Feds Poised To Allow Open Season On Wyoming Wolves – Let The Lawsuits Commence…

The feds are surrendering the hapless Wyoming wolf population to brutal state management at the end of August 2012.

From NBC Montanadotcom

“The federal government plans to announce an end to protections for wolves in Wyoming later this month.

Spokesmen from some environmental groups say they plan to review the final wolf delisting rule carefully when it’s issued Aug. 31. They say legal challenges are likely over the state’s plan to classify wolves as predators that can be shot on sight in most areas.”

Wolves will be classified as predators so they can be shot on sight at any time of the day or night, in 90% of the state. Sickos  can run them over with snowmobiles, hang them from fence posts, chop them to pieces, tortured in unimaginable ways….whatever a perverted mind can come up with. This is how low “wolf state management” has sunk. The USFWS put their stamp of approval on this proposed wolf massacre. Wrong is right and up is down.

Wolves must be reilisted. There is no other solution to this madness. It’s the 1900’s all over again and the agency that is supposed to be watching out for a newly delisted species seems fine with the horrific wolf policies of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Shame on the USFWS, Secretary of the Interior and the Obama administration.

The successful wolf reintroduction has turned into a nightmare. Wolves will now be hunted in FIVE states: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The Montana and Idaho hunts begin in two weeks. Wyoming leads the pack as the wolf persecutors in chief. If they have their way wolves will be treated like vermin, killed for no reason other than hatred, blood lust and stupidity.

 I hope this is tied up in the courts for years. Thankfully  Cynthia Lummis R-WY didn’t get her budget rider passed so environmental groups are free to challenge the frightening Wyoming wolf “management/killing plan”.

Let the lawsuits commence!!


Feds prepare to end wolf protections in Wyoming

Associated Press
POSTED: Aug 14 2012 02:02:16 PM MDT
From Center For Biological Diversity

Don’t Let Wyoming’s Wolves Be Sacrificed

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Idaho Wolves Howling For Justice…..

Update: March 27, 2012

I see the trapper website where those horrible images of the trapped and doomed wolf  reside has been password protected so you won’t be able to access the site through the KOS article, which is still up BTW. But the images are all over Facebook, not hard to find. The one thing trappers don’t want is for people to see the suffering they cause. Big mistake on their part posting those pictures but we’re thankful they were posted because the wolf won’t have suffered and died in vain. Now his pain  has been exposed for all the world to see and it’s uglier than anything I’ve ever witnessed and will stay with me all of my days. Rest in peace beautiful black wolf, we have your back.


The Daily KOS spells out the terrible situation Idaho wolves find themselves in. The brutality and cruelty are escalating. With the addition of trapping and snaring to IDFG’s bag of tricks the suffering quotient for wolves has climbed dramatically.  The situation is spinning out of control.

Mon Mar 26, 2012 at 10:28 AM PDT

Idaho wolves in serious trouble

by Gallatin

Ever since Obama and John Tester worked to remove wolves from the endangered species list for political purposes, it’s been bad times for wolves. Of course, there’s a track record for all of this. It was the failure of the states that initially killed off the wolves to begin with, forcing them into the government’s hands and the Endangered Species List.

It looks like the states are at it again, and this time Idaho is leading the path to extermination.

There were many of us who cried foul when Tester introduced a rider that would undermine the ESA, the first of its kind, opening the door for wholesale destruction of species by single interests. It was even more shocking when Obama signed the bill into law.

Reasonable people would expect a few wolves to be killed with rifles, and that many of these would be clean. But there’s nothing reasonable about the wolf hate in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Recent images have become available of a trapped wolf at the far end of a blood circle in the snow. In the photo, a hunter appears to be smiling for a pose. Posters to the website indicate the wolf was shot at while it waited for the trapper to return. Who knows how long it was there, but it looked like quite a while with all that blood in the snow.

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Contact information is included in the article for President Obama and Senator Tester. Please use them!!

Idaho wolves need protection from the hate.

IDAHO: 364 wolves killed. (368 Wolves Killed (251 shot, 117 trapped or snared)


535 Wolves DEAD in Idaho/Montana hunts 


Photo: http://candleinthedarkness.com/

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Wolf Advocates Pleas To IDFG Commissioners “Fall On Stony Ground”…

Wolf advocates made a brave trek to Boise on Wednesday to remind the IDFG commissioners there were other people residing in the Gem state  besides hunters and ranchers.  With firm resolve they stood their ground,  stressing that wolves  play an integral role in ecosystem health, that wolves didn’t deserve the treatment they’re gettingYet the words of passionate wolf advocates who attended the meeting and spoke out for wolves,  ”fell on stony ground.”


ID Fish and Game Commission Gets an Earful but Increase Wolf Hunting and Trapping Anyway

by  on MARCH 23, 2012


 It’s time for new tactics.  We aren’t going to talk our way out of this!
Photo: Courtesy Boise Wolf  Protest
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