OR7 Back In California, Dude!

OR7 really can’ t make up his mind where to call home. After a brief foray into his home state of Oregon last week, he’s now back on California soil. Something about the Golden State he likes. Sadly he’s probably missed his chance to find a mate this year, unless he ventured briefly back into Oregon to pick up his girlfriend but more than likely he’s doing what dispersing wolves do, move around a lot.

I’m glad he made it back to CA. Hope he stays, maybe he’ll catch some rays and chill out for a while. He’s  certainly the most famous wolf in the world.  One cool dude!!

He’s back – gray wolf returns to California

Will Kane

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(03-07) 13:19 PST San Francisco — The lone wolf who wandered into California late last year before heading home to Oregon has come back to California.

The gray wolf’s return to the Golden State isn’t unexpected, state officials said. In fact, he could go back-and-forth across the border many more times before settling down.

“Round and round he goes, where he ends up no one knows,” said Kirsten Macintyre, a spokeswoman with the California Department of Fish and Game. “At this point we know only where his little blip is, nothing about what he’s going to do.”

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/03/07/BAIU1NH90L.DTL#ixzz1oULiI5Rw


Photo: Courtesy dincadotorg

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  1. I just hope he doesn’t go to Idaho, Wiscconsin, Wyoming, Utah, Montana or any of the other states where the hunters will be after him.


    • agree- that is my only concern- that and lying murdering ranchers and others who would kill them anyway and lie about it


  2. Good to know what OR7 looks like 🙂


    • Lol, Rainkit…that’s not his real picture with the sunglasses. I removed the video, it was linking to an anti wolf site.

      OR7 is doing more for wolf relations in this country and the world than any other wolf in recent times. I just hope he remains safe and stays the heck out of Eastern Oregon and Idaho.

      For the wolves, For OR7,


  3. If he ventures into the mountains in CA, he might get lucky. Don’t give up hope. He’s a ‘looker’! 😉 I just hope he stays away from all the fires.


  4. Stay safe OR7 we are praying for you and we are with you in spirit.


  5. coming home last night radio news said he was back – so very happy and very worried – while we do not have as many stupid killers as Wis., Mt., and Idaho WE HAVE the infamous head of DFG – that great, fat, white hunter and killer of beautiful Mountain Lions – he is the jerk that is heading the notorious DFG that will decide how to “manage” the Wolf problem! Can’t wait to see what that is – someone is going to kill this Wolf and the DFG is tracking him by radio collar – can’t believe they are not telling the ranchers and those other wackos where he is!


    • We need another group to be caretakers of the wild animals, any animal. Congress , who we have now & the BLM is NOT doing a good job, & they don’t take good care of them when they allow the killing & inhumane treatment of these animals.
      Lets propose this to Congress.




    • (: Agnes

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. I think its so cool how many supporters OR-7 has, and I hope it keeps growing too. He is showing us all he is not going to give up, and we got to keep spreading the news. He is also great at breaking the old myths about wolves too. Keep going OR-7; you got a Team that Loves you Man.


  8. I’m so glad he came back; Cali doesn’t have a lot to recommend itself (and I live here!) but his safety and continued well-being is being monitored and some of us are damn glad he’s here.
    A lot of us have been keeping track of him (though, thankfully, his wanderings haven’t been in real time, so I don’t think anybody really knows where he is except Cali Fish and Game). He was within 5 miles – as the crow flies- of a wild horse and burro sanctuary (the lady who runs it also keeps a pack of last-chance dogs who howl at just about anything but had been uncharacteristically musical several nights in a row), and I guess, from his meanderings, he even entered the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area for a brief time.
    I know I never miss a chance to spout for wild horses when I come here, Nabeki (and for that I apologize) but this guy’s presence is so encouraging and exciting for so many reasons. And as long as he’s here, he is protected by law.
    We – wildlife advocates – all believe in The Balance.
    Maybe while back in Oregon, he peed a trail for some lucky young lady to follow. Most of us – those not given to doom and apocolyptic hysteria – would welcome the wolves back into the fold.


  9. Best of luck OR-7. May you find your mate and live happily ever after and away from hunters


  10. OR7 is now known as “Journey ” . They heal a contest in Oregon to name him and that was the winning name . And it does seem to fit his roaming personality .

    I just hop and pray he remains safe. If you remember about 3 weeks ago , his brother OR9 , went the other way – into Idaho , instead of going with Journey. He was immediately killed by a stupid hunter with an EXPIRED tag – and he has had no repercussions because of tis . The Governor even made jokes about it!

    It is getting very difficult not to totally hate these people! But it serves no purpose. We just somehow, some
    way have to find a way to stop this . Nabeki, what has happened to the Appeals ? It has been 7 months since they were filed – why is it taking so long ?


    • Krista…Yes they did have the naming contest but not everyone abides by it, maybe because it was held in Oregon and he’s only a sometimes Oregon wolf..lol.

      The Apppeals court has been quiet on this even though the plaintiffs asked for an expedited decision. It is now March and wolves are dying everyday and still no word.

      I’m very sick and tired of all the killing, the delisting has set off a chain reaction that is sweeping across this country. Somehow we have to figure out a way to stop this insanity. What’s happening now to wolves is even more insidious then the first extermination because now they want to keep a small population around in each state to torture with trophy hunts every year. These people are souless.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,




  12. Sorry i saw just now NAME of OR7!!! Howlsss


  13. Glad to hear an update! Hope he finds his mate soon and keeps safe from people killing wolves.


  14. Oh god whats wrong with these people?!



  15. I’m relieved to know that Journey is back in California, and I hope he stays in the Golden State. I would be devastated if he wandered to some other state and was killed (legally or illegally).

    I’m thinking about writing a letter to the California Dept. of Fish and Game requesting that they release one female wolf into the northern part of the state so that Journey can have a mate. If I make a petition out of this, would you guys support it?

    If you can’t tell by now, I love Journey, and he is very special to me. I actually plan on writing a book about him soon!


  16. OR7 has brought attention to our cause. Imagine that, steps one paw into California and he becomes a celebrity ;D


  17. I believe Journey is special to all of us . To me he is a symbol of hope , courage and determination ! And it is like he is giving others the finger and saying “Look at me , you stupid people , I’ll do and go where I want , and what you gonna do about it!” Oh , but I do so worry when he leaves Califirnia , because he is safe there and they WANT him to stay there ! Why can’t evry state have that same attitude about wolves ? Caria , I think that is a great idea for a Petition to bring a mate for Journey , so he won’t have to keep leaving California to look for one . He must be so lonely. And I know the Petition would be supported here and I will also post it on Care2 – he is very popular there as well .
    Nabeki, isn’t this “hunting” season supposed to stop at the end of March? To me , it seems like the Appeals Court is dragging their feet, naybe to see how this season goes ? I don’t nknow – just mainly thinking out loud and trying to figure out why they are being so slow about this process . I actually never thought , the number of the Fallen would get this high – because I BELIEVED the Courts would stop the slaughter !Nabeki , have you heard anything from any of the Environmental groups on this issue ? I am just so anxios for the killing to stop , my heart feels like it is being rippped apart, with every report of the climbing numbers. So maybe concentrating on getting Journey a mate would be a positive way of dealing with the pain we all feel .Thanks for your input, Nabeki . And thank you for all that you do for the Wolves !


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