Wyoming’s “Dead-Wolves-Walking”…

Canyon Pack wolf, Yellowstone National Park (Mark Wheeler)

Two wolves were killed on the first day of Wyoming’s trophy hunt, taking place outside of Yellowstone National Park, which opened October 1.  God only knows what wolves are suffering in the rest of the shoot-on-sight Cowboy state. Are they being poisoned, trapped, snared, set on fire, run over? The answer is shrouded in evil darkness.  There is very little oversight concerning the “dead-wolves-walking”. Their deaths aren’t required to be reported to the state for ten days and who in the hell is going to enforce that when no license is required and anyone can kill a wolf in the “predator zone”.

The wolf killing comes at a time when Yellowstone wolves numbers are dropping, hit hard by disease, mange being one of the main culprits. Sarcoptic mange was introduced into the wolf population in the early 1900’a by the state of Montana, to decimate wolves and more than a hundred years later it’s still plaguing park wolves.

 Holding a trophy hunt outside of Yellowstone to kill 52 wolves,  while blowing wolves away in 80 percent of the state is sick. The wolves are habituated due to a constant human presence, so I’m sure they will be easy pickings,   Trophy hunting is sheer blood lust, killing for the fun of it.

“For hunters, hunting is fun. Recreation is play. Hunting is recreation. Hunters kill for play, for entertainment. They kill for the thrill of it, to make an animal “theirs”. (The Gandhian doctrine of non-possesion has never been a big hit with hunters.) The animal becomes the property of the hunter by its death. Alive, the beast belongs only to itself. This is unacceptable to the hunter”….Joy Williams

People come from all over the world to view Yellowstone wolves, Wolf tourism generates over 35 million dollars in the GYA,  If you were planning a trip to Wyoming, call their tourism department and let them know you won’t be setting foot in the state due to the wolf massacre.

According to an article in the Powell Tribune there is little chance environmental groups will be able to stop the “predator zone” killing until after the first of year:

“Although two environmental groups intend to sue over the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to delist wolves in Wyoming, it is unlikely they will stop wolf hunting in Wyoming, at least this year. Both Earthjustice and WildEarth Guardians sent intent-to-sue notices last month.

Even so, a local official said he believes environmental groups pushing for wolf re-listing in Wyoming don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

They must wait 60 days after notification before they can file the lawsuit in federal court. At this time, Earthjustice’s clients have not asked the firm to file a preliminary injunction to discontinue hunting in Wyoming, said Jenny Harbine, an Earthjustice attorney.

Earthjustice represents Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity, Harbine said.

Chances are any legal action would not halt wolf hunting this year, but after the end of the year, the suits could stop the shoot-on-sight policy in the predator zone, Harbine said.  

The Endangered Species Act requires a species to be biologically recovered and have adequate protections in place before delisting to ensure it is not driven to the brink of extinction, Harbine said.

“We believe Wyoming’s wolf management scheme is insignificant to protect the Wyoming wolf population from excessive human mortality,” Harbine said.

In both the trophy and predator zones, ranchers now can kill wolves they believe are threatening their livestock or domestic animals. It appears a loophole in state statute would allow those ranchers to put out bait to attract wolves, and that could lead to the killing of a significant number of wolves, Harbine said.”

How many wolves do you think the killers can destroy from now until 2013?


Wyoming Travel & Tourism

Office of Tourism Director Diane Shober


1520 Etchepare Circle
Cheyenne, WY 82007

TEL: 307-777-7777
FAX: 307-777-2877
E-MAIL: info@visitwyo.gov
TOLL FREE: 800-225-5996


Wolf hunt begins

Written by Gib Mathers

October 2, 2012

Wyoming’s first regulated wolf hunt started Monday, and challenges from environmental groups are not expected to stop it this year.

Two gray wolves had reportedly been killed in Wyoming’s trophy zones as of late Monday afternoon. One was killed in the Sunlight area, and the other in the Pacific Creek area, said Eric Keszler, a Game and Fish spokesman in Cheyenne.

Wyoming’s first regulated wolf hunt started Monday, and challenges from environmental groups are not expected to stop it this year.

Two gray wolves had reportedly been killed in Wyoming’s trophy zones as of late Monday afternoon. One was killed in the Sunlight area, and the other in the Pacific Creek area, said Eric Keszler, a Game and Fish spokesman in Cheyenne.

