is considered a cruel and unusual punishment, but no need to depair I would settle for castration for all people like this.
    You hurt or kill an animal, we hurt you!
    Stop the breeding of people like this in medical ways, there supposed to be humane.

    • Ward, just take away their meth. Seriously.

  20. Someone needs to run a criminal background check on all of the Whites. This is not their first crime. It took planning and criminal intent to knowingly poach the wolves and attempt to send the pelts to Canada.
    I wonder what else they sent to Canada over the years. These people are dirty.

  21. the wolves have to be in danger of exticion list

  22. as an endangered species so it has to do to be protected not only the wolf if all animals

  23. “This is not their first crime. It took planning and criminal intent to knowingly poach the wolves and attempt to send the pelts to Canada.”

    The father was also spreading pesticides around to kill wolves, and we know that other wildlife would have also been killed. What I wonder about is that the all pled guilty – what else did the federal prosecutors have on them, or maybe they just have no shame whatsoever about it! Sending a bloody carcass in the mail is like making a statement or sending a message in my opinion – who would do that?

  24. Most os comments here already said what i want to say: that’s a shame ,people.You live on ‘the most powerful country” of the world and,we still know about so manny cases of cruelty!!!!For nothing!Or must have ‘a reason’ behind any kind of cruelty?! I live in an emmerging country but I didn’t find any reason that justifies these practices all over the world.Any live is a LIVE!So,if we want respect to ours,we have to demonstrate first.Like Ghandi says in a comment above.And I assign below!

  25. Nabeki this is a perfect time to say “When I find your master I’m kicking his a**”. People like this don’t deserve to mingle with the rest of the world. He should be locked up for at least 5 years and have his gun permits and killing licenses permanently revoked.

  26. People that are this cruel to animals are mentally ill and a government that allows something like this to happen and does not punish the killers is an unjust government.
    I am asking that all tourists avoid visiting the Northwestern States. Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming do not deserve your money and time. The states mentioned have almost entirely decimated the wolf population to satisfy the economic and political needs of special interest groups. Next, they will be targeting the bears and mountain lions. Within 20 years, there will be little wildlife left to enjoy in this part of the U.S.
    If they see that tourists are no longer interested in coming to visit and realize that they are losing money, maybe the states will reconsider and stop the killing. Unfortunately, the wolves need help NOW if they are going to survive. The best thing to do for the wolves right now is do as Nikki did and write a protest letter to the editor of the Seattle Times.
    Toni Stark

  27. EBAY
    Wolf pelts are selling for @ 300 in some auctions. They could easily be illegal pelts – does ebay check for license and date of ‘harvest’ ? Withdrawal of economic incentive is a good avenue. A sociopath has no remorse. Please request ebay to stop selling wolf (and animal pelts). The email address is suggest@ebay.com.

    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has posted a Predator Extreme document on their website. (on the far left of the home page)They have collected $ 51,ooo for a lobbying campaign against wolves. It is the usual snarling wolf propaganda, with a total of 66 pages of spin. Please contact them and the various corporate sponsors. I believe it goes deeper, as things do currently, but in any case do check it out.
    There are various corporate sponsors on the first page of the w.3.org document. If you do review it …wear your thick skin – for the wolves. It’s important to know what the anti-wolf contingent plans. And they mention that. . . Defenders of Wildlife is tracking this also.

    • Oh yeah…this stuff is ridiculous. If Idaho had anything worth boycotting that would make a difference I’d be all for it. I do have high hopes for Montana as a civilized state. I may not vote for president this year in protest that the President is allowing this, hasn’t even stepped in to fix it, but I will vote out the rest.

      • Ida
        Please consider and pass this idea to friends this election year?

        1 When you vote local and state: go to links below and find your state list of elected officials who are lobbying for the corporations while they earn their US official salary and enjoy health and pension benefits. ALEC is the corp lobbying organization.



