Wedge Pack Slaughter Hangs Like A Pall Over Washington State….

This is a do-over of my previous post in which I got a few facts wrong. The alpha pair is dead, effectively ending the Wedge Pack.  Yes, a few wolves got away, it was estimated there were either 8 or 11 wolves in the pack but killing off the alpha pair will cause those wolves to disband. And what about the pups? Were they killed?

 This is a very dark week for Washington state, 6 wolves killed in three days. I have no doubt other wolves will fill the Wedge Pack’s territory and it will be rinse and repeat of this situation if cows are still grazing in the Wedge unprotected.

End grazing leases and kick these ranchers off our public land. That is the only solution to this, not pandering to them and using taxpayer dollars to kill native wolves. Badly done WDFW, badly done!!


Wildlife agents finish job of eliminating wolf pack


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Posted on September 27, 2012 at 3:02 PM

Updated today at 7:00 PM

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The collar around its neck was supposed to lead biologists to a better understanding of how an alpha male wolf leads its pack.

Instead, that GPS collar is what sharpshooters in a helicopter used to track down and kill the followers of the Wedge Wolf Pack in northeast Washington state. And on Thursday, after leading most, if not all, members of its young pack to their deaths, the alpha male was shot and killed.


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  1. Be more than a Facebook Warrior–Avenge the Wedge Pack–take action against Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming…BOYCOTT


    • I’m in! Cannot stand reading wolf-related slaughter things anymore because it makes me sick but I’m well and truly in to boycott any state by emailing governors etc. I’m in Ireland so I cannot physically come over to help raise awareness but I’ve posted several facebook links on my blog and I intend to write something about it one of these days…


    • Two quotes come to mind.

      “A foolish consistency is a hobgoblin of little minds.”.

      And Einstein saying that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

      And so why do we in the animal rights movement keep expecting phone calls to politicians to succeed?

      And why do we keep expecting emails to politicians to succeed?

      And why do we keep expecting boycotts to succeed? One of the most comprehensive boycotts ever did not save one Canadian Seal life. Even with the boycott almost universal, they again slaughtered at least as many seals this year as ever before. To stockpile the furs or sell them on the black market for ten times as much.

      Also, boycotts hurt innocent business owners and employees who would be, or used to be supportive of saving Wolf lives.

      Hundreds, if not thousands, of Wolves have been slaughtered recently.

      The reality is that our methods have not prevented thousands of Wolves from being slaughtered. We in the animal rights movement continue to use flawed strategy. It’s long overdue for a new one.

      Anyone open to the idea? Open to a dialogue about strategy? Count me in.
      David Forjan


      • David, I agree with you. You forgot to add “prayer” to the list of useless methods to stop the wolf slaughter. Unfortunately, I do not know what we can do to have an impact. We need press coverage. We need headlines in major newspapers, videos on the national channels, and big names involved into this fight. But, as we all know, media, Hollywood etc. are all on the side of those who brought about this catastrophe. Hence, the deadly silence! By and large, most of the people still do not know about the budget rider or about the tragedy that is unfolding in the Northern Rockies right now and soon enough in other states. Any ideas anybody?!


      • Astrid, you are correct. God doesn’t get involved here in big ways, otherwise the wolves would still be alive. And the powers that control, well they control media, legislators etc. They have the big money, and money is control. The only way to offset that is with big numbers of people. Like in a democracy. I’ll bet there are 100 million animal lovers in the US. I tried to get the top 20 animal rights organizations to work together, but they wouldn’t, they maintain a provincial stance, keeping their members to themselves. Some were so provincial they wouldn’t even let me publish my email and phone number. Protecting me from myself. But some would publish them. We’ll see if Nabeki will.

        That said, imagine if 100 million or even 50 million animal lover voters raised their voices as one in favor of Wolves. I guarantee you if that happened, legislators would listen. Staying in elected office is their number one priority, always.

