Easter At Wolf People….

Wolf People’s wolves went on an egg hunt, well kinda, sorta…lol.  Here they are sniffing, analyzing and tearing their eggs to shreds. Hanta Yo looks particularly upset with his egg.


“I think Hanta expected to be given a steak treat on today’s Easter Tour @ Wolf People, not an Easter Egg!”

“Hanta inspects further… ”  “And decides to attack the egg anyway!”

HANTA YO and his soul mate LEGACY

 Legacy:  “I am much too much of a princess to eat that!”

 or  “If i act uninterested, maybe he’ll leave one for me…” 


Niwa is a Timber wolf, age 3 (and the nicest wolf i have ever met ;D)  He is the “pack clown”  … always doing something funny.  Named “Niwa” because he is the mascot for the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, who advocates for his relatives in the wild.

 “Now if i roll this just right it will drop into my water bucket…”


She is 1/2 Arctic 1/2 Timber Wolf , just turning 5 years old

“Hey…what’s this? Niwa left something uneaten? Unbelieveable!”

These are ambassador wolves that people see up close, inspiring them to want to help wolves in the wild. Having the wolves gives us the opportunity to educate the public about them.  We take the wolves to schools and events for educational outreach and  schools tour the Wolf People facility.

 Wolf People’s wolves are often photographed and filmed , including two Australian documentaries and National Geographic.

Wolf People has been educating the public about wolves since 1993.

Ann Sydow (Co-Chair Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance)

P.O. Box 246 

Cocolalla, ID  83813


Wolf Comments: Courtesy Ann Sydow

Wolf Photos: Courtesy Ann Sydow

Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny Photos: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Wolf People Logo Courtesy of WP (Nancy Taylor)

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  1. dansk. Jeg syntes at det er en rigtigt god ide, at skolerne lærer om ulven, børn er bedre forstående, end de voksne, da børn ikke har fordomme om dyr, :-))))))))) – Jeg har mange skole-elever der kommer i mit dyre-hjem, og jeg hjælper dem, med at være gode ved dyr, og de skal sprede det ud, så jeg lærer dem også om ulven, som jeg elsker højt, og som de kan se, her, ved de godt at ulvene er i mit store hjerte. god påske , ulve, i fortjener mange påske-æg. knus fra denmark- :-)))))))))- i er så smukke- bare i var i mit land.


  2. Its great to read something about the wolves having a good time instead of the horror story’s we see day to day. Thank you wolf people. And educating children top idea


  3. Thank you so much Wolf People for sharing this ‘lesson’ with the world. Some may not want to accept even what they see, but eventually, hopefully, common sense will rule. I don’t expect every one to love the wolf as you or I do or many others, but let their eyes not only be opened, but let them be able to see.
    Happy Easter to you and yours and all our soul mates.

    Anne DiNucci


  4. Nice, it is good to see that it all isn’t about torture and pain , but………….. their enemies never take a day off and I don’t either ,it is amazing why a certain species is so hated without any justification,all brought on by welfare ranchers and Migrant Outfitters, and the Jon Tester politics




  6. “I believe that children are our future…..

    cue for a song!!…….taking wolves to schools, wonderful, maybe we can educate the wolf back into his and her rightful place,.. acceptance without prejudice.

    A report recently (there have been several) says how far children have become separated from nature and wildness, particularly this past 30 years or so, Somehow we have to make this part of the school education system, not just pay lip service, they have to have to understand the history of life, in all its colours, and feel connected once again to that little piece inside their mind that understands where our soul lies, and that the continuum of life is dependent on them and the decisions they make, and that the wolf is the bearer of their wisdom, conscience and well being.

    Easter is symbolic for re birth, and somewhere where no man can see, right now, a seed is being sown, a seed that will bring new births to these children and these wolves and they will live side by side, in peaceful co existence, so if those who desire persecution of the wolf think they have won, think again, a wave is coming….


    • Thank you for helping me repeat this (for what ? the 50th time?) that the classic book, A SAND COUNTY ALMANAC should be required reading for every school in the country. And please teachers, send the kids home with lots of homework related to this book, so the parents will get the picture too. When politicians ask for financial contributions I intend to send them copies of this book instead, offering them wisdom that money cannot buy.


  7. IDAHO
    Curious. Saw this link on twitter: http://tiny.cc/83bgcw . Simplot mining wants to open another mine in the Yellowstone River drainage. Ranchers seem to be overlooking the cattle kills from selinium in the SE of Idaho, salinification from irrigation statewide, and the mining the nutrients out of their (deforested) fields, (biospherefarms.com/news1011.html). As the wiki article cited in the previous post discussed, wolves are scapegoats. If you read “Collapse: What makes Societies Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond, it provides an insight to the behavior of trappers and ranchers in the West. (I have lived in the west most of my life and have observed village life firsthand – I am not writing from an East coast metropolis) In reading Diamond’s book, I see additional meaning in the aggressive mentality of people in the western states. What different populations do with environmental stress varies and aggression and stuborness is not uncommon in humanUnkind.

    So many paradigms are in shift now from misuse of the western environment, witnessed by young people leaving rural areas and production on the decline. While some people realize they have to change and can recognize their lifestyle was possible when the population was smaller and the land still vital. In others, less confident, the acknowledgment that things are not working simply generates fear and violence if they have so much identity in what they have already done. Trappers, for instance, seem to be lost in a fantasy based ‘mountainman’ identity. I see the people of the Western states very similar to the Norse in Greenland in their fixed ‘identities’. 500+ years of tourism continuing.

