ID Gun Nuts Start New Year With Three-Day Mass Slaughter Of Wolves And Coyotes

Anyone who participates in  “killing contests” needs their head examined. It’s a sick, sick thing to do. Killing animals for fun and prizes?  Did someone drop them on their heads when they were babies?


What Are the Common Results of Prefrontal Cortex Damage?


Are Trophy Hunters Psychopaths?


California Bans Wildlife-Killing Contests

Regulators call shooting coyotes and other animals for money ‘unethical’ and an ‘anachronism.’

“Wildlife contests perpetuate a culture of violence and send the message to children that life has little value and that an entire species of animals is disposable,” wrote Louis Gauci in a Sept. 21 letter to the commission.

“Wolves, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and etc. are not commodities for people to make money,” wrote Kimberly Blaquera in a Sept. 15 letter. “They are our heritage.”

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  1. It just makes me cry.


  2. Hey guys, I just got an idea. Consider the following:

    1) The recent relisting of the Great Lakes wolves was based on the grounds that the USFWS cannot designate a Distinct Population Segment (DPS) for the purposes of delisting a population of a species that is otherwise listed as endangered or threatened.

    2) The court ruling that relisted the Great Lakes wolves establishes a legal precedent on the usage of DPS desigations.

    3) The Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf population was designated as a DPS for the purposes of delisting a population of a species (in this case, the gray wolf) that is otherwise listed as endangered or threatened (in this case, listed as endangered).

    Considering the above notes, do you think it is possible that we can challenge the delisting of the Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf on the grounds that it violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) due to its creation of a DPS for the purposes of delisting a population of a species that is otherwise listed as endangered or threatened?

    And yes, I am aware about the wolf delisting rider and how it could prevent this challenge, but I am still looking for a legal loophole in that stupid thing so I have not yet lost hope in this possibility.

    In any case, I definitely think that this is a course of action that we should highly consider. I for one might let all of the big environmental organizations know about this idea if I ever get the time to write to them.


    • WildlifeWarrioress, I’m not an attorney, so I’m not sure if we could challenge on those grounds. Is the “no judicial review” all encompassing? I think a call to Earth Justice or one of the environmental law firms might be helpful. I’m also still holding out hope we can challenge using the Public Trust Doctrine.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. These gun mad people make me sick, they kill for pleasure!


  4. Erica, You’re not alone. Read this article and then read the comments. You may find knowledge & phrases you can use at the next family gathering. On behalf of wolves…. Bruce


  5. Just signed a petition requesting U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect and list the African Lion under the ESA. Ironically, the wolf and big cats share the identical, same, ecological job for Earth. Listing African lions but slaughter America’s wolves? Isn’t even logical.

    Recently, the Huffington Post displayed an article written by an Ecologist in their Science section. This ecologist recognizes the credible science of trophic cascade. Then, I remembered, long ago the father of Ecology, Aldo Leopold, who crafted “Thinking Like a Mountain” in defense of America’s wolves, also wrote another brilliant commentary. Some believe “TLaM” the greatest words ever placed on paper; I agree. He also seeded the word green when he witnessed a “fierce green fire” dying in the eyes of a wolf.

    I thought, if we needed to challenge the credibility of trophic cascade, Leopold said it best, again: “The land is one organism…The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: ‘What good is it?’ If the land mechanism as a whole is good, then every part is good whether we understand it or not. If the biota, in the course of aeons, has built something we like but do not understand, then

    who but a fool would discard seeming useless parts? TO KEEP EVERY COG AND WHEEL IS THE FIRST PRECAUTION OF INTELLIGENT TINKERING.”


