Anti-Wolfers Worried Senate Bill 1305 Could Get Wolves Relisted…..

Update: February 28, 2012

Signatures are @ 4126, close to 5000. We can do this…just 874 to go!!!!


The Care2 Petition against Idaho S1305, the Live Bait, Kill Wolves Bill has over 3300 signatures!!  We just need that little extra push to make it to 5000 before the Idaho Senate votes!! Keep signing Warriors!

Idaho: No Animals Used as Live Bait



Contact Idaho Senators

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Something interesting is happening. Unintended consequences are starting to dawn on the wolf hating community.  Some are worried 1305 has gone too far, even for them.

Rep. Mike Simpson R-ID  has spoken publicly about his concerns over the bill. I’m sure  he doesn’t want all his hard work helping to delist wolves, undone. He’s the US Idaho Representative who inserted the wolf delisting rider into the House of Representatives budget bill and helped remove wolves’ ESA protections, along with Tester over in the Senate. He knows 1305 is over the top. It could void the agreement Idaho has with the feds and put wolves right back under federal protection, where they belong.  It could open the door for environmental groups or even a private citizen to petition to have wolves relisted. The case most assuredly would end up on the desk of  Federal District Court Judge Donald Molloy. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?

They may not be able to stop themselves despite the warnings. Idaho Wildlife Services just aerial gunned 14 innocent  Lolo wolves for breathing air. These wolves died on the altar of the elk god. It seems they will stop at nothing to try to recreate a phantom elk paradise in the Lolo, so hunters can once again become the top dog in that region, even going so far as to extend the wolf hunt in the Lolo and Selway zones through June 2012, all the way though wolf breeding, denning and pupping season. And we can’t forget the 321 wolves who’ve lost their lives in the ongoing Idaho wolf hunt, to say nothing of the untold number of wolves who’ve been poached, including Journey’s (OR7) brother OR9 who was killed by a hunter with an expired wolf tag and received just a slap on the wrist by IDFG. I wonder what charges would have been brought if he had killed a 7 point bull elk out of season?   But nothing will  rival the carnage and senseless slaughter Senate bill 1305 would bring down on wolves.

Idaho is like a kid with a twenty-dollar bill in a candy shop. They can’t be trusted  not to spend the entire twenty dollars and gorge themselves. They’re  gorging on wolf blood and don’t know when to stop.  It’s disgracing the entire state.  In their feeding frenzy to kill as many wolves as possible, they are actually helping the pro-wolf side show the world how irresponsible their “wolf management/killing” really is.

An Editorial by the Idaho Statesman:

Our View: Taking the bait? Wolf ‘control’ bill says a lot about the session

12:00am on Feb 26, 2012; Modified: 9:47am on Feb 26, 2012

Reflecting their constituents, many state legislators hold the wolf and the federal government in roughly equal contempt.

How ironic, then, that an over-the-top wolf “control” bill working its way through the Legislature could actually cost the state its ability to manage this predator.

And how fitting, in a 2012 session long on bluster and blatantly bad legislation.

State law already allows ranchers and pet owners to kill wolves that kill or harass livestock or domestic animals, without a permit. But that isn’t enough for Sen. Jeff Siddoway, R-Terreton, who is leading this misguided measure to put the wolf control law on legislative steroids.

Click here to read more

During the last wolf  extermination, that left almost every wolf dead in the lower 48, except for a tiny population in Minnesota. the wolf killers employed any means necessary to kill wolves no matter how brutal. One of the most effective and disgusting practices used was denning, killing wolf puppies, still tied to their dens. They would often use a small child to aid them in ferreting out the pups, since they were  small enough to crawl into the dens. I guess they weren’t too worried about those children getting attacked by a wolf mother, whose babies were being systematically murdered before her eyes,  with her fate sealed as well.

“One of the most successful ways professional wolfers removed pups from their dens involved employing the services of a young child. The child, small enough to crawl into the den space, would grab a pup. Once the child possessed the pup, the wolfer, standing outside the den, would pull the child and pup out. This was done repeatedly until all of the pups were removed and killed (Young and Goldman 1944). One trapper relates his experiences denning with a small child, “My son often took hold of a young wolf that was extremely difficult to handle, and…occasionally he got hold of an old adult female, but never suffered any disastrous results” (Young and Goldman 1944:319). 

