Montana FWP Approves Killing 220 Wolves for 2011 Hunt….

Montana has a small wolf population of around 566 animals.  Killing off 220 wolves in the hunt with the added pressure of Wildlife Services slaughtering wolves for agribusiness is going to hit Montana wolves very hard.

Wildlife Services killed 141 wolves last year (MT FWP2010 report) and 145 wolves in 2009,  so I don’t expect them to slow down this year. Add that to the 220 wolf hunt quota for 2o11 and it makes things even harder for wolves.

220 plus 140 equals 360 dead wolves.

What about the new pups of this year? We all know the answer to that.

Just more bad news on top of bad news. It’s never ending. Is this what everyone envisioned for wolves when they were reintroduced in 1995?

FWP approves hunt of 220 wolves

BIG SKY — Montana will allow hunters to take 220 wolves during the fall hunting season, the state’s wildlife commission decided this morning.

 During its meeting at this mountain resort south of Bozeman, the five-member Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks commission voted unanimously to approve the hunting quota that would reduce Montana’s gray wolf population to at least 425 during what one FWP official called the state’s “first full-fledged wolf hunt.

Will I lose my parents and my life?


Photo: Courtesy JosCos Deviant Art

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