Ricky Gervais Slams David Cameron For Plan To Lift Fox Hunt Ban….

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Ricky Gervais slams Tories over proposal to bring back fox hunting: ‘C**ts’

Ricky Gervais slams Tories as they propose to bring back fox hunting: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'C**ts\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'
Kayleigh DrayBy Kayleigh DrayOnline Deputy Editor Monday 11 May 2015

Ricky Gervais has taken to Twitter in anger over David Cameron’s plans to lift the ban on fox hunting.

Following the Conservative victory in the General Election 2015, Ricky Gervais took to Twitter to remind his 8 million followers about David Cameron’s desire to overturn the ban on fox hunting.

He wrote furiously: “David Cameron says he wants to repeal the fox hunting ban.

“Absolute c**t.

And he didn’t stop there, also sharing a video of an adorable fox enjoying a cuddle from a human friend.

His disbelief palpable, Ricky captioned it: “The most powerful man in Britain wants the freedom to hunt this animal on horseback and watch dogs rip it to pieces.”

The comedian and animal rights activist continued: “‘Fox hunting is humane’

“Ah, that’s why a vet always adopts the gentle method of “ripped to bits by dogs” when you put a pet cat down.”

After sharing a cute photo of a fox cub enjoying an afternoon snooze, he wrote: “I can’t understood how anyone can enjoy watching a bull slowly speared to death, two dogs fighting, or a fox ripped apart.

“It’s perverted.”

Speaking with Countryside Alliance magazine in March, David Cameron famously criticised the 2004 Hunting Act passed by the Labour Government.

The act bans the hunting of wild animals, including but not limited to foxes, deer and hares.

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  1. I wonder what sort of person David Cameron is? I don’t like or trust any politician who would advocate the slaughter of any animal. If he does not have sympathy for animals, he can’t have any sympathy for his fellow human beings.


    • WHY the FUCK do we have a Nature-hating Animal abuser in #10 ?
      They shouldn’t be ALLOWED in politics, any more than we’d knowingly vote child-molesters into parliament !!


  2. Good on Ricky for speaking out. David Cameron has much to learn about respect for all life. Theres no difference between species being animal or human , we are all of the same life force and are entitled to live our lives without the fear of it being taken from us The fox is here for a reason the same as all animals and every animal has their part to play in this world and theres room for all . Man is the most evil plague of all that kills for the sake of killing and is a disgrace to God !


  3. The killing of any animal flies a red flag. There is something seriously wrong with someone who feels that slaughtering an animal for sport or for some fictitous reason that their sick mind has drummed up constitutes sane reasoning. These people are not only a danger to all animals, but a danger to society. Beware of the budding Jeffrey Dahmers.


  4. Good for Ricky. Cameron is like many of the conservatives here and thinks killing animals is a great “sport.” The British upper classes have a centuries-long tradition of hunting and killing. Was their big fun and went on for days. What is sad and frustrating is that animal activists work so hard to get these abuses banned, and they they just keep coming back or laws passed are overturned.


  5. Cameron should be required to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox. Perhaps he would develop a new awareness of them and other wild animals who deserve to live on the planet in peace. And watching the film has to be so much more fun than going out and trying to kill them.

    Meanwhile, two wolves have been poached outside Yellowstone National Park. The fine for this crime is way too low.


  6. Why are brainwashed politicos permitted to make scientific decisions and policies? If these foxes are native species in GB’s ecosystems, these foxes are the idiot’s strands in the web of all life and every reason he has oxygen, water and life.


  7. Nice one Ricky. It took us a long and hard fight to ban hunting with hounds. Although we know they still do it, its way less than it was.


  8. I fear that human stupidity might make this a reality again.
    A child was bitten by a fox back in 2010; the fox was trapped and shot (labled “humanely euthenised”) because it was presumed that the animal couldn’t be relocated (yeah right, b***s***.); this has made pulic opinion on the animals somewhat more apprehensive than before and has consiquently increased the tolerance for fox shooting and the sale of fox fur to help “cull the population”.


  9. Why is the whole world regressing?????


  10. Why does man seem to have the need to either see an animal killing another animal or killing them themselves? WHY? I would NEVER vote for any politician who was involved in something like this.


  11. so ignorant…


  12. There are fox on my place in the Bitterroot Valley every spring when a mother fox comes here to have her young. She leaves in June and comes back the next year in the springtime. The mother is skittish and afraid of people, but the little ones come out to play and observe human activities. They are gentle and fun to be around, not a threat at all– unless you are a rodent or chicken. There are some chicken feathers on my property where the mother fox is teaching her little ones how to hunt. My neighbors let their chickens “free range” so they are easy prey for a fox. My neighbors are not really happy about the fox on my place, so I have posted a “No Trespassing” sign and a “No Hunting” sign to keep them away from the fox den.
    It hurts to think that such a gentle animal will be hunted and tortured in such a manner.


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