Anti-Wolfers Worried Senate Bill 1305 Could Get Wolves Relisted…..

Update: February 28, 2012

Signatures are @ 4126, close to 5000. We can do this…just 874 to go!!!!


The Care2 Petition against Idaho S1305, the Live Bait, Kill Wolves Bill has over 3300 signatures!!  We just need that little extra push to make it to 5000 before the Idaho Senate votes!! Keep signing Warriors!

Idaho: No Animals Used as Live Bait



Contact Idaho Senators

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Something interesting is happening. Unintended consequences are starting to dawn on the wolf hating community.  Some are worried 1305 has gone too far, even for them.

Rep. Mike Simpson R-ID  has spoken publicly about his concerns over the bill. I’m sure  he doesn’t want all his hard work helping to delist wolves, undone. He’s the US Idaho Representative who inserted the wolf delisting rider into the House of Representatives budget bill and helped remove wolves’ ESA protections, along with Tester over in the Senate. He knows 1305 is over the top. It could void the agreement Idaho has with the feds and put wolves right back under federal protection, where they belong.  It could open the door for environmental groups or even a private citizen to petition to have wolves relisted. The case most assuredly would end up on the desk of  Federal District Court Judge Donald Molloy. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?

They may not be able to stop themselves despite the warnings. Idaho Wildlife Services just aerial gunned 14 innocent  Lolo wolves for breathing air. These wolves died on the altar of the elk god. It seems they will stop at nothing to try to recreate a phantom elk paradise in the Lolo, so hunters can once again become the top dog in that region, even going so far as to extend the wolf hunt in the Lolo and Selway zones through June 2012, all the way though wolf breeding, denning and pupping season. And we can’t forget the 321 wolves who’ve lost their lives in the ongoing Idaho wolf hunt, to say nothing of the untold number of wolves who’ve been poached, including Journey’s (OR7) brother OR9 who was killed by a hunter with an expired wolf tag and received just a slap on the wrist by IDFG. I wonder what charges would have been brought if he had killed a 7 point bull elk out of season?   But nothing will  rival the carnage and senseless slaughter Senate bill 1305 would bring down on wolves.

Idaho is like a kid with a twenty-dollar bill in a candy shop. They can’t be trusted  not to spend the entire twenty dollars and gorge themselves. They’re  gorging on wolf blood and don’t know when to stop.  It’s disgracing the entire state.  In their feeding frenzy to kill as many wolves as possible, they are actually helping the pro-wolf side show the world how irresponsible their “wolf management/killing” really is.

An Editorial by the Idaho Statesman:

Our View: Taking the bait? Wolf ‘control’ bill says a lot about the session

12:00am on Feb 26, 2012; Modified: 9:47am on Feb 26, 2012

Reflecting their constituents, many state legislators hold the wolf and the federal government in roughly equal contempt.

How ironic, then, that an over-the-top wolf “control” bill working its way through the Legislature could actually cost the state its ability to manage this predator.

And how fitting, in a 2012 session long on bluster and blatantly bad legislation.

State law already allows ranchers and pet owners to kill wolves that kill or harass livestock or domestic animals, without a permit. But that isn’t enough for Sen. Jeff Siddoway, R-Terreton, who is leading this misguided measure to put the wolf control law on legislative steroids.

Click here to read more

During the last wolf  extermination, that left almost every wolf dead in the lower 48, except for a tiny population in Minnesota. the wolf killers employed any means necessary to kill wolves no matter how brutal. One of the most effective and disgusting practices used was denning, killing wolf puppies, still tied to their dens. They would often use a small child to aid them in ferreting out the pups, since they were  small enough to crawl into the dens. I guess they weren’t too worried about those children getting attacked by a wolf mother, whose babies were being systematically murdered before her eyes,  with her fate sealed as well.

“One of the most successful ways professional wolfers removed pups from their dens involved employing the services of a young child. The child, small enough to crawl into the den space, would grab a pup. Once the child possessed the pup, the wolfer, standing outside the den, would pull the child and pup out. This was done repeatedly until all of the pups were removed and killed (Young and Goldman 1944). One trapper relates his experiences denning with a small child, “My son often took hold of a young wolf that was extremely difficult to handle, and…occasionally he got hold of an old adult female, but never suffered any disastrous results” (Young and Goldman 1944:319). 

