Rescuing Wolf Pups/Killing Wolf Pups….

Wolf pups like this is in Idaho’ s Lolo and Selway Zones don’t stand a chance

June 2, 2012

Little wolf pups are emerging from their dens in Idaho’s  Lolo and Selway zones where the wolf hunt IS ONGOING, stretching into June. Lactating alpha mothers and their pups are sitting ducks  for “hunters”, lambs to the slaughter. So in this context I read the moving  story of the little wolf pup who was found by campers  last weekend in the Sawtooth National Forest. They assumed he was a lost puppy and called the cops who advised them to take him to a vet, where it was determined this was probably a little six-week old wolf pup. A DNA test was done, the results are pending.

There are many unanswered question surrounding this little guy, was his mother poached? Did the pack move to a rendezvous site, leaving him behind accidentally?  Of course we’ll never know. It seems unlikely a wolf mother would leave her little one behind, wolves adore their babies.

There’s a search on for his natal pack so he can be reunited with them, which becomes increasingly remote with each passing day.

“field technicians with the Wood River Wolf Project and Fish and Game have been scouring the area near where the pup was found since Sunday, searching for any signs of the pack the pup might have come from.”

Even IDFG “Regan Berkley, regional wildlife biologist” and “Randy Smith, big game manager for the Magic Valley Region” have commented on the pup.

It’s looking more and more like the little wolf will be spending the rest of his life in captivity, probably a wolf sanctuary and  personally I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, considering the wolf hating climate in Idaho.  Which brings me back to the point of this post.

It strikes me as hypocritical that IDFG managers are taking an active interest in this pup’s welfare when up North in the Lolo and Selway, pups just like him can be slaughtered along with their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  Idaho is a brutal place to be a wolf.  Hunters snared, trapped, shot and arrowed wolves from August 30, 2011 to March 31, 2012.  The slaughter continues in the Lolo and Selway right through breeding, denning and pupping season. This is not a place where a little wolf pup wants to be.  Not only did Idaho hunters kill 378 wolves in the last seven months but Wildlife Services continues to kill wolves for agribusiness.  A wolf kill order recently went out for Flat Top Ranch, with the Little Wood Pack in trouble.  So more wolves will die.

Idaho is decimating it’s wolf population quicker then you can say lickety-split and earning a nasty reputation for itself.  It’s been just one year since  President Obama signed the budget bill/wolf delisting rider and sent the apex predators into the arms of their enemies and oh how they are delighting in slaughtering them.  Just take a visit to some of the wolf hating sites on Facebook or peruse hunting forums to see the carnage in full color. One thing about trophy hunters, they love to pose over the corpses of their prey, smiling like they’ve won the lottery. Of course they don’t just like to kill wolves, they take pleasure in torturing them.

While America sleeps, the wolves they paid millions of dollars to restore, after almost every last one of them was shot, poisoned and trapped by the 1930’s,  is on the road to extermination once again in the lower 48.

So excuse me if I think the little, lost wolf hit the jackpot by getting rescued and how sad is that? He has a better chance of surviving in captivity and having a life then ending up in a choking snare, or shot in the gut writhing in pain or sitting for days in a trap trying to chew off his own foot, thirsty and alone waiting for the trapper to come back so he can choke him to death from behind or stomp on his head and body until he kicks and crushes the life out of him. No this little boy is better off somewhere else then the hell hole that Idaho has become for wolves.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Lone wolf pup found near Ketchum

Campers thought animal was domestic dog

Photo: Courtesy Idaho Mountain Express, Photo Patrick Graham

     Out-of-town campers picked up a 5-week-old wolf pup last weekend thinking it was a lost dog, state officials reported.

Regan Berkley, regional wildlife biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, said a couple picked up the pup on the afternoon of Friday, May 25, in the Sawtooth National Forest near Ketchum. After calling the Ketchum Police Department, the couple was advised to take the pup to a local veterinarian’s office.



