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Oh this is oh so familiar, Idaho pulled this little number back in 2009. Montana wants to extend the wolf hunt beyond the December 31, 2011 deadline to January 31, 2012. They are worried the 220 “dead wolf walking” quota won’t be met, god forbid.  So they’re looking to give trophy hunters more time to slaughter wolves.

“State Wildlife officials want to extend Montana’s wolf hunting season to give hunters enough time to fill a 220-wolf quota that is intended to sharply reduce the predator’s population.

Ken McDonald with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said Wednesday the season would be extended by a month, to Jan. 31, 2012.”

When is this nightmare going to end, when every last wolf is dead?  Wolf advocates must watch as wolves are snuffed out for greed and ignorance? I look at the death toll every day. It now stands @ 147 wolves between the two states. Yesterday it was 139 and that’s not counting the Wildlife Services and poaching death toll.

What is it going to take for wolf advocates to say enough is enough? Two hundred dead wolves, five hundred dead wolves? If the Ninth Circuit doesn’t grant the emergency injunction to stop the hunts wolf blood will continue to be spilled throughout this winter, right through their breeding season, into Spring in Idaho when pregnant alphas are denning and pupping.  Idaho’s hunt extends through June 30, 2012 in the Lolo and Selway, a TEN MONTH long hunt. Wolves should be busy teaching their pups how to be wolves, not dodging bullets.

Is the national media ever going to pick up this story? Will ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media continue to ignore the carnage? Is America going to allow another Western extermination? What will it take to wake people up? Because once these wolves are gone, they’re not coming back. We’ll be left with a hundred wolves or so per state, if that and those animals will be so traumatized and fearful that the odds of Wildlife Watchers ever catching a glimpse of them will be as remote as winning a big Powerball jackpot. Even those wolves might be too many. Idaho is already making noises that if Wyoming is allowed unregulated killing in most of their state, then why not Idaho?

We need to protest, protest and boycott.  Yellowstone wolves generate 35 million in the GYA every year. If they want to kill America’s wolves than Americans should stay away from Yellowstone. It might be the one thing that makes a difference. Think of the powerful message it would send, not only economically but psychologically.

By pandering to hunting and ranching interests fish and game agencies are denying Wildlife Watchers the privilege of viewing wild wolves. And if anyone thinks wolves in Yellowstone will be safe from this pogrom, think again because Wyoming is working in concert with the USFWS to delist wolves and commence with unregulated killing in most of the state. Yellowstone wolves  don’t read signs, they routinely cross over park boundaries. as Limpy did and paid dearly with his life.  The wolves in Grand Teton aren’t safe either, they will most certainly cross into the death zone.

There isn’t much time. Wolves are dying @ an alarming rate. It will only get worse when the Idaho trapping season starts on November 15.  The Ninth Circuit is hearing oral arguments on November 8th on the delisting appeal and will consider the request for an emergency injunction to stop the hunts, we only hope they realize irreparable harm is being done to wolves in the Northern Rockies and grant the request.

Wolves..”are not very good adapting to change. Wolves are often referred to as an indicator species, which means that any little deterioration of their habitat causes immediate drop in their numbers in that habitat. They don’t seem to be able to adjust to expanding civilization the way coyotes do. The coyote’s range is increasing in the face of human expansion, while the wolf’s is decreasing…..Raymond Coppinger and Lorna Coppinger

“Inescapably, the realization was being borne in upon my preconditioned mind that the centuries-old and universally accepted human concept of wolf character was a palpable lie. On three separate occasions in less than a week I had been completely at the mercy of these ‘savage killers’; but far from attempting to tear me limb from limb, they had displayed a restraint verging on contempt, even when I invaded their home and appeared to be posing a direct threat to the young pups”…..Farley Mowat, Never Cry Wolf


Vicious Killers

Extension of Montana wolf hunt proposed to make sure quota of 220 is met

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  1. What a feeling of being helpless.What’s a solution or way to deal;the media doesn’t seem to care;i have called mcdonalds and they seem puzzled about idaho french fries.Well i guess i can only say that won’t be greeting anybody from montana or idaho with open arms if they come to georgia for a spoting event like football or little league.I served in vietnam and saw animals slaughtered needlessly;man as a predator has an incredible capacity for destruction.Well the wolves are a complex society the hunters don’t understand or care about;when the wolves are gone then they will have to concentrate on the elk and deer,I reckon.I wonder if God will miss man when man has disappeared.I doubt it.