Yes wolf advocates,  that’s just a tiny part of the ugly legacy of wolf decimation foisted upon these long-suffering, persecuted animals. It looks like we are sinking back into that dark period once more.  Everyone who understands the history of wolf eradication in the lower 48 predicted this holocaust if the  states were ever given control of wolves again.  Sadly it’s all coming true, thanks to that singular act by President Obama, in the Spring of 2009, when he and his rancher Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, delisted gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.

 Top Photo: kewlwallpapers

Bottom photo: Wikimedia commons

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ACTION ALERT: Care2 Petition “Idaho: No Animals Used As Live Bait”…PLEASE SIGN!!!!

Update: February 25, 2012 signatures are at 1700 @ 11:35 am!!

care2 petitionsite

Idaho: No Animals Used as Live Bait

Idaho Senate Bill S1305 passed committee and will go to the Senate for a vote as early February 29, 2012.  This bill allows for slaughter of wolves found molesting livestock by any means.  It specifically allows for baiting wolves with live animals.  State Senator Jeff Siddoway said “even dogs” could be used as bait.

Using any sentient being as bait to kill another is cruel and inhumane.  It causes undue stress to the bait animal and puts them in harms way to be killed by wolves before a gunman kills the wolf.



We need to go all out on this Warriors and get behind this petition. 5000 signatures are needed and I know we can do it.

Friends of the Clearwater, NIWA, Wolf Warriors and Howling for Justice are adamantly supporting this petition. The vote in the Idaho Senate can come as early as next week and then it’s on to the House. If  it’s voted out of the Idaho House I  have no doubt Governor Otter would sign it. If this bill becomes law it would decimate the already beleaguered Idaho wolves.

Remember what this bill would allow:

“The bill would let livestock owners whose animals are molested by wolves shoot the wolves from motorized vehicles, powered parachutes, helicopters or fixed-wing planes, by night or day, using rifles, pistols, shotguns, or crossbows, night scopes, electronic calls, and traps with live bait.”

Let’s get our signing fingers out for the wolves and achieve the 5000 signatures!!  Share this with everyone you know!!

The wolf haters might have gone too far this time. In their eagerness to slaughter wolves it could have the opposite effect and put wolves back under the protection of the ESA. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?

For the wolves, For the wild ones,




Idaho Senate


President Obama


President Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

White House Phone Numbers: 202-456-1414 and 202-456-1111


Department of the Interior: Secretary Ken Salazar

Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240



Wolf Issue Comment Line


Mailing Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Phone: (202) 208-3100
Web: Feedback form


Live Bait Okay to Kill Idaho Wolves

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  • February 24, 2012
  • 9:00 pm
  • Idaho State Senator Jeff Siddoway introduced bill S1305 into the statehouse this week.  The bill will allow slaughter of wolves found molesting livestock, by any means.  This includes shooting wolves from motorized vehicles, powered parachutes, helicopters or fixed-wing planes.  Rifles, pistols, shotguns, crossbows, night scopes, electronic calls — day or night.
  • In Idaho, livestock consists of mainly sheep and cattle. The bill specifically includes the use of live bait. It’s not just wolves in Idaho that are in danger; any living creature could become bait if bill S1305is passed.


Photo: Care 2 Petitions

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Idaho Senate Bill 1305, “Live Bait Wolf Kill Bill”….Descent Into Depravity

The Face Of “Live Bait”??????

Here’s the run down on the “Live Bait, Wolf Kill Bill” that was discussed yesterday by the Idaho SENATE RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE. Seriously this is so upsetting to me I can hardly stand to comment on it. It’s  a witch hunt rivaling the Salem Witch hunt.

There has been no vote on this disgusting bill BUT the committee meets again,TODAY,  Wednesday, February 22, 2012 and their could be a vote. We don’t have much time!!


