URGENT: Calling All Montanans!! Show Your Support For Wolves TODAY, May 10th, Montana FWP Helena Meeting….


May 10, 2012

FWP Wild Center –
2668 Broadwater – Helena, MT
Times May Vary As Much As One Hour – Earlier or Later
Officially starts @ 9:45am but times vary so be there early.
09:45 AM ~ ~ Wildlife Bureau   

…Ken McDonald, Bureau Chief

§ Master List of Changes     View Cover Sheet 

       § 2012 / 2013 Wolf Seasons, Quotas and HD Boundaries – Proposed     View Cover Sheet 
       § Wolf Proposals – Statewide     View Cover Sheet 

By Jerry Black

Trying to keep a job, cost of living on the rise, educating and menoring kids, feeding a family, with commitments like these, you wonder what kind of  “slime ball” spends time and money  setting traplines  for the thrill of slowly killing and tearing the skins off animals.  Studies have linked cruelty to other species as a precursor to violence against humans. Must we accept the risk that a trapper is raising kids who will grow up to be a danger to our families? Exposing children to animal cruelty as a “sport” and a means to have “fun”, can have a profound effect on their psyche and childhood.  It defies common sense.

Below is a quote from one of the “creeps” I’m speaking about.

““We trappers do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one. “Dennis “Foothold” Schutz, Vice-President West of the Montana Trappers Association (MTA)

This statement was made by Schutz two years ago in a letter to the Missoulian newspaper.  He openly admits the brutality associated with trapping.

How can Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks even contemplate legalizing this immoral, insane method of killing our wolves? What would you think if a neighbor child did something as cruel as trapping or snaring a dog or cat?

If you want to speak out about this madness and demand  MFWP use “best available science” to manage wolves, attend the May 10th hearing.  Let the Commissioners know that wolves and all wildlife in Montana belong to EVERYONE, not just hunters and ranchers.

Visit Footloose Montana for more information and “talking points”.



Proposed new rules for Montana FWP wolf hunt 2012/2013.



Top Photo: Courtesy All Creatures

Bottom Photo: Facebook

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  1. stop these deranged Animal abusers – a shame for everyone , this is sick



  2. c horrible de mal taite des annimeaux il faut punir les personne qui fait sa il faut protegee les annimeaux si on les tue la tere mourra


  3. stop l’horreur!


  4. This is just so cruel! We humans like to call ourselves intelligent and moral. Why are we so against our fellow creatures?


    • It seems as though the most cruel are the same ones who most believe in their own intelligence & morality. They have an easy time fooling themselves. Otherwise, they’d have to question their cruelty & arrogance.


  5. The following quote fits your words, “Exposing children to animal cruelty as a “sport” and a means to have “fun”, can have a profound effect on their psyche and childhood” so well.

    “When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this creature who was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning?” Marv Levy

    I recently received a message from a trapper, who of course uses a non-deplume as he is a coward, stating that a “snare kills as quickly as a bullet” I would love to challenge him to come to my home and step into a snare, which I am sure I could get hold of and… then we would see how quickly he dies.

    As I am thousands of miles away from Montana, I would like to suggest that if someone is going to attend this meeting, they make up a board, where they could put all the names of non-American citizens plus possibly the flag of their country, to show that you have support from across the seas. You can use my real name if you do this, with pleasure.

    PS. How can I put my photograph in place of the Gravatar?


    • Great idea!


  6. This post is exactly correct , Jeffrey Dahlmer started as a child torturing small animals and no one paid much attention to it , big problem; the hunters claim , “You should see what the wolves do to an elk calf” there is only one difference , wolves are involved in natures cycle man isn’t ,plus you never hear from the hunters the part where they gut and skin their elk


    • Wolves kill for food, so that argument doesn’t wash. They talk about “anthropomorphizing” wolves – well, that’s the exact thing they are doing when they are doing when they try to turn an animal’s hunt for food into something wrong, to justify their own cruel behaviour and insult the intelligence of people everywhere.


  7. These images break my heart. I do not see how anyone can do this but humans have become a selfish, cruel and sadistic race. I would love to be able to attend this meeting to fight against the MTA and all others for trapping. I am however going to voice my opinion with footloosemontana AND send the Montana government a letter. I’m sure this will not have as a profound affect as attending this meeting but one voice makes the voice of the crowd seem louder…


  8. The photos above make me cringe. How can anyone willingly cause such pain to any animal without any compassion beats me. Why such hatred towards these wonderful creatures ?


    • They are soulless assholes!


  9. Evil Bastards that do this to animals!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. You are so right! The people who want every wolf dead and support trapping as a “fair hunt” have a warped mentality and have no “soul”.
    They believe that killing animals this way makes them “tough” and “respected” when they are the shallowest of people. They are often alcoholics that abuse their wives/husbands and children and are completely “egocentric”. They can not understand the pain that they cause for others, so they can not empathize with the suffering a wolf experiences caught in a trap.
    That is why our attempts to stop them are so futile, because no matter what we do or say, they will never agree with us and see the importance of protecting wolves as a specie.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


  11. Please attend the hearing in Helena on May 10th at 9:00 A.M. to show your support for our wolves. The MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks meetings usually have a long agenda, so you may not be able to speak, but having a large group of wolf supporters will speak louder than words.
    Remember, you CAN make a difference!