        We surely have to do something different. And soon.
        Be well.
        David Forjan


      • Astrid,
        I guess Nabeki cannot publish my email and phone number, which I put in my last post. That said, if you want to discuss strategies further, look for me on Facebook. I’m the one from Brownsville, New York.
        Thanks all.
        Be well.
        David Forjan


      • The answer is youth education in regard to animal welfare, teaching children empathy and respect for animals so that they develop more compassion and concern for other species. It is the long standing speciesist attitude that leads to atrocities like the Wedge Pack wolf slaughter.
        Long ago the American Dietectic Association verified that humans can be well nourished and thrive without consuming meat. Moving toward a meat free diet not only improves human health and the environment , it could reduce conflicts between cattle ranchers and wildlife,as demand for meat would decrease.
        Also, proponents for animal rights need to be more organized, united and outspoken. More billboards and media attention to educate the masses. Don’t lose heart, though, things are getting better and the truth always prevails.


  2. It really does break my heart that this had to even happen. Ranchers need to be better at watching over their livestock. I sure hope the pups will survive but with out its parents plus the support of the pack who knows what will happen. I hope Wolf Haven and any other organizations that are out there will keep fighting and help make a difference as I hope to do the same.


  3. This rancher refused to follow simple rules that the other ranchers had to discourage the wolves from targeting the cattle. Since this rancher refused, the state had no business killing the wolves and instead should have evicted this rancher and his cattle off public grounds permanently for refusing to comply. The way these crazy wolf haters are going at it, we will be lucky to have any wolves by the middle of next year. A forty year program to bring wolves back from the brink of extinction only to see all those decades of work be destroyed in less than 2 years. Absolutely sickening.


  4. Reblogged this on Oregonmike98 and commented:
    very disappointing and saddening




    • Let your breath be your guide, let those we have lost be the sound that your breath makes, your breath is your voice let your voice be for those lost. So very sad for us all, be strong for those lost, it is us who must speak.


    • Vida,

      Please stay – I know I love to read your posts. We will win in the long run, but we are up against it now with this entrenched narrow-mindedness of the wolf haters, and now with not only the delisting, but immediate calls for blood by hunting and the sad excuses of what passes for DNR these days. We know they would use the radio collar against this poor pack. Now they say they “don’t know” if they got all of them. Then I read that the rancher is moving his herd to another area. A day late and a dollar short – and the rancher is blaming the wildlife agents, now saying “he wasn’t sure it was wolves” and they’re blaming him.

      To answer your posts from yesterday, the wildlife agents will examine the remains of any cattle, the wounds, the area for any signs of them, and come to a conclusion that it was wolves based on their findings. Since other rabid wolf-haters freely admit to luring, bating and other underhanded tactics, it would be hard to know for sure. But you never know how much pressure the wildlife groups are under to placate these lying sacks of &%^$! for the sake of the continued success of the program.

      We’ve scored a few victories and there will be many more, I am sure. It’s nice to read your thoughts. Namaste.


  6. I called the gov.’s office in Washington state yesterday.I spoke to the receptionist.I spoke my truth.This wolf slaughter such a symptom of a much larger and deeper problem.I have no idea why we, as a species, have gone so far backward.Why has the greed grown so overwhelmingly large and far reaching? FEAR.It is the basis for all the greed and power and keeping others down.Fear.Those who are afraid to face life in all its facets will continue to try to keep their inevitable mortality at bay through the subjugation of others.So very sad for all.And i have no idea how it will change except through one individual at a time having the courage to face the truth of life ,to look into the mirror and face themselves.My heart is so very heavy for the Wedge pack.I will keep trying.


  7. The well-meaning biologists have to stop ‘tagging’ the wolves. They truly have to find another means of studying them. The collars only make them easy targets for slaughtering.


    • I agree wholeheartedly, Anne. I often wonder if they can even be considered “wild” any longer. Chased, hounded, “studied”, snared, trapped, collared and tagged – eventuall killed. For WHAT exactly? They are sitting ducks, if you will. I feel for the individual wolves and have become no longer a supporter of reintroduction anywhere or for any reason. If numbers of any species drop off….then it’s time to move on without them. Sounds harsh, I know, but the goal seems to be to please the “consumptive” users and little else. This balancing act through “micromanagement” takes the “wildness” out of wild.