By Friday, 2,236 wolf licenses had been sold in Wyoming, all but 53 of them to state residents.

With 562 licenses purchased, “Park County was still No. 1,” said Keszler.

Hunting will be allowed from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 in the northwest corner of the state, except in area 12, which is a seasonal trophy game management area in northern Lincoln and Sublette counties from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31.

Wyoming has a total quota of 52 wolves across all 12 trophy game hunt areas.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced last month it would entrust Wyoming with managing wolf numbers. The service has endorsed Wyoming’s wolf-management plan, which allows for wolves to be shot on sight in most of the state, while keeping them permanently protected in designated areas such as Yellowstone National Park.

Gov. Matt Mead has called the hunt “scientifically sound.”

Although two environmental groups intend to sue over the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to delist wolves in Wyoming, it is unlikely they will stop wolf hunting in Wyoming, at least this year. Both Earthjustice and WildEarth Guardians sent intent-to-sue notices last month.

Even so, a local official said he believes environmental groups pushing for wolf re-listing in Wyoming don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

They must wait 60 days after notification before they can file the lawsuit in federal court. At this time, Earthjustice’s clients have not asked the firm to file a preliminary injunction to discontinue hunting in Wyoming, said Jenny Harbine, an Earthjustice attorney.

Earthjustice represents Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity, Harbine said.

Chances are any legal action would not halt wolf hunting this year, but after the end of the year, the suits could stop the shoot-on-sight policy in the predator zone, Harbine said.

The Endangered Species Act requires a species to be biologically recovered and have adequate protections in place before delisting to ensure it is not driven to the brink of extinction, Harbine said.

“We believe Wyoming’s wolf management scheme is insignificant to protect the Wyoming wolf population from excessive human mortality,” Harbine said.

READ MORE: http://www.powelltribune.com/news/item/10179-wolf-hunt-begins


Yellowstone Wolves Hit by Disease

Live Science

Megan Gannon, News Editor
Date: 10 September 2012 Time: 11:23 AM ET
Less than two decades after wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, viral diseases like mange threaten the stability of the new population.

Humans had killed off gray wolves in the region by the 1930s, but in 1995, U.S. wildlife officials tried to restore the native population by bringing 31 wolves captured from Canada into the national park.

The new wolf community initially expanded rapidly, climbing to more than 170 at its peak. But researchers from Penn State University say that the most recent data show the number of animals has dipped below 100.


Top Photo: Courtesy Mike Wheeler

Bottom Photo: Courtesy LA Times

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  1. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i am saddened by this – man is destroying more and more of our wildlife until soon there will be nothing left, including us.

    • Only one good thing–maybe the planet can repair itself when we’re gone!

  3. I wonder how they can enforce any kind of hunt reporting, never mind a 10-day rule. They are asking people with no honor to behave honorably, many of whom have prior felony convictions and can still get hunting licenses. Convicted felons are not supposed to be able to have guns with prior felony convictions, but we all know they can get them, plus they can use other weapons. They make up the ranks of the poachers who are loaded with weapons. They will get their 52 animals in WY long before the suit will be file, plus many more unaccounted for I am afraid. Who is monitoring the population? Totally disgusting. But I guess it takes the focus off the real problems this country is facing, which is what a scapegoat is designed to do. Turn their feelings of anger, inadequacy and frustration or just plain psychopathy out on animals who can’t speak or fight back.

    • Ida, thank you for writing so well about the awful people arrayed our innocent, defenseless and beautiful wolves. The heartless scapegoating and criminal persecution of wolves in 2012, based on the lies and hatred of a wicked minority who are unwilling to open their hearts and minds to the actual truth about these amazing beings is the clearest indication that our country worships violence and aggression. Respect, reverence and protection of America’s ecology and native wildlife, is a priority of a democratic majority of Americans. It is not a priority of America’s ruling class, nor of the mentally disturbed liars and losers who are doing the actual killing. When we re-establish protections for wolves, we must never again let those protections be taken away.

  4. So the states got their way what is our government going to do about this ? The numbers will drop below limits,then we could put them on the endangred species list hopefully !

