Lay Down Sweet Wolf….


Lay down sweet wolf, you are released from your pain

Your killers dance on your corpse but will never possess your spirit,  for they are empty vessels with black hearts

Because they cannot outwit you they use the cowards way to lure you with traps and distress calls

We will not forget the pain and suffering they’ve caused you and your family

Your life will not go unremembered or unheralded

You are loved by millions who continue to fight for your right to  live in peace, wild and free

Our hearts are heavy but there is a brighter day coming for you

Sleep now sweet wolf, you are beyond your pain, they can’t touch you now, you rest in the arms of angels



November 21, 2012

I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an Earth warrior.  ~Darryl Cherney, quoted in Smithsonian, April 1990


Photo: Romeo Sweet Romeo, Courtesy John Hyde

Video: YouTube, It’s in our nature

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Tags: love of wolves, for the fallen, a brighter day, sleep now, black hearts, empty vessels, devoid of empathy, Romeo, Montana wolves, Idaho wolves, Minnesota wolves, Wisconsin wolves, Wyoming wolves

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  1. Good Evening, Darling.[?][?][?][?]

    my tears falling now, cause of these Gorgeous Ones.

    Sorry, Darling. [?][?][?] [?][?][?] Wishing You my very Best. [?][?][?][?][?][?] Yours, bzzzzzzzzz

  2. My tears also fall…Please, let us keep trying.It is so very difficult in the face of such cruelty.But let’s not give up now..Please all wolf warriors..Keep going..and keep the faith!As in any abusive relationship,we must have to courage to speak up, to go those who are willing to help,those who know the real story . to those we can trust.. One has to remember that perpetrators are, for the most part victims themselves..not an excuse for their behavior but helps in understanding their behavior..full of fear and hurt,inflicting it on anything deemed lass comes to no good in the end..but waitign til it reaches that point can be avoided.we must stand strong ,lift our voices ,show up in numbers…there is Hope….

  3. i do not know any of u. that is fighting to keep wolfs alive. i will live with love in my heart thank u all for saving these pretty animals.

  4. They are a terriable breed these so called hunters, and I guess full of hatred for animals,can’t say anymore.One more thing, their are many cruel acts against animals today,seems their is more hatred today against animals than ever before, I maybe wrong,but it seems that way.r

    • Richie, I agree with you. But I attribute some of the animal abuses to the media. When a story or video reaches the eyes and ears of someone with the propensity, I believe it whets their appetite to go out and commit the same or similar. That may be why we see more today than in the past.

  5. Beautifully written. Eventually I may stop crying.

  6. Lovely.

    • I believe that animals have souls too and that the spirits of the wolves are free and safe and beyond the hatred and pain they suffered on this earth.

  7. Nabeki-I live in Whitefish, MT. I know you must be aware of the 7 collared YNP wolves that have been shot in MT and WY. Can you, with your considerable following of fellow wolf supporters, encourage people to step up the pace of calls to MT FWP expressing outrage and asking for a buffer around both YNP and GNP. Also, there is a “we the people”petition for relisting, if goal is reached a response from the WH comes. If you would consider circulating it amongst your readers, it would help get the signatures coming in faster. Here is the link if you choose to circulate it. Thank you for all you do!!

    • Hi, I would like to Thank You for sharing this,I signed.

      • You’re very welcome Joan and thank you for signing.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Thanks for sharing the petitition. Signed and will share.

  8. Thank You Nabeki for your lovely words ..

  9. So beautiful and brought tears to my eyes….something that happens quite often lately as I watch our beautiful wolves fall, one by one. I am a peaceful person but the hatred I have for these cowards has changed me. Loved ones and friends have noticed the change. I am quick tempered and easily frustrated. I feel helpless and that is not a good feeling. I will keep fighting as long as I have to. I just hope the hatred does not overcome me.

  10. Gorgeous. But it is truly a sin what is happening.

  11. Prays for the all of the wolves over there. And keep fights and get Relist them again before too late. I love Romeo’s great legendary .. He was very sweet with the dogs.. and walked with some neighbors in Juneau, Alaska. Romeo was Blessed!

