Wyoming Wolf Holocaust Has Begun!!

October 1st, 2012, a half hour before sunrise, will begin a day of infamy for Wyoming wolves. Not only will they be hunted outside of Yellowstone National Park in a trophy hunt zone (over 2200 wolf hunt tags have been sold),  they’ll be treated as vermin in most of the state. The shoot-on-site plan goes into effect tomorrow!! No license needed, wolves can be run over with ATV’s , hung from a tree,  trapped, snared, POISONED or anything a wolf killer can come up with. AND they don’t have to report killing a wolf to the state for ten days. Yeah that’ll happen.

US government sanctions slaughter of wolves in Wyoming

Wyoming wolves lose federal protection, will be shot on sight across most of state

September 2012. US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has announced that gray wolves in Wyoming will be taken off the endangered species list – a death sentence for a majority of the animals, which will now be managed under a state plan that delineates more than 80 percent of Wyoming as a “predator zone” where wolves can be shot on sight. In the remainder of the state, excluding Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, wolves will be designated a “trophy game animal” and hunted in large numbers, with the goal of reducing the population from about 270 wolves to 100.

In response to this decision, the Center for Biological Diversity joined a coalition of environmental groups in filing a notice of intent to sue the federal government for stripping away Endangered Species Act protections from Wyoming’s wolves.

“Taking federal protection away from Wyoming’s wolves will bring the same kind of senseless slaughter that first drove them to the brink of extinction in the lower 48,” said Noah Greenwald, endangered species director at the Center for Biological Diversity, which has worked to protect western wolves for nearly a quarter-century. “Blatantly ignoring science and sanctioning the extermination of these beautiful and intelligent animals is a travesty. We’re going to sue to protect these wolves.”




On September 10th 2012,  a coalition of environmental groups notified USFWS  of their intent to sue over Wyoming’s wolf delisting plan but the groups cannot take legal action until SIXTY DAYS after the filing!!  So the wolf hunt and the shoot-on-sight plan will move forward until the environmental groups can plead their case for an injunction in court to stop the killing. A lot of wolves can be killed in the meantime.

This is all on the Obama administration, Secretary of the Interior rancher Ken Salazar and director of USFWS Dan Ashe, who thinks this slaughter is, “scientifically sound”.  Tell me how a wolf hunt AND a shoot-0n-sight  predator zone, that will decimate 270 hapless Wyoming wolves, who live outside Yellowstone,  is scientifically sound? Science has NOTHING to do with it. The power and influence of the ranching and hunting cabals pushed this agenda pure and simple!


That’s the sad state of wolf “recovery/slaughter”. The only wild wolf in America potentially safe is OR-7 because he decided to disperse from his natal pack, the Imnaha’s and run like hell away from the killing zone. Let’s hope he stays out of harms way. Yet his brother and sister wolves face an unprecedented slaughter.

Get active, hold a protest, organize!! The killing has to stop and the ONLY way it’s going to stop is by pressuring the politicians who rubber stamped this pogrom. Appealing to the states is hopeless, they aren’t going to stop killing wolves unless they’re ordered to.

Be relentless, don’t stop until we get some action.  Start a write-in campaign  directed at every US Senator who voted to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies, specifically the Democrats. Tell them to restore wolves  Endangered Species Protections or they won’t be getting your vote on November 6.

I know time is short, the election is just six weeks away but we CAN make an impact! Wolves are dying. The Wedge pack was just aerial gunned in Washington state for NOTHING! Montana and Idaho wolves are being hunted as I type this, 26 dead since August 30, 2012.  The Great Lakes states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and now Michigan are poised to travel down the same road. Oregon ODFW has a death warrant out on OR-7’s father and sibling, the only reason they’re not dead is a court ordered temporary restraining order stopped it.

Contact The Infamous 81


Boycott Wyoming! Boycott Yellowstone National Park!! Show Wyoming the power of the almighty dollar and what it can do to their economy when you decide to vote with your feet and stay home. Wolf tourism brings 35 million dollars into the GYA every year. Don’t go!!! Make a statement!! Spread the word! Contact Wyoming’s Department of Tourism. Let them know you won’t step one foot in the state while they are destroying wolves and mean it!!

Wyoming Travel & Tourism
1520 Etchepare Circle
Cheyenne, WY 82007

TEL: 307-777-7777
FAX: 307-777-2877
E-MAIL: info@visitwyo.gov
TOLL FREE: 800-225-5996



Environmental groups to sue over Wyoming wolf delisting



Wyoming Ranchers Knock Gray Wolf Off Endangered Species List



Ranchers Cheer Removal Of Gray Wolf Protection


May 23, 2011

The animals had been protected by the Endangered Species Act, but when a federal budget bill was introduced in Congress, senators from Montana ran a sneaky maneuver and added language to the bill to “delist” the wolves in the five states. 