Top photo Wolf Pup:  Fanpop

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Tags: wolf puppy, Sawtooth National Forest, Ketchum Idaho, IDFG, wolf persecution,  Wildlife Services, wolf hunt, Flat Top Ranch

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  1. Great post, Nabeki. I’d rather see the pup be in the wild, but at least in a wolf sanctuary he’ll see his first birthday, unlike most of Idaho wolves. Regan Berkley said in the article the pup might have fallen out of the back of a pickup truck, she didn’t know if it was a wolf or someone’s dog. Maybe he fell from a flying saucer, Regan? By the way, Regan’s boss, Jerome Hansen, IDFG Magic Valley Region – just gave the massace order for every wolf in the Little Wood because Flat Top Ranch/John Peavey has done everything possible to put his ewes and lambs at risk. He’s doing “open range” lambing to save money. BOYCOTT LAMB & WOOL PRODUCTS.

    • Sorry for the typo – the massacre order.

    • Idaho would only give the little wolf to a group who won’t speak out against their slaughter.. Busch Gardens told me ” it is not up to them how a state manages their wildlife “!!

  2. I saw a brief news story on tv with some regional wildlife biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, (didn’t catch the name) commenting on how this little wolf should have been left there for its parents to find him. Normally that would be exactly right.

    However knowing how these majestic sentient beings are being hunted with almost maniacal zeal and delight in their torture, suffering and misery, all I could think was, left for what purpose?

    This little one may have truly won the lottery and be one of the few to actually survive this unconscionable and indefensible slaughter that is going on.

    In another time I would have agreed to let him be where he was. But in the current situation not so much. Knowing the behavior of wolves, and then the behavior of certain humans that would cruelly, happily murder them you could say the most dangerous animal in the woods is not the wolves, but rather the two legged ones.

    Until Regan Berkley can guarantee that these pups and mothers aren’t going to be poisoned, bludgeoned, tortured, maimed or murdered just for living in their homes, I appreciate and thank the out of town campers who didn’t know any better. They may have unknowingly given this pup the greatest gift of his life.

    It would be great if he could be relocated elsewhere. If not, hopefully he can go to a sanctuary where there are other wolves and well intentioned humans that know how to work wolves.

    I don’t envy Regan Berkley and his job for one second. If he is truly trying to help/save the wildlife in his region and do the right thing, he has got one uphill battle. Good luck.

    • Good comment. Note that Regan is a she.

      • Thanks for letting me know. The person on the tv spot was a man. I wish Regan alot of luck and the perseverance for an uphill battle.

    • Excellent statement!

  3. It is extremely tragic that a life in captivity must be preferred for this little guy.

  4. Thank you for this comprehensive, yet so terribly, more than “sad,” article. Telling-It-Like-It-Is! I have known of the torturing of the wolves. Trophy hunters and the “good ole boys.” Having “fun.” Many boozed-up. The cruelty inflicted should be criminal, a felony!! Obama campaigned on protecting wildlife. He posed with *rancher, Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, right after Inauguration: FOR *CHANGE. It was explicit our WILD ONES would be protected. SCIENCE!! A reversal of Bush’s policies. A few days later, Obama announced a back to Bush’s killing of wolves, bison, roundup of wild horses…!!! Such a betrayal to the American taxpaying public who “own” our wild ones. So we see again, the killing of wolves to extinction…then what? Back to “endangered.” Salazar was the worst choice. Why pick a man to be Secretary of Interior when he announces he hates and kills wolves and hates wild horses?? Because he was Obama’s buddy in the Senator days? Salazar has such power: SalaCZAR! And BTW, there is no response from Obama & Salazar if one tries to contact regarding all the above. DOORS CLOSED.

    • Amen!

  5. That was a great story and I learned from it that its all about playing the media and the tourists ,if they were told that it didn’t matter about the pup that up the road a bit its brothers and sisters are being hunted and killed the people that found it and the media would have been shocked , the IDFG is playing them and should be exposed for the two faced people they are , if someone would post on facebook the pic of the live one and a dead pup and tell this story it would possibly go viral

  6. Considering what is happening to wolves in the wild, captivity now would not be a bad thing. At least the little fellow will not be tortured and killed merely for being what he is. I have been sponsoring wolves at three different sanctuaries. I feel there is so little else I can do (all those letters, calls, and e-mails didn’t help stop the killing!) that at least I’m might be doing some good for other wolves.

  7. God bless the little wolf pup – may he live & prosper. I like to think of this as a miracle. Maybe the wolf pup was sitting in the hands of our Lord when he was discovered.