  8. Has anyone read this? It’s from the “Wolves and Writing” blog. It’s excellent. Beckie seems to write from an apparent investigative angle. After reading about the last wolf killed (the alpha male), I was infuriated. Then this came along. It adds a ray of hope to a tragic situation. I wonder if you all agree?

    What’s Next on the Wedge?
    by Beckie Elgin, Freelance Writer

    When I called Steve Pozzanghera, Eastern Regional Director and Policy Lead on wolves in Washington State, he was still on vacation. I didn’t realize I had his cell number. I think it surprised him too because he admitted he was, “Trying to forget about the Wedge pack.”

    What incited me to make the call was a statement made by his boss, Phil Anderson, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Agency (WDFW) director. Anderson is quoted this afternoon in the Spokesman Review as saying, “Directing the pack’s removal was a very difficult decision, both personally and professionally, but it was necessary to reset the stage for sustainable wolf recovery in this region. Now we will refocus our attention on working with livestock operators and conservation groups to aggressively promote the use of non-lethal tactics to avoid wolf-livestock conflict.”

    What I wanted to know right away, and I knew I wouldn’t get Anderson on the phone, was how the agency was planning on doing things different to “avoid wolf-livestock conflict” in the future.

    Pozzanghera explained that this is new territory for the department as well as for the McIrvins of Diamond M. But he said that the WDFW is planning on learning from other groups and individuals more about non-lethal measures, including modifying cattle behavior to reduce predations. One of these groups is the Mountain Livestock Cooperative, who has previously spent time in Washington on this issue. He did point out though, that the department cannot tell ranchers how to run their business. Much of the future for wolves in the Wedge still rests on the shoulders of the livestock industry, a fact I find very disconcerting.

    When I asked what incentive ranchers had for making changes, since it is clear to many of us they can simply cry wolf and have an entire pack taken out, Pozzanghera told me that the Agency is looking into a contract program that will allow ranchers easier access to compensation funds if they agree to utilize specific non-lethal measures. There is only a limited amount of compensation money and the livestock operators who agree to the terms set by the WDFW will be allotted funds first.

    He also said that the McIrvins are receiving a ton of public pressure. News of the Wedge pack controversy has traveled around the country, and although Pozzanghera wouldn’t say if the pressure is helping the wolf situation or not, he suggested that the McIrvins could not be immune to the calls and bad publicity they’ve received. I suggested that the WDFW has earned themselves a few decades of bad PR as well, and he agreed, saying this is a “Lose-lose proposition at this point.”

    Especially for the wolves, in my humble opinion.

    When I spoke with Bill McIrvin a few weeks ago he mentioned that the WDFW personnel had told him that non-lethal measures were useless on the Wedge due to the rugged terrain. I asked Pozzanghera about this statement and he denied that this was the message given to the ranchers. He said that certain tools could not be utilized, for example, one cannot put up fladgery on a 240,000 allotment, but that other measures could work and would be implemented in the future. In his words, “The best case scenario is that there will be a point in time when wolves returning to the Wedge will co-exist with cattle.”

    Let’s hope so. But an even more successful scenario is one in which the ranchers agree to co-exist with the wolves.

    Beckie Elgin, Freelance Writer | September 27, 2012 at 4:33 pm | Tags: grey wolf, Wedge pack | Categories: Uncategorized, Wolves | URL:


  9. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    Another reason to hate those demeaning radio-tracking collars: the game department used it to track down the alpha male and mow down as much of the pack as possible. They, and the ranchers who put them up to it, are as detestable as Michael Vick.


  10. I truly hope that all those involved in the senseless, cowardly murder of these and other wolves end their own lives soon, or endure a painful death. I would like to know the faces and names of these killers, who hide behind anonimity, are they ashamed (not likely) or too coward to show them. I would been afraid to be in the same room with them, even surrounded by other people, and would not deam of allowing children, or pets get near them.


