Who Needs “Old Highly Endangered Black Rhinos” Anyway?

Black Rinos in Ngorongoro Crater Wiki

Black rhinos in Ngorongoro crater

The fury continues over the  endangered black rhino that Corey Knowlton paid $350,000 to slaughter in Namibia, because after all the endangered black rhino is an old guy and who needs old endangered black rhinos anyway?

Bob Barker, host of the Price is Right and passionate animal rights activist, wrote an open letter to the Dallas Safari Club, who held the auction that allowed Knowlton to purchase a permit, issued by Namibia, to murder one of less than 5000 black rhino’s left in the world. Oh but don’t forget, that rhino’s life means nothing because he’s old!


Bob Barker Urges Safari Club Not to Auction Off License to Kill Older Male Rhino

 For Immediate Release

January 10, 2014

Moira Colley 202-483-7382

Dallas, Texas – As the Dallas Safari Club prepares to auction off a license to kill an endangered black rhinoceros in Namibia—a much-criticized move that the club has defended by explaining that it will preselect an animal who is “old and unable to reproduce”—TV icon Bob Barker has fired off a letter urging the club to call off the auction, writing, “As an older male myself, I must say that this seems like rather a harsh way of dealing with senior citizens.” Barker goes on to point out that killing an endangered animal for money is no way to fight poaching (that is, killing endangered animals for money).

Bob Barker’s letter to the Dallas Safari Club is available below.

Ben Carter, Executive Director
The Dallas Safari Club
13709 Gamma Rd.
Dallas, TX 75244

 Dear Mr. Carter:

I am writing to ask you to call off your planned auction of a chance to kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia. The rhino that your organization reportedly has in its crosshairs is an older “non-breeding” male who has apparently been deemed expendable. As an older male myself, I must say that this seems like a rather harsh way of dealing with senior citizens.

I can certainly sympathize with this animal’s plight (and I would think that many of your older members could as well). How many seniors have been written off simply because they have a certain number of birthdays under their belts? But just because you’re “retired” doesn’t mean you don’t have anything more to offer. In fact, I personally feel that I’ve accomplished a great deal since I quit my day job. Surely, it is presumptuous to assume that this rhino’s life is no longer of any value. What of the wisdom that he has acquired over the course of a long life? What’s the world coming to when a lifetime’s experience is considered a liability instead of an asset?

There are only about 5,000 black rhinos still alive in Africa. What kind of message does it send when we put a $1 million bounty on one of their heads? These animals are endangered for that very reason: money. What makes you any better than the poachers who kill rhinos to feed their families? At least, they are honest about their less noble motives. You try to dress up greed under the guise of “conservation.”

True conservationists are those who pay money to keep rhinos alive—in the form of highly lucrative eco-tourism—as opposed to those who pay money for the cheap thrill of taking this magnificent animal’s life and putting his head on a wall.

If you want someone’s head to go on a wall, pick mine. I will happily send you an autographed photo to auction off instead. My mug may not fetch as much money as that of a dead rhino, but at least we’ll all live to enjoy another sunrise in our sunset years.


Bob Barker

For more information, please visit PETA.org.

Read more: http://www.peta.org/media/news-releases/bob-barker-urges-safari-club-auction-license-kill-older-male-rhino/#ixzz2qye3ugeT
Black Rhino chewing on plants Wiki

Black Rhino chewing on plants – I’m sure the critically endangered black rhino, targeted for death, would rather be doing this!

Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society, has stated if Knowlton does in fact kill the rhino, HSUS will try to block Knowlton from bringing the rhino “trophy” back to the US. That would be some justice but I think the rhino would prefer to live out the rest of his life in peace instead of being hunted and murdered.

“The Humane Society opposed the Dallas Safari Club Auction and says it plans to fight Knowlton’s efforts to bring the black rhino trophy into the United States.

If Knowlton does hunt and kill the black rhino, he’ll need a special permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to import the animal into the country under the Endangered Species Act.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society, wrote in an online blog post that killing one endangered animal to save the species is an “Orwellian idea” and worries that it will inspire hunters to pay millions of dollars for the chance to kill orangutans, elephants or tigers.

“Where will it end?” wrote Pacelle. “The first rule of protecting the rarest animals in the world is to protect each living member of that species.”



Meanwhile, American wolves continue to be trapped, tortured and slain in the US and their deaths haven’t garnered one/thousandth the outrage  the black rhino’s plight has. Still I’m glad to see people waking up and realizing the brutality and senselessness of trophy hunting.  It’s all about respect you know. Corey Knowlton says he respects the Rhino. Yes, he respects the Rhino alright, right to his grave.

Black Rhino Skull Wiki

Corey Knowlton says he’s getting death threats and has hired a security firm for protection.  The “old endangered black rhino” should hire bodyguards too for protection, since his life is in mortal danger. It’s not fun being a hunted animal. Pot meet kettle!


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  1. I doubt that US Fish and Wildlife will do much to prevent him from bringing home his trophy. They all seem to be members of the same club.


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  3. It’s slow going, but now the Taiji dolphin slaughter has made it to the National evening news (I’ve had to leave the room). Perhaps between this senseless killing of an older rhino (in the human world they would be given Viagra) and brutal killing of dolphins, people will become more aware of this selfish and inhumane treatment of our fellow beings.


