1161 Fallen Wolves Idaho-Montana-Wyoming-Wisconsin-Minnesota Wolf/Witch Hunts 2012/2013

Oh dear wolf..

Can it be we will lose thee?

Thee whom I love so much,

The beauty of your species has always moved me

You travel another road

One I cannot follow

I will be here for you always

In your darkest hour



August 7, 2011


Idaho/Montana/Wyoming/Wisconsin/Minnesota Wolf -Witch Hunt (2012/2013)

5 fallen wolves, September 4, 2012

10 fallen wolves, September 10, 2012 

12 fallen wolves, September 17, 2012

19 fallen wolves, September 24, 2012

(1 Montana wolf was slaughtered with bow outside Glacier National Park

(2 wolves killed by bow outside northern border of Yellowstone National Park)

16 fallen wolves, September 18, 2012

17 fallen wolves, September 19, 2012

18 fallen wolves, September 21, 2012

24 fallen wolves, September 25, 2012

 September 25, 2012

2 fallen Washington Wedge Pack wolves aerial gunned

September 26, 2012

3 fallen Washington Wedge Pack wolves, aerial gunned

 September 27, 2012

1 fallen Washington Wedge Pack Wolf, (alpha male), aerial gunned

The pack is decimated and disbanded. 

25 fallen wolves, September 26, 2012

26 fallen wolves, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012:

The Wyoming wolf massacre started today at one hour before sunrise. Wolves can be shot-on-sight in 80 percent of the state. They can poisoned, trapped and snared. Any method is allowed. This opens them up to terrible torture.  Boycott Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. Speak out for wolves!

28 fallen wolves, October 2, 2012

45 fallen wolves, October 8, 2012

53 fallen wolves, October 10, 2012

58 fallen wolves, October 14, 2012

 October 15, 2012

Wisconsin Wolf/Witch Hunt Opened Today

78 fallen wolves, October 16, 2012

85 fallen wolves, October 17, 2012

104 fallen wolves, October 20, 2012

124 fallen wolves, October 22, 2012

133 fallen wolves, October 23, 2012

142 fallen wolves, October 24, 2012

145 fallen wolves, October 25, 2012

157 fallen wolves, October 26, 2012

163 fallen wolves, October 28, 2012

170 fallen wolves, October 29, 2012

181 fallen wolves,  October 30, 2012

194 fallen wolves, October 31, 2012

201 fallen wolves, November 1, 2012

208 fallen wolves, November 2, 2012

271 fallen wolves, November 4, 2012

303 fallen wolves, November 6, 2012

313 fallen wolves, November 7, 2012

322 fallen wolves, November 8, 2012

341 fallen wolves, November 10, 2012

357 fallen wolves, November 11, 2012

379 fallen wolves, November 12, 2012

392 fallen wolves, November 13, 2012

414 fallen wolves, November 15, 2012

443 fallen wolves, November 18, 2012

454 fallen wolves, November 19, 2012

462 fallen wolves, November 20, 2012

465 fallen wolves, November 21, 2012

467 fallen wolves, November 22, 2012

493 fallen wolves, November 24, 2012

540 fallen wolves,  November 27, 2012

547 fallen wolves, November 28, 2012

557 fallen wolves, November 29, 2012

575 fallen wolves, December 1, 2012

574 fallen wolves, December 4, 2012

585 fallen wolves, December 6, 2012

605 fallen wolves, December 9, 2012

639 fallen wolves, December 12, 2012

654 fallen wolves, December 14, 2012

689 fallen wolves, December 17, 2012

702 fallen wolves, December 18, 2012

715 fallen wolves, December 20, 2012

730 fallen wolves, December 21,  2012

748 fallen wolves, December, 24. 2012

775 fallen wolves, December 26, 2012

790 fallen wolves, December 27, 2012

808 fallen wolves, December 28, 2012

868 fallen wolves, January 2, 2013

872 fallen wolves, January 3, 2013

894 fallen wolves, January 6, 2013

904 fallen wolves, January 8, 2013

911 fallen wolves, January 10, 2013

914 fallen wolves, January 11, 2013

916 fallen wolves, January 14, 2013

925 fallen wolves, January 16, 2013

939 fallen wolves, January 19, 2013

940 fallen wolves, January 21, 2013

949 fallen wolves, January 23, 2013

954 fallen wolves, January 24, 2013

961 fallen wolves, January 25, 2013

976 fallen wolves, January 30, 2013

985 fallen wolves, January 31, 2013

991 fallen wolves, February 3, 2013

994 fallen wolves, February 4, 2013

998 fallen wolves, February 6, 2013

1004 fallen wolves, February 7, 2013

1006 fallen wolves, February 8. 2013

1018 fallen wolves, February 12, 2013

1020 fallen wolves, February 16, 2013

1026 fallen wolves, February 18, 2013

1041 fallen wolves, February 19, 2013

1049 fallen wolves,  February 20, 2013

1057 fallen wolves, February 22, 2013

1067 fallen wolves, February 24, 2013

1071 fallen wolves, February 27, 2013

1088 fallen wolves, March 6, 2013

1092 fallen wolves, March 9, 2013

1104 fallen wolves, March 13, 2013

1116 fallen wolves, March 21, 2013

1131 fallen wolves, March 27, 2013

1142 fallen wolves, March 30, 2013

1149 fallen wolves, April 8, 2013

1151 fallen wolves, April 19, 2013

1156 fallen wolves, April 23, 2013

1161 fallen wolves, July 3, 2013


Wolf Hunt Open On Panhandle Private Land From July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014. which means Idaho has a year round wolf hunt in parts of the state. Absolutely unconscionable  and disgusting.


545 Fallen Wolves (Idaho – Montana Wolf Hunt 2011/2o12)

171 Fallen Wolves, November 10, 2011 @ 4:21am

176 Fallen Wolves, November 10, 2011 @2pm

181 Fallen Wolves, November 12, 2011

183 Fallen Wolves, November 13, 2011

192 Fallen Wolves, November 14, 2011

195 Fallen Wolves, November 15, 2011

198 Fallen Wolves, November 16, 2011

201 Fallen Wolves, November 17, 2011

209 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 17, 2011 @ 3:06 pm

214 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 21, 2011 @ 4:42 am

224 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 21, 2011 @ 3:09 pm

228 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 22, 2011 @ 1:20 am

231 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 22, 2011 @ 12:18 pm

232 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 23, 2011

234 Fallen Wolves, Nov.24, 2011

236 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 25, 2011

241 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 28, 2011

244 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 29, 2011

247 Fallen Wolves, Nov. 30, 2011

248 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 4, 2011

251 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 5, 2011

254 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 5, 2011 @ 10: 22pm

256 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 7, 2011

259 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 7, 2011

260 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 8, 2011

261 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 11, 2011

265 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 12, 2011

270 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 13, 2011

271 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 14, 2011

272 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 17, 2011

283 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 20, 2011

286 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 20, 2011

291 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 22, 201

296 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 23, 2011

298 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 24, 2011

299 Fallen Wolves, Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2011

310 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 27, 2011

316 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 29, 2011

317 Fallen Wolves, Dec. 30, 2011

318 Fallen Wolves, January 2, 2012

319 Fallen Wolves, January 3, 2012

326 Fallen Wolves, January 4, 2012

331 Fallen Wolves, January 5, 2012

332 Fallen Wolves, January 6, 2012

337 Fallen Wolves, January 8, 2012

338 Fallen Wolves, January 9, 2012

351 Fallen Wolves, January 10, 2012

360 Fallen Wolves, January 11, 2012

361 Fallen Wolves, January 12, 2012

365 Fallen Wolves, January 13, 2012

376 Fallen Wolves, January 17, 2012

384 Fallen Wolves, January 18, 2012

387 Fallen Wolves, January 20, 2012

388 Fallen Wolves, January 22, 2012

389 Fallen Wolves, January 23, 2012

396 Fallen Wolves, January 24, 2012

399 Fallen Wolves, January 25, 26, 2012

400 Fallen Wolves, January 27, 2012

410 Fallen Wolves, January 27, 2012

414 Fallen Wolves, January 31, 2012

418 Fallen Wolves, February 1, 2012

419 Fallen Wolves, February 2, 2012

420 Fallen Wolves, February 3, 2012

426 Fallen Wolves, February 5, 2012

432 Fallen Wolves, February 6, 2012

434 Fallen Wolves, February 7, 2012

439 Fallen Wolves, February 9, 2012

452 Fallen Wolves, February 12, 2012

454 Fallen Wolves, February 13, 2012

457 Fallen Wolves, February 14, 2012

464 Fallen Wolves, February 15, 2012

468 Fallen Wolves, February 16, 2012

472 Fallen Wolves, February 17, 2012

473 Fallen Wolves, February 19, 2012

484 Fallen Wolves, February 21, 2012

487 Fallen Wolves, February 24, 2012

494 Fallen Wolves, February 27, 2012

498 Fallen Wolves, February 28, 2012

500 Fallen Wolves, February 29, 2012

507 Fallen Wolves, March 2, 2012

511 Fallen Wolves, March 6, 2012

513 Fallen Wolves, March 8, 2012

514 Fallen Wolves, March 12, 2012

519 Fallen Wolves, March 13, 2012

521 Fallen Wolves, March 15, 2012

524 Fallen Wolves, March 16, 2012

530 Fallen Wolves, March 21, 2012

535  Fallen Wolves, March 27, 2012

538 Fallen Wolves, March 30, 2012

540 Fallen Wolves, March 31, 2012

541 Fallen Wolves, April 3, 2012

542 Fallen Wolves, April 4, 2012

543 Fallen Wolves, April 6, 2012

544 Fallen Wolves, April 13, 2012

545 Fallen Wolves, May 26, 2012

The Idaho wolf hunt is continuing  in the Panhandle from July 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013. It started just as the 10 month long hunt ended in the Lolo and Selway.   The Idaho hunt death toll/379 (255 wolves shot, 124 wolves trapped or snared)

There are no updated numbers on how many wolves are being killed in the Panhandle.

Remember these wolves and never forget the suffering they and their wolf families have endured because of ignorance and hate. This gives me the resolve to work even harder to see them relisted.

Yearling Oregon Wolf Killed by Poacher (ODFW)

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  1. Respect for all Living things. We are all related. We will remember every little crumb of life. We will remember every little gleam of soul. We will remember every little breath. We are air…

    • A wonderful comment. Humanity needs to learn that we are, indeed, all related and that all other creatures on this earth have value and a right to be here. We do not have a right to use and abuse them at will.

