Action Alert: Comment NOW On USFWS Bogus Push For National Wolf Delisting!

Photo by Scott Flaherty

Update:  February 25, 2014

Have you commented yet? I’m going to keep this post up for a while to remind everyone!

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February 22, 2014

I can’t say this enough, we must stop USFWS from delisting wolves nationally, it will be the final nail in their coffin.  Please act now and voice your disdain over the political  “not based on the best available science” campaign the service is waging against America’s wolves.

“This month, following a brief hiatus, arguments have reignited with the release of an independent review paper from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California-Santa Barbara. It finds that the delisting proposal is not, in fact, based on the “best available science.”

The review vindicates critics who say the Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to de-list the wolves prematurely, finding “problematic conclusions” in the proposal that treat contentious genetic and ecological theories as fact.

The review got at least one big result: the Fish and Wildlife Service responded by reopening its proposal to public comment. You now have until March 27 to weigh in on wolves’ future. (Last year the proposal attracted more than 30,000 comments, ranging from passionate personal pleas to analytical legal responses.) The Fish and Wildlife Service has indicated it will make a final determination on the proposal by the end of the year….Slate

(Actually there are over a million comments concerning the proposal, not 30,000. Click on image to enlarge)

Comments on national wolf delisting 1 jpg

American gray wolves are barely hanging on, hunted in six states, they need you and every wolf and wildlife advocate to speak for them RIGHT NOW!!

In August 2013 the New York Times stated: “the Fish and Wildlife Service prematurely proposed to end federal protection for gray wolves in the lower 48 states in the belief that wolves had fully recovered from near eradication in the early 20th century. This was politics masquerading as science.”

“I think probably over the decades at least a few of us were lulled into this sense of acceptance, that everything was getting better and that people now understood the importance of predators like wolves,” Don Barry said. But the debate over the delisting proposals has been a reminder of the residual anger towards wolves in the rural West, where influential ranchers have long fought wolves for depredating livestock. “Merge that in with the whole Tea Party fervor against government, and what you end up with in the state legislatures is this race to the bottom to see who can be more anti-wolf. The biology of the thing gets thrown right out the window.”….Slate

I agree with everything stated in the above paragraph except  “influential ranchers have long fought wolves for depredating livestock”. It’s not about wolf depredation on livestock, ranchers lose tens of thousands of cows and sheep every year to non-predation. “In 2009, sheep producers reported losing 56,000 animals for reasons other than predators, such as disease and weather.”

The wolf predation  argument is a red herring and one I wish wildlife advocates would stop repeating. The war against wolves has nothing to do with predation. Wolves are scapegoats for anti-government sentiment that dominates the Northern Rockies and to some extent the Great Lakes region.

For example, in 2005  Montana ranchers lost a total of  63,000 cattle to non-predation, which includes respiratory problems, mastitis, lameness/injury, other diseases, weather, poisoning and theft. 10,200 calves died due to  weather alone in the state that year.  In 2010 Montana ranchers lost 74,800 cows to non-predation with just 87 wolf related losses and I wouldn’t trust even those small numbers since they have to be confirmed by Wildlife Services and you know that agency is no friend to the wolf. To add insult to injury ranchers are actually compensated for tiny wolf livestock losses and they’re still complaining.  All the hype surrounding wolf predation is just that, HYPE. It’s used to divert attention away from the real issue, which is the undue influence ranchers, hunters and anti-government forces have on wolf recovery in the lower forty-eight. Their voices are the only voices listened to and most want wolves eradicated from the continental US AGAIN! We cannot allow wolf hating groups to dictate wolf recovery, no matter how much USFWS trys to accommodate them by pushing to nationally delist wolves with questionable science.

So please, drop whatever you’re doing and comment before the USFWS  midnight deadline on March 27, 2014.

Do it for truth, do it for what’s right, do it for the wolves before it’s too late!

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!docketDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073


Wolves May Be Losing a Nasty Political Battle

Feb. 21 2014 1:48 PM
By Lance Richardson

USFWS Using Jedi Mind Tricks In Place Of Science

September 10, 2013

Confused you are?  Worried you are?

Is Yoda working for USFWS, have they hired him to play Jedi mind tricks on us? Don’t they know we’ve all seen Star Wars?

Does USFWS believe Yoda can hypnotize us? We’re not “weak-minded fools” falling for the BS they routinely dish out about wolves!

We’re on to you USFWS and your wolf hating friends in high places. You’d like nothing better than to see wolves gone from the lower 48 as you plan to remove the grizzly bear’s protections. C’mon, stop pretending your wolf delisting nonsense is based on science.  Isn’t your real goal a predator free landscape for Agribusiness?


Photos: USFWS, Regulationsdotgov

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  1. Reblogged this on Girl for Animal Liberation.

  2. I love the line ‘a race to the bottom’. It sure looks that way!

    • Yes, and I have been in this fight a long time. Looking back to the first delisting in 2009, things seem tame compared to the present.

