Killing Wolves For Fun….


6 more wolves have died since last night.  The death toll stands @ 145 (Idaho/99, Montana/46)


November 2, 2011

Who’s the predator who loves to kill for “sport”? Yes, you guessed it, man. And killing wolves for fun is happening with frightening speed in Idaho and Montana. On Halloween night the death toll stood @ 131, now it’s 139 ( Idaho/95 and Montana/44) , all in the name of blood lust.

Mike Thompson, a Montana FWP Wildlife Manager, thinks hunters, once they actually kill a wolf, are quite happy about it. He was quoted extensively in the Missoulian concerning the wolf hunt.

He opines:

“I don’t hear much about hunters being very happy with wolves until they get one and then they’re pretty darn happy just like they are when they get a deer or an elk,” he said. “In the long run, Montana’s going to have an additional hunting tradition that we didn’t have before.”

Well isn’t that just peachy? Another great hunting tradition, killing wolves for fun. I guess hunters can sit around the fire and reminisce about the beautiful animal’s life they snuffed out for a trophy or “just because I get a kick out of it”, take your pick.

The wolves of course have no choice in the matter because fish and game agencies have turned our wildlife into commodities for hunters to slaughter. Arrogant hunters can justify their carnage because it’s state sanctioned killing, so it must be OK, right? Wrong. Trophy hunting is barbaric, cruel and in no way a sport. The smiling pictures posted on the Internet of hunters lording over their dead victims is enough to make a person lose their lunch. I’ve always wondered what they are so damn happy about? Oh they’ve conquered a poor innocent animal with a high-powered rifle. How manly. That’s really something to be proud of.

Make no mistake, if it wasn’t for Obama and his minions selling out wolves and the ESA hunters wouldn’t be adding wolf hunting as a new tradition to their list of fun things to do on the weekend.


Montana hunters kill 44 wolves so far

By NICK GEVOCK Montana Standard | Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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Bottom Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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