    • There may be permanent damage done to their genetic diversity (the wolves, I mean.) :)

  5. sent the following to Wyoming -thanks for suggestion

    We had a marvellous holiday in California the year before last and had hoped to come to Wyoming and Yellowstone next year-In Scotland we have eradicated our wolves- now we have to cull red deer which come down from the Highlands to eat cattle fodder crops. The absence of wolves here made their presence in Wyoming a draw. Now because of you slaughter policy we shall go somewhere else- and will advise other Scots to do the same.


  6. This is horrible…….will not be back to Wyoming until this stops. Or Montana. They’re just as bad!

  7. BOYCOTT WYOMING!!! I will never step foot in Wyoming, a place that allows men with guns or however else they choose to make these majestic wolves suffer before dying. You call this sport??? Wolves don’t have guns or traps or poision to lure stupid hunters to their deaths… Wolves kill to survive, feed their young, not for sport!!! You people that feel the need to kill everything that’s beautiful in the wild make me sick! We are suppose to be guardians of this earth… STOP THIS MADNESS!!!! :((

  8. “Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals’ suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote. –Paul Harvey”

    • Any they can’t write big campaign checks!

  9. These anti-wolf nutjobs are ruining my trips. I’ve cancelled three different journeys to Wyoming, Montana, and Washington (which I was planing to do some back country snowboarding.) the “kill first ask questions later” is narrowing my options of where to travel and who to by food from. I just hope that Oregon does not start their own murder derby.

  10. 35 cattle taken by wolves out of 1,300,000 cattle in the entire state of Wyoming, in all of 2011. Asshole ranchers were fully compensated for these miniscule losses. These statistics are from criminal pervert Ken Salazar’s US Fish & Wildlife Service. Tens of thousands of Wyoming cattle killed in 2011 by disease, weather, birth complications and from eating poison plants. Zero compensation for these big losses. Predation by wolves is so low it is statistically invisible, in all states. Those who persecute, torture and slaughter wolves are liars, criminals and mentally disturbed perverts. I hope life long misfortune and ill health follow these killers to hell.

    • Robert, do you happen to have a current link(s) to the statistics you mention here re supposed wolf depredation vs total numbers of cattle? I’d really like to be able to use it as I write my emails and letters of protest.
      Definitely, we must address the dept’s of tourism as well as the legislators since they both share a common interest.

      • Gail, This is public information, just google: US Fish and Wildlife Service wolf depridation statistics. These stats are directly from USFWS. If that doesn’t get you there let me know and I will provide the exact web address. Salazar and Obama have these stats, from their own agencies, but could care less. Just like the national media, that could care less until we all make them care. Bastards, every single one.

      • Robert, I couldn’t have said it better myself. A total media blackout on television, they wouldn’t want Obama to look bad, he’s touted as the environmental president, what a laugh.

        There are a few articles here and there in the MSM but on television, the only one covering this is Jane Velez-Mitchell, bless her.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Gail, Wyoming Wildlife Services killed 36 wolves for 35 cattle depredations in it’s tit for tat “wolf control/slaugher”. They are talking away our right to view these animals in the natural habitat. I could be out hiking right now looking for wolves, instead I’m blogging about dead wolves. How sad is that?

        Gray Wolf Recovery Status Report

        From: Mike Jimenez, NRM Wolf Management & Science Coordinator, Jackson, WY
        Subject: Status of Gray Wolf Management in Wyoming and the NRM – March 16, 2012


        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. I guess I just keep repeating myself because there is so little left to say about these massacres. I note that when a bad call was made in a football game there were 70,000 calls of complaint to the National Football League. Where are the calls for the wolves? Just those from a few of us who care. There were over one million tweets for the referee’s mistake in that ball game. Where are the one million tweets for the wolves? Shows you where the country’s priorities are and why Ken Salazar, the Federal Wildlife Service, and the NRA are winning.

    In the meantime I keep up the e-mails and calls but also support wolves in good sanctuaries. They may not be in the wild, but at least they are safe from the sadistic hunters’ bullets, traps, snares, and arrows.

    • I note that when a bad call was made in a football game there were 70,000 calls of complaint to the National Football League. Where are the calls for the wolves?

      If it isn’t nekked, brewed, throwing a ball or able to be shot, they’re not interested! If only women ruled the world – except for the ones that think they have to emulate men’s worst qualities, like trophy hunting.

