Wisconsin Knee Deep In Wolf Blood….

gray wolf dnr wi.gov

When I was a kid I loved Wisconsin. We spent our summers there in a rustic cabin by a deep blue lake. I spent hours laying on the pier watching tadpoles develop on lazy summer afternoons.  I loved to see their little legs springing to life,  turning them into frogs. There were snapping turtles on the beach, bullfrogs, the lake was teeming with fish. The little sunnys and perch would shelter under the pier during the hottest parts of the day. I remember tracing my fingers through the water thinking about nothing but the warmth of the sun and blue sky overhead, wonderful days.  I tracked muskrats through the marshes near the cabin, built forts with my friends, spent time at a dairy farm down the road, drinking fresh milk, straight from the cow. We spent hours sitting in an ancient apple tree, chatting about the day, At night the cows would trek home from the field, the lead cow wore a bell and all the other cows would line in behind her as she led them home. That’s when dairy cows spent their days grazing on lush pasture not holed up in dark, dank factory farms. In the winter we’d ice skate on the lake, making sure not to get too close to the reeds and cattails where the ice was thin. Those were precious memories from my youth, now tainted by the wolf slaughter. Wisconsin has become a  killing field for gray wolves.  I no longer love it and the images of my youth have been ruined forever.  I only think of  Wisconsin now when I read the latest evil done to the wolves, who are being systematically destroyed in my childhood playground.

In the states second wolf hunting season 251 wolves have been targeted for death.  They are knee-deep in wolf blood in Wisconsin, 193 wolves have been wiped out since the hunt began. They’re aiming for a total of 251 dead wolves and it looks like they’re going to get there pretty darn quick. An average of 11 wolves are being killed every day since the hunt began on October 15, a mere 22 days ago.

The only upside to this horror is the dog/wolf hunt probably won’t happen this year, as they race toward their murderous ” 251 dead wolf quota”. By the time it’s legal to hunt wolves with dogs, on December 2,  the “wolf blood lust season” will be closed/ maybe? There’s an appeal waiting  to be decided, only the court can stop this “dog/on/wolf”

“When a pack of dogs pursues a wolf … a wolf will turn and fight and kill if necessary to protect its territory. And there you have a state-sanctioned bloody dog fight right here on our public land.”…..Opposing Views

And I thought the Northern Rockies were brutal but they’re downright vicious in Wisconsin.


Fast Kill Rate In Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Could Mean No Dogs Will Be Used

By Phyllis M Daugherty, Mon, November 04, 2013



Wisconsin wolf hunting on a brisk pace

By Dave Orrick


Photo: Wisconsin DNR

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  1. That doesn’t count the hunters that don’t report their kill. More than 251 will be slaughtered. Do you really believe the wolf hunters will be responsible enough to stop at 251?

    • Do you really believe the wolf hunters will be responsible enough to stop at 251?

      Absolutely not Sue…I’m just using the official quota. SSS is alive and well in all the wolf killing states.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • And there is the rub. Blindly the authorities give credit for intelligence to these “hunters”…sure they’ll stop at 251. They can broadcast that they’ve reached the limit on every media outlet they want but all one has to say is ‘gosh, I didn’t know’. It’s the same as claiming ‘I thought it was a coyote’ or ‘I felt my life was in danger’…the two excuses that justify killing wolves out-of-season or anytime for that matter. I agree that it is, in some small way, good that the quota will be reached before the legalized dog-fighting begins but will that stop any of these morons from sending most of their ‘prized’ dogs into suicidal situations?

  2. The memories from your childhood sounded absolutely wonderful, but then the slaughter of the wolves wipes does ruin the reputation of Wisconsin. I would not like to go to Wisconsin knowing that there are so many murders on the loose.


    • Yes Fred…unfortunately those few are running the state.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. N – will you kindly give us the details on how many wolves there are in Wisconsin and the details of the hunting season – like number of tags per hunter, allowing bait, traps, snares? Thanks.