  4. It is such a shame that the only predators that will be left on our planet are going to be people


  5. Couldn’t they just separate the rhino from the herd, instead of killing him? His DNA is going to be very very valuable for preservation of his species. Safari Creeps International are very disingenuous; they just want to have a trophy and the opportunity to kill something, they have no interest in preserving species unless it’s to hunt them, and this isn’t even really a hunt.


  6. Yes there is a reason this rhinoceros survived to old age. The process of natrual selection. If someone wanted to give money to conservation, they would simply do it. To be charitable is to give without any thought of reward or praise. We’ve heard the hunter’s sorry excuse for a tagline before, and we know that he’s just desiring to kill a large animal for the sake of his own sadistic ego.


    • Note: this animal has only lived to the age he has by surviving against natural illnesses and predatory attacks, a strong example of his species.


  7. Let’s be clear here……Cory Knowlton does not have 350,000 to kill a rhino in Africa……This is all carefully orchestrated…..Let’s look at the big players here…..The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation is funded by the canned hunters in Safari Club. Ben Carter from the Dallas Safari Club is on the board with Brad Franklin from Yamaha Motor Sports…..Yamaha is the secret donor……They are trying to push this killing is conservation nonsense- which hasn’t changed since Safari Club tried to obtain hundreds of permits in 1979…..If they can’t get them legally they just bribe corrupt officials like Richard Mitchell….. or like Ken Behring- he just makes a 20 million dollar donation to the Smithsonian and then asks them to apply for an import permit for two Tara Gau Argali sheep when there were 100 animals in a small breeding population in Russia…..They are like drug addicts, always looking for that next trophy or fix…..


    • They sick, demented people. The scourge of the Earth.


  8. http://www.endangeredspecieshandbook.org/persecution_illegalities.php


  9. Eloquent letter from Bob Barker, but we all know he’s wasting his time. There’s something fundamentally wrong with these safari people,and they’re not capable of caring. They’re into the whole dominance and dominion thing, and somehow they just missed out in the genetics shuffle. They are irreparably broken and deformed.

    How to stop them? Begin by rejecting their ludicrous claim that they are conservationists. Hunters and trappers are conservationists in the same sense that child molesters and abusers “love” children. Hunters and trappers don’t “harvest;” they kill. They don’t “dispatch;” they kill. Let’s call it what it is.


    • I love your analogy that Hunters and trappers are conservationists in the same sense that child molesters and abusers “love” children.

      I wonder if Corey Knowlton would feel the same if they were auctioneering off his father, because he was too old?

      They could join the 4 Russian officials, who killed the Siberian stag or Manchurian wapiti which is protected under Russian law. It is native to Siberia and northern China. But, here comes the crunch – five men, all but one of whom work for Russia’s Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry, were recently apprehended with rifles and the carcass of this rare animal in the Churapinsky District of the Sakha Republic in Siberia.


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  11. The worst killers are the European Royalties that go on hunting prees, while sitting in Conservation Groups as WWF and IUCN, that btw have approved the rhino hunt.


  12. Its so hard to fathom people being so very cruel and heartless! These animals have as much a right to LIVE as the crap humans that kill for pleasure, sport, nothing! Punishment for these humans is LONG OVERDUE! Be it a small domestic animal or a majestic beautiful wild creature, we humans HAVE NO RIGHT to take their lives!




  14. We can thank our Asian men for the continuing demise of many endangered species…for some reason they believe that consuming the horn from a Rhino. The Rhino’s horn is made completely and totally of keratin..WHICH IS HAIR..PLAIN AND SIMPLE HAIR. Anything with a horn is in danger…Why don’t they just chew off and eat their own fingernails?? Or better yet, cut off all their hair and eat that..see if that solves their small penis problems..I am NOT racist. I am a realist..I know why and how and when and where all these “magical potions” can be found for sale..AT ANY ASIAN MARKET OR “MEDICINE” SHOP. Powdered Rhino horn sells for as much as $3500 per ounce in one of these markets..This culture is responsible for the death and disappearance of our tigers, Narwhales, some rare and endangered snakes and turtles…if it has a horn or is shaped like a penis or has a “hard shell” then Asians think if they consume it, those ‘benefits’ will pass on to their microscopic members…THEY ARE WRONG…Consuming hair will NOT make your penis any larger..all it does is make you look like a complete and total idiot.


    • I made a typo in my second sentence and they have no ‘edit’ feature. I mean to say “For some reason they believe that if they consume the horn from a Rhino it will make their penis bigger”..


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  16. My head hurts, my heart aches. I noticed you quit putting the wolf death toll on your web site. I cry so much lately for all abused animals
    and most of all my beloved kindred spirits the Wolves, and their suffering.
    Blessings to you Nabeki, for all you do.


  17. This is ridiculous beyond the limit of ridiculousness! Black Rhinos are classified as critically endangered and there are already enough problems with poaching; we should not allow even more rhino deaths at the hands of sport hunters. As to how killing an incredibly rare animal helps with its conservation I will never understand.


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