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Please check out the trailer for “Medicine of the Wolf,” a film still in production that explores the spiritual, scientific, and ecological value of wolves. The main human subject of the film, Jim Brandenburg is a renowned wildlife photographer and author who has been a powerful wolf advocate for the last 30 years.

From Director Julia Huffman

I spent the last year and a half working on this labor of love for wolves and I am now I am asking my community of wolf advocates across the country to help me to finish the film. It really does “take a village” to make an independent documentary.  We are on the now in our FINAL 10 DAYS left to go on our KICKSTARTER fundraiser and we need to raise 50K to finish production and post production and get the film seen, My hope is to raise awareness about the current abuse and threat to wolves across the country by interviewing prominent wolf advocates and WOLF WATCHERs like Jim Brandenburg, a world renowned environmentalist and award-winning National Geographic photographer. Mr Brandenburg has spent the last 44 years (longer than anyone in history) on the ground studying and writing about wolves. Medicine of the wolf will take viewers on a journey to understand the value of wolves through the eyes of those that have learned to love and respect their place in the world.

Click here to visit their website to learn everything about the film!

Click here to watch the movie trailer and donate!

Visit Jim Brandenburg’s website


Photo: Courtesy Jim Brandenburg

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  1. This is an extremely important project considering the Genocide taking place at this moment. Will hunters kill all the Wolves until there are none? Will we have to Import some from Canada as we did that last time the Wolves were obliterated in the United States? I hope not!


  2. Wish I could give this film my support. It is my opinion any director that is promoting an animal film shouldn’t wear a fur hat. Even if it’s fake, I pointed it out to her and she banned me from her site. Have no respect for someone like that. Wish Jim could have use a more animal sensitive director.


    • Sue,

      I’m sure it wasn’t fur and there is nothing wrong with wearing fake fur, that’s the point. Let’s get behind this movie without in-fighting. The wolves are in trouble, we all need to pull together to help them. I’m grateful to do my part for Julia, Jim and the rest of their crew. Medicine of the Wolf is for the wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • The hat is fake fur. It’s surprising I was banned for bringing it up. Just don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about her. But hope she does a good job with the film. I wish her success because the wolves need it.


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  4. I do not think Julia was wearing a fur hat! I often wear fake fur scarves because I like the look and it is FAKE! It helps other people see you don’t need to wear fur ever…She is a great director and this movie is really needed, let’s get behind her and support this documentary.
    I’ve got a matching donation in there to help so even $5, $10, $25 goes a along way on a project like this …
    Thank you …it’s for our WOLVES!


    • I agree rebecca, it’s a wonderful project, something sorely needed for the wolves. Jim is an amazing photographer.

      There is nothing wrong with wearing fake fur to let others know there is an alternative. Julia is doing a marvelous job and the donations have jumped significantly since yesterday. I hope everyone continues to give, whatever you can spare will be appreciated.

      For the wolves,


  5. This film is very exciting – I love the quote about the gift of a partner. But we’re too dumb to realize it!


  6. I thought this film was great …..and I believe we need unity to fight


    • “I believe we need unity to fight”

      Amen to that!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Can you imagine if all the wolf lovers in all the states had a united voice and voting and bargining power then you would get results …..and have power….thats how Safari, and the rest get it done ….there already is a very good group of leaders set-up from west to east… they just hafta unite


    • That’s exactly right rajaju!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. Who gives a crap what kind of a hat she’s wearing? That kind of thinking is unnecessarily divisive, I hope not be design. People from all walks of life should unite to protect these animals.


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  10. Humankind is a word which has an irony to it.
    Genocide is still being committed on animals, human & non-human.
    Values like Power, Greed, & Corruption reign at the very core of society.
    Freedom is stolen, both in truth and in privacy.
    Those who care are powerless.
    Bad wins over good.
    If we don’t fight back, who will?
    ☮ Catherine, All Animal Rights ☮


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