    • There are practical problems now dangerously appearing due to the small, fragmented remaining African Lion populations, which also apply to the latest incarnation of Mexican Wolf reintroduction, and to the ID, MT, WY, and Canadian (two provinces at a minimum, although the Algonquian Park wolf refuge cannot sufficiently disperse wolves through Ontario East (too much gunning going on there too)
      The main problem is that present populations are too small to retain genetic diversity; unless human killing ends, these isolated populations will trend to homozygosity, becoming more and more like sibling matigs over time.(I don’t know if you all know what the country West of Yellowstone looks like, but it is open, sage, and it is extremely difficult for wolves to disperse across to the Southern MT mountains into the Idaho/Sawtooths.
      With the attitudes of a relatively few people with guns, there is essentially no corridor (SSSU abounds)
      MT area 313 is an area North of YNP which SHOULD be a complete buffer zone, but as Nabeki knows, it is where numerous wolves and bison are killed upon leaving the Park for Winter food.

      Although you may now understand the problem through Isle Royale wolf skeletons showing problems resulting from inbreeding, this happens more slowly to populations unable to receive new blood through dispersal, unless the gene pool contains several thousand individuals. Because wolves are monogamous, and only one pair per family group normally breeds, the effective population is much smaller than the actual total population.

      Again, habitat MUST be enlarged
      Habitat connectivity MUST be improved to safe dispersal corridors (Expect the analysis of the murdered Utah wolf to be that female about whose dispersal to Kaibab NF Grand Canyon area, you were excited. She died because of guns, Utah’s benighted laws will be only a temporary barrier UNLESS republicans do the Tester thing of attaching wolf-hate riders to must-pass bills. EXPECT THEM TO DO SO.

      Because this is a reply to Tess above, I hope to remind you that the MAJOR problem faced by wild species, prey, and plant species is habitat loss.
      Humans make inroads into thriving, resilient ecosystems; upon these roads travel benighted humans with guns, who can thus get farther into formerly protected or unreachable areas, where wolves try to den and in summer, establish rendezvous areas where pups remain with a family attendant while adults forage for them.

      So, what looks like a mere 4-wheel or dirt road to you is a dagger into the heart of life.

      Contrary to Leopold’s vague generality, the INDIVIDUAL is the basis for a functioning living system: with each individual’s death before their time, comes a fragmentation. Traditional natives of this land understand that individuals are to be respected, in order to allow them, like oneself, to fulfill their part in the present.

      With the Wolf, each individual life lost or put in distressed disarray by the loss of another – mate, parent, any closely bonded, is unfulfilled. I knew a wolf who spent his life searching for that fulfillment lost, and I tell you that a wolf’s life has profound meaning, not merely because it is a “cog”, but because (s)he carries the entire harmonious, joyous system, while he or she lives.

      Without that unique contribution (wolves both teach and learn throughout their life), the continuity of the Beauty of life, the balance for which they evolved, irreplaceable in times we can at all comprehend, is broken.

      Your kind often feel vaguely devastated with the death of one of you. This feeling is the very comprehension of the value, the irreplaceable value, beauty, necessity, of that individual.

      ONLY when you extend that deep emotional recognition to Others, will you, yourself, approach closer to your own fulfillment.
      There are no gods, no vast makers; instead, the world is carried by Each who lives.
      Grant that Other, that One persecuted by our own kind, this life, this value – or else your own becomes forever unreachable in failure.

      I did not learn this from killing wolves until I saw some purported “green fire”. I learned it in earliest childhood, right there, where our small house dipped into wild Wolf country, and my very grandfather actively persecuted them. The animals I met when just four years old, told me of their immeasurable value, and no human can take the tiniest from that recognition, no rhetoric or selfish lie can diminish the value of EACH life who spoke more truth than this symbolic fiction of words can ever approach.

      I hope you will find yourself, because THAT work, that return, is different than any beliefs you hold. Only there will you hear and begin to understand the wolf, their kind, and the others. This is what Leopold finally woke up to after a life of thoughtless killing; the only time you were ever lonely was when you forgot this truth, buried in words and the dead economics of the unknowing culture which persists through Each of us carrying and displaying that uncaring sociopathy..


      • He PARTIALLY woke up.

        He stil hunted for pleasure, rather than subsistence only. I never read that he attained the basic reverence and recognition through which alone, one must try to cleanses the act of killing.