    • Indeed, Creator has a purpose for him. He is the face, the emblem of all the innocents crying motherless in their dens. He is the “Child”, that represents all that is pure & wild. He is an even more important symbol for wilderness than Smokey. Every deceptive photo of a snarling wolf should be countered with the photo of this lost baby, demonstrating the insane cruelty of allowing mobs of “people” to literally destroy an entire species, unrestrained. He is the emblem of the wilderness we need to protect from humans, even greater than Smokey Bear.

  8. We couldn’t agree more. It seems an impossible idea to reintroduce him to his pack safely being so young. Our foundation has offered to take him so he can live with our pack of nine, educating about their true nature. If he has to be in captiv ity, we offer a life without a cage. We don’t know if they are taking our option seriously which would even be a bigger shame. The older he gets, the less we can socialize him. Praying for the best outcome, everyday.

  9. it sure is a sad commentary to note that the almighty government in Idaho would condemn this pup to die if it had been left for his parents to find him. why have all the letters,calls, emails etc fallen on deaf ears? rhetorical question. but the true answer is there is no MONEY in saving innocent lives! I wish the little guy all the best and a long, happy and safe life – even if it is at a wolf sanctuary rather than his wild and NATIVE home!

  10. they cannot kill this pup ifthey don’t find the pack!!!!! that is SOOOO evil!!! what can we do to stop this??

  11. Thanks to that couple for rescuing this defenseless puppy from being alone in the woods, he indeed got the jackpot for being found as hunters and Fish and Game themselves are killing pups even along with their parents so this pup wouldn’t have survived being sighted by some idiot drunk pig with rifle in it’s hand or worse even it’s bare hands. You can see the pictures on the post and wonder how can someone be so cruel to slaughter such an innocentand helpless creature, because I wonder that and to this day I still can’t undestand it, I would REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN THE MIND OF A PERSON WHO IS TAKING AWAY THE LIFE OF A PUPPY. If somebody has the evil inside to do that atrocity, he or she must be the devil himself. I’m glad tby this little pup may be going to a sanctuary, as at least there he will have rules protecting his life.
    For the wolves, for the welfare of Regan,

  12. P.S I wouldn’t have even called the cops, due to how Fish and Game has been torturing wolves I wouldn’t jave jeopardized the pup’s life by getting yhe authorities involved. I don’t really care if I was doing something illegal by not reporting this pup but how come the authorities can call saving a pup for myself is “illegal” after all they have done to the wolves….

    • Good for you Daniel.
      The lousy public image of Idaho is NOT a recent development. Four years ago, sportspeople elsewhere in the country began commenting that the entire state should be enclosed by razor wire fencing and all its citizens heavily armed, with year-long open seasons declared on Idaho’s humans! Since then it has only gotten worse.
      Now it is not a popular idea for anyone from outside the state to even visit Idaho: Why give those people any of our money, even to pay for gas and food while driving through? Grocers in New York are becoming aware that generic “American” beef and lamb, Idaho potatoes and Coors Beer are not selling well; also Cold Water Creek clothing company’s sales are down.
      Boycott. And tell ‘em why.

      • By the way, who says it is illegal to rescue a wolf? Are you a tax paying citizen of the US? Then, doesn’t that cub belong to you? What law states otherwise? If there is a written rule that a government agent is supposed to “protect” that cub and others like him, clearly that law is being violated on a regular basis.

      • Absolutely! Hit them where it hurts….the economy!

      • Good idea! The gang in Idaho don’t seem to have any compassion or ethics when it comes to killing animals. But even their defenders will miss the money if it doesn’t come it. Greed trumps morality.

    • I’d take him straight to my rainforest home and kick anyone’s ass who tried to harm him or take him, & that is a fact.

      • That is what we all should do..Don’t hesitate in standing between the bullet end the wolf…

    • Legal or not, saving a life, animal or human is always right.

      • AMEN. :)

  13. Leave them alone and let them live as you they have that right but because we took that land that they tend and live on from our greed now yous want to kill then like many other things that now no longer are here to do their jobs on this earth

  14. There are some sanctuaries that are huge and made up so the wolf can live in them just like they would in the wild, but best of all….they’ll be safe from those Neanderthal banjo banging bozos who fear the wolf so badly that they feel the need to annihilate them. Robert Redford once said, “They hear the wolf, see his tracks, but mankind fears the wolf mainly because there is something he fears in himself.”