Yes wolf advocates,  that’s just a tiny part of the ugly legacy of wolf decimation foisted upon these long-suffering, persecuted animals. It looks like we are sinking back into that dark period once more.  Everyone who understands the history of wolf eradication in the lower 48 predicted this holocaust if the  states were ever given control of wolves again.  Sadly it’s all coming true, thanks to that singular act by President Obama, in the Spring of 2009, when he and his rancher Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, delisted gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.

 Top Photo: kewlwallpapers

Bottom photo: Wikimedia commons

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  1. no words for this cruelty. i only hope we can keep bringing awareness to people who simply have no information about these atrocities.seems, maybe, our numbers are growing.stay strong and vocal and clear headed..for the wolves.!!.which ultimately means for a more balanced world.


  2. we know what is right
    and we do not like
    hunter sh*t
    we will never give up
    until there is no more
    of it
    wolves are our brothers
    the earth is to share
    if we had our druthers
    wolves will be safe




  4. How evil – using their own children as “bait”, the gluttony for killing is so bad. Obviously, they didn’t fear the wolves hurting their children, so the lies are so big they can’t cover them up. It’s disgusting, treating such a noble animal like vermin. God must cry when he looks down and see what we do to his beautiful creation. No appreciation, just thinking we can do better. Disgusting, and I hope and pray our administration in Washington will see that delisting wolves was a mistake because the Rocky Mountain states can’t handle the responsibility and reintates them. Hopefully other states the wolf passes through will do better.


  5. Everything you say is true but when it’s time for heads to roll don’t forget to include David Mech, the so-called wolf guru, who serves as head biologist with Ken Salazar in the Department of Interior, “advising” on wolf/predator management!!!!!!


  6. Everyone needs to contact PETA, The Humane Society and every animal organization in your city, county or state you believe may help to get involved with this! I am!


  7. This is why I hate human beings …….. it’s called free will. Who ever is up above, may it be God, Buddha, Allah, & who ever else you worship
    is does look down in sadness. I know I should not hate – but I do. My love of animals is far to deep & my heart is filled with sadness every time I see or read anything that has to do with the killing of any animal.
    Of course I do have my favorites & the wolf is one of those that I have always loved & have had an interest in.


  8. Speaking of Dr. David Mech: I just resigned my membership in the International Wolf Center, where Dr. Mech is head of the Board of Directors. I have been a member since 1990, but I have had enough of their policy of just telling people about wolves and not doing any type of what they consider controversial advocacy. They have subtly been supporting delisting for some time now, had several how to articles on wolf hunting last year, and in the latest magazine issue have an article stating Wyoming wolves should be delisted now and given to state management. The author says professionals in the Fish and Game agency will make sure not too many wolves are killed. I was infuriated by this and that there was no mention that wolves will be slaughtered by any means in 90% of the state. The reason I stayed with the group after the wolf hunting articles was them stating that these articles did not reflect the opinion of the IWC. The truth is they don’t have an opinion and won’t get involved.


    • Hi Judy,
      I’m from England and so at a distance from what you guys and as such I try to follow what’s going on, though the various complexities of law, state, government involvement and the machinations of who is at the heart of all this and making the decisions, and its like a jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing.
      I have a book by David Mech/Luigi Boitani which is wonderful, so it was a shock when you wrote your e mail here as I guess you just think that someone like that would not be so onside with what appears to be the ‘wrong’ people. Why would they wish to be silent when it seems many biologists are rigidly opposed to much of the policies in operation? Is it an ‘old boys network’, funding, can you or Nabeki throw any light on this?
      Surely if ‘high profile’ people like this remain silent its a sign of consent.
      Perhaps we should be e mailing people like Barry Lopez or in my country Robert MacFarlane for an opinion and possible support?


  9. The more I read about this disgusting War on Wolves, the more it terrifies me as to the future of our environment and health. Wolves were place on this earth for a reason. Since time immemorial they have been playing their part in contributing to the natural balance of our wild lands. They are the natural predators of the sick, weak and fallen and do their part to ensure that the larger animals remaining are healthy and strong. Thus perpetuating good bloodlines and fleet and active young. Elk are prone to illness, such as brucellosis, which I believe exists in some found today in the recent past. Elk need to be strong in order to overcone this outbreak, which btw, is transferrable to humans, as has been noted in cattle/human crossing, they therefore need to have predators in place to kill the sick and preserve the ongoing healthy balance. Man, in his unadulterated lust to kill, has singled out the Wolf as an easy prey especially now, with spring approaching and Mamas in dens, attempting to protect their pups against the technology and might of their human foe. Please help us to preserve our wolf bands from politicians and hunters before it is too late and the only wolves left for our childrens’ generation, will be captive and weakened…


