A Beautiful Ode To Limpy (Wolf 253M)

This video is a treasure I found by chance, a beautiful narration by Brian Connolly of the life and death of wolf 253M, also known as Limpy. It is so moving you will be brought to tears.

Limpy was the inspiration for this blog.  He was the perfect wolf in my mind’s eye, a member of the iconic Druid Peak Pack, who once ruled Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley.

Brian, I don’t know you but thanks  for your beautiful ode to Limpy, who gave pleasure to so many. A selfless wolf, who over came the adversity of injury but was killed for nothing in the name of blood sport.

Rest in peace dear, dear wolf 253M.

For the wolves, For Limpy,


Photo: Courtesy Steve Justad

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Tags: Limpy, wolf 253M, Hoppy, evils of blood sport, Wyoming, Druid Peak Pack, ode to Limpy

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