      • A terrific point Ida!! While wolves wolves are dying, Nero (the American people) is fiddling.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Have been thinking of this a lot lately…trappers hunters and large animal farmers are insured and also paid. They are also worth something of value to some company for life insurance…wolves happen to be part of what we call ‘The Earth’?, and live by pack laws, governing and feeding and all without being paid or rewarded, now one dead animal ‘so what’ you may say…’not worth thinking about’, some may say, but i may know about a billion people who think they are worth keeping alive…a wolf and its pack are mourned, truly and deeply mourned…a people dies and its pack is like ‘what i get’ or ‘anything for me?’ what value Is is what is perceived by few and dismissed as ‘Oh well’… Humans are worh money alive or dead, so saus big money, a wolf, natural born earthling species, no voice, no choice, victim of the dominant species and forgotten like great grandpa…the point I guess is maybe greedy people need to implode….

  13. Perhaps more effective would be to do research and find out where the larger ranchers sell their meat products and do direct action at stores, high end restaurants, distributors and such such as your hoity toity high end free range beef has been made possible by the destruction of the natural environment and the extinction of wolves. The industry is out there poisoning the land to kill coyotes and other nuisance species, trapping out fox and weasels, and then having to destroy the resultant pests that explode from not being controlled by natural predation. The poisonings kill off the hawks and eagles and owls and other scavangers as well. So welcome to your plate of free range beef and your lamb wool sweater and your lamb chop it contains the death of the entire western eco-system. Tip the waiter an extra percent and feel swell as you drive home in your gigantic pickup truck or SUV! So who buys the beef and where does it go? Who buys the sheep wool and what companies market the clothing?

    • Excellent, Todd. Very smart. Can you start this and make it happen? We have to start by publishing and widely circulating, to the public, to restaurants, to restaurant associations, to all who can boycott these creeps. Every single name and address of each rancher pervert who is responsible for demonizing and killing wolves, by pushing Wildlife Services or a state agency to kill and which we all are paying for. For too many creeps in the US, it’s all about money and power, so let’s hurt them where they will feel it. Until they either get the message and change or go out of business. Let’s get theses bastards.

    • Todd, another way the cattle industry dupes the public with the green light from government. The cattle might be free range but most go to the feed lots for “finishing” before slaughter. This is where the antibiotics, growth hormones, etc come in. And then humans ingest the same. All they have to do is slap a “natural” label on the meat and voila! – no more guilt!
      A simple thing like “truth in labeling”….what audacity they have to veil this from the general public.

  14. Nabeki I just called the tourism office. The girl was nervous and said they “weren’t involved in policy”… If Everyone just gives a call?

    • Have a phone number handy? I’ll pass it along to a few traveling friends who make a yearly trek out west.
      Too….how can we get greater numbers of people who tend to flock to the west for vacations? I was thinking RV clubs or something similar. Having a problem locating THE BIG ONE – an “umbrella” site, if you will – that most RV campers would access.

      • Gail and all:
        Here is the direct phone line for the Wyoming state Office of Tourism director Diane Shober: 1-307-777-2808,
        Shober’s work email is: diane.shober@wyo.gov
        When a ton of us called and emailed her in July, her staff was quite a group of hostile a-holes. Shober did not respond to emails.
        The Gov’s office are more polite a-holes.

      • Thanks LoneWolfRising..I’ll add it to the Tourism phone numbers in the post.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Gail…the boycott could have a HUGE impact on Wyoming’s economy. Wolves bring in 35 million every year to the GYA.

        They want to slaughter America’s wolves, then we can vote with our feet and stay away from that bloody state. Same goes for Idaho and Montana.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • And also call Wyoming Gov. Mead’s office at: 1-307-777-7434. It is not a waste of time for his staff to hear from many, many decent Americans from all over the country. Also, here is the White House comment line: 1-202-456-1111. Be patient, a live staffer will come to the phone. They do keep track of how many callers call in on various issues. It’s election time. I told the staffer how outraged and deeply hurt I am that Obama, a Democrat?!, is so awful and so extremely unethical when it comes to America’s innocent and ecologically vital wolves. I told her that as a lifelong Democrat, I will never vote for Obama (who appointed Salazar the devil) or any other wolf killer and will be sitting out this election, voting for no one. Call both of these offices and defend America’s wolves. Defending wolves everywhere is not a waste of time. Do it.

