Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals

It’s the wolves that need protected.

Exposing the Big Game

snl-106_4[If folks in New Mexico are this afraid of wolves, they must  really be paranoid of land sharks.]

Cages designed to protect children from  Mexican gray wolves at New Mexico’s bus stops have come under fire for demonizing the endangered animals, which have never attacked anyone in the  state.

Environmentalists argue the  wooden and mesh cages erected in the town of Reserve a decade ago are only furthering the misunderstanding of the animals, their behaviors and the dangers they pose [not to mention making the people of Reserve look really silly.]

But supporters of the cages – including residents and conservative anti-government organizations – insist that the animals, which were reintroduced to the area in 1998, pose a very real threat.

The  debate has resurfaced because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to  extend Endangered Species Act protections for around 75 wolves left in New  Mexico and Arizona.

The approximately 20 cages…

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  1. I would have thought that some form of protection for children from child killers ( the human type) would have been more sensible than
    against wolves, who are not likely to pose any kind of threat to children or anyone for that matter.
    After all it is the wolf that is ENDANGERED and needs protection!!!.


  2. These people should not be in charge of anything. Especially wolves.


  3. these idiots are the real danger to their young by keeping their minds closed and not allowing their children to develop opinion’s based on their own discoveries ,but filling their heads with their own superstitious folklore, the kids will more than likely fall victim to abuse from family members or sexual predations from community members than ever suffer from attacks from a wolf, what’s found within the homes own medicine cabinet and under sinks is more dangerous than these wolves period


  4. The infuriating thing is that the federal govt., which is supposed to be protecting wolves and adhering to science, will not stand up to this kind of backward mentality. When it comes to wildlife preservation, we are regressing rather than progressing. Never thought I’d see the day, but that day is upon us in a most shameful, vile, and brutal way. This culture is insane and pathological, and it won’t stop in its bloody, misguided quest to destroy all life until we make it stop.


    • Joanne, I could not have said it better. Our wildlife and entire environment is under siege. These greedy, hateful, money lusting humans will not quit. Every plant, animal, insect etc. will be used and exterminated when they are done.We, the sane ones that care do not have the finances to hold them back. So sad and shameful.


  5. This is just senseless!! It’s our Wolves that are in DIRE need of Protection .. I agree with you, Joanne .. It’s Horrible.


  6. I saw these last Fall on my way to the Gila Wilderness….the people that live in Catron County, where these are located, may be as crazy as those in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana


    • And that’s saying something Jerry!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Unbelievable !, A dirty tactic by the dirtiest players in the game.If new Mexico allows this no more tourism dollars from me.


  8. This stinks of desperate measures as more of he public begins to voice heir support of all wolves


    • I agree,bread my comment below yours.


  9. Cages are used as more of a scare tactic for people not the wolves. Since there have not been any people attacks,using those cages just signifies to people that wolves are vicious killers stalking people. In reality wolves leave people””alone”. When people see a dog muzzled they immediately think the dog must be vicious and stay away from them. Symbolism means everything. Those cages don’t do anything but cause more unnecessary scare tactics. Get rid of them and leave the wolves alone.


  10. Wolves are not great white sharks on the hunt. They are scared of people and would rather not be near us. The cages induce unwarranted fear and stigmatize wolves.


  11. Let’s be realistic. Children sitting at a bus stop, have a far greater chance of being struck by a car than a wolf. If a child is an asthmatic, he/she has a far greater chance of breathing in second-hand smoke and possible death.

    More parents and relatives of children, kill more children every year than wolves. As the wolf is a vital keystone specie, the wolf supports all children’s very lives, with oxygen, fresh water and rain, more songbirds that provide disease and epidemic checks and balances and prevent diseases, more beavers, another keystone specie, more vegetation and trees equate to more oxygen, fresh water, a cooler climate, life-giving soil and its renewal and a long list of wolf benefits extended to all children.

    Sometimes, “too much safety only yields to danger”, the ending of Aldo Leopold’s, Thinking Like a Mountain, when Leopold witnessed a mountain, a metaphor for ecosystem and for Earth — DIE in the absence of her wolves.

    Earth chose wolves for America!


  12. What is their fascination with bus stops?


    • John, the only bus stop injury i know of is when a hunter accidentally shot a little kid waiting at a bus stop, i believe it was in Oregon. But you know how these people love hyperbole. They don’t mention that hunters kill a thousand people every year in the US and Canada and wound thousands more in hunting accidents…lets see, in a hundred years in North America there have been two questionable wolf/human fatalities when domestic dogs kill at minimum 30 to 40 people annually and bite another 4 million. Yet we love our dogs but treat their wolf brothers as vermin. How incredibly sad.

      These people are so full of it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. its disgusting!!!!! the wolves are innocents animals . building cages , but what about to build something for the real killers???? for the drug dealers??? what about the child molesters>>>> ????? for the poor wolves????? only looking for food!!!!!! for God sake!!!!! what is wrong with this stupid world!!!!!!!!


  14. I don’t even know what to say about this, besides that it is absolutely ridiculous! Anti-wolf attitudes at its fullest!

    Wolf hate in general makes me frustrated, but wolf hate directed at the Mexican Wolf is even more infuriating because of how vulnerable they are and because they face an extremely high risk of extinction.

    Did you hear about the 75 Senators who are demanding full delisting of the wolf? They’re even demanding the delisting of the Mexican Wolf, a CRITICALLY ENDANGERED subspecies and one of, if not the, most threatened wolves in the world! To call for a CRITICALLY ENDANGERED species/subspecies to be delisted for fully political reasons is just…I don’t even know what it think of it. It’s just so wrong.

    Did you also hear about that anti-wolf “documentary” that came out last month? It’s called “Wolves in Government Clothing.”


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