  11. we’re next


  12. Ida Lupine,
    Hi, I am interested to know where you read that the rancher Mc Irvin, said that he is moving his herd to another area, and that he is not sure it was wolves that killed his cattle and that he is blaming wildlife agents for the informantion and that they are blaming him. Seems to be a, he said she said now that the wolves are dead and they are all getting the heat.
    I am fuming with them all. They are all green and incompetent when it comes to wolves in their area and furthermore uneducated about wolves in general.
    I would like for all of you to watch a video of Fish and Wildlife capturing the Wedge pack Alpha male and a pup and putting tracking collars on them. Also in this video is an interview with the rancher McIrvin. He is complaining and blaming everyone else for the depredation of his cows while he does nothing to keep them safe and protected- and now moves them- OMG! He seems to be a crying baby who wants his way and wants lots of attenion at the expence of these wonderful wolves.
    Try to find this video it was aired on news/2012/09/25/14093139-gray-wolf-pack-in-washington-state-will-be-shot-dead-after-preying-on-cattle?lite I could not find this by typing it in- but maybe one of you can figure out an easy way for everyone to see it. It is worth the trouble.
    The plight of the wolves now is hard to take. I say the ranchers have had 80 years without wolves now it is the wolves turn for 80 years as a protected specie. Yes. I believe the only way to save the wolves is through an act of congress. We need money, we need a congressional lawyer and a congressman to help. We need money. It is hard when we live all over the world to accomplish much beyond online activism.
    For the wolves


    • Jane,

      I tried to look for it today and couldn’t find the article – I read it online last night after the bad news – let me see if I can find it again.


      • It could be a simple matter of bringing the herd down or moving them for the season. Too bad something couldn’t have been worked out before the pack had to be destroyed.


  13. It’s a well known fact that wolves mate for life. It is also known that their children won’t be able to sucessfully live on their own until one year of age. Why do men and wemon who hold greater ability of love and care seek to end what deserves the same? Mother Earth gave us a home to live and raise our children, so why can’t wolves and other creatures do the same? Man who is 10,000 times more common than the rulesof the animal kingdom would allow, so why can’t God’s creations be allowed to be prospourous and plentiful just as man? Wildlife Managment is a crime against life and needs to be dealt with. Nature provides a haven for a walks of life by two legs or 100 to live, grow old, and sadly die. For that is the purpose of Father Time. So who is man to ever label another as “too many” or “not enough” when he denies these claims of himself. Mother Nature has proven to man that she can take care of herself, by herself, for her survival. So when will mankind take a hint, and leave what is alone?


  14. I’m not sure what the answer is. At times there are going to be legitimate conflicts between wolves and ranchers as humans continue to spread out over this country and land needed to raise cattle. There are over 300,000,000 million of us in this country and only a few thousand of them. This case could be a legitimate one in WA; but ever since they were delisted wolf-haters are clamoring for state control and hunting, and it is the same in WA, so skepticism of true motives is by the American public is understandable. But, to reintroduce them only to have them brutally shot and killed is very sad indeed. I hope a solution can be worked out, an honest one.


  15. Since the government wolf killers are tracking the wolves via GPS, its a simple matter of buying and amplifying the signal of a GPS blocker and using it near any radio collared wolves. Its time to go high tech.


  16. Now that the Wedge Pack is gone, we have to start concentrating on the actions that are taking place in Wyoming. It is ‘Open Season”. We must start informing the public about HR 3432 and turn back these public grazing lands.