  15. On October 1, 2012, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead joined with other heartless, cowardly, undemocratic and unethical state government “leaders” in persecuting and massacreing America’s innocent, ecologically vital and beautiful wolves. Gov. Mead and the other perverted wolf demonizers in Wyoming are eager to kill wolf pups, to set out poison and snares, and to gas wolf families in their dens, for no reason other than primitive hatred and “tradition”. This is the American government’s wildlife policy in 2012. Humane and decent citizens of America and the world: Tell Gov. Mead (his updated email address and phone number are listed below) that we are watching and will fight this vile injustice and the completely unacceptable medieval hatred towards America’s wolves and other native wildlife!

    Hi there wolf friend,
    Thank you to both the new and old signers of the Protect America’s Wolves! petition: http://signon.org/sign/protect-americas-wolves

    We are heading to 6,000 signers from around the US and the world. Please circulate this email which includes the above petition link, to everyone you know who respects and loves wolves and wildlife.

    As we all know, ACTION speaks louder than simply signing a petition, so read on for what YOU CAN DO NOW to defend and protect America’s wolves.

    First, here’s some facts to get you up to speed on the truth:

    The State of Wyoming filed a hideous proposal with the US Department of Interior, to join the wolf demonizers and killers of Idaho and Montana, and slaughter the innocent wolves of Wyoming. Of course, this violent scheme was approved by America’s wolf-hating Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, a Colorado rancher, who was unfortunately appointed by President Obama. Yes, Democratic politicians are full partners with Republican politicians, in America’s latest wolf persecution and slaughter.

    And here’s some facts about Wyoming, the Rockies and wolves:
    Wyoming is HUGE! It is almost 98,000 square miles, which is larger than England, Ireland and Denmark combined. Wyoming is almost as big as the six New England states, plus New Jersey and West Virginia combined.

    In this truly massive state, there are fewer than 350 beautiful and amazing wolves. Too many cattle ranchers and sport killers just can’t stop demonizing and lying about them.

    Wyoming has approximately 1,300,000 cows and calves. The state has barely 500,000 human residents. In 2011, Ken Salazar’s US Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed a mere 35 cattle losses attributed to wolves.That’s the total for the entire state! 35 cattle out of 1,300,000. Period. These revealing statistics are similar in the nearby states of Idaho and Montana. Tens of thousands of cattle die every year due to weather, disease, birth complications and from eating poison plants, for which ranchers receive zero compensation. Depridation by wolves is insignificant. Not only that, but ranchers are fully compensated for the few confirmed losses by wolves, including some they lie about. Get it? This is not about truth and justice, it’s simply about “control”and a perverse desire by heartless and violent American wildlife haters to kill, to kill innocent wolves for no reason other than “tradition.” How pathetic that this mindless violence and disrespect for the continent’s native wildlife is still served by state and federal officials in 2012.

    Regarding elk that are hunted for food and sport, the state of Wyoming’s own wildlife division reports that there are more elk (too many!) in Wyoming today than existed BEFORE wolves returned to the state. Elk can be more challenging to hunt as they are now more wary with wolves back on the land where they belong, but the elk are healthier and more numerous with wolves in Wyoming. And similarly, according to each state’s own wildlife division statistics in Idaho and Montana, elk are more numerous, with wolves roaming free in those states, too! Again, wolf demonization and persecution is not about truth and justice, it’s about “control” and “tradition” for these 19th century American wolf killers.

    For this ACTION, this is what YOU can do to defend the innocent, ecologically vital and beautiful wolves of Wyoming:
    1. Call and email Wyoming Governor Matt Mead.
    Phone: 1-307-777-7434.
    Email: http://governor.wy.gov/contactus/Pages/default.aspx

    2. Call and email President Obama at the White House.
    Phone: 1-202-456-1111
    Email: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

    The United States keeps telling itself what a great nation it is. It will not be a truly great nation until the perverse and violent American “tradition” of demonizing, persecuting and slaughtering the continent’s native wolves and other native wildlife is finally and permanently stopped. It’s long overdue that our supposed leaders hear and act upon the humane, respectful and wildlife-loving majority opinion that has evolved in the hearts and minds of decent Americans. We are demanding that America finally and permanently respect and protect the continent’s ecologically vital, innocent and beautiful wolves throughout the Rockies and throughout all of America. We demand respect and protection of all the continent’s native wildlife. In a matter that is intimately related, we want this country to finally atone for the violence and persecution that was also directed against the continent’s native people. A major step towards that inescapable atonement is to finally stop the mass killing and unacceptable violence still directed against the continent’s native wildlife, including our amazing and beautiful wolves.