Friends of the Clearwater

FEBRUARY 21, 2012
Contact: Brett Haverstick (208) 882-9755
              Gary Macfarlane (208) 882-9755
Group outraged at Idaho SB 1305-Using “Live-Bait” to kill Grey Wolves

BOISE–Friends of the Clearwater traveled to the state capitol yesterday and attended the Senate Resources and Environment Committee hearing for Senate Bill 1305. More wolves will die if sheep grower and Idaho State Senator Jeff Siddoway’s bill is approved. According to Siddoway, as quoted in the Idaho Statesman, “You can basically go after them [wolves] by any means possible. And when I say get ’em, I mean kill ’em.” Over 280 wolves have been shot, trapped or snared in Idaho since the state’s wolf hunt commenced in August 2011.

The bill would allow ranchers to use ultralight aircraft for tracking and killing wolves, as well as the use of “live-bait” to lure in wolves. Although Siddoway claimed that it was not his intent, the broad language in the bill does not require a livestock owner with a kill-permit to protect the “live-bait”, nor does it outline what the “live-bait” could be. “Some might use dogs as bait,” Siddoway exclaimed.

Wolves are a rare and imperiled species in the lower 48, regardless of federal delisting by Congress and President Obama in a 2011 budget rider. “Despite anti-wolf rhetoric and deliberate distortion of the facts, wolves and other top predators strengthen elk and deer herds and allow damaged riparian systems to recover,” Education & Outreach Director Brett Haverstick explained. “Protections are already in place for livestock owners experiencing depredation problems. No one wants to talk about the fact that less than 1% of livestock depredation in the Northern Rockies is due to wolves though. Nor the fact that domestic sheep herds are wiping out wild bighorn sheep. This bill is also cruel and barbaric.”

According to the Environmental Working Group, the Siddoway Sheep Company received over $900,000.00 in wool and sheep meat subsidies between 1995-2010. Siddoway is an Idaho landowner who grazes his livestock on public lands and holds public grazing permits. He is a past president of the Idaho Woolgrowers, a former Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner, and a current state senator. “Siddoway is no friend to wildlife or public lands,” concluded Haverstick.


Just want to remind everyone how we got to this awful place.  Senate Democrats and President Obama removed wolves ESA protections in the Northern Rockies last year via budget rider, turning them over to people like Jeff Siddoway. In other words offering wolves up as sacrificial lambs (pun intended) to their enemies.  Mark Bekoff , professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Colorado-Boulder, said it best:

“We killed wolves, we reintroduced wolves, and now they’ve been removed from the Endangered Species Act,” Marc Bekoff, professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Colorado-Boulder, said. “So there’s a real ethical dilemma here. You kill animals and you bring them back and then you kill them again and so it’s a waste of time, a lot of person power and money.”

Proposed Idaho legislation could let ranchers use dogs as live bait to kill wolves

7:05 PM, Feb 20, 2012


Meanwhile, Idaho sheep ranchers made lots of cash raising sheep in 2010. In fact 2010 was a banner year and the income from raising sheep was the largest since 1984.  I guess wolves haven’t killed all the sheep in Idaho.  There  are 235,000 sheep in Idaho and the main predator of sheep is the coyote, responsible for 60% of  sheep loss, followed by the domestic dog at 13.35%.  Wolves control coyote numbers. so fewer wolves mean more coyotes.  Of course, common sense and facts don’t have anything to do with the dog and pony show playing out in the Idaho Senate.

Coyotes were responsible for 60.5% of all deaths, with the next largest being domestic dogs at 13.3%.[7] Other North American predators of sheep included cougars (5.7%), bobcats (4.9%)eagles (2.8%)bears (3.8%), and foxes (1.9%).[7] Wolves, ravens, vultures, and other animals together made up the remaining 7.1% of deaths.[7]”

Wikipedia Commons


Idaho sheep, lamb growers report healthy revenue

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2011 12:00 am

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho sheep and lamb growers made more money in 2010 than in any year since 1984, the Idaho Department of Agriculture says.

