A (Wolf) Pack of Lies

Lies and damn lies. There are no depths they won’t sink to demonize wolves. May they all rot in hell.

Exposing the Big Game

Michael Markarian: Animals & Politics

There is more fallout this week in the wake of the MLive.com investigative series exposing politicians and state officials who made up stories out of whole cloth in order to prompt Michigan’s first wolf hunting season in half a century. A leading booster of the wolf hunt, Sen. Tom Casperson, took to the floor of the state Senate yesterday and apologized to his colleagues and to voters for including a fictional account about wolves at a daycare center in a resolution he authored in 2011.

Wolf2Sen. Casperson acknowledged, “I was mistaken, I am accountable, and I am sorry. Words matter. Accuracy matters. Especially here, with a topic that is so emotional and is so important to so many, especially those whose way of life is being changed in my district. A decision here of whether or not we use sound science to manage wolves, as…

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Take a Minute…

yoga just care health

To breathe and clear all the grief and sorrow out of your head. The way I do it is through meditation and music. So here are a few of my favorite songs and bands. Yeah, I like grunge…

Even  Flow – Pearl Jam


Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days


Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

RIP Kurt


Alice In Chains – Would?

RIP Layne and Mike


Videos: Courtesy YouTube:

Even Flow – PearljamVEVO

Fell on Black Days – SoundgardenVEVO

Smells Like  Team Spirit – NirvanaVEVO

Would? – AliceInChainsVEVO

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N. Minn. hunting guide hit with mountain of charges involving bear, deer kills

This is just the tip of the iceberg, they have no respect for wildlife, period. Remember the guy that shot a bear in it’s den while it was hibernating? These people have a chip missing.

Exposing the Big Game

 by:  Paul Walsh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PAUL                 Star Tribune

November 5, 2013

A north­ern Min­ne­so­ta bear hunt­ing guide has been charged with using vari­ous il­legal tac­tics in­volv­ing the kill­ing of bear and deer, ac­cord­ing to auth­ori­ties.

A north­ern Min­ne­so­ta bear hunt­ing guide has been charged with using vari­ous il­legal tac­tics in­volv­ing the kill­ing of bear and deer, ac­cord­ing to auth­ori­ties.

Keith R. Slick, 32, of Baudette, was charged Fri­day in Lake of the Woods District Court with a long list of offenses, a­mong them: two counts of pos­sess­ing an over lim­it of bear, three counts of un­law­ful pos­ses­sion of deer, two charges of un­law­ful­ly trans­port­ing a bear, fail­ure to reg­is­ter a se­cond bear, fail­ure to tag a se­cond bear, il­legal pos­ses­sion of a car-killed deer, untagged big game ani­mal (bear), no bear out­fit­ter/guides li­cense, un­law­ful trans­fer/lend or bor­row of li­cense, fail­ure to reg­is­ter bear bait sta­tions, hunt­ing with­in 100 yards of an un­regis­tered bear…

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Wisconsin Knee Deep In Wolf Blood….

gray wolf dnr wi.gov

When I was a kid I loved Wisconsin. We spent our summers there in a rustic cabin by a deep blue lake. I spent hours laying on the pier watching tadpoles develop on lazy summer afternoons.  I loved to see their little legs springing to life,  turning them into frogs. There were snapping turtles on the beach, bullfrogs, the lake was teeming with fish. The little sunnys and perch would shelter under the pier during the hottest parts of the day. I remember tracing my fingers through the water thinking about nothing but the warmth of the sun and blue sky overhead, wonderful days.  I tracked muskrats through the marshes near the cabin, built forts with my friends, spent time at a dairy farm down the road, drinking fresh milk, straight from the cow. We spent hours sitting in an ancient apple tree, chatting about the day, At night the cows would trek home from the field, the lead cow wore a bell and all the other cows would line in behind her as she led them home. That’s when dairy cows spent their days grazing on lush pasture not holed up in dark, dank factory farms. In the winter we’d ice skate on the lake, making sure not to get too close to the reeds and cattails where the ice was thin. Those were precious memories from my youth, now tainted by the wolf slaughter. Wisconsin has become a  killing field for gray wolves.  I no longer love it and the images of my youth have been ruined forever.  I only think of  Wisconsin now when I read the latest evil done to the wolves, who are being systematically destroyed in my childhood playground.

In the states second wolf hunting season 251 wolves have been targeted for death.  They are knee-deep in wolf blood in Wisconsin, 193 wolves have been wiped out since the hunt began. They’re aiming for a total of 251 dead wolves and it looks like they’re going to get there pretty darn quick. An average of 11 wolves are being killed every day since the hunt began on October 15, a mere 22 days ago.

The only upside to this horror is the dog/wolf hunt probably won’t happen this year, as they race toward their murderous ” 251 dead wolf quota”. By the time it’s legal to hunt wolves with dogs, on December 2,  the “wolf blood lust season” will be closed/ maybe? There’s an appeal waiting  to be decided, only the court can stop this “dog/on/wolf”

“When a pack of dogs pursues a wolf … a wolf will turn and fight and kill if necessary to protect its territory. And there you have a state-sanctioned bloody dog fight right here on our public land.”…..Opposing Views

And I thought the Northern Rockies were brutal but they’re downright vicious in Wisconsin.


Fast Kill Rate In Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Could Mean No Dogs Will Be Used

By Phyllis M Daugherty, Mon, November 04, 2013



Wisconsin wolf hunting on a brisk pace

By Dave Orrick


Photo: Wisconsin DNR

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Dead Souls….

grey wolf Desktop Nexus

Just a few words tonight reflecting on the mindset of trophy hunters who feel the need to torture and kill wolves. Maybe someone dropped them on their heads when they were kids, maybe they didn’t get enough hugs growing up or never learned to spell compassion or empathy. Obviously something is twisted in their brains that allows them to do the cold-blooded things they do.  I think back on the KKK wannabee pic. Those men, whoever they are, have dark hearts. But more importantly, it’s not about hunting for them, it’s about getting even. Getting even with their perceived enemies, wolf advocates, environmentalists, whoever they think threatens their culture of death.  But what they don’t realize is by destroying the lives of helpless animals they kill their own souls.

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men”………Francis of Assisi


Photo Courtesy Desktop Nexus

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Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals

It’s the wolves that need protected.

Exposing the Big Game

snl-106_4[If folks in New Mexico are this afraid of wolves, they must  really be paranoid of land sharks.]

Cages designed to protect children from  Mexican gray wolves at New Mexico’s bus stops have come under fire for demonizing the endangered animals, which have never attacked anyone in the  state.

Environmentalists argue the  wooden and mesh cages erected in the town of Reserve a decade ago are only furthering the misunderstanding of the animals, their behaviors and the dangers they pose [not to mention making the people of Reserve look really silly.]

But supporters of the cages – including residents and conservative anti-government organizations – insist that the animals, which were reintroduced to the area in 1998, pose a very real threat.

The  debate has resurfaced because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to  extend Endangered Species Act protections for around 75 wolves left in New  Mexico and Arizona.

The approximately 20 cages…

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