    • Resist…Looks like the DNR is estimating 774 to 838 for 2012 but I’d deduct a couple hundred from that number because I’m sure they use hunter counts as well as fly overs to estimate. As for the other info. Permits are issued by lottery, over 2500 this year were given out. No snares, only cable restraints and those just at certain times. One license for trapping and hunting and it can be used anywhere in the state. One wolf per hunter. Don’t know about baiting. Use of dogs to hunt wolves, starts Dec.2 and runs through the end of the hunt/Feb 28, 2014…which I hope the appeals court puts an end to. It doesn’t look like it will happen this year because they’re killing about 11 wolves a day on average…so they’ll reach that 251 quota way before Dec.2. The whole thing makes me absolutely sick.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • The whole thing makes me sick and angry. With all the states that are hunting wolves right now the existance of wolves in the wild are in peril right now, and as long as the Ranchers and Farmers deem the wolves more of a threat to their livestock than what is really happenig.As long as the Federal Government allows the Ranchers and Farmers use Public land for their livestock to graze the wolf will be hunted.These Ranchers and Farmers own livestock have over grazed their own land and depend on the free Public lands to have them graze there.What lives in these Public lands? Wolves Bison ( they’re next to get hunted) cyotes,fox a number of animals,but it’s the wolf that has to be killed at ant cost. You can call your Govenor’s an voice a protest and if enough people protest,( and pray)change will happen.Get informed and find out the lies attached to the slaughter of the Wolves.

        For all wolves and the two white sister Timber Wolves, I pray for an awakening on the horrorible slaughter of our majestic Wolves.
        Karen Huven

  5. It is sad that your beautiful memories have been tainted by the hate toward wolves which has caused so many to be destroyed. Taking life away for sport, for fun, for the ego of those with low self esteem, for whatever reason is just a sin. We are ashamed of you WisconSIN.

    • So well put Rob. It makes me incredibly sad and angry to think the state has been hijacked by these neanderthals.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. I’ll never set foot in these place either – I’m avidly watching what Michigan will do, because I’d love to visit the UP. It’s comforting to know that some of our forefathers had the good sense up there to create places (and consulted with Aldo Leopold and other prominent biologists, no less!) designed to keep the riff-raff out – forever! And they care about good security on its borders. I hope they will remain safe havens for our wildlife.

    There’s a book I’m wanted to read (if I can stomach it) by Jon called Vicious: Wolves and Men in North America by Jon T. Coleman, which promises to show just how ugly human nature can be.

    • Ida, I have that book and it’s a tough one to get through. Very, very disturbing but I felt I had to read it for the wolves. They’ve suffered the tortures of the damned.

      On a lighter note, Gordon Haber’s book is out called Among Wolves. Remember he was the noted Alaskan wolf biologist who dedicated his life to wolves and more specifically the wolves of Denali. His small plane crashed while he was tracking wolves in 2009. What an ally the wolves lost!!

      Among Wolves: Gordon Haber’s Insights into Alaska’s Most Misunderstood Animal
      by Gordon Haber (Author) , Marybeth Holleman


      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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  8. Your description of your childhood reveries in nature was beautiful. I’m sure the love of nature you developed in childhood makes you care so passionately now about the survival of wolves – animals who should be left alone to thrive not slaughtered for human titillation.

    • Thank you Harvey, I think my days in Wisconsin did help to shape my love of nature. It’s such an incredibly beautiful state, what a shame. I’ll never visit there again.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Wisconsin, the eyes of the world are on you, those responsible for this slaughter will be seen for what they are murderers of defenseless animals but those who could stop it and choose to do nothing, are even more cowardly and must shoulder full blame for what is happening there.

    • And to think Jennifer..it’s just a handful of people in the state who are running this show, that’s how well connected they are. But the fight is far from over. We’ll battle this until we win it for the wolves.


