“Federal Government Shutdown Averted – Policy Riders Dumped”…

This looks like good news for wolves, it’s being reported the “policy riders” have been dumped from the budget bill. If this holds, it means the Tester wolf delisting rider is gone, along with the other 500 policy riders that were attached to the original budget bill.  BUT are they gone for good?

Attaching delisting language to a budget bill was the easiest way for the anti-wolf crowd to strip wolves out of the ESA. I hope this is the beginning of good news for wolves in the Northern Rockies. It’s been a long, stressful and tiring two years since they were delisted by the Obama administration.


Federal Government Shutdown Averted – Policy Riders Dumped

April 8, 2011
By Chris Prevatt

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Obama announced late Friday night that a deal on the federal budget has been reached and that “the federal government is open for business.” While the Republicans were able to eek out $38.5 billion in spending reductions for the current fiscal year, the policy riders that had been attached to the budget, including termination of funding for Planned Parenthood and limits on the reach of the EPA, were extricated from the legislation. Congress passed a short-term extension until Thursday, which included $2 billion of the agreed cuts in spending.

Can wolf advocates breathe a sigh of relief for the first time in months? I’ll continue to follow this story and keep you updated. Remember even though a deal was struck it only funds the government thru April 15th.
The bill may be devoid of policy riders now but will they be  inserted back into the final bill? These are all questions we don’t know the answers to yet.
We must be vigilant and keep an eye on the wheeling and dealing. Wolves are not out of the woods yet. The final bill may yet be manipulated to include a wolf delisting rider. Continue to call Senators and let them know we do not want them legislating wolves out of the ESA.

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  1. YES!!!! Let’s hope these riders *stay* out of the budget bill!


    • Keeping my fingers crossed Matt…but I don’t trust politicians, we’ve been fooled before. I’ll feel better after the final deal is done and this nightmare ends.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Good news for wolves . . . but you’re right, it’s not over. Keep an eye out and don’t trust the Congressmen. Didn’t Reid already tell us once that there would be no riders? Then look what happened.


  3. I don’t trust anyone that are influenced by money or by other people that feel that they have some kind of entitlement.I am guarded.Idaho’s governor still has that bill in front of him and we are still waiting for Judge Molloy ruling.WE have to be dilegent and not put up with all the shenanigans.


    • According to Jon– Tester has added the wolf rider to the spending bill. Everyone has the Dem Congress numbers at 202 224 3121
      THE WHITE HOUSE NO is 202 456 1111
      Call all week next week


      • We need to light the switchboard up all day and night. Let them know we are not going to take this lying down. I’m so sick of their games. It’s interesting that back in 2005 when Burns attached a rider to an appropriations bill, stripping wild horses of some of their protections, Congress was incensed. Now adding extraneous issues to a budget bill has suddenly become normal. This is it folks. We have to make lots and lots of noise. Wolves are not going to go quietly into this good night.



    • They basically lied when the said the riders were out. They got around it by saying were the riders were out of the short term extension…the long term bill is yet to be negotiated and we have until the 14th of April to do something. These people are the lowest of the low.



  4. AP reporting that the wolf rider remains in the bill:



    • Yep….one minute it’s in and the next it’s out Belshazzar. Just playing word games with us.



  5. Well the wolf bill was in there and now in front of congress.Highly dissappointed and feelings of sorrow and angerd by being let down by so many politicians.I guess the rantings and ravings of lunatics get more attenton then science..


    • Yeah they were playing word games last nigh, reporting the riders were out but what they were talking about is the riders were out of the short term bill…the language is still in the long term bill. They are so disgusting.



  6. It is imperative that we keep these
    politicians’ feet “held to the fire”,
    and make them bow down to our will and
    NOT to the will of a handful of
    wolf-hating redneck bubbas!
    And if push comes to shove, I strongly recommend a BOYCOTT of Montana, Idaho, and any other state
    that continues to push to have our furry friends
    exterminated…This includes boycotts of the meat industry of Montana and the potato industry of Idaho,
    and I would even call for a full-scale rebellion
    against Idaho’s dictator-governor and the entire GOP legislature, demanding that they resign IMMEDIATELY and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law on charges of conspiracy and condoning of poaching
    flagrant violations of the ESA, and treason!
    I’m also recommending in the boycott of Idaho,
    that we no longer recognize Idaho as the 43rd
    state in the Union, and thus, deemed as a
    Confederate state, like Arizona
    (stemmed from the oppressive SB-1070 law)
    If we are to (restore and) preserve our sacred
    rights and freedoms, then we must take measures
    deemed necessary to rid these bureaucratic morons
    from power and create a governing body that is
    Of The People, By The People, and For The People,
    and not Of, By, nor For the corporate polluters,
    anti-wildlife special interests, and the extreme-wing
    (such as the Far Right)…
    This is an important mission in which


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