 The agency reports that receipts totaled $22.7 million last year, a 38 percent increase from 2009. Officials tell the Idaho Business Review  that short supplies are driving up prices.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service says the number of sheep and lambs in the state rose 6 percent in 2010 to 235,000, and the American Sheep Industry Association is encouraging sheep ranchers to increase flocks by two ewes per 100 by April 2014.

“We need to fill the traditional market channel to keep American lamb in the largest grocery store chains and in the restaurant chains,” said Clint Krebs, the sheep association’s vice president. “Additionally, we need our wool companies to fill the pipeline for U.S. military use of our wool. Combining the growing ethnic market with the need to keep traditional companies operating means we need to produce more.”

Barry Duelke is a veterinarian in Buhl in south-central Idaho who also has 2,000 sheep. He serves on the board of the Idaho Wool Growers Association.

He said the industry faces challenges with federal range policies, environmental groups concerned about sheep on public land, and an increase in predators.

“We have got an environment community that wants to kill the range industry in this state,” he said.

He also said feed for sheep has become more expensive, and that it’s difficult to find sheepherders who can handle the tough conditions of the job.

“Domestic sheep herders have not been available for a very long time,” Duelke said. “That very definitely has something to do with the attrition rate in the industry.”




The committee meets Today, Wednesday 22, 2012. Please try to call as many committee members as you can,  I would call the Democrats first, Michelle  Stennett and Elliot Werk. They will  be receptive to your comments. Be polite but let them know what you think of this bill. Also call IDFG, they don’t sound too keen on this bill. 

I suggest writing letters to the editor. Spread the word. This cannot stand!!!! We can’t allow animals to be used as live bait, it’s animal cruelty. The bait animals will be in stark terror IF they’re not killed!! And wolves, what fresh hell are they going to cook up for them next? Does Idaho realize what this is doing to the reputation of the state?

Resources and Environment Committee Members

M, W, F, 1:30 pm, Room WW55
Secretary: Juanita Budell



Elliot  Werk (D)     E-mail    Additional Information
District 17
6810 Randolph Dr., Boise, 83709
Bus (208) 658-0388
Local Government & Taxation
Resources & Environment


Michelle  Stennett (D)     E-mail    Additional Information
Minority Caucus Chair
District 25
P.O. Box 475, Ketchum, 83340
Home (208) 726-8106
Commerce & Human Resources
Resources & Environment
State Affairs


Monty  J.  Pearce (R)     E-mail    Additional Information
District 9
2001 County Line Rd., New Plymouth, 83655
Home (208) 278-5408
Resources & Environment – Chair 
Agricultural Affairs


Jeff  C.  Siddoway (R)     E-mail     Additional Information
District 35
1764 E. 1200 N., Terreton, 83450
Home (208) 663-4585
FAX (208) 663-4428
Agricultural Affairs – Chair
Local Government & Taxation
Resources & Environment


Steve  Bair (R)     E-mail  Additional Information
District 28
947 W. 200 S., Blackfoot, 83221
Home (208) 684-5209
FAX (208) 684-5209
Resources & Environment – Vice Chair 


Dean  L.  Cameron (R)     E-mail     Additional Information
District 26
1101 Ruby Dr., Rupert, 83350
Home (208) 436-5624
Bus (208) 436-4424
FAX (208) 436-3776
Owner, Insurance & Investment Agency
Finance – Chair
Commerce & Human Resources
Resources & Environment


Bert  Brackett (R)     E-mail       Additional Information
District 23
48331 Three Creek Highway, Rogerson, 83302
Home (208) 857-2217
Transportation – Vice Chair
Resources & Environment


Lee  Heider (R)     E-mail    Additional Information
District 24
1631 Richmond Dr., Twin Falls, 83301
Home (208) 734-8864
Health & Welfare
Resources & Environment


John  Tippets (R)     E-mail    Additional Information
District 31
610 Red Canyon Road, Montpelier, 83254
Home (208) 847-2876
Bus (208) 547-1823
Public Affairs Manager
Commerce & Human Resources
Resources & Environment



Virgil Moore: 208-334-3771


Photo: Chained puppy,  PETA

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