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/ranchers-cheer-removal-of-gray-wolf-protection.html#ixzz286soH9QQ


Photo: Courtesy Pavan Mickey

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  1. esto es realmente malo pero la lucha contiuna por los lobos la sangre de los lobos sarpica a obama y a los polityicos que dieron esos permisos

    • What!!! English Please!!

      • They say the fight continues and blame Obama for giving the permits to kill…..

      • Learn some Spanish or use that thing on your computer called a translator.

      • Please let go with the little Spanish/English thing.

  2. Depressing news.

    Calling all angels. We need some support here.

  3. Time to act is now.

  4. Send letters to:
    The Governor: http://governor.wy.gov/Pages/default.aspx
    The Senator: http://barrasso.senate.gov/public/
    Fish & Game: Scott Talbott, Director: (307) 777-4600

  5. I had posted all the state Senators who have voted for delisting the wolf here on this site, but it was taken down….so, if you want to see who voted to delist the wolf in your state, go to my site on Facebook. Anne DiNucci. Hopefully this notice won’t be taken down. I also had listed several pro wolf groups and their phone/fax numbers and emails.

    • Hi Anne,

      Are you talking about US Senators who voted to delist wolves? Not sure what comment you’re talking about? Since wolves in the Norhtern Rockies were federally protected it was federal US Senators who voted to delist wolves and I’ve posted on it many times, namely the Infamous 81 post. http://howlingforjustice.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/contact-the-infamous-81/

      It was probably a mistake your post was lost.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • That’s ok…it’s on Facebook under my name and on my site. I just wrote to the Center for Biological Diversity. I hope that something to save some of them can be done tonight.
        The list I had named the Senators that voted for delisting the wolf. I also posted some other pro wolf groups that have save some in the past, raised some and reintroduced some into the wilds. I feel that we have to try anything and everything, no matter what it is. If it will help them in any way whatsoever….I’m willing to give it a go.

      • Nabeki, what do you have against hunt sabbing? I don’t find error or wrong in destroying traps or snares, so what are your views concerning direct action?

      • Dywane….Even though I understand your frustration, I feel the same way, I’ve been blogging about this for years and it’s soul killing, However i don’t think it’s a good idea to announce your actions on an open forum. I’ll leave it at that.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. STOP the Senseless killing!!! They have hearts and families just like we do!!!!!!!

  7. Down with Obama for not stopping this killing and no money from me going to Wyoming

    • I’m disappointed in Obama too doubt if the wolves or anyone/anything else would be better under Romney. After all, big ranching and the NRA are mostly Republican. Romney had to admit to hunting “varmints” to assure the gun groups that he did, indeed, go out and kill and was one of them.

  8. wish they had filed sooner…..not that it would be a guarantee of success…:( not sure if I can function at this point–we all feel overwhelmed and heart-broken over the endless sad news and defeats.

  9. i love wolf

  10. I’m left speechless that this actually has come to pass. It won’t take a month and we’ll have no wolves left in WA state where I live. This is a travesty of justice. I will not be voting for Maria Cantwell (Democratic senator here in WA state) who voted to remove the endangered status and have written to tell her this.

    My heart aches for our wildlife. We’re encroaching constantly with no regard to nature’s balance. It’s kicking us in the butt now with the weather – you’d think we’d learn.

  11. None of these emails are working – they all say “undeliverable”
    I’ve tried every form of them too- trying from their sites-
    if you have other email addresses – please post

  12. to all those who have the power to save these beautiful animals, please please please stop this before its too late! Whether you believe in God or not, these creatures were put on this earth for a reason and when they are gone, they are gone. Plus, just because they are animals does NOT mean they don’t feel pain and fear. Please don’t allow them to be trophies on someones wall! Please reconsider this open hunt!

  13. Wonder how these “hunters” would react having to watch their families murdered right before their eyes…..probably would feel nothing sense they have no soul…..

  14. I want to know whly no one goes in and removes the traps and snares where are all the animal rights persons, how about drawing a line between the asshole fat white wackos and the Wolf – like the occupy group in NY, etc. or is the area just to vast to be manageable

  15. I’ve been dreading this day ever since I heard that the USFWS planned on delisting Wyoming’s wolves. I’ve tried sending petitions, I have signed petitions to stop this from happening…but they were all a failure! I am now crying inside. I have been thinking about Wyoming’s poor wolves nearly 24/7 these days. I can’t even get myself to focus on my English Essay and my Speech for Public Speaking Class (both of which I should be working on right now) as my mind and spirit have flown to Wyoming (and this is coming from someone who rarely gets distracted from working on schoolwork).