        Learn more about corporations VOTING to rewrite our laws at www

        2 A common tactic this year is to register Republican so that you can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. ( The Mitt-ster is being supported by billions of corporatePAC cash.)

        3 If Romney does win the electoral vote for the Reptilians, Please write in Ron Paul, please please vote! Senator Paul is the only candidate concerned with restoring civil liberties at the national level. He opposed NDAA, DAA, and HR347 in the initial votes. He is also against bigOil. If we can at least demonstrate again without being felons, that would be a good place to keep fighting for canis lupis, and homo sapiens as well.

        Never give up.
        n e v e r

  28. These poachers should be punished to the full extent of the law. Idaho must not care at all about its wolves, how pitiful.

    • Thanks, Toni, for saying to follow my idea of writing a protest letter to the Seattle Times. And thanks, too, to Mira for the suggestion box email to ebay…here’s my letter to ‘em:
      To: suggest@ebay.com

      There are a lot of people that will BOYCOTT USING EBAY if you do not

      The majority of people want animals and wolves protected…not
      murdered and tortured. (To kill an animal for its pelt, inhumane
      barbaric traps and snares are used so as not to damage the
      pelt….this results in excruciating suffering….TORTURE…)…

      We live in a world where faux fur is available to keep us warm and
      help us look fashionable. THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO KILL AN ANIMAL
      FOR ITS FUR IN THE WORLD WE LIVE IN….it is an outdated antiquated
      practice that most people choose to have nothing to do with.

      It is important to STOP THIS! If the killers have no outlets for their
      endeavors – if we all take way their revenue stream….they will not
      have the incentive for profit…they will be forced to do something
      else….THAT IS OUR GOAL….

      So, towards that end, we respectfully request that you IMMEDIATELY
      STOP SELLING WOLF AND ANIMAL PELTS….if you persist in selling them,
      there will be a complete BOYCOTT OF EBAY…it is your choice.

      Please do the right thing….remember the Lord had Adam name the
      animals to bond with them (as when you name your child)…We are
      supposed to be guardians/caretakers, not killers and torturers…..

      You can judge a country by the way in which it treats its animals – Ghandi.

  29. Thanks Eric,

    I plan to vote for the candidate(s) who will do the most to protect the environment and our endangered, just hanging on species. I’m so dismayed that Obama couldn’t make a speech of acknowledgment, even a fluff piece, for Earth Day. They say “People First” but people have many, many organizations and agencies to give them voice, but the environment and animals have virtually none – and some would even dismantle what little we do have. Even Richard Nixon created the EPA and the Wild Horses and Burro Protection Act, for cryin’ out loud! I am tired of the indifference of our current administration to the environment.

  30. Apparently, Eric doesn’t realize that Ron Paul would end all environmental protection and regulations. He would get rid of the Interior Dept. altogether and all the wildlife agencies in it.

    • Judy, Thx for your thoughts. In considering your statement… Clearly Obama has given the energy companies free rein to trash the environment. For example, BP continues to drill in the Gulf, which is causing documented species collapse, and now BP has been cleared to drill in the eastern Gulf ; Arctic drilling approved, Tar Sands approved.

      RE: VOTING. I suggest Senator Paul is the best candidate as he has opposed Citizens United from the beginning, as well as, and would repeal it as unconstitutional. Citizens United opened the pandora’s box of corporate control of the govt at state and federal levels.

      Obama has now positioned major corporate players in all levels of federal govt: USDA, DOI. (Check out sourcewatch.org /alecexposed.org) A.L.E.C. is behind the wolf re-listing and the Sagebrush Rebellion, to name a few resolutions that affect the West specifically. Again, Senator Paul opposed Citizens United, in addition to the NDAA (detention without trial in foreign/national jail for US citizens labeled ‘terrorist’), DAA, Obamacare (requires subcutaneous micro chip with your data by 2013), s1813 (requires black box recorder in all us autos by 2014), sb 347(felony to demonstrate near public officials). If the above laws are repealed, we can at least demonstrate and legislate without some reactionary in the surveillance branches assigning the ‘T’ word to an individual and disappearing them. This host of laws makes all that ‘legal’. These overbroad laws are written to suppress individuals from legally opposing their own government. ALEC is a corporate lobby that funds campaigns of legislators that will introduce it’s resolutions at the federal and state level. Case in point: IDAHO and WISCONSIN legislatures.