    • Yes. And that something is that Wolf society is more civil than man’s.

  15. Poor little guy – I have zero respect for any of these bozos who would turn the West into nothing but beat-down ranchland devoid of any wildlife. I can’t imagine the what goes on in the diseased minds of some of these “people”. I still am trying to process the gov’t Fish & Game department killing all that wildlife. We’re a disgusting lot, the human race. My fondest wish is that some of these idiots will get caught in their own traps for days without food or water, and that someone will take potshots at them too! ;)

  16. es verdad como se sentidran ellos en esa situacion ser cazados como ellos cazan?

    • Claro, de hecho ellos solo lo ven como que nosotros somos unos hippies que no sabemos las verdades de la situacion, eso me acaben de decir en un blog en el que por cierto me amenazaron con denunciarme con el FBI, que ojala que lo hagan asi se sabra que el gobierno de los EE.UU me ha arrestado por tratar de salvar criaturas inocentes…por favor comparte este post con todos los que conozcas y diles lo que esta pasando, entre mas seamos mejor..

  17. Forget addressing any US government officials – corporations are running the US. Perhaps wolf advocates should re-address petitions to specific UN committees. It would be another fly in the executive soup for the US, at worst. We could watch the executive branch spew some worthless hypocritical dribble in the General Assembly. However, my cynicism aside, I do believe globally citizens are ‘on’ to the current DC Circus and many wolf and animal activists and ecological groups would know the truth. Perhaps they could help.

    Blessings to the wolves and all animals treated so cruelly by damaged huMans. May this little pup somehow thrive.
    Thanks, N for the post.

  18. If you ever find a abandon pup in the wild, wait . If the parents don’t return after several hours, take him or her home and NEVER call the cops.

    • You by all means SHOULD do that considering how the authorities have been treating wolves, but you must know that if you are not ABLE to care for a wolf, meaning proper installations and the resources to feed him, your best bet is to look for an independent sanctuary..
      For the wolves, Daniel..

      • Sanctuaries and shelters would be the best choice if you are unable but IF you have the means, tell no one.

      • Sanctuaries and shelters would be the best choice if you are unable but IF you have the means, tell no one. Rescuing animals like these takes a lot of work but the emotional pay off is priceless.

    • 1. Wolves have been known to leave their pups alone for days, so that now might be a good idea…
      2. I tried that one time, only with a nest of robins. I had everything I needed, did all my research, still didn’t turn out well of the eggs… Two never hatched, the last one did but died when I fed it a chunk to big to fit down it’s throat. It’s best to give them to someone who KNOWS what their doing. Even if you think you know what your doing, ask a professional first.

      • Of course, we all know that anyone with the will to help innocent animals has the best intentions in the world, but it wouldn’t still be fair for the animal to live in an inadequate environment…Like for example I found a wolf pup but I’ve got only a small cement backyard but the best intentions…An animal like a wolf would be grateful for the love you can give to him and surely he’ll love you back, but it wouldn’t be fair for a 150 pound wolf to live in a small cement backyard…better let go and let be happy..

  19. Anybody know the status of this pup right about now???I do not want to think his future is in jeopardy..

  20. I wish some of you would contact Mary Jane Butters of “Mary Janes Farm” magazine or go to her store in Moscow and let her know how you feel. She used to be a ranger way up in the hinterlands. I canceled my subscription. I think there needs to be an underground railroad to get the little ones out of the country.

  21. And to think, when this first started, I was all for wolf hunting. I thought, ‘Well, their going to do this right! Their going to manage wolves like wolves, and their going to go by science to kill off the right amount to keep them healthy.’ Then, they hunted them like deer, not wolves, completely ignored science and destroyed their genetic diversity. Then… this. -_-
    I told them, I told them this would go badly, and the wolf would be re-listed within years. That was how I ended my last argument with an anti-wolfer. At the time, I was secretly hoping I had lied to myself and I was exaggerating… but then… :'(

    • And do you feel it was worth it? Whether scientific management or hatred, it was obvious that people would start to get too trigger happy and get carried away even to pay government to de list wolves so they could satisfy their evil need for innocent lives. I’m not trying to criticize anyone but I think that once you are able to kill without guilt, you can easily turn this world into a Nazi Holocaust again…..and that’s what is happening to the wolves right now…

  22. I agree. Idaho andorrans apparently have abundant degeneracy sadists but Alaska, Utah, and Wisconson have their share, too! The only safe wild wolves on planet earth live in Chernobol. I’m not being scarcastic.

