Wolf hatred has spread west to Washington State

Teanaway pack wolf after collaring WDFW

And don’t forget WDFW aerial gunned the Huckleberry pack alpha female back in August, so that’s two breeding females killed in Washington state this year, where they are supposed to be federally and state protected. What a disgrace!

Huckleberry Pack Alpha Female Shot Aerially by WDFW Contract Sharpshooter

September 10, 2014


Exposing the Big Game

From Defenders.org:

Yesterday, we learned that the alpha female of the Teanaway pack was shot and killed, throwing the entire pack’s future into jeopardy. Disturbingly, the killing may have been intentional and a criminal investigation is underway since wolves in Washington State are protected under both state and federal law.

Fear and demonization of wolves is like a virus.

Defenders of Wildlife and our conservation partners are offering a reward for any information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the wolf’s killer.

There are barely 60 known wolves in the entire state of Washington. With the tragic loss of the alpha female, the fate of the Teanaway pack is now uncertain. This is a major blow to wolf recovery in the Pacific Northwest.

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