  12. they need to start fineing these people for hurting all these animals what the hell wrong with these stupid people hand them by their ba—


  13. c’est horrible!!! les pauvres bêtes, je trouve ça honteux!!!


  14. […] URGENT: Calling All Montanans!! Show Your Support For Wolves, Attend May 10th, Montana FWP Helena Me… (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com) […]


  15. Do it now: Email, write, phone MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Contact MT governor and speak up for the wolves! Man”kind” at worst, foaming at mouth vicious behavior from people who enjoy torturing and killing animals and especially the wolves, were to get their way.


  16. I am ill – it feels hopeless and I am so sick over it- I will write and call but I dont think anything will stop them ever


  17. Dear MFWP Commissioners,

    It has recently come to light that Montana has plans to follow in Idaho’s bloody footsteps when it comes to wolf management. If you want to learn from Idaho, please let them be an example of what NOT to do. Trapping is so barbaric that even many hunters are against it!

    Idaho has gained quite a reputation for animal cruelty, and a large part of that is due to their wolf/witch hunt. People from around the world as well as in the Western states are appalled at the mistreatment of these canines; the ancestors of our own dogs.

    Your state has more than enough elk at 150,000; You should be considering how to reduce that elk herd for the damage its doing to crops and the environment instead of planning to cleanse the land of the elk’s natural predators. Do you want Montana to have wild lands and an intact ecosystem, or do you plan to run it as an elk ranch/game farm? seriously, give this some thought !

    When the issue of trapping wolves comes before your commission, please think about your own dog caught in a leghold trap, or choking to death in a snare, before you sentence Montana’s wolves to the same fate. A wolf feels no less pain and suffers no less than your dog would in the same situation. The only difference being a dog might be rescued from the trap while the terrified wolf can only await it’s execution by whatever means dreamt up by its executioner.
    Ann Sydow,
    Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, Co-Chair


    • Excellent letter Ann. Will measured reasoning and common sense prevail in Helena tomorrow, there has been such a lack of it since wolves were delisted by the Obama administration in 2009?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  18. It should also be pointed out of course just how very few sheep and cattle are actually killed by wolves, despite the attention every single incident recieves.


  19. One of the more “optimistic” proposals on Montana’s wolf hunt. I thought they were a little more reasonable than Idaho, but it appears they are using Idaho as an example. 😦

    From The Missoulan:

    “If a wolf trapper incidentally catches a wolf beyond the legal limit and the animal is uninjured, the trapper must contact FWP within 12 hours to potentially have the wolf fitted with a radio collar and released to assist FWP in management efforts.”

    Yeah, right.


  20. ^^They’re asking people who are dishonorable to use the honor system for reporting wolves, in what is, between the underhanded delisting and ridiculous “management plans” in the states affected, an entirely dishonorable treatment of a species. 😦

    Good luck today, everyone.


  21. Here are my notes that were given at the hearing in Helena today:

    FW&P claim that there are currently 653 wolves in the state of Montana, but they do not provide data to prove that this count is correct. No specific information has been provided regarding the number of packs existing in each unit and any recent verified wolf sightings since the Wolf Hunting Season ended. A study of the current status of wolves should immediately be started and include scientists who can radio collar wolves to determine their movement and size of packs. Also– the total of estimated wolves should deduct at least 148 wolves taken each year by Federal Wildlife services and the fact that ranchers freely kill wolves that enter their property. Then they should also deduct the number of wolves that are poached on a regular basis in the state.

    Such an aggressive approach will assuredly render wolves extinct in Montana as they are a fragile population that often die from starvation, disease, accidents, and attacks by other animals.
    When pack members were taken in the 2011-12 hunting season, the remaining members will most likely not survive, because as solitary animals– they are not good hunters.

    There have been very few verified reported sightings of wolves since the last season ended and few complaints of livestock and wildlife depredation.

    Such drastic measures to kill the few possible remaining wolves can only be to attract out-of-state hunters and for financial purposes. (Trappers make a lot of money from wolf pelts.)

    There aren’t enough FW&P personnel to monitor the trappers and to verify that they have taken the trapping class, have current tags, have not implemented snares or used bait and dogs.
    Allowing the trapping of wolves in Montana will lead to a “blood bath” as happened recently in Idaho were a wolf was standing up, bleeding out from a foothold trap, while people were driving by shooting at it.
    There are no words to express how cruel this is and there is nothing that the wolves have done to warrant this.


  22. These animals are beautiful. They really are. They are here, just like Man is here. They deserve to be left alone to live and roam and be Free spirits as they are. It breaks my heart and im so so sad that evil man is doing killing all of all our precious wonderful animals. Whats going to become of this Earth , i ask myself? It really worries me and I fret and cry for the animals. I really do. Its very very sad. I wish i could od more .I really do. I wish i could help all the animals everywhere. If i were a millionaire i would spend my money on them. Why dont these celeb’s do something good with their money instead of spending it on themselves and frivoulous commodities.? sickening. God Bless all the animals alive and that have sadly passed. xxxx


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