      In terms of defending wolves or anti-trapping legislation, we have to be able to express ourselves as provided in the Bill of Rights. The Pres. has shown his hand. Romney is frightening as he is anti-women, anti-Bill of Rights, and became wealthy from ties with El Salvador death squads. You can google search for this info – don’t take my word for it.

      Wolves are somewhere in the big Plan from energy corporations. RMEF has just posted that they received 51k to aggressively promote wolf delisting (and continued extermination). The orgs that supported wolf de-listing are all members of A.L.E.C: Safari Club, NRA, to name the most vocal and overt.

      That is why Citizens United has to be repealed. As for NDAA, DAA, s1813, Obamacare-data chips, mandatory black boxes in US autos… I don’t think we ll be able to do much if we cannot use Amendments 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, which are all currently squashed under a host of draconian legislation. I’ll leave this.It’s not so much a debate on my part as a further explanation. Without free speech, the options to work for the wolves – or any concern – will be almost impossible. Again, thanks for your question. To each his own.
      And may the wolves somehow be safe, even if the Nez Perce are the ones to save them.

  31. We are all animals. Some of us us have two legs & others have four legs.Enough with the wolf killings & the wild horse slaughter! Voting does not work any more. Time to go to war on these bastards that do the deeds & “ok” the deeds to be done.

    Patrick O. Brown, Jr.

    • War on them, indeed. Give poachers and predator killers the death penalty, I say! In the words of Cliff Burton: “F*** those f***ers, man! We should just kill ‘em all!” Kill all the haters, of course.

      Up the howls!
      Pete “Powerslave Wolf” Braun

  32. We are a band from Blackpool in the north west of England & we heard about this monstrous act by these despicable people on a BBC tv show.

    We were so incensed that we have written and recorded a song about it called Lookout Mountain Woolfpack Blues. The gist of it is that the White family kill the wolves, but the ghost pups return each and every night as they try to sleep and haunt them.

    If you want, we can load it onto Sound Cloud when we’ve finished recording it and post the link here. What do you think?

    • The Mooks…I would love to hear it. When you’re finished please post the link here!! Thank you for caring and getting involved!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I will post on here when it’s finished and up on Sound Cloud. It’s a all recorded. All we gotta do is mix it.

        The Mooks love wolves. The Mooks love all critters, with the exception of some vile human beings – like this particular bunch of ranchers from Twisp WA.


      • Looking forward to it, thank you! Many howls!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Hi Nabeki,

        We have decided to scrap version one of “Lookout Mountain Wolfpack Blues” and we actually started re-recording it tonight. So, it’s gonna take a while to get finished and up on SoundCloud. It will be done though!

        During recording tonight we found out the Whites’s sentence. not enough as far as we’re concerned. We don’t have plea bargaining in the UK, so we don’t get it. They shoulda been banged up in the slammer as far as we’re concerned. I bet it won’t stop those scummy toss-pots doing what they wanna do again. We wish them all the luck they deserve.

        I see they aired the BBC programme on tv over in the States on Tuesday. Did you manage to see it? It is what inspired our song.

        We’ll keep in touch with you with recording updates.

        Take care et VIVE LES LOUPES !!!

  33. I only hope the day will come when I run across the Twisp’s and their butt head relatives in the woods. Would be a fun day to “tell” them how I feel about their stupidity. I can only suppose they are all mentally disturbed – maybe the result of inbreeding.

  34. [...] may not be fair to compare him and his son to poachers Bill White and son, who illegally killed most of the Lookout Pack (Washington’s first confirmed wolf pack to return home from Canada), [...]

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