Love A Pack Today – Happy Valentines!



Video: Courtesy YouTube 

Posted in: biodiversity, gray wolf/canis lupus

Tags: wolfy valentine, wolf recovery, wolves are beautiful

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  1. I ♥ wolves today and every day. What beautiful animals – how anyone can hate them is beyond me.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. Some of us are getting very, very angry about the needless killing of so many wolves – and many other animals – by hateful “humans” (no kin of mine). Something has to change and if a global uprising is needed then BRING IT ON. 1 wolf is worth a million of the scumbags who kill them.


  3. I get her stuff . Remember you can push me over with too many emails.

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  4. Wolves typically mate for life as well. It’s not just a fling here or desiring someone else if they get bored with their current partner.
    How many among the human race can say the same?


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  6. I love Wolves everyday! I am sending a photo of one of my pet Wolves who had been dumped at the Dog Pound to the Defenders of Wildlife. It is a photo of my Wolf ‘Howly’ who died of a Brain Tumor when he was 8 years old. My Mom adored him and she says he was the most gentle and special animal of ALL the pets we’d ever had. Since I have 3 siblings and they all brought cats and dogs home, that is a lot of pets! She had him cremated and has his ashes in a Cedar box with his name engraved on it and intends to take him with her when she passes.

    I am a monthly supporter of the Defenders of Wildlife and it sickens me what is done to Wolves, as well as the Wild Horses and Burros.


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  8. To Whom it May Concern:

    I have done 4 comments to posts on your website, none of which have appeared. This begs the question, why not? The only thing I can think of is that maybe they weren’t politically correct, however, compared to others I have read, mine were mild. Can someone there tell me why comments to posts are not published? Makes me want to unsubscribe, however, since my love for wolves is far greater than my disappointment for the net nannies of your web site, I will continue to glean information for my personal crusade for our wolves but won’t waste my time replying to posts.

    You disappointment me.



  9. Beautiful wolves. It is heartbreaking that Machiavellian maneuvering by a politically powerful and vocal anti-wolf minority in the Western U.S. has resulted in so many of them being killed.


  10. Happy Wolventines day! Lol see what I did there? anyway, the wolves are the best animal and or valentine yet. glad they made it this far D: anyway, lets forget the bad things that have happened… push them away for the wolves, and or for anything that’s happened to you. be happy, be wolfsome! Happy Wolventines day!

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