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Wolves Unleashed Poster  (Courtesy Andrew Simpson)

Wolves Unleashed is an amazing documentary directed and produced by famed animal trainer Andrew Simpson.  He and his thirteen wolves traveled to far-flung  Siberia, one of the coldest destinations on earth, to make a French film called Loup (French for wolf). Wolves Unleashed takes you behind the scenes of the making of  Loup.  It demonstrates the extraordinary feats, in the harshest of conditions, Andrew and his wolves accomplished.  They set “out to make the biggest wolf film ever attempted.”

Raves from the Calgary International Film Festival:

“WOLVES UNLEASHED contains raw footage, presented without any special effects enhancement. Who needs cinematic tricks when you have Siberian vistas, inter-species drama and a wolf pack of epic proportions?


Reaction to Wolves Unleashed At The Banff Film Festival


Wolves Unleashed Website

Andrew and Quigley  (Courtesy Andrew Simpson)



Wolves Unleashed Facebook Page



Wolves Unleashed will make its American debut at the  Sedona International Film Festival on February 22 and 24th, 2012 in Sedona, Arizona.

Please support this important film by spreading the word.  Visit the Wolves Unleashed website and Facebook page.

Wolves are so maligned in our culture, this is a chance to see how intelligent and amazing these animals really are, demonstrating “the unbreakable bond” between Andrew Simpson and his wolves.  It’s a breath of fresh air in contrast to the dark picture painted of wolves in The Grey. Wolves are shy and sensitive animals. Yes, they are apex predators that have a job to do in nature, keeping ungulate herds healthy but they are devoted to family with strong social bonds between pack members.  In fact wolves and humans have much in common, being two of the most social species on earth.

To quote Ed Bangs from a 2000 Nova Online interview.

“Wolves are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters that we always hoped we could be. I mean there’s extreme loyalty among family members, it’s everything to them.”


Video: You Tube Wolves Unleashed Zenn Media

Photos: Courtesy Wolves Unleashed (Andrew Simpson)

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