        Go to other traditions to understand the meaningful rituals through which one must go after killing, to avoid spreading that momentary closing of the eyes into the permanent affliction of, for instance, nearly everyone you have ever met.

        Decide whether those other traditions might have a value or values more in alignment with life, than those of the present human culture with which you are acquainted.

        I knew a wolf, I say. I saw him take a fawn, who was screaming. Although he pinned it between his paws, he began, young himself, to lick the fawn until it quieted down, and relaxed (I was quite close, separated by an impenetrable group of small trees, crouching, then laying watching feet away).
        The fawn quieted, seeming content in trust complete, and the licking of the wolf naturally slowly extended into a single bite.

        The wolf is not your kind, and I have seen many other interactions like and unlike this. It is, however, the nature, the balance, the essence of life in part, for I have also seen the wolf choose not to take at all.

        Whatever the morality of the wolf, it differs from our more fearful, more moralising kind. That Wolf ate the fawn entirely, including the hooves, the brain, every bone but perhaps the jaw; the blood of the fawn, covering his chest and face, was soon licked off, restoring the beauty that you know.

        I suppose only fear, and the fictions of the human mind, ever hide the beauty of what is. I do understand, though, that pleasure, contentment, are fulfillment, and importantly: that lesser experiences of pleasure might merely mock the sacredness with which each living creature is endowed.


  6. Thank you, Nabeki, for your blog. The remaining Wild and Wild Ones are under increasing attack here & around the world. These nation-states support cruel, ignorant rural traditions–whether in the western U.S., Sweden or Australia (where the “cowboy” mentality reigns just as it does here).
    D.C. politicians just passed 89-11 (both parties), a Defense Bill with some of the worst anti-environmental riders-
    Some of these riders open up more pristine areas for logging, mining & hunting. The worst of them appears to be the Grazing rider, which erases NEPA for all practical purposes, and eliminates grazing regulations.
    The Livestock/Hunting Industry (notice I have blended the two), is the greatest threat to all remaining wild places and to the non-humans who live in them. This Defense Bill, ( any discussing about the need for such a bill at all?),was lauded as a wonderful thing–and only 11 politicians were against its passage in some form. Does this not tell us something about the system?
    Most so-called “wildlife groups” we know, have compromised, collaborated (if we read about WWll, we would learn what collaborators were: traitors). These “wildlife groups” make deals with the livestock industry and hunting organizations, thinking that somehow it helps “defend wildlife.”
    When there is compromise, collaboration with The Enemy, the wildlife always lose. But, sadly, we have not learned that. Groups continue to try to appease. The result: more wolves, coyotes, grizzly, prairie dogs, mountain lions and other innocent wild lives are slaughtered, not protected, and The Enemy fears us less, respects no one.


  7. I’m so glad I’m not 20 yrs old. I would not be able to grow old in a country that is so embarrassing that I had to hide my American flag.


    • I understand your profound disgust and sadness, for I feel it too. The problem is: The government listens to those who Lobby with The Most Money–which is the power.
      The Livestock/Hunting Industry is in DC, & state houses, buying off most politicians, and the so-called “wildlife groups” make deals with these people.
      We have animal people who still make excuses for hunters and livestock operators, and we get the likes of Democrat -Rancher/Hunter, Jon Tester of Mt., who single-handedly eliminated wolf protection. He is just one of many here in the West and elsewhere.
      I personally blame the gutless groups who claim to “care about or defend” wildlife–many of whom are in league with the Livestock/Hunting Industries, with hunters and ranchers on their staff and their boards.
      Here in New Mexico, we have another darling of the Democrats and wildlife groups: Sen. Martin Heinrich, who is a defender of Public Lands Ranching, and also a proud hunter, applauded by The Wilderness Alliance, & others.
      This is why we (and especially, the wildlife), are losing. I will no longer be a part of ANY wildlife group that in ANY way collaborates or otherwise sells out (compromises with) ranchers or hunters–period. Perhaps if we, who mourn the death of so many innocent non-humans, would stand up to these groups, drop our memberships, donations, and DEMAND they become anti-hunting, anti-public lands ranching, something might change for the better. Follow the money.