    Stay Tuned. More Actions Are coming.

    Thank you, for each and every wolf in Wyoming and throughout America,
    Robert Goldman
    Protect America’s Wolves! campaign

    • Excellent Robert!!

      I have a relisting petition up on the blog but I’d like to put yours up as well!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, To be honest, you have mentioned a couple of times that you were going to post a link to my Protect America’s Wolves! petition on your blog. I believe this is the third time… Whatever you do, I still support your efforts wholeheartedly because you are a true fighter for America’s wolves.

      • Ooooops Robert, so sorry for my lapse. DONE!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • I agree, just excellent!

      • Thanks, Ida.
        Bob :-)

  16. Here is another god damn state I won’t be going to. When are people going to start getting a clue? Never. I’ve seen & heard these kind of folks & they are hell bent on killing anything they can get their grubby little scoop on. Especially wolves. My heart goes out to ALL the wolves & creatures of Mother Earth – they ALL need protection.
    Nabecki I hope you are doing well my friend.

    • Sandra…I’m in a constant state of mourning and grief BUT there is still hope. We’ve been working on a project behind the scenes.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. Sorry bout the “c” in your name opps.

  18. Trust me Nabeki..These people are trashed..they are worthless to this planet..I’ve been arguing with a hater in FB for three days, and mark this, until now I really had not realized how stubborn, obstinate and stupid they really are..This guy has a wolf hating FB page and I started flooding it with mean comments until I got the owner to talk to me…The results, astounding.. he admitted several times that he was glad wolves were being killed and. that he was also glad that most of the time we couldn’t do anything about it, he appeared to defend the cull as if they were heroes exterminating the minions of an evil enemy!!! And it troubles me that there are such a lot of twisted people like that… If I was to go to WY, trust me I would earn quite of a reputation..Since Monday it has been excruciating for me..just as when Limpy passed away prematurely..It has been difficult to concentrate on High School..Plz let us somehow halt this for good…I always try that my school presentations are about this and it really shocks people to find out the horrors that are allowed there..Thanks for the post by the way…

  19. since there’s a trophy hunt i saddly think that little can be done- i really want someone to show me that i’m wrong-. Is there something we can do to stop this or change it or are we just forced to watch as more and more wolves get killed?????????????

    • Rina.

      There’s a trophy hunt right outside Yellowstone with 52 wolves slated for death, then a “predator zone” in 80 percent of the state where wolves can be killed 24/7, no license, any means of killing.

      What you can do is write to Wyoming’s tourism department and let them know you will boycott Yellowstone and Wyoming. That you will spread the word to your friends and family not to visit the state. You can also write to Governor Dan Mead and President Obama, although I think your pleas will fall on deaf ears. Boycotting the state will make them pay financially, especially because Yellowstone wolf tourism brings in so much money to the GYA. The environmental groups are going to sue but not before many wolves will die. It’s a true tragedy.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. killers

  21. I am reposting the information for the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission Meeting as they have changed the location.

    Please speak out for Washington’s wolves!

    On Friday Oct. 5 th the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will receive an update on state wolf conservation and management activities. The briefing is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. Public testimony regarding wolves will be accepted after the briefing. The briefing and public comment period is scheduled to end at 5 pm.

    See http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/meetings/2012/ . TVW will televise the meeting via webcast at http://www.tvw.org/ .

    The meeting will be held in Columbia Room of the State Legislative Building at 614 Sid Snyder Ave. S.W. in Olympia. .

    This is the procedure for giving public testimony:


    If you cannot attend, written comments can be submitted to:

  22. Thanks so much Nabeki….LoneWolf….Robert…for the information that I requested and you followed up on. I will definitely act on these tomorrow (1 a.m. here).
    Just wanted to mention to Daniel, please – don’t waste your time arguing with the low-life wilf killers. Part of their strategy is to anger us and they love nothing more than to see their efforts come to fruition. IGNORE their comments and don’t fall prey to their taunts. I do believe in perusing their websites on occasion (when I can stand it) because they practically spell out for us many of the fears they have of any threats to their killing pleasure, thereby making it just a little easier to oppose the bills they are fighting and to contact the legislators they name along with contact info. USE the idiots…just don’t burn out trying to fight with them. Save your energy for things more worthwhile.