    Those poor Wyoming wolves. Any legal method to kill wolves can theoretically be used on them in most of the state. I know that most of the wolves live within the Trophy Zone, which is a little safer, but just to think that a wolf in any other part of the state can be killed, even tortured, in any legal way is appalling and heartbreaking. I can imagine all of the brutalities that can now be commited against the wolf (particularily in the predator zone) and they are not pretty. I see mountains of dead bodies being piled on top of each other. Wolf pups being gassed in their dens. Cowboys lassoing and ripping apart wolves like what was done back in the olden days. Terrified wolves shot by aerial-gunning. Wolves dying painful deaths from poisoning. Wolves living their lives in constant fear. I know that only a few wolves live in the predator zone but I can still see this happening to them.

    This is a repeat of the War on Wolves that exterminated them in the first place back in the 19th and early 20th centuries. I thought that humans learned their lesson about wiping out predators but I guess this is not so.

    October 1st, 2012 will be the most tragic day of modern wildlife conservation. An once endangered species will now be treated like a worthless pest to be destroyed at all costs.

    • I agree with you Carla! I also have been so heartbroken and distracted by this that I seem to be unable to focus on much else, including my school work! I’m sick inside and so badly want to do SOMETHING and feel so helpless. I’ve tried everything I can personally do and nothing seems to get through to these mindless idiots with apparantly no heart and no soul!! I’m ashamed of our country that it would allow such barbaric killing of a truly innocent animal. Just doing what it was put on the earth to do!! How dare these people have this kind of power. I’ve even written the White House about removing Ken Salazar. I hope these lawsuits do something to help our wolves and quick! I have to wonder about the Humane Society and other large groups. I just feel if everyone gets together, maybe we could make a difference!

  16. Send prayers for our packs families… Heartbreaking! Really it’s the murders actions… Nothing to learns! No Crime! Killing families. Only the money… Please God help us!

  17. This really is a travesty. States have no right to “manage” wolf populations because they range through all states. At one time, they ranged from one end of this country to the other. Why this is allowed continue is a complete mystery to me, and I have never been more disgusted with the country than I am now. It’s too bad that we have not evolved as a species that we still need to blame bad economic time that are our own fault on a scapegoat. Once the Green party becomes established I will never vote Democratic again. Saying prayers for the wolves,

  18. We hope this issue had been investigated scientifically. If not, well then America, this is a permit for white trash to kill something.

  19. Please add our Wildlife rescue org. Animal Rescue Team, Inc to your support list. We work with LARC. This aerial gunning of these magestic animals must not take place. What more can any of us do to stop this, please adivse. http://www.animalrescueteam.nt

    • please consider this post?

      1 Support a national beef boycott. Be vocal. (the sadists laugh at our tears)

      2 Push for elimination of all cattle from federal lands state by state forest by forest. Take back the land they are ruining.

      3 Stop Welfare Ranching in your state at all levels.

      4 GO to alec exposed.org and know the corporate lobbyists posing as your representatives in congress and in your state legislature. Be vocal about the lapdog representatives and officials.

      5 BE ceaseless in Complaining to the NCBA with calls and emails.
      Check out their website under ‘legislative objectives’- dont take my word for it. Destroying the environment via almost free allotments, for personal profits of members, and destroying wolves has been a success in their legal agenda. Read it for yourself. Create multiple FOIA’s against the NCBA.

      6 Fight in your state against funding the Depts of Natural Resources. They are all the same killers gaining profit from overtime personal wolf hunts : WI to WA. FOIA these agencies to see which corporations are funding them, including IDAHO’s receiving of 51,ooo dollars from RMEF.

      7 Organize and support the banning of trapping, snaring, and poisoning as they are state sanctioned abuse programs promoted gainst all fur bearers in the national forests.The correlation between animal abuse and human abuse as sociopathic behaviors is grounded in the DSM IV and distinguished psychology journals, including the UN’s. License holders for strangling, trapping and poisoning are given approval by the state agencies that make money from the killing.

      AGAIN: Boycott beef.

      The population is over the carrying capacity and with this anti-wolf,
      anti-earth success additional ranchers will feign wolf kills to cover their grain expenses in the ongoing drought. They will do this so they can collect subsidies and their corporate cronies will promote it. And dont forget they vote to cut any government aid to other citizens while shouting, “less government’. They promoted a huge sale of ‘pink slime’ to the USDA for school children’s lunch programs. If you didn’t follow this sale to the USDA, the specific beef company immediately went Chapter 7. There will be no liability for health consequences to children. They have no conscience. Our Sorrow must morph into action. Be unrelenting.

