What Wolf Crisis Should I Write About Today?

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April 8, 2013

For almost four years I’ve chronicled the sad story of the American wolf, since President Clueless and his side-kick Salazar decided to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies, which opened the  floodgates leading to the disgusting behavior we’ve witnessed towards these majestic animals, ad nauseam.

Since the Spring of 2009 we’ve had nothing but bad news concerning wolves.  The states have exponentially ramped up wolf persecution to a level nobody could have imagined, reducing wolf recovery to a total disaster.

Everyday there is a new crisis, a new battle and always dead wolves. Now Montana, apparently copying Idaho, wants a 10 month-long wolf hunting season.  Idaho’s latest salvo is a year round wolf hunt on private land in the Panhandle, besides the ten month-long hunt in the Selway and Lolo. Yellowstone wolves are basically prisoners, with little hope of dispersing outside the park. What happened to genetic connectivity of the three sub-populations in the Northern Rocky Mountains?  Biologists anyone? Except for Jay Mallonee,  I haven’t heard ONE biologist  step up and ask what the hell is brutal state management doing to wolves?

Can you imagine the chaos wolves are experiencing? These are social animals, who’s very lives depend on cooperation. Older wolves teach the young how to hunt and survive, family is everything to them.  Yet now they’re being subjected to a Russian Roulette life!

They’ve certainly kept us busy sticking our fingers in the bursting dyke, trying to stop the myriad of anti wolf legislation that spews out of wolf state legislatures almost daily.

If it wasn’t for Minnesota and Michigan we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate. Minnesota has at least some support in the state legislature. Can you imagine trying to introduce  positive wolf legislation in Montana or Idaho?

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The wolf haters are running through their persecution laundry list to eradicate wolves for the crime of EATING. Yes wolves aren’t allowed to eat their natural prey, ELK, they’re reserved for hunters to kill in bizzaro wolf world.

Sorry for the rant. I’ll be back soon with a more positive outlook.

Here’s another Captain Obvious headline!

Wyoming wildlife official says wolves unlikely to thrive outside state’s northwestern corner



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