      • Humanity has no respect for no body two or four legged. They want to kill kill kill just for the fun of it and to me these animal/creatures have more of a right to be here than we do. This was there land along with the American Indians and the American Indians lived in harmony with the wolves through out the years. So why can’t we, the people of today do the same thing. We need more memorials for the Wolf families that are being slaughterd to get more and more people interested in saving them. Wether they want to admit it or not, we are all one family, cause we were all made by one person.

    • I love this comment. We kill so many creatures with so little regard for their lives. There should be many more memorials. We need to mark their loss and shine the light on human arrogance and meanness.

      • Thank you Marcia. I chose the word fallen because this a war and these wolves are being killed for nothing other then the fact they breathe air. Thank you for appreciating the memorial, I’m so sad there has to be one though.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Dust to dust. Ashes to ashes. So shall the Humans be. When the day comes that the Earth burns. The Humans have persecuted us. Killed us. Murdered us. For no reason other than hatred. We have no means of protecting ourselves from guns. Come fight us up close. Where you have no precious gun or knives to save you. Man up Humans.

      Humans need to be good stewards of the environment. God put us here for that reason. Even the Half-Humans. Don’t. Even. Ask.

      The Humans that are reading this, this is my perspective. This is how I see the Humans, for the most part. I know that there are some good Humans out there. So don’t think that I hate you.

      • So true, so sad!
        It seems they will not rest until the last wolf is killed.

        Wolf Credo

        •Respect The Elders

        •Teach the Young

        •Cooperate With The Pack

        •Play When You Can

        •Hunt When You Must

        •Rest In-Between

        •Share your affections

        •Voice your feelings

        •Leave your mark.


      • now i now why i am so upset becouse of all the killing of the wolves my spirrit is be killed

      • estoy contigo soy una loba tambien y me duele ver como matan a todos nuestros hermanos y si ahi muchos humanos que quieren poner fin a la masacre

      • Unnatural humans pollute the earth for “power” it’s disgusting when one tries to force destiny into something else. An example would be for the poor wolves fighting for survival across the world because of us cutting off their territory and prey. And stupid people kill innocent hungry wolves just so they can save a few GMO fed cows… What I am trying to say is that wolves as well as other natural animals should be given more respect along with nature herself…but noooo people NEED power over the world and other people. I am deeply disgusted with this true fact and I HATE the people who slaughtered the wolves!

    • The real sad thing is that when the government relocated just a few dozen wolves they multiplied ten fold in 5 years. Once politicians drain the country of money, the wolves left will be able to build back up. It is just mind blowing to see what our officials do to these beautiful, graceful creatures.

      • So many wolves, so many…. We write our angry letters, we tell people the horrible news, we mourn for them..,
        Will it ever be enough?

    • ODFW

      This Beautiful Wolf looks as though it needs HELP. So skinny and sad. I WILL NOT LET THIS ISSUE DISSOLVE IN CONGRESS.


    • For sure… I raised 5 of them so far — from tiny CUBS………Never a problem… The “killers” are lucky I am so far away….
      Will raise another one – if you find one !!! :-)

  2. What Befalls the EARTH AND All living CReatures Befalls the CHIldren OF the EARTh… Chief Seattle..
    Each and every person that does nothing or has no voice and stands by to witness this is just as guilty as those that are slaughtering this wonderful GOD CREATED ANIMALS>> TO LIVe love and Be free JUST AS HUMANS NO DIFFERENT… they are social LOVe, feel, ANd take care of there Families ALL the same as HUMans …..A disgrace to the HUMAN Race INdeed.

    • I could not say this any better

      • Amen.

      • Long live wolves

      • how can anyone hurt such Beautiful animals

      • whats wrong with people today they ccant let the wolves live in piece they are going out to deliberitly kill them off they shouldnt what would happen if they were hunted like the wolf fucking GOOOFS STRIEGHT UP

    • Beatiful…never more truely said.

    • I agree 100%. When will it be hunting season for the wolf to hunt humans. How long do you think that would last. I wish we could transplant some here to florida.


    • Agnes, It’s a horror show and we’re living it. I NEVER imagined it would get this bad and it hasn’t stopped yet. Wyoming is looming on the horizon. I just wish people would understand they have to speak out and not just petitions and letters. We need protests all over the country, like Occupy Wall Street. That’s the way we’re going to bring attention to this. I hope it happens before they wipe the wolves out in Idaho. They are dying very quickly and trapping season has just begun and runs through March 2012.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • The Humans have no care other than themselves. Thats what Occupy Wall Street is about. Greed.
        Us Wolf lovers, on the other hand (Or us Half-Humans if you wish, I know some of you are probably Therianthropes.) Only want the best for Wolves. Killings will persist. But, I hate the killing of my people just as much as you do, if not more.

        “We’re beginning to realize the almost irreparable loss in such cruel and barbaric practices as hunting and killing innocent creatures for pleasure…whose sole “offense” is being beautiful.”
        Joseph F. Goodavage; Magic: Science of the Future
        I totally agree with this quote.
        I wonder if the Humans would like to be hunted. Or tortured like Kurt the Wolf.

    • i agree thats everything i could have said.

  4. I ask these people what are humans they say mammals then i say what are wolves MAMMALS. And then i say exactly.

  5. danich. jeg tænder lys for disse mord på min bedste venner, og mine tanker for dem der står bag disse, at stille alle dem på en lang række— og——- MIT hjerte græder som et hav for mine venner, RETFÆRDIGHED NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. ikke flere dyremord i 2012 !!!!!!

  6. We will never forget our brothers and sisters. They live inside us and they live for ever…

    • Yes, their spirits are still with us and we must not forget them or stop working to make this earth a better place in their memory.

  7. It is a pity that the quote below does not seem to apply to those entrusted with the care of wildlife, such as the Wildlife Services (ODFW), Ken Salazar and no doubt others in the Obama government.

    “We’re beginning to realize the almost irreparable loss in such cruel and barbaric practices as hunting and killing innocent creatures for pleasure…whose sole “offense” is being beautiful.”
    Joseph F. Goodavage; Magic: Science of the Future.

  8. Salazar is a Coward and a loser, maybe they should feel how it is like to be hunted . Another Obama asshole with no idea whats going on, Save these wolfs, do the right thing

    • Salazar has been a disaster for the wolves and for the horses and who knows what else he will decide does not deserve to live.

  9. i’m very very sad. may these beautiful and unique creatures rest in peace.

  10. ITs Christmas Day and my Heart and mind follow the trails and the wolves in my Heart… as they run… for over 30 yrs they have trusted Man again after man almost wiped them off the face of this Earth 80 yrs ago.. almost… yet here we go again …destroying what GOD has created… An animal that cannot be replaced …NEver in my life would I have Thought this could happen again… the animal packs and families cannot be replaced …they all are different as we are different.. each animal on this Universe has a different stripe or color or twinkle in there eye…personality are different… we all walk as different individuals in time… My heart continues to fall little pieces with each Animal that is taken away so needless… MAY GOd have mercy on the SOuls that are taking lives Of Other SOuls created to live side by side.. AN eye for an EYe makes the whole world BLIND.. it seems the world is going BLind……. My Prayers continue as all of us must keep going and speaking for TRuth and Balance to be REstored… FOrgive them for they Know NOT what they DO.

  11. The cruel persecution of the wolves is beyond comprehension. The reasons behind it are despicable. I pray constantly for their safety. Have been feeling extreme saddness over this. Such an injustice!!

  12. Makes me so sad and angry. I hope and pray that mankind will get a clue and leave our wildlife alone. Hindsight is 20/20 and I don’t want it to go that far.


  14. This is a disgrace murdering God’s animals,and our representatives and senators turn a blind eye..time to change there seats and put someone who cares in,starting with Obama

  15. God created humans to be caretakers of and to have dominion over all living creatures. We have FAILED miserably. We WILL be held accountable. When and why did we stop being human beings and become self-centered, murderous people intent on destroying the only home we will ever know? Free will was given us and we have become nothing more than deadly parasites crawling over the face of this planet. I WILL see all my animal brothers and sisters at the Rainbow Bridge and they will know me by name. May they recognize me as a sister spirit. I PRAY: “May God take their spirits to Heaven, keep them there and protect their families from all harm.”


  17. My name is Herman and i am from Holland (europe).
    What a great blog!!! What a sad blog!!!
    I think almost everyday on how many wolves are killed today. This is so wrong, this diserves no animal, first reintroduced and then to be shot on site or killed from above. Are you completly out of your mind over there? I think so!!! I will tell anybody hows planning to go to the US, not to go and think twice before you go.For months i am writing/mailing to other groups about this cruel/absurd plan to kill the wolves in the northerly states, but this blog is by far out the most interrest. Excuse me for my english, but i think everybody knows what i mean and think. Hell is in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Yellowstone, etc.
    Hell is where the wolves are.

    • Hi, I’m a fellow wolf lover from Billings, Montana and the founder of Wolf Watchers International. I don’t understand your comment about “Hell is in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Yellowstone, etc.
      Hell is where the wolves are.”

      • Hello fellow wolf lover,
        i think you do now what i mean. If i where a wolf in Montana or …..
        i think that i would’nt be alive anymore and probably beeing shot or gunfired from a helicopter. As for the last sentence; Wolves living in Montana they must be experience it like living in hell. With all these game hunters.

      • There are NO wolves in the Netherlands..they were already hunted and trapped to extinction decades ago…I love wolves and hate to see “human managed wildlife”..but Germans immediately shot the only bear to step onto German soil for a hundred years just a few years ago. Bear, wolves, and many other predators were hunted to extinction in most of Western Europe, as I said, decades ago!

  18. mankind is the only animal that acts with malice, ignorance and greed :-(

    • Excellent comment. Couldn’t have said it better.

  19. This should read “365 wolves REPORTED fallen”. We all know that many anti-wolf people openly admit that they are poaching wolves plus since Idaho “accidentally” put the WRONG phone number on tags (yeah, right) to report wolf murders.