    • Since you mentioned Wisconsin, it seems that Walker is not going to walk…

    • Donna, I totally agree with you. I watched Radioactive Wolves and thought the same thing. They are thriving there, all the animals are. There are a few humans that returned on the edge of “The Zone” but that’s it, except for the scientists doing studies, more collaring ):

      How sad is it that a nuclear dead zone is one of the few places on earth that wolves are safe from human persecution?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. Feingold says he is. No one knows Wi. better than he. Lets just hope the Dems take over the Senate.

    • Bobette the Dems have control of the Senate, they passed the wolf/delisting rider that caused all this heartache and Obama signed it into law. Just three dems voted no. That’s the sad truth.


  24. I hope he does go to a sanctuary because that way he is almost guaranteed to have a life. We should try to capture as many wolves as can be (even though that may sound wrong) just because otherwise those m.f’s are going to slaughter them. I used to feel sorry for all the animals kept in zoos, but I now know better. They are safe from hunters and Government slaughter-jerks. They most likely will only have a chance to survive if they are kept in captivity. I can’t believe our country has come to this. How embarassing. When I was young, none of this crapp went on, and there was not any bad news about animals like there is today. It is heartbreaking. I don’t understand how someone could get pleasure in torturing and killing innocent animals that are just trying to stay alive and feed their families. The wolves were here first; ranchers came later. They are the ones that need to step up to save their cattle, etc. Electrify your fences or try other resources. Make the GOV’T foot the bill! They are the ones who order the kills anyway. This needs to stop; I would love for my grandkids to be able to know about wolves in the wild, and not just in books.

    • Sue…Of course little wolves are always better with their families and I would never in a million years have thought I would say that a wolf pup would be better off in captivity but the way things are in Idaho, its a living hell for wolves. That pup probably wouldn’t have lived through the first few months of the hunt. Either they’ll kill his pack or kill him. This is the most disgusting situation, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming should hang their heads in shame for what they are doing but the sad truth is they DON’T CARE! A wolf means nothing to them and that’s why they can kill their babies and tear their families apart with impunity. What is even more upsetting is to hear wolf biologists supporting the hunts. We not only have to fight the wolf haters but people who should be standing up for wolves against this slaughter and they’re not. That’s why we’ve lost so many battles. The Democrats betrayed wolves, many of the biologists and even some environmental groups. It’s ridiculous. But the wolf haters are united in their single purpose to kill as many wolves as possible. If only we had the unity they have.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  25. Killing babies, how hideous!

    • Brigid…they’ve been doing it for years, in the hunts and before that Wildlife Services. These people have an empty hole where their hearts should be.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  26. If you call any of the “authorities” when seeing a wild canine of any kind, consider him/her dead. I’ve seen coyotes in my area. I’ve even seen a sign saying report them if you see them (btw – this is in California). I will never do that. It would be the death sentence for them. As long as I breathe, I will protect them.

    • The same is true of seeing mountain goats – at least in Idaho. The more IDFG can claim exist, the more they will issue permits to kill.

  27. [...] Rescuing Wolf Pups/Killing Wolf Pups…. ( [...]

  28. More on little pup :

    • it is a sad thing to note that this little one will most likely outlive all his pack mates even if he does have to live in a captive situation. I am pretty sure that if he had been left alone (which I do agree would have been best) he and his pack mates would have come into the sights of hunters soon. since they were unable to find his natal pack – it is probably safe to assume either 1) the pack left the area or 2) hunters already got them. let’s hope it was number 1.