    • What if we boycotted the News Stations – or sign Petitions demanding to show this blood letting? Not one word has been said about it here ever – but if we all put some pressure on CNN and CBS or even PBS which many people watch – maybe it would bring more of a response than waiting on a helpless Apellate Court that does not want to rule on it – and it sure is not stopping the killing even though there were rallies. We got people taking their money out of the Banks to make an impact on the Banks of what they have done to us – they are going to surround the White House on four Sites to rally against Wall Street and the Cuts and the mess we are in –
      The Boycotts have not helped – because the Hunters will make up for the lack of Tourists on those three States – who cares about us little Tourists that do not spend all that money on the Hunting License to get themselves a Wolf or two or three???

      Maybe we can start some petitions and bombard the News Station – I sure have tried with my little stupid paper here in Texas – but Texans are Hunters – many of them – they are barely phased and the paper is afraid of losing subscribers – so nothing there.

      They showed the Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves when it was all new – and then it stopped – the uglier it got the less we hear whereas Sweden and Russia even have toned down their Hunts and they got more Wolves than all of those three States together.

      I don’t know how much my idea is worse – but if we send long petitions to either big Newspapers or better yet TV Stations – it could change the tide. It is a thought – a hopeful thought – almost a prayer – because I have this horrible dark feeling the the Apellate Court will not grant the injunction unless they take it out of those States and they are not going to do that.


      • Sorry that should have been worth instead of worse – I would hope not to make it worse – I sure would like to hear some ideas or thoughts on this.


  2. Got a very, very strong feeling that many of the people who claim to be ‘boo-hooing’ over the slaughter of the wolves and the starving pups are nothing more than a bunch of fakes. If they were boycotting Montana (all goods and travel, including Yellowstone) I am sure that this wolf blood bath would have slowed down or stopped completely by now. Nothing I hate worse than a fake..or a hunter. The people that don’t boycott the known states…..don’t bother posting. You’re taking up space, Don’t need your rhetoric or bs. “Oh, I signed…..but when I went to the grocery store I bought Idaho potatoes, then I called Beaverton Oregon and did mega business with them…and the wardrobe I bought…everything was handmade in Wyoming.” Please…do not have anything to do with these states. I have posted several lists SEVERAL times so you didn’t have to do anything but email or call your Senators and Governors. Two minutes out of your day. If you haven’t bothered to do so and don’t feel like looking for all the lists I have posted, do a Google search. Type in; and (not both at the same time.) This will bring up YOUR reps. Just look down the list…and VIOLA! There they are. Thank you.


    • Anne,

      I totally agree with you that the time for ACTION is here, now. I have written letters and made all the phone calls I can make to these states. I am boycotting the states involved (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and even Oregon). I have gone to functions to educate people on the wolf slaughtering and have had petitions signed. Quite frankly, all I do is talk about it to people out there. I just don’t know what else to do and, quite frankly, sometimes feel as if the world is not listening or caring. But when the wolves are gone, they will care, oh yes they will. But it will be too late then. I feel angry and frustrated and can tell several others do too; yourself included. What else can we do?



      • People do not listen because here we have no Wolves – go up North and start a Conversation about Wolves and liking them and they throw Rocks at you – go to the small Cornerstore in Wyoming and ask for some let’s say cheese – wearing your Wolf T Shirt proudly and the guy will look right through you and tell you he doesn’t carry what you want and go try it somewhere else. Wolves occupy every thought of theirs – and spilling their blood is the most important thing they think of. And Yellowstone will never suffer – because the let the Snowmobiles in to ruin the land and stink up the air – and we – the ones that care are just a bunch of crazies.

