Navarre The Wolf, Shot, Paralyzed, Rescued From Freezing Waters

January 8, 2014

Revisiting Navarre’s story is a renewal of faith.  There are good people in this world who care deeply for animals like this sweet, little wolf. I hope you find comfort in this, even though it wasn’t a happy ending.

We love you Navarre!!


Kindness and love in action, saving a wolf from certain death. This beautiful video is narrated in Italian but really needs no translation. It’s heartfelt, moving and incredibly uplifting to watch  wonderful people working so hard to save a wolf’s life. To them I say:

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”…..Irish Blessing


Saving Navarre: The Dramatic Rescue of a Paralyzed Shot Wolf

Good news: due to the selfless efforts of rescuers Navarre is slowly recovering
Following up on the dramatic and risky rescue of an entrapped female humpback whale named Valentina I just learned about another most amazing rescue of a wolf named Navarre from the icy waters of a river in Italy. Here’s the heartwarming story that may just move you to teears of joy.

“On January 9, 2012 the wolf Navarre was recovered from the icy waters of a river in very dramatic conditions: undernourished, with a paralysis of the hind limbs and with 35 lead pellets in his body.

“After several diagnostic tests, two weeks of intensive care in the infirmary, monitored 24 hours 24, Navarre started to walk. He was transferred to another enclosure of the Centre, suitable for his rehabilitation, which requires a gradual recovery of motor function without subjecting him to excessive physical effort. Thanks to a video camera placed in the enclosure Navarre is monitored day and night without being disturbed.

“It’s still a long way, various diseases have weakened him a lot, but Navarre, thanks to his incredible will to live and care he received, started to walk improving gradually and giving good signs of recovery.”

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The Wolf Navarre – Two months after

Sadly Navarre died on June 5, 2012.

From: CentroTutelaFauna (Wildlife Protection Center)

“We will continue to carry forward the ” Project Wolf” more certain than ever that this species should be protected, known and respected , stronger than we have had the privilege of learning to date and aware of what we still have to learn about these amazing animals … and for this reason grateful to Navarre .”

Please give to this wonderful organization Centro Tutela Fauna (Wildlife Conservation Center -Protection Center for Exotic Wildlife Mountain Search and Rescue) That’s my poor Italian translation but the link below should get you to the right place (:

Click here for their website

Click here for their YouTube channel


Wolf : Navarre’s rescue story: Video: Courtesy Dario Cingolani

All other videos: Courtesy YouTube CentroTutelaFauna·

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