    • You are right Ed, many wolves are being poached, killed by WS, killed in auto accidents and just general wolf mortality. And of course this big, botch job. So there are 3,780 Idaho wolf tags with the incorrect reporting number. So lets think about this for a minute. What were any of those 3780 tag holders doing before IDFG corrected the number? Not reporting? Not looking for the correct number? How many wolves have been killed in Idaho and not reported? And here I thought we just had poachers to worry about..now it seems tag holders could claim they didn’t report because they had a wrong number? Just great.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. Reading this……. I cant believe it even though it is true. When will the people in the US will learn ( and worldwide) that wolves are a part of nature. I am from Germany and grew up with a captive wolf from Russia . The most beautiful animal I have ever seen. In that time there were no wolves in Germany running free. I could not understand why people let this happend. Now we do have some wolves in Germany again and hopefully they packs will grow. In the Uk the last wolf was killed about 250 years ago !!!!! I hope that consciousness will change and that people will become friends with the wolves again. May their spirits rest in peace for they are always in our hearts

    • Thank you for sharing Awenstar, they are truly magnificent animals, apex predators put on this earth for a good reason but they have been so demonized in European culture that to this day these outdated, archaic attitudes still exist. Wolves are dying in the hundreds now, yet “crickets” from the television media. What happened to Anderson Cooper? I thought he would have picked up on this a long time ago, yet nothing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. My prayers go out to thoses cold blood killers. I pray the creator will open there eyes to beauty of our brothers and sisters the wolfs stop the killing now !!!

  22. These poor creatures are fighting for survival from the moment they are born, Where is the World Wildlife association? Why are they not prosecuting the executioners of these defenceless animals, What gives these evil people the right to kill animals and wipe out species when we are trying to save animals from becoming extinct, I feel ashamed to call myself a human being when I know the wickedness my own species is capable of.

  23. Dear Wolf Lovers,
    Wolves are awesome,amazing,and beautiful animals.We are their only hope. Help them not become extincted.
    Wolf Lover,
    Misty Wolff


  25. What separates us from animals ?is it because we are smarter ? The answer is nothing . Just because we are smarter doesn’t mean we’re any different from them .A life is a life , killing is killing , murder is murder .
    SAVE THE WOLVES !!!!!!!!!

  26. This is a total outrage!! Has everyone lost their minds?!!!!! Why isn’t someone doing something to stop this massacre? My heart aches for these beautiful animals. This is just pure hatred and greed!! This is wrong on so many levels. It is just plain murder! I hate it!!!!!

    • The issue is that there is an agenda to destroy America, this runs much deeper. The pain in my heart is huge, this has karmic ties to nature and humans in this planet. We are in real trouble, we need to ban with other wolf friendly organizations and peacefully start walking in Washington D.C every week.

  27. That number is way too high for my liking…and to think that it’s only January (shudders at the thought of how high that number could be by the end of the seasons).

    Bad news: Montana FWP gave the initial approval for the hunt extension in the Bitterroot. And more bad news: Ravalli county just released their proposed Wolf-Control Policy, and it seems pretty anti-wolf (even though they claim it is not): http://missoulian.com/news/local/ravalli-county-commissioners-release-draft-wolf-control-policy/article_f6c12d80-4251-11e1-8178-001871e3ce6c.html

    Luckily for us, there is a commenting period for both proposals. Which means that we should write to them and tell them to not accept these plans!


    • Agnes…did you not get my post? It should go out automatically? Maybe it’s because I re-posted the Candlelight Vigil and Word Press wouldn’t recognize it as a new post? Hope that doesn’t happen again, sorry Agnes.

      I’m so upset over this movie. It’s sickening, I can’t imagine what effect this is going to have on wolves, nothing good that’s for sure. The director can spin all he wants but he knows what he did. Eating wolf meat??? He can’t spin that!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  29. http://anti-wolf.deviantart.com/ go look at this and prepare to get angry

    • Dyanne…Oh the anti wolfers just love this case…they think they have their proof. I ignore their rantings. Wolves are the least dangerous of all large carnivores in North America. I hike in wolf country and have never once been fearful. IF and it’s a big if, you have the chance of viewing wolves outside of Yellowstone it will be very fleeting. They are fearful of humans and will run away. Carter Niemeyer, who wrote the book Wolfer, stated he never once was fearful of wolves. I can vouch for that. Needless to say wolves are wild animals, so I’m not going out there to try and pet one.

      The anti wolfers have a pathological hatred of wolves bordering on the psychotic. You can’t imagine the comments I get that people never see on this blog..they go directly to spam.

      For the wolves, For the wild one,

      • I asked this “why dose their life have less value than yours?” on youtube lionking4iscoming my channel and no one could answer with out sounding ignorant or sadistic first response was “There’s nothing cruel nor sadistic about killing an animal. What sort of mental disorder do you suffer from???” so apparently vegans/hardcore naturalist are mentally ill nice.

  30. So sad, when are people going to learn to share cause the wolves were and are here first. So frickin sad!

    • It’s horribly sad Lana but we can do something. Speak out about it!! Eventually we will be heard but we have to keep it up.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  31. this is for the ones that couldn’t get saved


    please post this somewhere

    • Here is the sad picture Dwayne.


      • thank you more people need to see this I’ll be on favebook spreading the news

      • that is evil!

  32. My heart bleeds for the huge loss of the wolves and their pups. When will man learn that the wolf poses no threat to man and they only kill the weak animals in order to eat & survive.

  33. this “witch hunt” is a ticking time bomb of emotion and violence if it continues i can only see war break out and the predicted divide of the human species from those who value all life and those who seek to destroy it. It doesn’t look good.

  34. I love wolves and becuase we hurt and kill them we are the only animal killing people. I want to here the song of the wolves, and hear them howl, not in pain. I want to see a wolve and I may not ever be able to. I will not stop and i will take the shot instead of a wolf. I am not lieing. I want to hear their song, and hope ever person with a true heart does to! LONG LIVE WOLVES!
    Wolf lover,

    • that’s so sad. i have tears in my eyes. let my wipe them off.

  35. wow, that is evil. i knew humans made mistakes, but killing is a mistake we should never make.

  36. humans are evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. a moment of silence for all those wolves who have left us.


  38. I love wolves and want to have one as a companian instead of them being risked of being killed in the outside world. I will hope WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND SAVE THESE WOLVES. I am going to write an essay about what is being done to these great wolves and soon my own story “My name is Snowfang, and I am a Wolf” LONG LIVE WOLVES! I am against this whitch hunt and will give anything to save the wolves.
    Wolf lover,
    Justin Dunn

    • save the wolves!
      save the wolves!
      save the wolves!
      save the wolves!
      save the wolves!
      save the wolves!
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      save the wolves!
      save the wolves!

      • I am a loss of words, everytime I look at one of these Beautiful Majestic Animals I want to cry for them. I’m having a hard time digesting the ruthless killings that are taking place while I’m even sitting here writing this. Cold Hearted People in this world. Can’t wait for them to meet there maker. There Funerals mean nothing to me because they can rot in “Hell” as far as I’m concerned. R.I.P to all the ones that have been Murdered & Prayers go out to the ones that remain. Wolf Lover

  39. tear.

  40. I will have a candle lit cereimony at my house to remember the fallen wild ones.

    • a cereimony! cool, and revrent! i like you jdunn501. come over sometime.

      • no thanks

  41. maybe

  42. zzzzzzzzz.


  43. Spread the word
    go to my blog
    Wolf lover,
    Justin Dunn

  44. 446 wolves dead SO SO SAD :(
    Misty Wolff

  45. Help the living WOLVES****:)
    Misty Wolff

  46. help WOLVES Live:)

  47. :):):):)

  48. :)Help the wolves today!

  49. This is horrendous and must be stopped.

  50. it is just unbelieveable, what you are able to do, the way they think, feel and hurt. By all this they definitely forget, that the Earth and World does not belong just to humans, that GOD did not create humans, no wolves and animals and nature also. Humans are so hard to understand and sure hard to get along with. I am glad I do not feel and think like most of those stupid thinking humans. GOD, please make it an end. Love you wolves, from bottom of my heart and I indeed ever will.

  51. keep the light burning please, thank you friends

  52. My heart is bleeding and crying for you precious wolves, who have been murdered. Wolves and ALL ANIMALS only deserve love and kindness from humans. I am ashamed to be a part of a race that would do such terrible harm to defenseless wonderful animals! My heart is truly broken for you all –just know that I love you all and pray for a day that “ANIMAL RIGHTS,” WILL BECOME LAW!!!!!!!~

  53. It really is difficult seeing this kind of tragedy unfold in a modern era of ‘acceptance and understanding’.. I am thoroughly grateful to see that people like you and every single commenter here, caring for wolves. Its the brooding mixture of centuries of hatred and misinformation that drives such wolf killings. But, as always, life goes on.. What humans must do is to educate the masses, not only about wolves but also about nature it self, of the critical dependence than man has upon nature, for his very survival.

    Again, I thank all of you for caring about wolves :) it really means a lot to me.


  54. The wildlife services is scum and they need to get their game on. Now we are seeing their cards, not only that but we’re counting their cards. Watch out, the end is coming… for humanity or for wolves only God will decide.

  55. When in God’s name are these idiots going to learn that there is a balance in nature. The wolf plays a major part in that balance. They should all remember the screw-up in Yellowstone Park when they slaughterer the wolves, then came up with the bright idea that the wolf indeed played a major part in keeping things in balance. The deer population exploded, which then caused problems with the grass lands because they were eating everything in sight which created problems with other animals and other plants, then the creeks, then trying to keep land from burning which caused problems with the trees, and so on and so forth. Man (we, us) has no business deciding that we should slaughter any species, whether it be wolf, deer, bison or any other living creature on the face of this planet. These animals were placed here by God, and each has it’s role in maintaining a balanced eco-system.

    This is a bad, BAD bill and the bill itself should be killed, not the wolves. They are there for a reason. If there is one that has lost it’s fear of humans, capture it and train it! I mean, how cool would that be to have a 100% live wolf as a pet???

    All I can plead for is that this bill is stopped before it’s too late and we create a travesty that cannot be corrected. Humans have no business messing with the balance of nature!!!

  56. Nabeki,
    i have just recently writen an essay about the cruelty against them. i have opened the eyes of a few to the reality of these (forgive my language) stupid and idiotic people killing the wolves. the truth is, is that wolves are the LEAST dangeous large predators in the world. Thanks for listing, and tell others of this killing, go out and tell others of this witch hunt. LONG LIVE WOLVES!
    Wolf lover,
    Justin D.