  8. “” holds hunts in over 17 states and the Province of Alberta.
    The organisation appears to be aggressively promoting cultural sociopathy in children and continuing the aberration in adults, with prizes, etc. for killing all one can.

    It’s Jan 5 and no report out on the wolves and coyotes killed in ID.

    t is profoundly disturbing to see tht, instead of North American culture moving toward greater empathy and understanding of all species equal role in Nature, the once-diminishing “sport” hunting faction, instead of diminishing and disappearing, is increasingly turning to such appeals as competition to recruit and psychologically damage and destroy both human children and the future culture.

    O implore everyone to recognise that competition itself was in other cultures and should once again be relegated to children to find their natural individual gifts. Competition itself, raised to a level of worship in this society, has in all cases, caused the burgeoning of the activity promoted through competition.

    Please consider that the Earth, her varied, beautiful, diverse communities of complex life, operates with a harmony that differs in principle from human elimination of everything not contributing to its own cancerous growth. Competition arouses simplistic passions which finally fail to fulfill a life (although for many, it was transparently unfulfilling since childhood or youth. I apologise to those of you who HAVE seen through this aberrant social farce)

    This trend toward increased violence was once relatively limited to those damaged by alcohol/drug use.

    The question is, should we countenance or allow it to be enshrined in this culture for the foreseeable future?


  9. We need to ends these slaughtering contests. Write, call your congress, and Sally Jewel’s office, demand wolves be placed back on the ESA, NOW! The blood that is spilled is on their hands for allowing these slaughters.
    Wolves are pregnant now, babies will soon be born, how many will die before they are even born? When will our government listen to the majority of the people, and conduct themselves in this manner. As TAXPAYERS we deserve to be heard, for this is a supposed to be a Government for the people, not money, selling out to big bucks special interest.
    I’m asking all of you to please write or call congress and Sally Jewel, and please sign & share. Let’s save America’s Wolves, and stop the slaughtering!! I just DID!
    Secretary Jewell
    Mailing Address:
    Department of the Interior
    1849 C Street, N.W.
    Washington DC 20240
    Phone: (202) 208-7351
    Web: Feedback form
    To find & contact your congress use this web site, then enter you state & zip code, ( you’ll find your senate rep listed also). Contact congress


  10. What’s sad is these losers find this bloodbath “Sport” fun. I’m just disgusted with people who enjoy killing animals. It seems as if the harder you fight, the more yoou lose. I’m trying to stay hopeful, but I’m losing faith.


    • The question also is: Why do we think our society is “civilized,” when we humans are destroying not only each other, but all other species. When a species systematically sets about to destroy the very Life Support System of the Planet, something is very, very wrong. I agree with Capt. Paul Watson, that Homo sapiens is insane. Why else would a species ignore the very dire signs of ecological collapse now upon us? Why are we not screaming, yelling, falling on our knees, to the Earth? Instead, we just continue our insane “rational” behavior, going about our meaningless daily routines (most of us work 2-3 jobs to get by, including me). I guess, that when we turn on a faucet with no water coming out, when we choke on poisons in the air, when Nature’s songs are finally silenced & we are deaf, we will understand?? Thanks for listening.

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  11. The sociopaths are at it again. What kind of “civilized” culture allows this kind of barbarism and cruelty? Those who make the rules and laws are just as sick and twisted as those who are doing the actual killing.


  12. Disgusting, sick, barbaric excuses for human beings..


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  14. Here’s my two cents:

    “We still do not realize that today we can enjoy the wilderness without fear, still do not appreciate the part that predators play in the balanced ecology of any natural community. We seem to prefer herds of semi-domesticated deer and elk and moose, swarms of small game with their natural alertness gone. It is as though we were interested in conserving only a meat supply and nothing of the semblance of the wild.”

    Sigurd F. Olson


  15. […] ID Gun Nuts Start New Year With Three-Day Mass Slaughter Of Wolves And Coyotes. […]


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