    As for campaigns: If any of you are interested in anti-fur and anti-trapping efforts, here are some ideas. While this is broader than focusing on re-listing the wolf, my interest is that it removes the way money works around trapping.
    And right now, the politics of the US is all about the short term profit and money.

    ?? Care to help? ANTI FUR Campaign for April and May.
    Specifics about the May event of the Fur Industry in Seattle can be found online.

    1 Politely contact KATHY IRELAND/BLACKGLAMMA via Twitter or FB (links below) to protest her new fashion line with American Legend (aka Seattle Fur Trade). Perhaps she doesn’t realize how
    glam furs are collected? They wash the blood off before sewing…

    TW: twitter.com/#!/kathyireland
    FB: #kathy ireland Worldwide | Facebook

    2 MACY’s
    Irelands’s/American Legend fashion line will be released at Macy’s “Fur Vault” stores.

    3 Also noticed that Hegoldberg Fur is offering timber wolf pelts for
    $ 675 for an timber wolf pelt: http://www.hegoldbergfur.com/furs.html.
    Who else is selling wolf pelts now? Help appreciated.

    I continue to boycott meat and find myself preferring B-12 supplements. :>
    I find it amusing that believing animals are beings with emotional feelings and a nervous system enabling them to feel pain is labeled ‘anthropomorphic’ as a holdover from Modernism. At one time, Indigenous people were thought to be soul-less by European
    Colonizers and the Catholic Church. Certain priests were even killed and excommunicated for upholding Indigenous rights! Children were considered property and forced to work in factories in the US until the 1930’s. The first organization to protest
    child abuse was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
    So I challenge this ‘anthropomorphism’ as anachronistic.

    Thanks for this website and for all of you who work for balance for the wolves and for the species of the world. We are all connected.


  8. Please add to anti-trapping campaign to

    Call EBAY and request they stop accepting hides ( wolf hides around 300 $ each ) on auction.

    Toll free: 866 540 3229 live person available. 5a – 10p.

    Remind them the de-listing of wolves was based on fabricated data and funded by special lobbyists of the beef association and other corporations. Also, 88 countries have banned trapping. You know what to say. Please call. Thanks if you can.

    Object: Remove the economic reward for torturing wolves (and other species).


  9. These pictures make my day. Good for you DS. Great idea.


  10. The wolves in the photos are absolutely beautiful and it’s a great Easter gift!
    I am a retired teacher and I agree that the future protection of our wildlife will be in the hands of our children. The children that I have worked with have shown a deep appreciation and caring for the welfare of animals (unlike some parents and relatives).
    Please let the Wolf People know that they are appreciated!
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


  11. Great photos! Happy Raster to All at Wolf People!


  12. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures and the great educational cause –

    and thanks for the links – already facebook contacted Kathy Ireland –

    Please rethink using fur in your fashions…..to get the fur that’s used, animals are tortured by being trapped….inhumane suffering and the folks that sew just wash the blood off before sewing….Your country will be judged by how it treats its animals – Ghandi….There are a whole lot of us that will never buy your fashions – we will boycott your fashions if you use fur. We don’t want the trapping/torturing/killing of animals to continue – it is barbaric and there is no place for it in the 21st century. We don’t want anyone to continue to profit $ from torture. Please reconsider and do the right thing. Thanks, in advance, for your consideration.

    and sent the same to the american legend/macy’s link (the email to contact off of that –

    and also sent a letter to the fur folks (their email for contact) –

    To: hegcofur@aol.com

    I realize that you have made your living/profited for a century by the
    killing and skinning of animals.

    I am asking that you stop doing so with timber wolves. This is
    appalling and unacceptable because of the current political war on
    wolves that is going on…..THEY ARE STILL AN ENDANGERED SPECIES….no
    matter what the Republicans and their hunter/trapper/cattlemen cronies
    would manipulate policy with….

    The majority of people want to see wolves protected…..

    Your country will be judged by how it treats its animals – Ghandi.

    Trapping is torture and barbaric. No one….I repeat….no one should
    profit from this inhumane practice.

    So, please STOP SELLING TIMBER WOLVES and the trappers will have to
    stop trapping/torturing/killing them if they don’t have any
    buyers…..we all need to take the $ out of the equation.

    Remember that the Lord had Adam name all of the animals – so that he
    would bond with them. We are supposed to be
    guardians/caretakers….not torturers/murderers….THOU SHALT NOT
    KILL…..(doesn’t say anything about species)

    Please do the right thing.

    Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

    Nikki Nafziger
    ps My folks were German Jewish immigrants that escaped Nazi Germany in
    Nov ’37 and they raised me to stand up for what I believe – that if I
    witness something wrong I have to do something about it or I am
    complicit/condoning it and I DO NOT CONDONE TRAPPING/TORTURING/KILLING

    I will call ebay next…..I will also spread the word about these links….thanks for sharing….


  13. Think I’ll call E-Bay and tell them I’m closing out my account. I can’t afford the postage any how.


  14. How great to see our friends enjoying easter.. even tho they dont realise what it is.. lol they having fun, and happy and thats all that counts.. thanks for pictures.


  15. These are some gorgeous creatures! I can’t understand for the life of me why people want to hurt them. 😦


  16. Some news in, if its not already been posted;



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