    • Justin…I know everyone would love to hear your essay. Could you post it here? Thank you for speaking out for the poor, beleaguered wolves!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • There has not been one fatal wolf attack on humans in over a hundred years of record keeping! Wolves are the least dangerous of large predators in North America. Yet wolves are still being killed, for no reason at all. There have been more than 452 wolves killed since November 10, 2011. Wolves should be protected because the wolves being killed are destroying the ecosystem, tax dollars are used to pay the people who hunt these wolves, and extinction is a reality. All info was found through howlingforjustice.wordpress.com, Wildlife Department, the local news, and the wikipedia search of Grey Wolves.
        Wolves are being gunned down from above, from airplanes, which is illegal. The number of wolves killed from airplanes as of November 10 was 299 fallen wolves on Christmas day of last year 2011. The number right now is above 452 recorded. The numbers may be even higher but it may be even higher. Some have heard that some of these killings have been just been to keep the prey levels at a medium, but there is more than 100,000 elk in a couple square miles. Yet elk numbers are at a record high! Also the government of Alaska also says that they must kill wolves because of the shortage of caribou, moose, and elk. But if you just let it keep going like this the prey will increase and everyone will be all worried about them out of control, but if you just let the ecosystem go and then it would rise and fall naturally. But, apparently, it just has to be perfect but the government killing the wolves is just simply destroying our ecosystem.

        Did you know that apparently your tax dollars are being spent to pay hunters to kill these wolves? They also don’t kill the wolves immediately, but they shoot it and it is normally a slow death. The hunters don’t even spare the pups. Sarah Palin had her wildlife department kill 14 wolves from a helicopter, then they got the orphaned pups and shot each one in the head, for no reason. The officials were paid to do this and the average price for a dead wolf is $750 and even more. So this really gets people angry. This is also a clear violation of many state laws.
        Even with some wolves left in the wild there is still a worry about extinction. The wolves’ genetic diversity is low causing mutations. These mutations can kill wolves and possibly injure others. This witch hunt has killed more than 450 and more in less than a year. The wolves can die fast if there is no stopping this.
        People say wolves kill cattle and murder people. These are mostly rumors from wolf haters. The murders are a lie. The predation on the cattle is almost nothing. The cattle are mostly killed from natural causes, and diseases. These are then used to kill wolves because someone just hates wolves and don’t care if the wolves are killed or not. The wolves are killing wild prey, not livestock. I believe that my argument about saving them is better than the people who want to kill the wolves, because, one, killing is just plain wrong, two, the people who are killing these wolves are only doing it for money, three, the people killing the wolves also have no sense that they might kill of an entire species in the U.S.A, and finally, these people kill a wolf and then go ahead and kill an elk. Well, either you’re out of you’re mind or your just in Alaska, or Idaho.
        Wolves should be saved because of the destruction of the ecosystem, the taxes being used in bad ways, and extinction is very bad. Yet even in the midst of one of their darkest hours, there is still hope. Like just today the Montana hunt has been stopped. So take action and stop this hunt. Long live this wonderful species!

  57. We share this world. Humans need to learn to exist with nature, not destroy it.

  58. Dear, N
    Did you like the essay. It took a lot of work and i even credited it to this blog about the terrible witch hunt, i will also have a vigil on the 8 of March. i will send photos.
    Wolf lover,

    • Dear Justin,

      For some reason I must have missed your essay. I just read it and you did a terrific job. Thank you so much for all you are doing for wolves. You are the future and we need young people like yourself who love and care about nature and wildlife. AND I’m so excited you’re holding a vigil for the wolves on March 8th, with photos!! The wolves need everyone’s help, there are almost 500 dead now and if this awful bill passes I can’t imagine what will happen.

      Keep up the great work Justin.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Dear Nabeki,
        Thanks for saying that about my essay. I got a 13/16 on it! I will be holding a vigil. I also will, when i can vote, stop this bill, whatever it takes. I also need to ask you a question, are you allowed to own a wolf, or rather a hybrid.
        Wolf Lover,

  59. i also dont want this number of the fallen to pass 500, please sign, sadly i am only 13 so i cant sign

    • That’s OK Justin..you are supporting wolves in other ways just as important.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  60. Dear N,
    I also have a blog about the cruelty and how we can stop it. It is called longlivewolves.wordpress.com. Please tell me how i could do better with the site.
    Wolf Lover,

  61. I just found out about a wolf hater under the name of Dan, he said that the killing of wolves is good and that the department of fish and game is doing a good job. This i couldnot allow, so i gave him a piece of my mind. Please, meet the signatures needed to stop this insanity.
    Wolf lover,

  62. This is a poem i think is on this sight or not but i like it

    A silver world awakens to our cries
    On silent feet we run like ghosts
    Through thick forests and grassy oceans of prairies
    Over emotionless tundra and proud mountain range
    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please
    We hunt, we kill, we eat, what we can’t finish we store
    Back to our rendezvous to feed our pups’ hungry maws
    They bring us such delight, demanding though they sometimes are
    When eating is done we watch while they play, learn and spar
    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please
    We are always on the move
    Our territory must be secure
    We abide no foreign foot
    No trespasser will be let off the hook
    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please
    The old and young we tend with great care
    The young and healthy are expected to work
    Keep your place and do your job
    Or you’ll suffer our teeth
    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please
    Our day now finished
    All trials overcome
    We rest together as a family
    As one
    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please

    • Justin…that is just beautiful, I really love it. I’d like to post it on the blog sometime this week if you don’t mind. We all need a rest from the constant drumbeat of bad news. Thank you so much for sharing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  63. poepledont understand for everywolf kiled i myselfget feel the pain every time yours truely blackwolfespirrit,richard

  64. N,
    Also you can post it and anything i post anywhere. If it’s getting the word out, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!
    Wolf lover,

    • Thanks Justin!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  65. Dear, Nabeki
    I need to know what i could do to make my blog as good as it can be. It is called longlivewolves.wordpress.com. Tell me what I could do. Thanks!
    Wolf Lover,

    • Hi Justin,

      Let me think on it a bit and I’ll get back to you. You can change one thing that I noticed…when you say there have been no fatal wolf attacks, add “in the Lower 48″ There were two controversial fatal attacks linked to wolves in North America,in the last century, one in Alaska and the other in Canada(bears or wolves?).

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  66. Dear Nabeki,
    i just want to lighten the load on all this bad news, so i got some jokes
    ok what did one wolf say to the other wolf
    Dont know he said where was the big bad wolf all i see is a sheep here.

    Ok another, what did the wolf say to the tree
    If you dont mind ill just use u ahhh! What a refief.
    I got more jokes, just ask me for more
    Wolf Lover,

  67. Dear Nabeki,
    I thought those where funny, i can do better, those where ones i made right off the top of my head, (man i have a big head then). I want more good news, not bad. Also, can you adopt rescue wolf halfbreeds?
    Wolf Lover,

    • Justin,

      They are called wolf dogs and there are regulations in each state concerning them. Normally you can adopt or rescue them but you have to be prepared to know how to raise and care for them. Many wolf dogs are killed every year because of neglect or abandonment. Usually the shelters will not adopt them out and put them down. There are many wolfdog rescue pages on Facebook.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  68. Dear N,
    Thanks for telling me that. I just wanted to know if it is possible. I live near Sacromento and I also wanted to see if I could maybe do my Eagle project to help the wolves. Thank You!
    Wolf Lover,

    Wolf protector,

  70. Dear N,
    ok what did one wolf say to the other wolf

    Dont know he said where was the big bad wolf all i see is a sheep here.

    Ok another, what did the wolf say to the tree
    If you dont mind ill just use u ahhh! What a refief.
    I got more jokes, just ask me for more
    Wolf Lover,

  71. I can’t believe that the number has climbed to 498 since i first saw this site i first saw it at 389, on January 31 now it is nearly 200 more. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS, IT MUST STOP NOW!
    Wolf lover and protector,

  72. Dear N and everyone,
    I GOT GREAT NEWS read this
    Senator Jeff Siddoway’s Wolf Kill Bill has been sent back to committee which effectively kills it. The bill would have allowed ranchers to kill wolves by various methods including use of live bait and even aerial gunning.

    Yesterday the USFWS told the Idaho Statesman that the bill could threaten the wolf delisting plan and give anyone the ability to petition them to list them as threatened under the Endangered Species Act because of inadequate regulatory mechanisms to protect them under state management. It appears that they balked at this news.

  73. Sorry forgot signature
    Wolf lover and protector,

  74. is it good news or no

    • Hi there, Friday March 2. 2012,
      Unfortunately ,I just saw the new numbers and it has reached 500 at this point. I do not know when these people will come to their senses and realize that if they continue to follow this path , they will ultimatley repeat the mistakes of the past, and we will more than likely,not have a chane to repair the damage that has already been done, This has gotten very ugly,and I think the people that have spent $22,500 dollars of our tax money, and the person that shot OR-9., should be held accountable for the things they have done,

      Thousands of hours and resourses were spent on the re-introduction program for the wolves. They had the forsight and common sense to realize that the wolves are an essensial part of our ecosystem and the balance of nature, I hope and pray this will all come to a positive outcome, and there will be no more blood shed on the wolves part.Unfortunately I do not think that will be the case, so I am ready to do whatever it takes to try and protect our beloved gaurdians, Faithfully yours, Kelly wolf lover

  75. Why are the anti-wolfs celebrating this like its new years day?

  76. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
    nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
    -Dr. Suess-

    Thanks Nabeki for being someone who cares.

  77. the wolf
    the wolf howls loudly
    i am so alone
    the wolf howls lonely
    in plaintive tone
    …i need my brothers
    my sisters my pack
    i cannot hear you
    are you coming back?

  78. Dear N,
    i have sent the pics of my vigil to u feel free to post it were ever on this site LONG LIVE WOLVES!
    Wolf protecter,


  80. As they are killed off the world becomes empty, my spirit is dying and tears fill my eyes at the humans who kill my brother and sister wolf. We need to protect them and not kill them. The balance of nature is totally messed up. My heart begs those who destroy to please stop. Think of what you are doing.

  81. A beautiful book for children of all ages: THE THREE LITTLE WOLVES AND THE BIG BAD PIG. It’s the original story told in reverse, and the illustrations are unforgettable. It doesn’t end with the big bad pig getting killed. Those wolves, known for their smarts, say, “Hey, no matter what we build our house out of, the BIG BAD PIG destroys it!! We might as well build a house that we will love to live in for the rest of our lives! So they do. They build a house of flowers. The BIG PIG comes rumbling up to the house, and stops in his tracks. What’s this?! Flowers? He LOVES flowers, and he LOVES the way they smell. The wolves are so happy with their new house that they can’t stop dancing for joy, and they don’t even notice the pig. Is the pig looking for the wolves? All he sees is three cute little doggy types that have built the most beautiful house he’s ever seen. And, yes, they all live happily ever after.

