Don’t Forget To Comment On The Increased Wolf Hunt Quotas…Deadline June 14

Please don’t forget to comment on the terrible increase of wolf hunt quotas, by the Montana FWP commissioners. The deadline is June 14.

Just to refresh, Montana is going after wolves with a vengeance.

Wildlife Services is killing entire packs for agribusiness and Montana FWP wants to double to almost triple the wolf hunt quota from the current 75 to between 153 and 216, for the 2010 wolf hunt season. PLEASE TELL THEM NO TO INCREASING WOLF HUNT QUOTAS.  This is a war on wolves, make no mistake about that.

Please CLICK HERE to read the post I did on the in the increased wolf hunt quotas and the hearings that were held throughout Montana last Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

CLICK HERE to post your comments to Montana FWP commissioners. Please tell them NO to any increase in the wolf hunt quotas, that wolves on the landscape are a good thing for the state. Ask them to stop “managing” wolves for hunters and ranchers.

Please use the articles and post below I’ve provided as talking points to explain the ecological benefits of having wolves on the landscape, when you compose your comments.

Apparently the commissioners want comments that explain in detail why we need wolves and why they shouldn’t raise the hunt quotas. I know it’s hard to believe we have to explain to these people why wolves are important, when they should already know the answers.

One other point, please remind the commissioners that you may not be a hunter or rancher but the state of Montana should be representing all its citizens not just two small vocal minorities.

Tell them every wolf they kill reduces the chance for wildlife watchers to view them in the wild. We have just as much right to view wildlife alive as hunters want to kill our wildlife. 

If you are out-of-state remind the commissioners you may not want to visit Montana and spend tourist dollars here if they continue to carry out such brutal practices against wolves by reducing their population to mere shadows on the landscape. 

Tell them this was not the purpose of ESA, to start slaughtering wolves almost immediately after they were delisted. Inform them Minnesota has 3500 wolves, in a smaller state with more people and a very large deer herd. Wolves haven’t decimated the ungulates there. Why does Montana feel they need to reduce the population of wolves in this way when Minnesota has vowed if their wolves were ever delisted they would hold a FIVE YEAR MORATORIUM on any wolf hunt, or no wolf hunt.

Yellowstone wolves bring in millions of dollars to the GYA (Greater Yellowstone Area), much more than hunting does for that area. The commissioners should be thinking of tapping into eco-tourism dollars that wolves generate, instead of trying to eliminate them for ranchers and hunters.




Conserving Wildlife and Boosting Local Economies

Many people have written to me saying they are taking their tourist dollars elsewhere because of the way gray wolves are treated in Montana.

The West needs more, not fewer, wolves

Guest column by GEORGE WUERTHNER | Posted: Monday, June 7, 2010 7:49 am


Tracking science: Biologist’s findings show forest diversity, health influenced by wolves


Wolves ARE The True Lords Of Nature


The Odd Couple….Wolves And Pronghorn Antelope


Giving the Livestock Industry a License to Kill

Gunning for Wolves in Idaho


*(this article has lots of good information on the ecological benefits of wolves)


Please vote NO in the Bozeman Chronicle poll on the wolf hunt quotas. CLICK HERE to vote. HOWLS!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Photos: Wolf wallpaper

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