Speak For Wolves: Yellowstone 2014

Speak for wolves Yellowstone 2014

Roosevelt Arch – North Entrance Yellowstone National Park (Gardiner, Mt)

Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 is essentially about hope. It’s an opportunity for the American people to unite and demand wildlife management reform and restore our national heritage. On June 28-29, 2014, thousands of Americans will meet in Arch Park in Gardiner, Montana to hear why we need to reform wildlife management, at both the state and federal level, and how we can do it.

There are five main principles behind reforming wildlife management:

1. No killing of predators–period. The best available science suggest that predators, including wolves, are a self-regulating species. In other words, predators don’t overpopulate; instead their populations naturally fluctuate, as do prey or ungulate populations. “Managing” predators is code word for killing them, and it is not necessary, and no longer to be tolerated. Non-lethal measures can be effective in rare instances where there are actual human/predator conflicts.

2. Removal of all livestock from federal public lands. It is well documented the damage that cows/cattle/livestock cause across our wildlands. They are non-native and invasive and are responsible for soil compaction, a decrease in water retention and aquifer recharge, erosion, destruction of wetlands and riparian areas, flooding, and a net-loss of biodiversity. They enable invasive plant species to proliferate, which effects the West’s historic fire regime.

3. Banning trapping/snaring on all federal public lands. We must evolve as a society and move away from this barbaric, unethical, cruel and tortuous method(s) of killing native wildlife. Leg-hold traps, conibear traps and other devices are indiscriminate killers. In other words, anything and everything can walk into them, including humans and dogs. Trappers are currently required to check their traps once every 72-hours.

4. Abolishing Wildlife Services. Hidden within the US Department of Agriculture, is a rogue agency that is essentially the wildlife killing-arm of the federal government. For over 100-years this federal tax-payer supported agency has largely worked on behalf of the livestock industry and is responsible for the death of tens-of millions of native wildlife. Methods of killing include trapping, poisoning, and aerial gunning of native wildlife.

5. Restructuring the way state Fish & Game agencies operate. Politics: western governors currently appoint agency commissioners, which essentially, tell the state departments what to do. This is cronyism at its worst. Economics: state agencies are mostly funded by the sale of hunting/fishing tags or permits. They are binded into serving the interest of “sportsmen” because it’s the hand that feeds them. Science and democracy are sorely lacking in these departments.

Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 is about taking an important step towards stopping the wolf slaughter that is currently taking place across the United States. We must look the real problem in the eye, however, and take bold measures. The status quo is broken, in both, how wildlife is being “managed” at the state and federal level, and how the public is dealing with it: public meetings, appeals, litigation, etc. We can continue to attempt to stop the bleeding or instead, address the real causes of the problem, which are the 5 principles.

Come to Arch Park in Gardiner, Montana June 28-29, 2014. The event is family friendly and will feature prominent speakers, live music, video production crews, education and outreach booths, food and drink vendors and the screening of wildlife documentaries. This is going to be the event of the year in the northern Rockies. Together we can make history and restore our wild national heritage!

Brett Haverstick

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Photo: Courtesy Brett Haverstick
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  1. Have been to the Great Northwest many times in the past and have always considered it the most beautiful part of our country but with them slaughtering wolves for the sake of elk hunters and using “Our” land for grazing am not really happy with them. This needs to be stopped.


    • Agree! Write legislators…


  2. I so wish I could be there..with all my heart. The message is perfect. It’s clear. It’s honesty not only from the heart, but from statistics…and from those good old brain cells that perform COMMON SENSE!


  3. Leaving the US agriculture dept in charge of anything, is a big mistake. When the people speak, the gov doesn’t listen but they do what they want to do regardless of our decisions to save our wildlife. I will be there with many others who protest the slaughter of the wolves. We will protest the Dept. of Agriculture’s actions. Flood this dept. with calls, letters, e mails. telling them to stop the killing of our, OUR wildlife.


  4. I’m going to try very hard to be there. It will be a wonderful thing to do this.


    • I wonder if we met at the Idaho Environmental Forum that was supposed to — but didn’t — talk about the Wolf Control Board, Idalupine? I’ve seen your comments and wondered where you are in Idaho. I’m in Boise, and I’m headed to Gardiner next Friday.


  5. how can we save the human en the planet if we not can save or wild live?


  6. I would like to. but this in my spirit for my brothers’m a wild wolf-therian network and creator of victory to those fighting for wildlife


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  8. What a great article I and mine will be there and spread the word.The vast majority of American people want these animals protected.They just have to get up and work to save them.


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  10. Pinned, tweeted, and scooped (see the scoop at http://scoop.it/t/ecoscifi). Thank you.


  11. “Restore our national wildlife heritage ”
    This is exactly what needs to happen since we have had 2 sec of interiors under the current president that seem to know nothing of that heritage, except to erode and give it away as fast as they can
    No respect or good guidance from above, so we have seen the wild decimated and sold out under our collective feet. This is a great chance to take back what others already worked to put in place. This is not revolutionary thinking just common sense and shows us the breadth of what has been lost
    Take back our American heritage and show up


  12. People have no idea what they are doing, the hunt and kill indescrimitaly…until there is no more, or the people have to put the animal on “endangered status”, If people realized the harm they are doing, not only to us, but to their own children, perhaps they’d get a conscience and stop the slaughter!!


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  14. Have we not caused enough damage to this wonderful Planet we live in Yet???


  15. Gonna save up my money if I can get a job! It’s only 2 hours away from me!


  16. I am going to try hard to go to this.


  17. I’m going and made reservations over a month ago to stay in Gardiner, MT.


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  19. wake up smell the coffee this is the real world, go back to the city. You don’t care about the ppl in the country anyway.


    • Hey Dave,

      I happen to live in the Northern Rockies IN THE COUNTRY, as a matter of fact IN WOLF COUNTRY. Yes I live around wolves and sadly, because of all the killing the last 4 1/2 years, I rarely ever see a wild wolf. So stop generalizing wolf advocates, you have no idea who we are.

      Why don’t YOU smell the coffee and get your facts straight?



  20. Hello,

    How can I find a schedule of events? I can only come for one of the days, will need to decide which one. Thank you!


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