    Every family should have a copy of this book that shows us how it can be done. It should take its rightful place beside all those other family story books show us a lot about living together. Most hunters and ranchers aren’t “big, bad hunters” and “big bad ranchers.” But we all need to work on this problem of too much distrust, fear, and hate, and nowhere near enough love. But there’s a lot of hope here!! This book can help us ALL try harder every waking hour to discover things about each other that we can identity with and like, and even learn to love. And with a lot of well-spent time and effort, we may begin to notice that the fighting has stopped, and that we’re beginning to trust each other, and to get interested in figuring out how we can work together to solve these problems that had us so upset. And what was that really all about anyway? And then we start getting to know each other over big cookouts and potlucks and stuff, and kind of like each other and notice all kinds of things we have in common. And we start talking to each other. Really talking about stuff. And over time we learn a lot more about wolves, and about ourselves . . . the great variety of selves that live together in this beautiful, natural Western Montana community. And part of that is learning that it’s not only O.K. to hunt wolves, but that hunting wolves can be the kind of challenge that hunters take great pride and joy in, just as they do with other wild animals that they love to hunt.


  82. Stop eating IDaho Potatoes.. …. the blood on them and the Earth in IDaho is KArma and the people who live there will have future health issues.. the spirits are there and the EArth and GOD will have the last say on all this awful, horrible destruction of the wonderful ANIMALs GOds creations .. being killed by the hands of MANKInd.. nothing good can come from this kind of Cruel behavior and hate toward any living creatures. THe people in control there have only DARK HEARTs and I would not want to walk in there shoes.. praying for FORGIVEness from the UNIVerse Daily.

  83. i dont understand this, WHY they are living animals .. they want to live like everyone else not only that they are beautiful.


    • We will Elaine!! HOWLS!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  85. I dont u nderstand it either. whats wrong with this world? do we all have to die and go to Heaven before we’ll all find happiness? you people doing the killing think God is going to shine a light on you? I wouldnt want to be you on judgement day….

  86. Hypothetically speaking:
    I find it kinda funny that if a wolf killed a child, everyone would freak and go on a killing spree of wolves, but if a person kills a wolf, most people dont even care.

  87. Respect the Wolwes

  88. La ulven leve.Hvordan kan mennesker være så vonde mot dyrene våre!


  90. SO you wrote this story telling us to stop the fb etc? SO what now? How can we stop this awful stuff? I Posted all the names listed from the nasty 81 but how will that stop this at this time? IT cannot, and NAtional Protest like many others with thousands in the streets is the only way to get media coverage and MEdia attention. MIllions of people have NO Idea this is GOING ON?

    • SPEAK OUT!!! Do what I did. Universities which have Environmental Science Departments can work WONDERS!

      I live in SE PA. HUNDREDS are now working towards this issue. Nat Geo, also is in the mix. Earth Justice.

      I always say, be a whistle blower.

  91. This is a terrible situation. Can we do anything about it?

  92. meine augen fühlen sich mit trännen warum macht ihr das die wölfe sind das schönste was uns die natur uns gegeben hat es sind die ur väter unseren hunden bitte bitte hört auf sie su töten . gruss aus der Schweiz und im namen einer wolfs liebhaberin so wunder schöne tiere.

  93. As these animals die I find myself falling faster into the darkenss, but then there are advocates like HFJ that shine the light through the overwhelming hoplessness.

  94. we do need to sign, help and give our voice to the voicless, please all, help. Thanks from bottom of my heart

  95. listen to the halo game song and at first, it is a memorial to the wolves, then the rest is my own rage to the killers then it is my neverending quest to stop the hunt and restor the wolf race and end this once and for all
    wolf lover and guardian

    • Never mind wat i just did say about that song, i like the song in the end by likin park and it symbolizes that we fought so hard and get knocked down but get back up and it doesnt even hurt us, we keep on working hard and and keep fighting till the end
      Wolf Gaurdian

  96. I noticed the killing is blamed on Bush. He’s been out of office almost 4 yrs..who’s fault is the increased killing now?

    • Sheila…If you read my blog, I’ve never blamed Bush for the 2009 delisting, only Obama. Bush did delist the wolves in 2008 but they were relisted fairly quickly. That’s when Limpy was shot and killed in Daniel, Wyoming. Obama delisted wolves twice, once in the Spring of 2009, they were relisted by Judge Donald Molloy in August 2010 and then delisted again by the Democrat controlled Senate via budget rider and then signed into law by Obama. I’m not a Democrat or Republican but the Dems let us down big time by selling wolves out in the Northern Rockies for Tester’s Senate seat.


      • I didn’t know that Obama signed delisted twice times in less than 3 years! WAKE UP, OBAMA!!!!! Looks at them what you did done with fallen wolves over 550 in less a YEAR! THAT’S SO CRAZY!!! Please relisting the wolves now, Obama!!! HEAR US NOW!!!
        Wolf Lover

  97. May they all rest in peace. May the people who killed them have their brains finally unpack and realize what they are doing!

  98. May each person who has killed a wolf suffer the same fate. LET THEM CURL UP IN PAIN AND AGONY! *tears well up and lights a candle for all the wolves who have felt pain and loss for there loved ones*

  99. This is a poem I found in a book. It is for all wolves that have lost loved ones: I am the wolf and the wolf is me,the wolf is myself and I am he.

  100. it is a shame that man cant leave the wolves alone. it is crap when our gov. let people murder these animals . after all that ive seen and read i will do all i can to save the wolf .

    • Same here man, and do what ever it takes to save them all! Long live the Spirits of the Night!
      Wolf Guardian,

  101. Boże, to straszne, nie ogarniam tego…




  104. SPRead FAR And Wide to everyone you know.. HELP US STOP THIS MADNEss of OUR WOnderful NATIONAL TReasure ((((WOLVES)))) and TEACHERs for all. Hunting Season is just around the corner and the SLaugher will be even worse.. this yr… over 6,800 hunting tags sold with a population of only 1,600 animals.. WHAt do you think the out come is going to be this WInter for THEM?

  105. I look upon this beautiful young wolf and see the innocence and youth of a fellow being on this Earth we share. I want to reach out to him, embrace him, love him and keep him safe. Please Great Spirit, guide us to finally making America and this world a safe and loving place for wolves in our day.

  106. What can I do to help??? This is so very sad. I want to help fight this battle against Wolves. I do not understand why people think they can just go out and hunt to extinction creatures that have been around much longer than we have and how a person can sleep at night after he/she gasses wolf pups…I just do not understand the human condition sometimes, it’s rather disappointing.

  107. Sweetheart, you will always live in my heart, as an individual, as a good wolf. May I be so blessed as to be with you and your friends when I pass on. We’ll run together and be at peace.

  108. I am so ashamed of my own kind. And I´m so sad.
    How could it happen that we got so wrong, mislead and hateful in such an awful way? How can any of us sleep in peace again? How can those sleep who have blood on their hands and how can those sleep who see and know and can´t help? And how can we find back?

  109. May the LifeGiver welcome their proud wild spirits and grant them the safety and peace they never knew on this earth.

  110. When will humans realize that everything is connected. If the wildlife doesn’t make it, we won’t make it.. Everything creature has a purpose in the circle of life, break the circle and everything will fall apart. Pray for our world

  111. Save the wolves!! Such intelligent creatures, with such ancient history, with such sense of loyalty to one another should be allowed the right to live like all other creatures. How can we stop this insanity? How can people face themselves in a mirror while so full of blood lust? It is heart wrenching to know that humans are so vile!!! Save the wolves!!!

  112. How could we do such a thing to such intelligent and beautiful creatures. They should pass a law stating those who would kill a wolf should be shot themselves. It is truly ignorant to believe wolves are the merciless killers they would have us believe. Wolves might kill only to eat but humans kill only to kill. What is this world coming to if innocent animals have only the sound of guns in their wake. This is soo heart breaking, SOME HUMANS ARE JUST ASSHOLES!!! excuse my language.

  113. This breaks my heart. I do wish people were different. Wolves are a sign really of what our country used to be. A parvo or lepto epidemic could wipe them out if we keep their numbers so small.

  114. man destroys everything that is beautiful!!!!

  115. why did we save them and put them on the endangered species list and later reintroduce them back into the wild, to change our minds later and kill them?
    I just don’t understand people or maybe I should say government. It’s so heartbreaking. And all for what? the sake of killing? Wolves are magnificent beings, let them be.

    • AGREED

      It makes no sense. Many feel the same. So few will be a Whistle Blower.

  116. Fear drives the masses to the farthest reaches of insanity. The ebb and flow of nature will continue to suffer as the instinct and wild origin of humanity die. Fear gave birth to sadness and malice and can not be justified.

    e nomine et spiritus naturae, rest in peace.

  117. Qui omnes species aut, persecutionem patientur.

    For all species who have, or will be persecuted

    You are correct. Knowledge is the key.

    I am Happy to say that in SE Pa the Word is spreading FAST!

  118. Gosh. My Friend just sent me this story. It is True.

    I still have tears running down my cheeks. The tears are from Joy.


    A Wolf Story

    With all her big brothers and sisters off to school, our ranch became a lonely place for our three-year-old daughter, Becky. She longed for playmates. Cattle and horses were too big to cuddle and farm machinery dangerous for a child so small. We promised to buy her a puppy but in the meantime, “pretend” puppies popped up nearly every day. I had just finished washing the lunch dishes when the screen door slammed and Becky rushed in, cheeks blushed with excitement. “Mama!” she cried. “Come see my new doggy! I gave him water two times already. He’s so thirsty!”

    I sighed. Another of Becky’s imaginary dogs.

    “Please come, Mama!” She tugged at my jeans, her brown eyes pleading, “He crying and he can’t walk!”

    “Can’t walk?” Now that was a twist. All her previous make- believe dogs could do marvelous things. One balanced a ball on the end of it’s nose. Another dug a hole that went all the way through the earth and fell out on a star on the other side. Still another danced on a tightrope. Why suddenly a dog that couldn’t walk? “All right, honey,” I said. By the time I tried to follow her, Becky had already disappeared into the mesquite. “Where are you?” I called.

