Call For Boycott Of Wolf States…

Predator Defense whose “mission is to protect native predators and create alternatives for people to coexist with wildlife“, is joining Friends of Animals and the chorus of groups calling for a boycott of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, until such time as they stop slaughtering wolves. Please click on the Predator Defense link below, all the information is there concerning the boycotts.

These states are arrogant and believe hunting and ranching interests trump wildlife watchers. They have not felt the power of economic and travel boycotts and might think twice about their wolf killing ways.


* I want to include an exception to the Idaho boycott. There are only two wolf education centers in Idaho. Please continue to support them, they’re more important now than ever.

Wolf People
Cocolalla, Idaho


WERC (Wolf Wolf Education and Research Center)
Winchester, Idaho


From Predator Defense

ALERT! Wolf Bloodbath in Northern Rockies Begins Aug 30

Wolves Slated for Slaughter in Wyoming, Idaho & Montana

August 15, 2011 – The hand-off of wolf management from federal to state control has predictably created a holocaust for wolves in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Authorities in these states may not like wolves, but they do like and depend on your tourist and consumer dollars.

Help us stop the slaughter by boycotting these states.

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