  10. I just want to say right now that if the wolf is relisted, I will go to every anti-wolfer on youtube and say ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’ Then I will post an epicly long possibly 10 minute rant about how the northern rockie states obviously can’t manage their wolves properly and can not be trusted to do so again. -_-


  11. I’m off to meet a candidate for Tammy Baldwin’s seat in Wisconsin. I have a copy of Wisc. Bill 502 which will allow hunting with dogs. Hunting dogs with dogs. How brilliant. Hope the Humane Society challenges this one. Some one had mentioned a while back that when times get tough, men just lose it. How true. First they grab guns to sooth the frustration and then go after women to proove themselves superior. Any one else notice this?


  12. There is a public hearing before the Wisconsin Senate tomorrow. I am unable to attend, but I will be having someone read my statement for the record. This is what I submitted:

    “This statement is to register my opposition towards SB 411 as a concerned citizen of the State of Wisconsin.

    On January 27, 2012 management of the gray wolf was officially turned over to the State of Wisconsin. This event happened through the hard work and dedication of those who devoted their time and energy to bring this majestic animal back from a successful extermination campaign in the 19th and 20th centuries. This return should be celebrated. However, within hours of the official delisting announcement a bill was introduced by Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford), AB502, which would establish a wolf “harvesting” season in Wisconsin. This bill proposes a path to a second extermination in the most brutal ways possible. In a Wisconsin State Journal article dated February 1, 2012, Rep. Suder makes it clear that his goal is to reduce the wolf population to 350 from an estimated number of 800. He repeated the same statement on Wisconsin Public Radio the next day. What is even more disturbing are the provisions contained within SB 411/AB 502 that allow for a four and a half month hunting season, use of dogs, trapping, electronic calls, bait, shooting from and across roads, and the continued reimbursement for bear hunters whose dogs are killed by wolves.

    The gray wolf is a valued species among a vast swath of our state’s citizens, yet these bills appear to have been written for a very narrow segment of the population. Hunters and trappers are a minority of the population in the State of Wisconsin. People who hunt with dogs are an even smaller minority within the overall population of citizens and hunters. Why was their input valued more than the rest of the state citizens? The authors of this bill sought the input of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Safari Club International, and other like-minded groups. These groups represent a minority of Wisconsin citizens, yet many of the provisions in this bill appear to have been written on their behalf, especially the provisions to hunt with dogs, and at night. Where is the input from the citizens that value the gray wolf as more than a moving target to be shot, trapped, or ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs? In the February 2nd interview on Wisconsin Public Radio, Rep. Suder called hunting with dogs a “tradition” in Wisconsin. The reality is that this is only a “tradition” for a very tiny segment of the population, not the vast majority of state citizens including other hunters. In fact, recent surveys by the University of Wisconsin show that the vast majority of Wisconsin citizens oppose the hunting of wolves by dogs. This provision and many others in this bill are horrendous and do nothing but put Wisconsin in a bad light.

    To allow a species that was considered an endangered species less than a month ago to be hunted through the most barbaric techniques possible is not only concerning, but shameful. It is also shameful to justify this bill as anything other than a twisted method of “payback” against a species that a vast number of Wisconsin citizens cherish. There are already mechanisms in place to allow the state to deal with depredating wolves and packs. The real intent of this bill seems to be only providing another species to be hunted for “recreational” purposes, in the most brutal ways possible.

    Wolves are not killing all of the deer, and they are not going to eat your children. Do we really need to be reminded again that Little Red Riding Hood is fiction? Using fear mongering tactics and pandering to special interests is no way for wildlife to be managed in our state. This bill and the provisions contained within should be rejected.”

    This bill is shameful, and if it passes I hope that the courts are bombarded with lawsuits. I am embarrassed to be from this state.


    • Paul…I’m actually getting shell shocked from all the killing. Idaho is killing hundreds of wolves and the awful bill S1305 will be up for a vote in the full Idaho Senate this week.