    “Over here by the oak stump. Hurry, Mama!”

    I parted the thorny branches and raised my hand against the glare of the Arizona sun. A numbing chill gripped me. There she was sitting on her heels, toes dug firmly in the sand, and cradled in her lap was the unmistakable head of a wolf. Beyond it’s head rose massive black shoulders. The rest of the body lay completely hidden inside the hollow stump of a fallen oak.

    “Becky,” My mouth felt dry. “Don’t move.” I stepped closer. Pale-yellow eyes narrowed. Black lips tightened, exposing double sets of two-inch fangs. Suddenly the wolf trembled. It’s teeth clacked and a piteous whine rose from it’s throat.

    “It’s all right, boy,” Becky crooned. “Don’t be afraid. That’s my mama and she loves you too.”

    Then the unbelievable happened. As her tiny hands stroked the great shabby head, I heard the gentle thump, thump, thump, thumping of the wolf’s tail from deep inside the stump.

    What was wrong with the animal? I wondered. Why couldn’t he get up? I couldn’t tell. Nor did I dare to step any closer. I glanced at the empty water bowl. My memory flashed back to the five skunks that last week had torn the burlap from a leaking pipe in a frenzied effort to reach water during the final agonies of rabies. Of course! Rabies! Warning signs had been posted all over the county and hadn’t Becky said, ‘He’s so thirsty?’ I had to get Becky away. “Honey,” my throat tightened, “Put his head down and come to Mama. We’ll go find help.”

    Reluctantly, Becky got up and kissed the wolf on the nose before she walked slowly into my outstretched arms. Sad yellow eyes followed her. Then the wolf’s head sank to the ground. With Becky safe in my arms, I ran to the barns where Brian, one of our cowhands, was saddling up to check heifers in the north pasture. “Brian! Come quickly! Becky found a wolf in the oak stump near the wash! I think it has rabies!”

    “I’ll be there in a jiffy,” he said as I hurried back to the house, anxious to put Becky down for her nap. I didn’t want her to see Brain come out of the bunkhouse. I knew he’d have a gun.

    “But I want to give my doggy his water,” she cried. I kissed her and gave her some stuffed animals to play with.

    “Honey, let Mom and Brian take care of him for now,” I said. Moments later, I reached the oak stump. Brian stood looking down at the beast.

    “It’s a Mexican lobo, all right,” he said, “and a big one!” The wolf whined. Then we both caught the smell of gangrene.

    “Whew! It’s not rabies,” Brian said. “But he’s sure hurt real bad. Don’t ya think it’s best I put him out of his misery?”

    The word ‘yes’ was on my lips, when Becky emerged from the bushes. “Is Brain going to make him well, Mama?” She hauled the animal’s head onto her lap once more and buried her face in the coarse dark fur. This time I wasn’t the only one who heard the thumping of the lobo’s tail.

    That afternoon my husband, Bill and our veterinarian came to see the wolf. Observing the trust the animal had in our child, Doc said to me, “Suppose you let Becky and me tend to this fella together.” Minutes later as child and vet reassured the stricken beast the hypodermic found it’s mark. The yellow eyes closed. “He’s asleep now,” said the vet. “Give me a hand here, Bill.”

    They hauled the massive body out of the stump. The animal must have been over five foot long and well over one-hundred pounds. The hip and leg had been mutilated by bullets. Doc did what he had to in order to clean the wound and then gave the patient a dose of penicillin. Next day he returned and inserted a metal rod to replace the missing bone.

    “Well, it looks like you’ve go yourself a Mexican lobo,” Doc said. “He looks to be about three years old and even as pups, they don’t tame real easy. I’m amazed at the way this big fella took to your little gal. But often there’s something that goes on between children and animals that we grownups don’t understand.”

    Becky named the wolf, Ralph and carried food and water to the stump every day. Ralph’s recovery was not easy. For three months he dragged his injured hindquarters by clawing the earth with his front paws. From the way he lowered his eyelids when we massaged the atrophied limbs, we knew he endured excruciating pain, but not once did he ever try to bite the hands of those who cared for him.

    Four months to the day, Ralph finally stood unaided. His huge frame shook as long-unused muscles were activated. Bill and I patted and praised him. But it was Becky to whom he turned for a gentle word, a kiss or a smile. He responded to these gestures of love by swinging his busy tail like a pendulum.

    As his strength grew, Ralph followed Becky all over the ranch. Together they roamed the desert pastures, the golden- haired child often stooping low, sharing the great lame wolf whispered secrets of nature’s wonders. When evening came, he returned like a silent shadow to his hollow stump that had surely become his special place. As time went on, although he lived primarily in the brush, the habits of this timid creature endeared him more and more to all of us. His reaction to people other than our family was yet another story. Strangers terrified him, yet his affection for and protectiveness of Becky brought him out of the desert and fields at the sight of every unknown pickup or car. Occasionally he’d approach, lips taut, exposing a nervous smile full of chattering teeth. More often he’d simply pace and finally skulk off to his tree stump, perhaps to worry alone.

    Becky’s first day of school was sad for Ralph. After the bus left, he refused to return to the yard. Instead, he lay by the side of the road and waited. When Becky returned, he limped and tottered in wild, joyous circles around her. This welcoming ritual persisted throughout her school years. Although Ralph seemed happy on the ranch, he disappeared into the surrounding deserts and mountains for several weeks during the spring mating season, leaving us to worry about his safety. This was calving season and fellow ranchers watched for coyotes, cougars, wild dogs and of course, the lone wolf. But Ralph was lucky.

    During Ralph’s twelve years on our ranch, his habits remained unchanged. Always keeping his distance, he tolerated other pets and endured the activities of our busy family, but his love for Becky never wavered. Then the spring came when our neighbor told us he’s shot and killed a she-wolf and grazed her mate, who had been running with her. Sure enough, Ralph returned home with another bullet wound.

    Becky, nearly fifteen years old now, sat with Ralph’s head resting on her lap. He, too, must have been about fifteen and was gray with age. As Bill removed the bullet, my memory raced back through the years. Once again I saw a chubby three-year-old girl stroking the head of a huge black wolf and heard a small voice murmuring, “It’s all right,boy. Don’t be afraid. That’s my mama and she loves you too.”

    Although the wound wasn’t serious, this time Ralph didn’t get well. Precious pounds fell away. The once luxurious fur turned dull and dry and his trips to the yard in search of Becky’s companionship ceased. All day long he rested quietly. But when night fell, old and stiff as he was, he disappeared into the desert and surrounding hills. By dawn his food was gone. The morning came when we found him dead. The yellow eyes were closed. Stretched out in front of the oak stump, he appeared but a shadow of the proud beast he once had been. A lump in my throat choked as I watched Becky stroke his shaggy neck, tears streaming down her face. “I’ll miss him so,” she cried.

    Then as I covered him with a blanket we were startled by a strange rustling sound from inside the stump. Becky looked inside. Two tiny yellow eyes peered back and puppy fangs glinted in the semi-darkness. Ralph’s pup! Had a dying instinct told him his motherless offspring would be safe here, as he had been, with those who loved him? Hot tears spilled on baby fur as Becky gathered the trembling bundle in her arms. “It’s all right, little…Ralphie,” she murmured. “Don’t be afraid. That’s my mom and she loves you, too.”

    For You, Nabeki

    • Thanks for those amazing story…. Made me cry and happy for new family..

    • danielleriggens,,,What a beautiful story…so sorry I missed it. Thank you so much for sharing it. Wolves are amazing animals..so fearful of humans, due to hundreds of years of persecution but Ralph was willing to give his trust to Becky, a very great honor. Their story will stay with me as a reminder of why we are fighting so hard to save these misunderstood, magnificent animals. Thank you again!!

      For the Ralphie and Becky, For the wild ones,

  119. You have to COLD Hearted not to FEEL the Love.

  120. Here comes my Rescue Kitty. She is concerned I am crying. Sentient.

  121. Please, Stop this killing of the wolves!

  122. WTF is wrong with the human race? They seem to want to destroy the planet and all Gods beautiful creatures too! This is the 21st century and we ALL should know better! What is happening is totally evil and barbaric! America should be ashamed of what it is doing to these poor innocent animals! Wolves are part of the ecological system as nature is finely balanced! Humans just come along and fuck everything up! All those red-neck, dumb ass, hillbillies should look after their livestock properly and stop blaming the wolves for THEIR mistakes! STOP THIS WOLF-WITCH-HUNT NOW!

  123. I don’t want a world that is devoid of wolves, they are beautiful and they should be able to live without fear of being killed. I don’t want the only wolves I see to be pictures in a book, this needs to stop before they become extinct. One dead wolf is one to many. I sign petitions every time I find one about wolves, but it’s not enough, I want this slaughter to end NOW :(

  124. after having raised one…I know of the Love in their hearts….It is bigger than all man. I will forever miss them and my heart breaks for the damage that man has done to them…..PRAYING it STOPS soon. This is soooooo wrong !!!! VERY wrong……

  125. I wish people will stop hunting wolves it is sad and it hurts me deep in my heart. I wish we could get through to the people that this needs to stop.

  126. The killing of our precious wolves is clearly
    an act of Civil War and I think it’s time we take
    the enemy head-on with everything we got
    and fight the noble fight ’til we achieve victory
    or until this old Earth is blown to Kingdom Come,
    whichever comes first.

    Personally, if I had a way of doing so,
    I would engage these ruthless redneck infidels
    in mortal combat, just like what Chief Sitting Bull and his warriors
    did when they engaged Custer and his gang way back in 1876.

    Right now, my blood boils with rage,
    and my eyes burn with the fires of determination,
    These ruthless hunters and trappers shall pay dearly
    and they will regret it for the rest of their puny lives!!
    When the Creator renders His final Judgment,
    these killlers shall never again, see the light of day!!!
    An Eye For An Eye…
    A Tooth For A Tooth!!
    The pain they have inflicted upon our brothers,
    is the pain that they shall suffer, Two, To A Thousand-Fold!!
    ~May These Killers Be Haunted And Cursed With Bad Karma, Like Angry Spirits~

  127. The only way we can fight this wickedness is to educate and inform people. programes on TV, articles in magazines and newspapers and dare I say it books for those who can be bothered to read them L David Mechs book on arctic wolves is a good start.. Banning sport hunting trapping poisoning. best read The philosopher and the wolf. I really despair of the Human Race………………

  128. I will never stop being there voice never!!!!!

  129. 78 (not 74 – see below for why) innocent wolves already dead in the 2012-2013 Hunting Season and it has only been 1 1/2 months! Tragic!