  12. “If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane. . I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again” “We have doomed the Wolf not for what it is,but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be-the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer-which is,in reality,no more than a reflected image of ourself.”.By Farley Mowat,Never Cry Wolf these were shared to me by Let the Wolves Run Free. all the Beautiful Fallen Wolves,We will keep fighting for you

    • Thank you Joan for sharing that beautiful sentiment. All our hearts are breaking.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Tears are falling they come so easy anymore all this has taken its toll not only on the wolves who we fight so despartly to save but on us humans who love and want to see them living free and from all subhumans who want to take their lives. May they all rest in peace and somehow know we will always fight for them Love and peace to all humans and animals. Blessed Be

  14. I’ve known Romeo’s story for a long time. I sit here with tears in my eyes at the beauty of ‘Lay Down Sweet Wolf’. The horrors that are being done to these beautiful creatures must be Stopped!!!!!!! These cruel MONSTERS must be STOPPED and PUNISHED!!!!

  15. Such beautiful words. How I wish, with all my being, that they didn’t have to be written. My soul aches at the murder of each and every wolf, and yet I find the fire of anger growing stronger by the day. Thank you, Nabeki, for your passion and your willingness to share it with us. We must stay constant – for the wolves!

  16. “Do not get tired of doing what is good. Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.” Galatians 6:9




  20. Will do so April. Thank-you Nabeki. I’m touched. Paul Harvey the radio commenter was a wolf advocate and about 8 yrs. ago reported a similar situation as the video. I don’t remember where this happened but a man got out of his car to walk for help and was lost. A female wolf laid on him until he was found, alive.

  21. This letter will go out to the Senators and Reps on Nabeki’s list. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nabecki for giving me the tools to help stop this horror and to get in touch with other compassionate people It is very difficult to bear.

    Dear Honorable Senator Boxer:
    We are fans of your statesmanship and are proud every time we hear you talk. But you did something to pass the 2008 Budget that has had dire consequences for our wildlife.
    My family, friends, husband and I will never get over how you threw the Endangered Species Act under the bus in an underhanded, possibly illegal way by voting for a Rider to the 2010 Federal Budget to delist wolves who have been and still are our American endangered wildlife. We can’t tell you how disappointed we are that you did not stand up for our wildlife. What creature will you give them next? We have spent millions of tax dollars trying to help this species survive from the depredation of 200 years of slaughter. Biologists learned so much from this iconic species about the balance of life, how they improve elk and deer herds to how they improve stream sides because the elk keep moving instead of browsing trees, some around rivers, increase the bird population which reduces the insect populations. It was becoming a far reaching study until most of them were slaughtered with poison, traps, guns, you name it. State control has resulted in a war on wolves. It is devastating their populations. Now these animals who have family packs and deep feelings for each other are dying brutal deaths by the hundreds. You have weakened the Endangered Species Act, the single most compassionate, animal welfare forward thinking Acts ever established. This was something to be proud of, a concrete act for which we could protect endangered species.
    Our conclusion is that all species are endangered now if they interfere with the desires of corporate-America and the cattle ranchers. The Wildlife Services works for them, trapping and poisoning millions of small animals and large predators a year. They don’t care what most Americans want. That’s why we are writing to you to relist our wolves. Please. Cattle ranchers use our public lands for a pittance. Wildlife Services makes sure their cows are safe. They should protect their own product, not use our public services. And the land leased to them should be stopped. They control the whole area. So what is left for hikers, skiers, wildlife watchers, campers. It is outrageous that they have so much power and it has resulted in years of wildlife carnage. WILDLIFE IS NOT GARBAGE to be poisoned and trapped and shot for recreation. How dare everyone hide it in the Budget and use it as a negotiating point. You didn’t have to vote for it. Many did not!
    You are not my Senator and probably won’t pay any attention to this letter. We write it from the heart. Two of these people are from California. Handing wildlife management back to the States has become a blood bath for the wolves. There has never been a fatal attack that we know of in the US of a human. They are afraid of us and for good reason.
    Please, please, we urge you to relist the wolves!

    Very sincerely

    Nancy M. Shinn, George E. Shinn Frank Cassianna, Ellen Cassiana, Jean Ivey, Dian Courtwright, Linda and Chris Luz, Betty Means, Deann Shaw Anna Crosby, Mr. Michael O’Donnell

    • Great letter. Hope everyone writes, signs petitions, speaks up.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Excellent letter, you covered it all. It makes me sick to think Democrats like Boxer and Feinstein signed onto that rider to get Tester re-elected and guess what? It worked? He was re-elected and they hold onto their precious Senate Majority but thousands of wolves are dead because of it. Almost five this year alone and it’s still November. they are faux environmentalists.

