OR7 The Journey – World Premiere – Sunday May 25, 2014!


‘OR7 – The Journey’,  is a mesmerizing new documentary film about one adventurous young wolf, from Northeast Oregon, who struck out for new country and ended up making history.

While the reasons behind the radio-collared wolf OR7’s extensive journey were most likely humble and based on instincts alone, the moment he stepped into the state of California, in the fall of 2011, OR-7 became a worldwide celebrity. He’s the first wild wolf known to make tracks in California in almost 90 years.


This amazing story has been recreated for the big screen by accomplished Oregon filmmaker, Clemens Schenk. While initially intrigued by this one wolf’s story, researching  the film led the producer to discover issues and social attitudes negatively impacting all wild wolves in the U.S. Exposing the shameful way American wildlife agencies are treating wild wolves became a driving force behind the movie. While telling the story of this captivating wolf’s journey, the film is interspersed with thought-provoking interviews and information that will shake the status quo of so-called “wolf management” in America.

OR7 – The Journey promises to be a treat for the eyes that will touch your heart and soul as well. Order your tickets for the world premiere of ‘OR-7 -The Journey’ in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, May 25th, here:


Starring in the film is Niwa, a captive-born ambassador wolf, named after the wolf advocacy group, the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, which also goes by “NIWA.” Clemens Schenk visited the Wolf People wolf education center in Northern Idaho three times throughout 2013,  to spend time filming Niwa running free in a five acre enclosure at the Wolf People compound. Niwa is a big, sociable, fun-loving wolf with a heart of gold, and he had no trouble at all charming Clemens into picking him as the star! Niwa’s petite and princess-like mate, Maiah, has a few cameo moments in the film, as do the rambunctious young Wolf People pups, Mahaway and Cuan.


Wolf People of Cocolalla is the exclusive dealer of the official OR7-The Journey tee shirts and other souvenirs. Check out the Wolf People online  store at http://www.wolfpeople.com/wolfstore/search.php?mode=search&page=1 to order your own OR7 tee-shirt today!


Howls To OR7,

Ann Sydow

Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance



Photos: Courtesy Ann Sydow

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  1. Wow! 🙂


  2. Is this film only in Oregon or will it be throughout the country ?


    • Richie, This is from Ann Sydow, my friend and partner on Wolf Warriors:

      “The film will travel to film festivals around the world for the next year. If you have a theater near you that does special screenings, call them up and suggest they offer a showing. In 2015 the movie will come out on dvd, and after that hopefully it will get picked up by television.”

      Hope that helps!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  4. totally and utterly…..speechless! I do hope this film makes its way throughout all the states. What a beautiful rude awakening is on the horizon for many.


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  6. […] **Special thanks to “Howling for Justice” for providing this information!  (https://howlingforjustice.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/or7-the-journey-world-premiere-sunday-may-25-2014/) […]


  7. Can’t wait


  8. success in this film and I hope the pass in all states


  9. OR’s a star!


    • Ida…this is just what wolves need, an ambassador who has shown how wild wolves live their lives if left alone by humans. I’m so excited he may have a mate and pups!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  10. Thanks for the reply I do not know of a movie house that does special screenings I really wish people around my area took an interest in western wolves. In South New Jersey people like the beach. For me I love the west and wolves again thanks for the reply Nabeki.


  11. P.S. I hope I can see this film somewhere soon, it should be a regular production in all movie theaters all over the states.


  12. Pretty awesome! I can’t wait to see this!


  13. Inspiring work, this film.
    Saw it a week ago.
    Much different than expected.
    The cinematographer mentioned that he would be working more on the wolf subject, and called for schoolteachers to contact him, in order to help educate kids.
    (With familiarity, kids will cease to believe the Eurofictions promoted by cattlecashers and pleasure-killers, who I have mentioned in past have been subjects of psychological study: Findings were that they perceive the world with a far higher level of fear, than do those who do not feel they need guns)

    So, if any instructors at any level of school read your column, Nabeki, please facilitate their contact with the filmmaker.

    Now, some critique for you:
    1. The 3 blonde wolves shown twice were smelling either a stranger, a strange canid, or were responding to scent-baiting for the camera. I understand the old dig shaped in the ground there, and while their cage may be small, still, this is unwolflike behavior in nature, and scenes like this may give unrealistic image of the wolf, who absorbs new information extremely quickly, and interacts .far differently. Of course they were aware of the camera. The young wolf who explored toward the camera in another scene, had already detected the cameraperson, and, like wolves, came just far enough to corroborate his detection as a human – that’s when he lit out.

    2. The black bear, bailed outa there as SOON as he detected human scent, and did not need to find anything more about the human (cameraman). This shows a bit of difference between the species.
    I label this as critique, because wolves are above all communicators, and pick up all signals, even inadvertent, from others. Captives may not give a true picture. A wolf is only part of a wolf without freedom.

    3. Too much “ooooh, wow” time was spent on the woman at the end. She needed severe editing. This unbalanced the film quite a lot. I understand that movies can be aimed at population segments, but the mystery and beauty inherent in a single self-willed life is far beyond the aesthetic poorly aimed at through this woman-with-dogs- endlessly elaborating.

    As the Heiltsuk medicine Man said: “The wolf only shows himself when he has something to tell you.”
    Look deeply and continuously into yourself when you encounter a wolf or wolves, and you will find more of what he meant. The Wolf, as Nabeki has come to know, tells you about yourself in this way, and about your relationship with the Earth. He tells you more, yet, and from a perspective of someone who lived intimately with a wolf, the Wolf sees the important things in all he observes.

    They can tell the health and illness of intimates, and respond in a way useful to them. They, of course, can see the slightest injury (even I could, due to my background, but think: a wolf knowing this is only 3 or 5 or 8 or 12 years old, and sees all.
    Wolves pick up emotional states, which, yes, do include one’s force of will and intentionality. As I may have said in the past, wolves only respond to emotional content – wild, self-willed beings do not question the truth of emotions, but respond in ways healthy for them.

    Wolves each have far different personalities, and some you might meet in captive situations, are more agitated with constant oversocial pressures, so if they seem flighty or unpredictable, in some way dangerous, it is because they NEED a wider milieu. Captivity and humans are far too restrictive for Wolf nature. They have a courtesy beyond that which you know, and after dispersal from siblings, they gain their adult nature.

    Ahhh, can’t really speak sense in this symbolic verbal language – just open your mind: they are Other, and as familiar as the sunrise.

    Just checked the video of black bear in Yellowstone, purported to be “chasing” people. She was caught with her cubs on that bridge, and was herding the two-leggeds, protecting her children, trying to keep order. You have never seen the speed at which a bear can run, if you believe she was chasing anyone or thing. She handled the probable threat to her children with gace and aplomb. There was NO cahse, only a herding to make sure that no humans attacked the kids. She was as good at it as a herding dog, and perhaps better than a primate could have done, as it would likely have threatened them. It was a true Mother’s Day event. Check it out, it’s all viral.


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