    I noticed that you only have the deaths of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming wolves posted…what about the Wisconsin wolves? The hunt there started yesterday and already 4 wolves have been murdered!

    • Carla…hold your horses, I’m only human. I was working on adding Wisconsin as you were typing your message.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Oh, sorry about that! I checked the site all day yesterday to see when Wisconsin would be added but when I didn’t see it added I had thought that you might of forgotten about the wolves there.

        “Hold your horses” <– I wish I had a horse to hold but I don't ;)

  130. what else can be done here in Minnesota to attempt to stop the November season?

  131. You can be there.

    Any wolf hears you before you know (s)he is around. Prints do show you or hunters how recently they have passed, but if you are there – say in Wisconsin, where the areas are smaller, and the hunters’ trucks are clearly parked – you alert the wolves. Even still hunters (still hunting is exactly staying in one spot, often with some kind of bait set out, and certainly in places where there are signs of wolf passage) can be found.

    Remember that as you walk, ski, or snowshoe , you are easily detectable.
    What you are looking for for our purposes are the signs of hunters, although walking on the trails of wolf signs may help them to change their habitual paths.

    Wolf hunters only have so much time, and you can be there where they are, often when they are. If they don’t like your presence, you can make circles around them .
    Wolves like the early and late hours, so midday gives you time to rest.

    Remember, should you be going overnight, that sleeping bags are rated about 10 degrees colder than you like, so carry a warm one. If you are near areas where hunters park, you will arise early naturally, and can follow them.

    I see so much unhappiness above, but you can be doing something and learning, and happy to be in the real world, if you are living relatively near to the hunted places. If you are not so good this year, you will be far better next year, and very skilled in the years following.

    (I live in the wet forests of the far West now, but I’ll hope to be back to help you with more. Please plan a visit to wolf country.)

    The moon is growing each night . If you stay the nights, you will not need much in the way of fires. Dress and carry warm clothes, as the night from next week for a couple more will be brightly lit, and you can move, hear, and see a lot. The late moons, after full will awaken you, and you will be there before those who plan or hope to kill.

    You will love your power in just being there, and

    You can be there.

    • Michael, thank you for your courage and inspiration and most of all, for TAKING ACTION. To do what you are doing and are recommending is fantastic. Do you do this solo? It seems best to be there at the sites of the wolf hunters with a small (or large!) group of wolf friends, all decked out in orange. Share more!

  132. Sad heart… ={ 12 dead in Wisconsin, Roxie… Aka Sierra ..24 hours a day this murder is going on and our babes are falling and we can’t seem to get them into a safe zone

  133. 18 and 1 poached and 3 dogs shot, Wisconsin is shameful, I am disgraced with this State, seriously

  134. so few times that words for me, fail.
    our hearts lie bleeding on this
    killing trail:(

  135. 30 wolves gone, my lovely voices from zone 5, were slaughtered, then taken out of the area, Delhpi was trapped from someone without a wolf tag, posted upon facebook laughed about it, then taken to northern Wisc. and left with a chain on his leg then photograhed with a family with a little kid all smiling, He has a Name, It;s Delphi!, His beautiful mate was Sarasheena, who was murdered on 10-22-12 and their pup was 7 months old named Ostara. The only one claimed to actually been tagged from zone 5 was Sarasheena. Then Ostara was pictured with the gun she was supposidly killed with, It was larger then her!. She was just a puppy! The human pack is missing them, we are crying for them, we want them home! They are important to us, they were well documented and had been loved for so many years. YOU WOLF KILLERS TOOK FROM US our family members and removed from the world some important wolves. These wolves were almost domestic and were not afraid of humans, they were used in video and photographs, and schools also had been following the introduction of these timberwolves lineage for the past 8 years. They deserved to be left alone. When this pack ended up in the wolf hunt, it was a stupid move! There is no going back now. 3 bright stars are gone forever and they need to be returned and buried with some respect with a memorial for all they gave in thier lives and to be tortured and hunted down like they meant nothing is totally disgracefull upon you fools! We miss you Delphi, Sarasheena and Ostara! You will never be forgotten.

    • I’m so sorry Roxie for the cruel loss of these beautiful wolves you respected and loved. Where did this happen? Zone 5 of which state?

      • Wisconsin, this if you been reading the postings, I been updating them, we tried to get protections on as many wolves and packs as we could, with the Tribes and then Ft. McCoy and Necedah, it just wasn’t enough for zone 5, but that didn’t matter anyway. The trappers and hunters had no restrictions. They snared whole packs and then kept the wolves alive, hauled them to area’s to people that had tag’s, posted these on facebook even. People reported these to facebook, the DNR and was told they were “incidental killings”. Delphi was poached, and considered and incidental killing, and had a collar on even.

  136. 10-28-12 35 wolves dead in wisconsin so far


    • count in Wisconsin Thrill Kill … :( 38 beautiful spirit guardians gone .. can we work on getting the Depredation payments stopped? If these farmers and ranchers don’t get paid for these frivolous fables of Wolf damage, they would have to let the animal control actually deal with the true cause, and most of these thousands of dollars dished out to them could be used for something else. Like helping to feed the poor , buying coats for children, housing or something worthwhile maybe..just a thought … 27 years as an animal activist, was in Alaska, went to 2 oil spills, then helped save manatees, and working with the wolves for the past 8 years, I am done. 3 of my children are now active in it. Handing the torch over. I am done. Minnesota will be my last front line actions.

  137. we light a candle,
    we carry the torch,
    for our glorious planet,
    now barren and scorched.
    manunkind on a rampage,
    playing more than the tool,
    by killing all others, he
    kills himself,
    stupid fool.

  138. These Horrible people(THINGS) are “”KILLING GODS CREATURES but they will be Punished by “””””OUR ALMIGHTY GOD””””” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. STOP,STOP,STOP “””KILLING””” GODS CREATURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  141. Hi, Its been awhile since I checked in, Nothing but bad news…Our beloved wolves continue to get slaughtered with a vengeance by poachers and wolf haters, The Tribes are doing the best they can to maintain their hold on them. It seems they are hated as much as the wolves. Midwest Count is Wisconsin As of 11-9-12 64 dead and word has it that act 169 Gov. Walker wants the Kill Down to at least 350 wolves no matter how it happens, They are not taking anyone in for poaching, no one seems to be getting in trouble for having no tags, there has been multiple postings of cruelty on face book and people trapping wolves without wolf permits then selling them. Many people calling into the DNR, nothing being done. This “hunt” is a total shamble and a SHAME… It’s a disgrace to the Ojibwa and the People of the State of Wisconsin. I seriously hope the Humane Association and someone honestly helps here. It feels totally helpless. So many people are crying. There is plenty of dated photo’s on Facebook to prove facts to cover the issues so many people can point authority’s onto them.
    Minnesota Death Count is : 80 already and the poachers have gotten good cause they have taken those wolves in only a few days, Hopped over the river trapped them in Minnesota and sold them to people holding wolf tags in that State.
    Now the state of Michigan Voted to have the wolf hunt


    having a vote just for shits and giggles I am sure to tease people. Its passed already. So More wolves will Die. So 80 + 64 for wis and min plus all the rest in this miserable rotten wolf hating world, wtf did they do to deserve this treatment? someone come help us and them please

  142. Something MUST be done! It’s not enough anymore to sit and complain, real action must be taken NOW!

  143. When will it end? Will it ever ENd? We as citizens of the USA are just going to sit back and let this group of people decide who and what animals are going to live? How can this be happening? Its hard to believe that our SOciety would just do nothing! No one is listening to the mass numbers of people that are protesting this behavior and slaughter of the WILD ANIMALS OF NORTH AMERICA. ALL we are doing on this blog is logging our pain and suffering with helpless “HOPES” OF Change. IN recent months and last yr.. I prayed that somehow someway the government officials would come to some kind of logical agreement about hunting a species that has never ever bothered the people in this country. IF one human being goes out into the wilderness they would be very very lucky to even see a Wild wolf.. they are a very private animal that chooses to live with there families and packs.. yr after yr just raising there young and living life. THey have to EAT as we have to EAt. I choose not to eat meat because I would love to stop the cattle industry from producing cows as my thoughts are maybe this might help to reduce the on going conflicts between the cattle industry and NAture which as we all know has gone on for decades. THe Issue now is for yrs and yrs our governments have wanted to pass this in order to do just what they are doing< and I assumed that because we no longer had a republician in office that this would not be an issue and it would stop, however we have someone that is a Democrate that not only did he approve it he worked with congress to pass this and take down the ENdangered Species ACT.. and his name is "SALAZAR" but now it has gone to the point of no return.. State by state are calling the shots and allowing an animal that belongs to ALL OF US.. and the EARTH to be competely destoryed forever and EVEN Never to come BACK? WHere are the rights of this animal and who is the VOICE for this animal? THe government and the local level's have proved that they neither care or reguard a wolf as a living creature to even exist on this EARTH. If we as a small group of people can not get anyone other than the same people who post aways and stand up always to come forth for JUSTICE FOR A GOD GIVEN LIVING CREATURE TO LIVE in my eyes the KArma we as a Species will suffer somewhere down the road. AN EYE FOR AN EYE IS MAKING THE WHOLE WORLD COMPLETLEY BLIND.. this is an old QUOTE FROM Gandhi. I have written and called Everyone game and fish in these states and I have called Washington over and over as I feel sure most of you on this blog have done! ONLy until the last wolf is standing will it stop and maybe not even then.. a whole species wiped out by the ignornant decision of a few people that really do not even understand anything about the existance of LIFE on this EARTH.. shallow and Selfish people with an missionfor GREED, and Control of every inch of this Earth and all the LIFE ON IT. THe History channel has had a story on the men that built AMerica can we make a movie on the MEN who destoryed all living creatures on this Earth that are WILD and FREE?
    MY heart can say no more its all been said.. now what does anyone DO to stop this nightmare?