    • Terrific advice Gail. You won’t see them on this site and believe me they try. There is no point in talking to them, most don’t even live in the Northern Rockies or anywhere near a wolf and just enjoy taunting wolf advocates. Total waste of time except to occasionally read hunting boards to find out what they’re up to.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. Just to give you a heads up WA, the cattle ranchers are flying in from all over to support the wolf slaughter. Just had a meeting here in Sacramento with our Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. If you want to stop the slaughter of the wolves, get off your asses and make it to the meeting on Friday. I can’t believe how many people talk about supporting the wolves but were too lazy to make it to our meeting. But it was no problem for the cattle ranchers. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD IN PERSON AND NOT JUST FB.

    • Hey Sue. You’re right, our side has to SHOW UP!

    • The NRA probably paid for their plane tickets :(

      I noticed that the meeting begins in Olympia TODAY 10/5. They sure didn’t give folks too much time to plan, did they! By design, do you think?

  24. Watched the debate tonight.The Pres. lost this one. He may need every vote he can get his hands on. Call the White House – no relisting the wolves -no vote.

    • Bobette…Obama won’t reverse himself on this, it was all done to preserve the Dems precious Senate majority by allowing Tester to pander to the wolf haters.The irony is he’s probably going to lose his Senate seat to Rehberg anyway.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  25. a great short article about wolves:

    Second Look: A Grandfather’s Wisdom


  26. I agree all this wolf killing has to stop. If it doesn’t,wolves will go extinct and they’ll never come back,causing a big problem in forest ecosystems. On a slightly unrelated note, people should leave animals alone. I once saw this guy,and he shot a vulture because it was eating the trash he set outside for the garbage truck. The bird died, but I was steaming at his action! I would’ve scared the bird away and put the trash in something other than the bag alone. It’s trash,the only reason he sat it at was so he could rid of it, so why should he care if something else was getting rid of it?

    Always see things through the other’s eyes I always say.

    • Yes, Gina, and not a bad idea to check in on those wolf-hunter websites once in a while….as an info-gathering “expedition”. Last one I looked at was recommending that hunters could lace meat with XYLITOL to bait the animals which sickens and often kills canines (not sure about other species). Does their depraved creativity have no end??

  27. I am from Illinois on a vacation out west. I follow Howling for Justice and do what I can. We were plan on visiting Wyoming. Now I know we won’t. I have sent an email to the Wyoming Office of Tourism telling them this and explaining why.
    Vicky D.

    • Thanks, Vicky. We’ll see if the collective mental illness driving the perverted wolf demonizers and killers in Wyoming and elsewhere in the US and Canada, can be tamed by hitting them harder and harder in their wallets. These disturbed people have been so extremely delusional and such pathetic liars about wolves for so long, their hideous cruelty and blood lust may take awhile to tame, but we will succeed. And the wolves will return in healthy numbers, this time to stay. We must get stronger and stronger in fighting for every wolf and never stop educating, advocating and fighting until we get the job done for them, finally.

    Have been asked to participate in a tele conference with Earthjustice at noon…today…10/5!
    I have a few questions, but still a newbie more or less.
    Any questions you can recommend from your “seasoned” perspectives re wolves? I have a little over an hour to prepare for this.
    thanks for any help.

  29. Hi Everyone, I mistakenly lost or misplaced your email… the wolf in your living room. If I am sending this to the right place, could you please send it to me again. Thanks, and best regards, Larry.

  30. I live in NW WY where wolves are being hunted as we write. The western side of the Park, Jackson, has a much more vocal pro-wolf contingency. They have been complaining that a hunt, as well as a flex zone (where wolves are hunted as Trophy game, then after Feb. will revert to Predator status), is terrible for their tourism industry. When the plan was being crafted, no one listened to them anyways.

    Yet on the eastern entrance to the Park–Cody–Park County has sold more wolf licenses than any other county in WY.

    Calling and emailing the State’s bureau of tourism is a great idea, but I would also suggest targeting specific hotels at the various entrances to the Park. This hits these towns exactly at the spot they depend on–tourism money. No one goes to Laramie as a tourist, but they sure do go to Cody or Jackson. And Cody is the worst as far as anti-wolf sentiment. But please call or email some of the fancier newer hotels in the town and/or businesses like The Irma and let them know how you feel. Tell them that you were going to go to their hotel, book a room for a week, but because of this hunt you will not visit the park from Cody. When businesses start to complain to the county commissioners, they might listen.