  20. i dont agree with any animal being killed they feel pain and fear just like we do its heartbreaking knowing theyll be killed on the spot may that gun just shoot your head of murdering ba….ds

  21. My first thought when waking up this morning, October 1st, was: “oh no, today is the start of the needless killing of wolves” and I’ve been walking around with tears in my eyes since.

    Why does mankind (lots of ‘men’… very little ‘kind’) have to keep on proving its worth over Mother Nature? Why wolves? Ever since the bible they’ve been persecuted and killed just for the sake of killing something mankind does not understand, or even tries to understand. Why do men – and women for that matter – want to prove they are better, smarter and more humane than animals when animals are more often the better link in the chain of life?

    It kills me knowing that in a few hours people will go out there with guns, traps, poison etc… 2200 wolf hunt tags sold to kill 170 wolves? Surely more a lot more wolves will be killed so if it doesn’t need to be reported straight away… if they don’t keep tags on it from day one, people will keep on killing wolves until none are left because surely… they don’t know how many are left…

    The idiots doing the killing should go shoot each other, trap them, poison them and then the balance in nature might be restored.

    • Billie,

      It’s truly a dark time, probably the worst we’ve faced since the wolves delisting in 2009. The wolf hunt outside Yellowstone allows for the killing of 52 wolves. The rest of the state will be a predator zone, where wolves can be shot-on-sight. The worst is they can use poison, the very thing that wiped wolves out in the first extermination. Our only hope is the environmental groups will file for an injunction as soon as they can but there is a sixty day waiting period after they file notice to sue. They filed on September 10, 2012..sixty days would be around November 8th. BUT if they ask for an injunction, will they get it and how long will it take the Judge to decide? Many, many wolves could be dead before this process plays out. It’s just horrific.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • It’s just shocking, I’ve truly no other words for it… just posted a blog post and added your blog to it (http://willeke73.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/a-tribute-to-wolves/)

        My views may be very emotional but it’s time to act and I’m doing all I can from here… emailing away and hoping for miracles…

        Thank you so much for your constant updating, it must be wearing you down big time.

        Lots of love and hugs, x

    • Right, and the gene pool would be improved!

      • Yep… absolutely!

  22. Nabeki,
    I’ve tried reaching Brad Pitt, the daughter of Clint Easwood, Jane Velez Mitchell on Twitter. I am not really sure how Twitter works. What I am trying to do is to get voices that people will listen to. If enough of us contact these people on behalf of our wolves, and ask them to speak out (as they are animal activists) then maybe a bit of change might come about. Might take a while, and we maybe need to find more people that people will listen to, but it’s hope, and a chance to curb this holocost on the wolves before it spreads across the nation. We need the emails or people who will speak out. Any ideas?

    • Anne…it’s really hard to get past their handlers. You have to have an inside connection to get through to them but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Keep up the good work!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. What’s awful is the use of poison. That affect not only wolves, but other animals, our water supply. If the wolves have recovered enough to be delisted (which I don’t think they have), that is one thing – but immediately initiating hunting is something else. I can’t believe how primitive people behave when given the change. Makes me think that if we didn’t have laws in place to protect us, we’d shoot each other too. Oh wait….

    And then the slob hunters out in the Great Lakes region who want to use dogs and RTVs to chase animals all over people’s property. No restraint whatsoever. They are threatening to take the law into their own hands if they can’t use dogs. If they do, they will be breaking the law and will be arrested, and probably not for the first time either according to statistics. It’s embarrassingly terrible.

    • Why are men with previous convictions of allowed hunting tags in the first place? Irresponsible government agencies…

  24. By the time Romney would even be sworn into office – the damage will have been done and it is too late. To me, for this issue, what could be worse. It’s something even Bush couldn’t achieve. I’m more concerned about what’s happening now, not what might happen in the future. My state will go Democratic, so if I vote for my conscience by going Green, it will only matter to me.

    • Ida,
      I know how heavy your heart is and how futile this all seems, but as long as we fight, and never give up…there’s a chance. This has happened before and the wolves were recovering. One of my favorite, most meaningful sayings is: Evil will flourish if good men do nothing.