  144. Every day, I hate to see how many innocent wolves have died. It’s truly heart breaking. I can safely say that I’ve been very sad and have never felt so sickened at the behavior of my ‘fellow’ man. Heart broken, just heart broken. I want these killers to know you have stolen such beauty from this earth, a gift for you to abuse freely , and I want them to know that every time I see a wolf in a book, in a documentary, I will cry because they mean so much to me. Let’s not allow this to happen please. :(

  145. Disgusted beyond words. Totally disgusted . Enough said.

  146. Sad to see what our government has done.

  147. Nabeki,
    Bless you and thank you for all you do. You’re such an incredible inspiration to me. I “pray” that you’ll always be surrounded by love and light.

  148. watching those people fight over material possessions makes me sad. With all the life that people are wasting on this planet , precious life, you would think they could see some value in the lives if these innocent wolves. At a local Wal-Mart there was a huge fight over some phones. Really disturbing.

  149. I don’t live in the United States, but to hear about this is so tragic. There is so much to be learned from wolves and the way they live their lives, and they’re just such beautiful creatures. Respect for life must be maintained.

  150. 555 innocent animals slaughtered and for what reason? deep down I know who the guilty party is, and why no one writes or speaks the title is amazing. Hatred of wolves was introduced by christians for christians. Doing nothing is right, sit and watch their parades or hear their songs on xmas time and celebrate lies whilst human beings run rampant and destroy this earth for NO REAL REASON. It’s true, wolves won’t survive man, but it’s also true that man won’t survive GOD, the REAL one and not a man made commercial success.
    Let these rednecks sit and gloat, posing with the corpses of innocent animals, bragging to their children and feeding them ‘little red riding hood’, ‘the big bad wolf’, ‘peter and the wolf’, etc, and choke back their lies of walking on water and immaculate conception while true innocence is killed by true evil. Action speaks louder than words.

  151. RIP dear wolves. Please forgive us. Please forget us. This world is not good for anyone.

  152. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause

    pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in

    return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and

    the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  153. R.I.P dearest wolves. Don’t worry, an eye for an eye applies here, they will have their payment. Forgive us clueless human, for not knowing the importance of your lifes’ here. We will never truly know the gift of your beauty to this earth. One day you will all be gone and the world will be grey… no more beauty in this world, no more.

  154. Everyday when I check my email and get the new wolf kill update…it just breaks my heart. I just don’t understand the killing of any animal and for me….it is the wolf that truly touches my heart. My husband and I have been strong supporters since 1995 when the first wolves were to be set free into Yellowstone. It seems like from that point on ,they were doomed. Many of us find great joy in seeing and reading about the growth of our Western wolves. However, that joy is slowly being taken away from us because of so many hateful people. I just don’t get it. How can you look at the wolves with so much hate? The newer generations are learning this, first hand from their families . The hatred will continue until we can finally get through to these ranchers kids. Look at our history…3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and tons of stories from Europe seem to set the wolves up to be hated by everyone. Tonight there was a Christmas animated movie about wolves taking over Christmas and eating Santa. Oh, that is just great. I told my husband that now we will have kids believing that the wolves are out to eat Santa. Just another way of getting more people to hate wolves. Thats right you idiot that made that movie….sure lets tell the kiddies to hate the wolves because they might just eat Santa. Really great……To all of our wolves out there tonight…..please be safe….

  155. it is difficult and courageos as shooting to a paper target but it is one of the most important animal in nature. why idiots and life frustated are so in great number ,i hope life before and God later will give punishment

  156. is wis done finally?

    • From the Wisconsn DNR website: ATTENTION: ZONE 3 CLOSING 12/23 at 5 pm, ZONES 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 CLOSED

  157. Thanks for all the work you have done for the wolves. You are a inspiration for those of us whom continue to speak for them.

    • Well said, Scottie. The wolves are very very lucky to have Nabeki. We all are. You and other good people are vital members of the wolf defender circle, too. Thank you, Scottie, and to all true wolf defenders. Let’s fight even harder and more effectively together and make 2013 the year we turned things around for wolves. With determination, strength, creativity, courage, wisdom, team work and love, we can do it.

  158. I forgot to add that I closed down my Facebook community, called Anti-Hunting, I buckled underneath all of the death threats that I was receiving on a daily basis. I felt there was nothing else that I could do. The community had almost thirty likes and I am still aghast at the number of threats I got. It was scary. I did not just give up, that was a fear of mine at first, that I got weak and gave up, but I realize that I had to close it down because of the threats. I am thinking of returning to it, but I am still afraid. I took most of these threats very seriously.

  159. I know I am a bit behind, but I cannot understand why more people don’t defend our magnificent wolves!
    The numbers which have been slaughtered, in comparison to say rhino, should cause a world out cry.
    President Obama should realise that he and Salazaar are condoning government sponserd poaching and it is about time that he stated his position on the destruction of a living icon.

    Attention – Scottie. If you would send me the type of anti-hunting comments you posted on your facebook page, I would consider puting them on my website. You could then remain anonymous and see what replies I get on the website. I would create a page especially for wolves. Then you can look at my website see the replies I sent to the site, including the threats. I have wolves mentioned all over my site.

    • Alan…I don’t think Obama cares what so ever about wolves and I would be astonished is any amount of begging would change that. He appointed Salazar and just a few months into his first term he delisted wolves. What does that say about him? He doesn’t care, hasn’t cared and the Dems that are supposed to care about the ESA walked right behind him like a bunch of lemmings. I can’t stand either party now.

      One other thing, I don’t post people’s private emails in the comments, it’s for the protection of your privacy. Sorry.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • https://www.facebook.com/AntiHunting?ref=hl

      • Wow Scottie…that is a powerful page. Painful but truthful. Animal abuse must stop and humans have to be aware it’s going on before they will act.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  160. Thank you so much for your kind words. I decided to put it back up, you guys inspired me!

  161. This bad news, it’s like a nightmare from which there is no awakening. I only wish this was not happening. In my prayers at the moment.

  162. Hello, constantly i used to check weblog posts
    here in the early hours in the dawn, for the reason that i enjoy to gain knowledge of more and more.

  163. I”ve been telling them for years that humans are the most dangerous predators on the face of this earth and we are the ones that will destroy it. We have encroached on their territory not the other way around, this is their land, not ours, we need to respect that, give it back to those who truly belong here and let them live in peace, when you take it away where are they supposed to go. To those who want to go and kill them Don’t play God, remember the movie “Hard Target” maybe someday you WILL be hunted and may GOD have mercy on your soul.

  164. I cry in great pain and sorrow for them all.. Acts of cruelty and violence, destroying life is nothing other than suicide upon all humanity.. I know and feel this strongly!

    • And we cry with you Andy but we also have to get mad and get active because this is moving ahead like a freight train on steroids.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  165. These majestic creatures deserve justice. This sick “Game” People play to kill these beautiful animals is horrid. God bless our fallen wolves. They deserve respect, not this cruel treatment. Humanity does nothing but kill, and for joy. At least native americans killed and used every single bit of the animal. Hunters do it so they can hang a prize on there wall. This sickens me, and i hope one day this massacre will be put to an end.

    • Sabrina..it’s really not about the wolves, they are just a convenient scapegoat that these miserable people can blame for all their shortcomings. Barry Lopez said it perfectly. “Throughout the centuries we have projected on to the wolf the qualities we most despise and fear in ourselves.”
      ~ Barry Lopez

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  166. As an Ojibwa Native , it saddens me so that this species has been hated so long by some of the human race. They are only trying to survive . Sometimes I truly think that the humans are the animals. After viewing the movie by Jim & Jamie Dutcher ( Living with wolves ) it has made me have so much more respect for my brother than ever, the wolf. It has always been said that what God created , man will destroy, My wife and I own three beautiful purebred siberian huskies and to watch them play and frolic with each other always makes us smile, it is sad that they too are only here for a short while.

    • I feel your pain, even though I live miles away. It does not matter where one lives, the sign of the wolf is everywhere. “Some of the human race” you are being very kind Terry, because I dispise those that do nothing to help stop the slaughter of the wolves, our brothers.

      “The cruel wild beast is not behind the bars of the cage, he stands in front of it.”
      Axel Munthe


    Google Translate


  168. Carnage by rednecks, shame on us

  169. I am a fan of wolves, we all are and they are more scared of us than we are to them. They are going extinct because of us. I once read something,” wolves are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to humin beings.” wolves deserve better then this. This is all that I have to say about this. Thank you for letting me speak my mind. ☹

  170. As I am a current owner of mybeloved hybred Goshay,and my first time on your website. As I read over and over again the slaughter of thesemagnificent animals all I could do was cry for the longest time, and then the anger took over and I can not say how I wanted to slaugjter this thing called man!!!!!!!! The wolf is so blessed to have you and I shall pray for so many more like all of you. I hope to visit very soon. God bless all our wild life and God bless you all!!!!! Debra Nolin colorado springs co

  171. What is wrong with people? Why are we allowing this? This is so incredibly wrong! Do these rednecks feel better at the end of their day? We should allow baby hunting, if they can’t crawl away fast enough! !!

    • Nabeki, I hope you don’t mind me putting a suggestion on you site, but I feel that the more all of us can do to help the wolves, the better.

      I visit Care2 every day, and click to donate for the wolves. Here is the URL: http://www.care2.com/click-to-donate/wolves/

      It is free because the donations are paid for by the advertisers. If everyone who comments on your site, could go to Care2 daily, then it is an easy way to help our wolves, and let’s face it, they need all the help they can get.

      If anyone knows of a similar website, I would appreciate it if they would let me know.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Allan ^—^ Howling for the plight of our wolves.

  172. When I was about 12……I met a FOX in the yard.. I was in my driveway..and blocked his escape.. He came back a few days later…and wanted me to block him again….and got by me again….became a game with him.. He actually became a friend…
    Over the years ..I have raised 5 FOX youngsters…2 Coyotes….4 Wolves….and never once – had a problem… All the hype about Wolves is crapola… They are a VERY intelligent animal that I think – would make a fantastic Service Animal for some folks..
    At Fort Carson, I was told there was a Coyote in a trap.. I went down with a U-Haul blanket and a camera.. Sat on him..with the blanket on him… He grabbed my ankle…and I told him to lay off – I was letting him go.. I got the trap off h im – and he laid down alongside me for a bit – then took off – stopping about 75 feet away – and looked back at me to say thanks…

    • Thank you, Gene, for being the kind of human being we all should be. Thank you for rescuing that coyote and for all the other wild beings you have loved and those you are loving now.

  173. […]                                 1161 Fallen Wolves   click candle to view […]

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