‘Less Than Human’ by Ratty and the Watchers…

Once again Dave,  you hit the  ball out of the park with another powerful video. Wolves are the closest relatives of our beloved dogs, separated by just .2% of their DNA, while the difference between wolves and coyotes is 4% . When will the haters open their eyes and see how wolf-like dogs really are?  The amazing qualities canis lupus familiaris possesses evolved from their closest ancestor, the wolf: loyalty, playfulness, intelligence, superior sense of smell, endurance and most of all, love of family.

Our world would be a lonely place without our canine companions. If there were no wolves there would be no dogs. Take off your blinders trophy hunters and stop pretending you’re not killing the wild brothers of your canine friends!

‘Less than Human’

When the canine first became domesticated, dogs were loved and wolves were hated, any links were unrelated by the hordes.
Legends, fairy tales, passed down by generations, spread the lies and accusations, scaring men in every nation of the world.

Science ridiculed with lies, It’s nature, cover up your eyes

We love you, We miss you, We watch over you, We kill you

Less than human how can you look in a mirror, does the truth ever figure, with your finger on the trigger of your gun,
Less than human, where the hating has no boundaries, and the traps spew out of foundries, utilized by evil armies of so-called men

Where politicians compromise, it’s nature, cover up your eyes

We love you, We miss you, We watch over you, We kill you


Exploring the wolves in dogs’ clothing

by Helen Briggs BBC News Science Reporter

Dog with a ball Chris Martin-Bahr Science Photo Library

A boggle-eyed pooch tucked into a Balenciaga handbag; an elite greyhound tearing around the track in a flash of fur and claws; a sniffer dog on the trail of illicit drugs.

Given that dogs come in every shape, size and colour, it is strange to think they are all wolves under the skin.



Video: Courtesy of Ratty and the Watchers YouTube

Photo: Chris Martin-Bahr Science Photo Library

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‘Let the Wolves run free’ by Ratty and the Watchers

Wolf Pack Howling On Lake

Your amber eyes and coat of ashes,
I see sorrow in your face,
With the pain the young one thrashes,
a trophy for the human race,
Hunted down I feel the heartache,
from ancient dens the wolves must flee,
Misunderstood beliefs we must break,
education is the key.

I saw a pack when in full flight,
Brothers / sisters chasing starlight,
Their hearts are yearning to be free of our world.

In the night an Alpha male howls,
it’s a song of such beauty,
All they hear is Hollywood growls,
and not the call to his family,
Never safe on the lonely mountain,
the guns are heard in the deep valley,
Another notch on the butt of a rifle,
a cub added to the death tally.

Shadows dancing on moonlit skies,
Leave them be don’t wave them goodbye,
All they want is to be free of our world.

Look in his face, Look in his eyes, there’s only grace, there’s no disguise
Look at their life, what do you see, don’t give them strife, let them run free,
Let the Wolves run free!!


Video: YouTube Ratty and the Watchers

Photo: Wolves Howling on Lake, Courtesy Jim Brandenburg

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