    One other thing: Most of these vocal wolf-haters have never seen a wolf, heard a howl, nor even seen a wolf track. They have no idea what they are talking about and are just blowing off steam, many of them having moved here from the east coast and want to ‘fit in’. I even spoke with a man from upstate NY in YNP this summer who told me the wolves have decimated the elk herds here. I had to correct him. Apparently he learned all his knowledge from the RMEF! I guess these people can read even if they can’t think.

    • Leslie, Thanks very much for your excellent post and your very focused suggestions for action. Since you know the hotels we should contact, please list the specific hotels in Cody and in other towns, the town where each hotel is located and each hotel’s phone number. If you do that, a bunch of us will call them. And will circulate this info to lots of other wolf friends.

      • Good post, Leslie….and great suggestion from Robert re sharing contact info. This is something we should at least make an attempt to do each time. Even I find myself agreeing on a particular strategy and, because it will mean taking time to research addresses, email addys, and phone numbers, etc., I tend to put things on the back burner. Sometimes I never get back to them as new “projects” just seem to keep coming in quickly.
        I had a thought (which I may have posted here…not certain) about contacting RV people. Was trying to find an “umbrella” group, the go-to organization for RV campers, but have not been successful so far.
        I DID write to the WY tourism office diane.schober@wyo.gov to say that I was planning a trip to WY with a “convoy” of RVrs but we would be by-passing WY next summer due to the wolf slaughter. Here is the reply I rec’d…just FYI:

        >>>Thank you for your email regarding the wolf management plan in Wyoming. I appreciate your concern but regret that you have chosen to bypass Wyoming for your upcoming vacation.
        The role of the Wyoming Office of Tourism is to promote tourism in the state of Wyoming and to provide assistance and information to our visitors. Current federal laws and wolf management plans are beyond the control of this office. Wolf watching is an exciting part of the visitor experience and is available through several national park programs.
        The Wyoming Game and Fish does update information on wolf management. I invite you to visit their website at http://gf.state.wy.us for up to date information.

        It is unfortunate that a select law has drastically impacted your travel decisions. Perhaps in the future you will reconsider. I wish you the best in your vacation endeavors.


      • You guys are doing such a brave and difficult job. from england – thank you.
        We all strive for peace of mind but when aware of these horrendous acts perpetuated by some low life humans we are denied – like the wolves – any peace.

      • Thank you, Chris. For dedicated and true wolf defenders it is at times mentally and emotionally debilitating to deal with the senseless violence and cruel persecution being perpetrated against so many innocent and beautiful wolves. They are all innocent beings. The US remains a violent and aggressive country, with many disturbed, ignorant and cruel people, with guns and other tools of death. Wolves are suffering greatly again in the twisted United States. The pain and suffering of each wolf, of each pup, at the hands of wicked liars and disturbed hateful people, echoes through our souls. We need help from across the US and from across the world as we fight to protect every wolf, once and for all, forever.

  31. Here’s a good link http://www.google.com/hotelfinder/?sdp=true&gl=US#search;l=Cody,+Wyoming;q=hotels+in+cody+wy;d=2012-10-21;n=1;si=79e20947

    I recommend calling some of the new higher priced hotels like The Cody, Holiday Inn, The Irma (a breakfast hotbed of local wolf haters), Best Western Premier Ivy (most expensive and newest hotel in town), AmericInn, Beartooth Inn.

    Today’s local headlines are ‘Lodging full, spending soft'; “east gate enjoyed increased traffic of about 8% from the previous summer”.

    Let them know why people come to this area (we are also fighting oil/gas developments around the basin too). Also call our local Chamber of Commerce (307) 587-2777. I think that would be more effective than the state’s tourist bureau.

    You might be interested in my blog post today. I just found out that a yearling I’ve seen on and off through the year was shot this week. http://thehumanfootprint.wordpress.com/

  32. “Oh those stupid wolves eating our sheep!
    “Oh those stupid humans, ruining our lives, taking our only prey, killing our only mothers, stealing our dens, shooting at us for just standing or drinking water, poluting our air and water, and they blame US for being evil… I don’t think so!!!

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