Montana’s Wolf Killing Season Is Over

One hour after sunset today Montana’s wolf killing season will be over, thank goodness.  

The hunt is ending two weeks earlier than expected.  The quota of dead wolves has almost been reached.  The hunt was shut down today because as of Sunday 72 wolves had been killed, not counting the 3 poached wolves in the North Fork.  May this be the last wolf hunt we’ll see in Montana, after Judge Molloy rules on the pending litigation.

We’re  all so much better off now that Yellowstone’s Cottonwood pack  alphas and their daughter, the five wolves in the North Fork, three of them poached are dead along with the rest of the wolves that lost their lives to the Montana hunt, for no other reason except an intolerance of another species by some people.  Yes, the world is a much better place without those wolves.  Now there will be enough elk to hunt until the end of time ….”shrugs sarcastically”

Meanwhile Idaho is considering whether to extend their December 31st wolf kill deadline. Already two Idaho wolf kill zones extend to March 31st, smack dab through wolf mating season. The Sawtooth and Lolo zones are located in north-central Idaho, they each have a seven month wolf hunting season.  I guess Idaho Fish and Game wants to make sure they waste all 220 wolves in the quota. 104 wolves have been gunned down in Idaho since the hunts began on September 1, 2009.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons 

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