  25. I am so sad.

  26. http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/29391749.html

    I don’t know if these laws have been changed or not, and it’s likely the case in other states too. At this point in time they didn’t even do criminal background checks. :(

  27. Enough is enough,this needs to stop and stop NOW.

  28. Shame on Wyoming!

  29. would someone please tell me everything i can do to help? how do i know who voted against the wolves so i can write to each of them personally? i will write to everyone concerned. that’s one thing i do best. i wish i could be out there in person purposely foiling everyone’s attempts at this ignorant, senseless, mass murder. i would get in everyone’s way and warn the wolves if i could. my heart is crying out for my 4-legged family members. they need our voices and our presence. we must stop them from carrying out these despicable plans.

    • Ann, I did many posts on the vote last year. I’ll put the link u on the right hand side of the blog so you can so who voted how. To make it easy for you all the US Democrats voted to delist wolves except Leahey, Levin and Wyden. So if none of none of those three are not your Senators then your Senator voted to delist wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  30. Advocates:
    Can you help me with some data for a project?

    Please report about your state’s regs on ‘abuse’ tags with the sources name or initials, and agency:

    a) Are trappers/stranglers/poisoning tag bearers checked for previous convictions of domestic violence, DUI, meth or other drug use, or child abuse before being issued a tag?

    b) POISON:
    In your state what are the qualifications to use poison in the woods? trapping tag? What poisons are allowed? How long are they viable in the air? Does it contaminate water sources? Are the poison sacks numbered or identified in any way? Is the tag owner
    required to collect them after season? How is this removal tracked?
    In your state what are the qualifications to use traps in the woods? trapping tag? What traps are allowed? How are they identified to the owner? Is the tag owner
    required to collect them after season? How is this removal tracked?
    In your state what are the qualifications to use traps in the woods? trapping tag? What traps are allowed? How are they identified to the owner? Is the tag owner
    required to collect them after season? How is this removal tracked?

    c) Are there other qualifications to getting an ‘abuse’ tag?
    Is a tag issued for all three forms of killing or for specific killing techniques singly?

    d) What are the stats of non-targeted injured or killed dogs, cattle, goats, other livestock from
    each of these forms of killing?
    e) What are the # human injuries or deaths from snares or traps?
    f) What are the reasons a tag may be refused or resended from a
    tag owner?

    Thanks Hugely if you can help with the state data. I ll share the product when it is finished. If I missed an important question. Do fill it in. Appreciated.

    Bless the Wolves, foxes, lynx, coyotes, racoons, badgers, wolverines all furred and feathered creatures, humans with heart.
    Save us all from the human monsters.

    • roger, if you message me your mailing address, i will send you a hunting rules and regs book from maine. anything to help my beloved wolves. please keep me informed of your findings.



    For those advocates wanting to know and release details of finance around wolf $laughters, costs for aerial hires, agents names, airports, where the dead wolves were dispatched, which were collared (for treachery), copy of photodocumentation, where financial gain from wolf tags was dispersed, who gave contributions to agencies for secret initiatives, and OTHER hidden agenda items in the war against wolves.

    Activate, my friends. Tears make wolf-haters laugh.

  32. Please speak out for Washington’s wolves!

    On Friday Oct. 5 th the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will receive an update on state wolf conservation and management activities. The briefing is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. Public testimony regarding wolves will be accepted after the briefing. The briefing and public comment period is scheduled to end at 5 pm.
    See http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/meetings/2012/10/agenda_oct0612.html

    The meeting will be held in Room 172 of the Natural Resources Building, 1111 Washington St. S.E. in Olympia.

    This is the procedure for giving public testimony:


    If you cannot attend, written comments can be submitted to:


  34. Anyone watching Steven Spielberg’s[sp.?] Into The West? Nothing’s changed. Just kill everything that gets in the way.

  35. I just can’t believe the state of Wyoming can justify the slaughter of wolves. The free range cattle industry does not produce enough meat to justify the destruction of public lands by grazing on them. What few cattle are killed by predators is insignificant. Morons, just to many of them, aught to do some culling there.

  36. Vote with your tourism dollars. (see, Wyoming Outdoor Council for beneficial economic effects of wolves). Stay our of Wyoming. Go to other mountain states. Of 277 wolves (USWS), 83 are dead (Howling For Justice). Of 21 breeding pairs, are they in the 83 dead?

    Vote with your dollars .

    • Right on David. I’ve advocated for boycotting Yellowstone..it would send a message that not just America but the world is sickened by the persecution, torture and killing of wolves..the sad fact is most people will go anyway, ignoring that their tourist dollars actually support the demise of the very animals they purport to love. I know it’s a hard thing to do since Yellowstone is one of the few places people can view wild wolves in their natural environment but make no mistake these wolves are very habituated to people, making them easy marks for the killers that lurk outside the park waiting to pick them off one by one.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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