        I have written and signed petitions and done everything I could and my three Reps for Texas voted against putting them back on the endangered list – no help there at all – and I wrote them all that I would not vote for the lot of them – they don’t seem concerned.

        We need more Clout and bigger threats – what that could be I don’t know – so where are all the animal loving Bike Clubs that save little dogs? if I knew how to get in touch with them I would – but I lost all my people that I once could ask – I wonder if those Hunters would pack up and go home if those Bikers just sat there and looked at them lol. I am out of ideas and overwhelmed by the inefficiency of the Politicians – boy what a great bunch we have running this Country right now –


  3. Disgusting! Does anyone know how to start and circulate a petition to try to block this? It would be a good way to put some key facts out again, too.


    • Donna,

      The only petition that I am aware of is the petition to get a wolf conservation license plate made available to people in Colorado. I have been working on that one but don’t know of any others. If you know of any to block the “hunting”, please let me know. I would drive to Wyoming to sign if out-of-staters can sign it.



  4. I was just a kid when wolves were first reintroduced, and wasn’t paying much attention back then, so I’m wondering — was there ever a time when wolves got a lot of press? Is the current lack of media attention normal, or is it unusual? Unfortunately, given our economic problems, I’m afraid that a lot of people would consider wolves a low-priority issue right now.


  5. WHAT?? How can they do this? not far into January! That is breaching into the wolves mating season! The pack will be too unstable and distraught from pack member deaths to be able to start a family properly, for all they know they could kill pregnant mothers!!!


    • Its’ worse in Idaho Jennifer. Their hunt goes all the way to the end of June in the Selway and Lolo…a TEN MONTH LONG HUNT, right through breeding, denning and pupping season.

      These people are heartless beyond belief.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • How the hell are packs suppose to survive like that???? How are they suppose to even breed? a pack member death is tragic for the pack, they acknowledge the loss, not to mention their pack hierarchy goes unstable and the members may fight for new dominant positions, packs can break up during hard times like this! There’re ruining the wolf’s chance to survive! Hunting is banned when mother deer are raising their fawns aren’t they? Well wolves should be left alone during their pup season too! I am outraged! reach their quote???? that was probably reached illegally already BEFORE all this!


  6. When I found out that the Montana Wolf Hunt was only till the end of the year, I had a feeling that this would happen. And I was right! I bet that once December comes around and the quota is still not close to being met, they’ll move the end of the season again to February or, perhaps, even to March! This sickens me, to think that they are so determined to make sure that 220 innocent wolves are killed!


  7. can you get footage of interaction with real wild wolves, ones who are not raised or trained to be humanized?

    like the Jane Goodall of wolves. where you go to wild wolves and befriend them. not raise orphaned pups by hand


    • That would be really superb, and could do a lot to dispel some of the “wild wolves are vicious and dangerous to humans” nonsense. I know that David Mech got pretty close to some wolves in the Canadian arctic; they were not hunted in that area and had no fear of people, so he was able to study them very easily. Someone else, Carter Niemeyer I think, has reported walking right into wolf den/rendezvous sites to collect information, and crawling into dens with the puppies. Unfortunately, I do not know if there is video footage of any of this. John Hyde spent a lot of time photographing Romeo, the wild black wolf who lived in Alaska and liked to play with people’s dogs, and made a photo book about him: Then there is this video of a film crew (originally there to film bears, I think) interacting with a wolf, again in Alaska. Unfortunately it is only a short clip:


    • kuu….unfortunately the wild wolves are being hunted and so they are hiding. There is stock footage all over YouTube of wolves in Yellowstone, where many of the wolf packs are visible. But wild wolves are under siege.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. I sure will sign petitions to stop this. It’s been horrible enough


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