      Who knew this abomination of a bill would come out of Wisconsin? You wrote an excellent letter. Would you mind if I posted it on the front of the blog? I want people to be aware of this. It has to be stopped. Has this country gone mad? The state legislators are only listening to the hunting and ranching lobbies. Where are the environmental groups. Where is legislation to protect the wolves from this? I’m stunned.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki-

        Absolutely you may post it. Word needs to get out about this insanity. These people are going too far, and will not be happy until the wolf is exterminated once again. I am asking myself the same question about the lack of input from wildlife groups. The only major groups that I have found to have spoken out about this is the Center For Biological Diversity, and a lackluster response from the HSUS. If this passes lawsuits need to be filed immediately as the “authors” of this bill have made it very clear that they want to knock the population down to 350. Don’t let Wisconsin’s progressive past fool you, this state is flat out brutal toward animals. You should see how dogs are allowed to hunt bears in this state. In fact they now plan to teach hunting and trapping in public schools for credit. This kill, kill, kill mentality has spiraled out of control and it needs to be stopped before irreparable damage is done to our wildlife.


      • Now I ashamed to be a past native of Wisconsin


  13. This has turned into such a nightmare – and was so predictable and avoidable. These states either have gone completely blood simple or are pretty confident that their shills in Washington will cover for them. I do hope and pray that the wolves go right back on the Endangered list; but I don’t know that we’ll be that lucky.

    I ran across a little blurb about our guy OR-7, and environmentalists wanting him to be protected under CA’s endangered species list – only problem was that the article described a wolf like something out of “The Grey”. Who says film and media depiction isn’t harmful? The negativity is so ingrained in our consciousness and so pervasive that I don’t even think people are aware of it. Also, I was reading where Idaho would like the state’s “sportsmen” to manage the program. Killing baby wolves isn’t hunting. 😦


  14. I been following this aerial hunting trapping murderous wolf fight for some time now…and I must say I’m sickened by how much these psychos are killing off the wolves…I love wolves so much…that i own one!! yes I proudly own one…and no Im not saying they should be pets…but its like having a dog…i’ve had no problems with her whatsoever…and she lives with my one and a half year old son…and a cat and a ferret…shes almost 2 years of age..

    but anyways all the stories ive heard of these animals being maneating killers out for blood is all hollywood stories…nothing more…and using your own kids to help kill wolf pups??? are you kidding me??…Humans already know that when kids or teens harm animals or see it happening it leads to bigger problems!!!! Meaning they almost certaintly become serial killers or are ok with TAKING OUT someone!!!!!!!

    how F******G STUPID can a person be!!!!!! WOW I am ashamed be a human…really I am…AND president OBAMA if you want my vote for re-election you WILL relist wolves back on endangered and leave them ALONE!!!!….hunters trappers and ranchers are the ones that need to back off wild animals…and find a new hobby…cuz your the F***K Tards messing with the deer and elk and other hoove stock animals…that an disease and famine and habitat loss…

    If this bill passes Ill sue you all myself and i know PLENTY of others who will do so as well.


  15. In reply to the commenter from England who was so surprised to hear that Dr. Mech is not the person he appears to be from his books: I got involved with protecting wolves from reading those very books, but have found out in recent years that Dr. Mech is very much in favor of wolf hunting. The International Wolf Center itself won’t take a position on anything controversial about wolves, which is ludicrous. Wolves are a very controversial animal. I lectured for the IWC in Colorado for 6 years in the ’90s, but I wasn’t allowed to get people to write letters opposing horrid things like aerial wolf hunting in Alaska. Then, I thought teaching true wolf behavior and ecology would end the culture of killing for the sake of killing. I was obviously wrong


  16. I think every politician who passed bills to allow
    the most sadistic forms of animal cruelty
    (especially our beloved noble wolves)
    should be removed from office immediately
    and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,
    on charges of violations of the ESA,
    animal cruelty, poaching and/or accountability to poaching,
    and because they have ignored the will of the people
    to appease the greedy special interests, they should
    be charged with TREASON!!!
    And every stupid redneck inbred anti who condones these barbaric
    acts to appease their political interests and bloated egos,
    should also be held criminally responsible on the same charges!!!

    And I’ve mentioned many times before…
    Until the hostilities towards our wolves and beloved
    like-minds are done away with forever,
    I’m recommending ALL the anti-wolf states to be stripped
    of their statehood status and NOT to be re-admitted
    back into the Union until they change their attitudes
    from being a bunch of hateful redneck country-bumpkins,
    to a compassionate modern-day civilized society,
    and that ALL hunting and trapping is banned FOREVER!!!
    And if these local-yokels refuse to change their ways,
    then these “confederate” states are out of the USA permanently!!!


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