      • For clarification, there is no wolf hunting season in Idaho’s Southern Mt Zone at this time. It ended March 31st & starts again Sept. 1st. There were no wolves killed in the vast drainage where this pup was found during the 2011-12 hunt. One was shot in the 2009-10 hunt, though. Keep in mind the canyon is over 20 miles long with many steep, rugged tributaries. The weather was raining and snowing on Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps the den was flooded. Residents in the area heard howl-barking and no one knows what caused this – whether the mother wolf ran into a mountain lion, a black bear, coyotes or what. Then the pup got left behind as it apparently had an injury & was not moving well. None of us can say whether it would have been better to have left the pup on its own along the road, or did what the tourist did, and picked it up – she thought it was a dog. The terrain is so rugged in parts of the area, that it would be very difficult to find the pack even if they were within a couple of miles.

  29. I’m so happy!!!! A bright beam of hope has broken through the darkness..I just git word that this puppy is safe with Suzanne, a member of Defenders of Wildlife and they are working endlessly to find the pup’s pack..
    Check it out:

    Let us hope the best for this little furball.. :)

  30. What a sweet beautiful little guy – I sure hope he goes to a sanctuary.

    In regards to the call from Flat Top ranch – endangering the Little Wood Pack….I pray for the Pack and hope the guns backfire on the shooters – that they have “instant karma” and immediately reap what they sow….but I also have a link to a petition to share about stopping grazing sheep (the notorious sheep stations) in Yellowstone and its corridors and in Idaho…..that these public lands should be for the wild life, not the private welfare ranchers (so it takes their opportunity to make calls like that away):

  31. in response to going out and walking around during hunting season – be so very careful! whether or not you carry guns make SURE you have bright colors on and remember that the hunters will also be after the game animals they swear our wolves are killing! I physically can’t go hiking around but sure wish I could!

  32. I’d love to do that be a guard for the wolves and help them in the act..And why do you worry about rules?? They are allowed to brutalize this innocent animals and we dare to still take their rules on gun brandishing?? Either way I won’t mind taking a bullet from those guys in order for this to spread..Meaning that more than likely the headlines would maybe be “Hiker shot by trigger happy hunters” so people would know how recklessly this is being carried out..I would definitely join that group if it wasn’t for me living in Texas and tge farthest I have gone into the USA is San Antonio….All my support and love from over here…Daniel..

  33. Hi,
    Not sure if I posted this before…also, am not sure how it works, but Christopher Neorth has a petition going that will be sent to the US Government. Not sure if I posted a link of it to here or not, but just in case I didn’t.
    Pray that we get enough signatures and that somebody in Washington will FINALLY listen. I’ve posted on Twitter,there are a links on Facebook, also on Care2. Not sure how all these signatures are going to come together, but I’m sure there is a way. We need thousands and thousands!

    • Hi Anne,

      Anne, I’ve seen this petition and website but I’m confused by their statements. For instance:

      The Gray Wolf is a species of wolf recognized as Endangered by the US Government

      The gray wolf has been delisted in the Northern Rockies and the Great Lakes region, they are not considered endangered by the USFWS..that is what the entire fight is about….to restore their ESA protections. So I don’t understand that statement.

      and Extirpated by New York State.

      I’m sure there were wolves in New York state at one time and their may be lone dispersers from Canada but the majority of wolves in the lower 48 are found in the Northern Rockies, The Great Lakes and the Southwest.

      This species of wolf’s numbers have dropped as low as 150 per state due to destruction of their natural habitat and and hunting wolves for game.
      What states are they talking about?
      This petition and website, although well meaning, is confusing to me. I’m not really sure what they mean?

      The most important thing is for everyone to speak with one voice and to provide accurate information to the public.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  34. I was told that Idaho would only allow the pup to go to a place that would not speak out against the wolf slaughter. Busch Gardens told me ” It is not up to us how a state manages their wildlife “.. Jerks

    • I figured as much. On both counts.

  35. my name is steve i have an idea do not laugh i live in brunswick ga i have 3 acres fenced in 2miles away best vets in the country you can put wolf families here till pups can take care of themselves and release back to wild i would like to help steve

  36. In my opinion what goes around comes around humans will probably learn that to late, i hope the people who cursed wolves as evil beings burn in hell for eternity, people don’t seem to understand that wolves are natures balance, so a few hunters cant get good deer or elk oh cry me a river you bastards you mostly hunt for sport and entertainment so you can brag about your kill to your drunken idiotic friends, you kill parent wolves and take them away from their pups leaving them to starve and fend for themselves, if i found a den of orphaned pups i would take them home and raise them as my own no matter what the law says and i would die to protect them

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