Montana FWP ignored public comment on wolf trapping

gray wolf USFWS

Gray wolf USFWS

Wolf “management” reminds me of Ground Hog Day, rinse and repeat. We’re outraged, they pretend to listen but in the end wolves pay the price. The only people fish and game agencies seem to pay attention to are their customers, hunters and ranchers, the rest of us be damned.

Exposing the Big Game

FWP ignored public comment on wolf trapping
Guest column in the Missoulian, by MARTY ESSEN

The ability to comment on proposed state and federal government regulations is an important right for all Americans. Since we live in a republic, not a direct democracy, public comment helps our representatives make informed decisions on our behalf.

No one expects public comment to be the equivalent of voting. But even so, public comment should not be ignored. After all, if our representatives just did what they pleased, they could hardly be considered representatives. This is especially true when government officials are appointed, not elected.

But if public comment isn’t voting, is there some percentage where public officials are morally obligated to put aside their preformed opinions and abide by the wishes of their constituents? If 60 percent is a supermajority, certainly 70 percent is a mandate, and ignoring anything over that percentage…

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