      Thank you for your passion and care for the wolves. I’m sure they would thank you if they could!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Nancy, you Rock! Excellent wrote… Senate Boxer voted oppose the Sportmen’s Act… What a wonderful!

  22. Beautiful poem. I also wrote my own wolf poem (I’m pretty sure I posted on here once), and I plan on reading it to my class as part of my final (it’s for my speech class; we have to give an oral presentation).

    Romeo, oh Romeo, what a beautiful wolf he is! So sad that his life was cut short by a hunter! May he and all of his fallen kin rest in peace.

    • I think I posted my poem here before (under a different username), but I’ll post it here just in case I didn’t:

      Why us?
      What have we ever done?
      To deserve the fear, the hatred,
      the blaming…the killing?

      We are only trying to survive.
      To feed our packs.
      To protect the pups.
      To enjoy each other’s company.
      Is that wrong?

      Why blame and kill us?
      In response to livestock loss
      And to less successful elk hunts?
      Is it because we are easy to blame?
      Is it because we are easier to get rid of
      than bad weather or disease?
      Or is it just plain fear and hatred?

      Why fear us?
      Why hate us?
      We don’t want to harm you.
      We only want to survive.
      We’d avoid you if we could,
      but your kind is encroaching onto our habitat.
      It is hard to avoid you;
      but we try.
      If we see you, we run away.
      And we’re not as likely to attack
      as a bear, a cougar, or a dog.

      Yet you hate us more than any other predator.
      You attempted to exterminate wolves
      with more determination and hatred
      than with any other predator.
      You shot us.
      You poisoned us.
      You even tortured us at times.

      But not all hope is lost.
      Your kind has brought us back
      from the brink of extinction.
      You’ve restored us to our home
      in the Rocky Mountains.
      Why destroy that hard effort,
      And kill us off again?
      It just doesn’t make sense,
      to bring something back,
      only to destroy it again.

      It is time for peace,
      between wolves and humans.
      Us wolves are ready.
      But are you?
      Some humans are, but many are not.
      They want to kill us off,
      just like they did years ago.
      Peace cannot be created if the fear,
      the hatred,
      the blaming,
      and the killing continue.

      Please protect us.
      Don’t kill us off again.
      We look forward to the day
      where wolves and humans
      will finally live in harmony.
      With no more fear, hatred, blaming…or killing.

      I hope you like it!

      “Romeo, oh Romeo, what a beautiful wolf he is! So sad that his life was cut short by a hunter! May he and all of his fallen kin rest in peace.” <– I just realized that this could be a poem too – albeit a very short one. Rest in Peace, Romeo.

      • Thank you for sharing your beautiful and moving poem with us Sonoran-Loba!! I think about Romeo all the time, he was such an innocent and lived for nine years romping on Mendenhall Hall Glacier with all his dog and human friends. His life meant so much to the people of Juno and across Alaska and around the world. It was cut short by uncaring, unfeeling poachers with no respect for the natural world. He will be sorely missed along with Limpy and the thousands of wolves who’ve been sacrificed on the altar of blood lust.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Heartfelt and lovely. Thank you for sharing with us.

      • Thank you Gail. It was written one night when I was doing the “dead wolf counts”.. So much sorrow.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, Gail,

        I’m so glad to see that you two enjoy my poem! I’m not very good at poetry so to see some appreciation for my poem is very nice, especially since I wrote it from my heart. I read it to my one class last week and they said that I did a good job. I’m really hoping that it made them aware of what’s happening to our wolves.

        Ah, Romeo…I miss him soo much! I’ve actually been to the Mendenhall Glacier once while he was alive but I did not see him. I also went there last year, but sadly that was after his tragic death, so I’ll never get a chance to see him.

      • Keep writing, Sonoran-Loba! Your beautiful spirit shine through.your words.

  23. My dearest Sis Nabeki, this is so beautiful. Thank you for all that you do for the wolves. I am ALWAYS at your side. With much love, Louise

    • Thank you Louise, I wrote it through tears one night after doing the “dead wolf hunt” count.

      Your friendship means a great deal to me, you have such a beautiful soul. With much affection and love.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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