  10. I’ve come to realize that the same type of heinous blood thirsty adrenalin craving serial animal killers that are in China are right here in America, some in my own neighborhood! Our wildlife in America is in serious trouble. We must continue to denegrade and shame the actions of all hunters and fight endlessly to change the mentality of the young population, we must stop this culture in its tracks before our wildlife is gone forever. Actually, Wisconscin needs antihunting people like us – go there! where your shirts with slogans and drive around town with our cool bumper stickers! Stand up for the wolves in the place they are dying!

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  13. Why can’t these inhumane slaughterers find something more constructive to do with their time and money? Makes me sick.



  14. Nabeki-

    It’s so sickening, what is the one group you would support financially.?

    I just want to support the powerful interests on our side~

    Again, my thoughts always run toward the idea of, getting video

    of a wolf in a leg hold on air during a very popular show,

    ( season finale) etc. all the dog lovers would be screaming and

    echoing the thoughts of the others commenting here,

    Mainly, we will NEVER visit the states that are allowing these hunts!!!

    That is the only way to stop it. Cost the states more money than the

    special interests are donating to allow the hunt!!!

    Only then will we see a swift end to this blood lust.

    Again, our thanks to you for pushing the fight forward!!

  15. I can’t believe how quickly Wisconsin’s wolves are falling to bullets and traps this year! It’s disturbing!

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  17. I agree regarding Wisconsin. The state has always been highly unethical in there hunting practices. They bait everything including deer. The bear hounders have already had numbers of dogs killed by wolves. I hear most of the bear in Wisconsin die by a gun. The stats are alarming.
    I don’t understand what happened to the support wolves had been receiveing from Ducks Unlimited. They understand that wolves curb the populations of the small animals that eat duck eggs. They have been awful quiet these days.
    Its true that these butchers have no soul. We are fighting hard for our wolves in Minnesota. We face the opposition on opening day in Ely on Saturday. Wish us God Speed.
    Loving this animal and fighting for them come hand in hand. We are winning this fight because the Wolf has never had so many friends. The public is getting educated. I can see the winds changing.
    Keep fighting. You my friend are a great Wolf Warrior.Someday I hope to shake your hand. People like you and those who follow you give me hope for our wolves.

  18. Thanks to all who understand the depths of agony we are experiencing in WI, those of us who love wolves & other predators. I grew up in MN and have a remote off-grid cabin btwn Beaver Bay & Ely – my neighbors there are wolves, moose, bear, deer, beaver. . .And now, alas, I live in WI. And dear God, I cannot believe the rampant killing. I’ve heard the WI wolf slaughter will likely end early due to so many more killers using traps this year (I’ve read 86% of all wolves killed this year were trapped). I despise this reality & cannot believe anyone actually commits such heinous torture in this day & age. http://www.wiwildlifeethic.org is a very activist-oriented group trying to build a base of people who want to protect WI wildlife. I think it is important to support this group, even if you are not in WI, because what happens here will most certainly set an example for the rest of the Midwest. I’m sickened that my state of residence is recognized as such a blood-thirsty place. I struggle with how to keep my energetic vibration from being dragged down by all the violence. Please know there ARE some of us here in WI who want to fight the lies of the DNR and work for actual protection & conservation for wolves & other wildlife.

  19. What people need to do is get more vocal and get involved in their local and state politics ,and not get intimidated by the bullying .In these maddening times, when each
    state is clamoring of it’s State’s rights It is prudent to be watchful of one’s own State upcoming sessions and what Bill’s that are on the plate.
    Governor Scott Walker, sooner or later , will be up for re-election .I would be wanting to find out about the ones who might be campaigning against him .
    I live in a state that doesn’t have wolves, and, one on the whole just gets those token/or prewritten or a letter for all occasions thanking you bla bla. Never give up. Wolves, coyotes, bears, and cougars need our help .For the wild ones, and for the wild places.

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