      For the wolves, please comment everyone,

  3. Comment submitted.

    • Excellent natureinverse. Let’s keep em coming. Please share this post with as many as possible, the wolves are counting on us.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. How much proof does USFWS need to prove that wolves should not be delisted? What we have is political management of a species, particularly in MT-WY-ID-WI. Wyoming has them classified as varmints in most of the state. Montana’s new rules allow ranchers to shoot any wolf they see as “threatening”, which means any wolf they see, and proposes to have year around trapping. Idaho is having wolf and coyote contests for cash and has hired a hunter to kill a couple of packs deep in a wilderness area arguing that it is in defense of elk herds. The Governor of ID wants to set aside 2 million dollars to drive down the wolf population to marginal, delisting levels. Wisconsin is using dogs. MT-WY-ID-WI are obviously marginalizing this apex predator which is not good ecology for trophic cascade of effects; with hunters (sports killing) and ranchers and these state wildlife agencies having unhealthy effects on ecology. We are rapidly getting back to the 1800’s in wolf massacring states. Wolf management–they do not generally need management, should be out of the states’ hands. The states mentioned are way too hostile, and controlled by historic hostile elements. They are promoting two myths despite contrary evidence: Wolves do not kill too many elk and their impact on cattle is less than 0.002%. These states are run by rancher and hunter folklore, myths and lies and their ilk in the state wildlife agencies and legislatures, with so far the only exception being OR and somewhat WA. OR is the model wolf management state, allowing the killing of only chronic offenders, not general wolf killing, and requiring that nonlethal management be in place and tried. The throwback (1800’s) wolf massacre states are mismanaging wolves. If the states, particularly the ones mentioned, were forced to live with wolves for a number years and focus on nonlethal management, per the Oregon model, they might get use to the idea and wolves would have a chance, but not at the present time.

    • Good summary Roger. That would make a great comment in support of wolves on Apparently the site is down right now, the link isn’t working but it should be up soon. They seem to constantly be doing maintenance on the site…hmmmm. It’s not to keep people from commenting on the wolf delisting? They would never pull that kind of prank would they?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. I cannot imagine how or why any thought is being given to the delisting of Gray Wolves in the lower 48 states. The scientific data accurately proves that wolves are NOT even close to adequate recovery in the few areas where they have been reintroduced. Not only is delisting them a poor idea in these areas, we have many more potential areas for wolf habitats to be be established. Let them continue to live and grow in numbers until they are established, firmly, in our country once again.

    The idea that certain states are “better able” to manage their own wolf populations has failed! In Iowa alone, the hatred, uninformed decisions, and simple ignorance regarding wolf recovery should prove beyond ANY doubt that there is a critical need for federal protection. The Endangered Species Act is needed for the protection of wolves and that protection needs to be extended for a long time. We are not close to reasonable wolf population recovery numbers yet, as the scientific data shows clearly. Protection must continue.

  6. hatred, and not science, is the only thing fueling the desire to delist wolves everywhere! ranchers loose only a minimal number of livestock to wolf predation (and they get paid for the loss!). the natural prey of wolves is fluctuating in numbers due to many issues that do NOT necessarily include wolf predation. wolf haters try to show horrific pictures and tell horrific stories of wolf kills and to that I say “no predator, including man, is going to go up to prey and ask nicely that they lay down and die”. nature is not always pretty! and of course, the young (even unborn young) is much more of a draw to any predator. but the carcass of the mother (even if she lives for a while) will go to feed other animals.

  7. I have been fighting for wolves for as long as i can recall. I have donated, door knocked, carried pickets, made phone calls, signed petition after petition after petition and this nightmare is far from over. Why are people so ignorant and unable to see the truth of this matter. We are losing our most amazing predator..once they are gone they will never return. Considering them a ‘varmit’ just proves how very ignorant these wolf hunting monsters are. EVERYONE KNOWS that a full grown elk is at no risk of being hunted by a pack of wolves. They take on the easiest prey…the weak, the sick, the old and infirm…they help keep our game animal populations strong and healthy by weeding out the weak…OH god, I can’t think of anything else to do to help save my wolf brothers and sisters aside from grabbing my gun and going to stay with them…but there are too many of them to protect by myself. I NEED HELP…PLEASE …EVERYONE..STOP READING ABOUT THIS AND PICK UP A PEN AND WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESS MEN AND WOMAN. PIck up your phone and call them, go visit your neighbors and plan an attack on these ignorant people trying to decimate our wolf population…ignorance is what is going to kill our wolves…IGNORANCE and apathy…DO SOMETHING…ANYTHING JUST DO IT!!

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  10. When will they realize that wolves are a necessary part of nature? Why is it so difficult to understand? Please watch this video: We as a species are the ones that are invasive and destructive…NOT wolves. Please, please, please do NOT delist the wolf!! And, while you’re at it, BAN open hunting on wolves!

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  13. In respect to the grand scope of this beautiful continent…it is worth a few ungulate sacrifices!

  14. The gray wolf is the epitome of the wild spirit. It embodiment of liberty and freedom, which this country was based on. It should be sacred to North America for that reason. Stop letting politics get in the way of doing what is right. If the wolves need to be managed, then do so humanely. Stop the delisting of this beautiful wild animal.

  15. Wolf hunts are wrong especially when they are allowed to happen because of lying politicians. Shortly after removing Michigan’s gray wolves from the endangered list the “wonderful” politicos decided it was time to hunt them. Why because one politician lied about wolves being near a daycare. After the hunt 23 wolves were dead and most of them were taken from an island in the middle of Lake Michigan. DNR called it a successful hunt. Farmer’s in the U.P. steadily kill wolves because the farmer was stupid enough to raise a captive and readily available food source for the wolves to hunt. Now who is in the wrong there? The predator for taking the easy target or the infiltrating farmer for moving into wolf territory and setting up a killing field? Here’s a clue farmers, if you don’t want wolves hunting your farms don’t put a food source in the wolves territory. Not a hard thing to figure out. Many people know that the farmers are illegally hunting these wolves so that makes them just as guilty and just as much a criminal as the ones shooting the wolves. It is a disgrace. The politician is still in office by the way.

  16. Tweeted.

  17. I don’t understand this big outbreak of killing, what’s the reason, A good reason! They have none. What has gotten into mans head to destroy Mother Nautre. Do not delist the wolf, this crazyness has to stop. Man will go too far one day, and make themselves extinct.

  18. Submitted my comments both by letter and electronically. Here’s hoping that the USFWS abandons its unscientific plan to delist gray wolves nationwide!

    • Excellent WildlifeWarrioress!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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