  17. estoy mal por matanza porque el gorbierno de obama hace eso
    los lobos son originalios


  18. It IS a “deadly silence” – I find it unbelievable that no one on CNN has or will take up this slaughter and I do not get it – there has to be animal lovers somewhere in the media that could use their power , where is Ted? and, what happened to Letterman and his “comic” comments w/ a hint of serious directed @killing Wolves – they must have gotten to him – probably threatened his life in Montana since he has ranch there – the asshole “democrat” Mt. gov. was on his show recently and they are buddy, buddy, but that guy would also have been killed if he had supported the Wolves over the disgusting, violent, uneducated, stupid “ranchers” and their henchmen out of the hills! You all know that asshole Ryan(as in republican running mate!) is a trophy hunter – bow & arrow no less. This is like blowing up a dam and than trying to stop the water – they are going to continue the carnage and I am sure the nra is just waiting in the wings to verbally publically support IF anyone dares try to help – look what they did to Kerry (made him go out and shoot a bird to prove he was “ok”) I’m surprised Obama has not gone out to kill something. I wish they would issue permits to hunt these assholes – they could use dogs, traps, bows and ak47 – what fun!


  19. One more alarming detail from what I have read recently – “they” the good old f&g want a certain number of packs to exist because than the Wolf will be removed from the endangered list in that state and they can “manage” them like any other big game animal – AND if that does not disgust everyone I can’t what will!


  20. The Director of Fish & Wildlife stated “Going out and killing wildlife is not what this agency is all about.”

    Excuse me but isn’t that what Fish & Wildlife departments do? They sell hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses to kill wildlife. They try to recruit more people including women and children to kill wildlife. They “manage” wildlife to increase the numbers killed. They raise pheasants and other birds to be shot by hunters. They raise fish to stock lakes. Killing is their primary business.

    The Director is either lying or doesn’t have a clue as to what his Department does.

    I believe he was appointed by the Governor. Big help she has been.


    • Call the Governor and demand he step down.(360) 902-4111


      • Keep calling, keep calling. Everyone – keep calling. Express your outrage!


  21. A bit of good news. I stumbled across a poll on NBC News asking if the Wedge Pack should be killed.

    The poll is still open even though the Wedge Pack is gone.

    Currently there are 96,938 votes and 72% said no!


  22. How can they do this, its Just terrible, Stay Strong Nabeki the Wolves need you now more than ever!


  23. To all,
    A little off subject here, but…
    I am honored to be in the midst of you all. Any and all of us might very well had become the liar. The greedy rancher. The corrupt politician. The evil ones who kill for no good reason. The kind of person who sacrifices morals and ethics in the pursuit of money and power. Who goes over to the dark side.

    But we didn’t become that kind of person. We stand together FOR morals and ethics and fairness and consideration of all animals on this Earth. We withstood decades of pressure to become like them, but we didn’t. Got by with less money than them. Suffered the frustration from not having enough influence. Suffered the emotional and moral pain for the evil they do; the emotional pain they don’t feel.
    And we came out the other side of all this pressure and pain. And became better human animals.

    Now if we could only figure out how to make our attributes work for us.

    Glad to be amongst you all.
    David Forjan


  24. David,
    I will try to contact you via Facebook. I see that you live in New York.
    I live in Boston. People on the East Coast have no idea what is happening to the wolves. There is a lot to be done here in support of the wolves.


  25. So far 73% of those polled by US News oppose the wolf pack slaughter. I am sure the numbers are greater. It is apparent those having “authority” in the WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife do not represent the majority. These good ol boys must be replaced by compassionate, ethical guardians who truely respect wildlife and are not caterers, puppets for greedy cattle ranchers. Speak out and exercise your power!


  26. please, if there is a God out there, then let him stop the insanity. But praying wont help. We need to stop blogging about it and actually do something, I’m not sitting back for another season. I will fight for the beauty, loyalty, and perseverance that these wolves represent.


    • Storm,
      You are absolutely correct. Your insight is refreshing. Blogging alone is not enough. I want to know you. Friend me on FB. David Forjan, the one born in Brownsville NY.
      Write me at least.


  27. Please be aware that starting tomorrow, October 1, 2012, wolf kills will start in the state of Wyoming.


  28. Never underestimate human “ingenuity” when it comes to killing. We need to insist on some kind of buffer zone aroung the National Parks and wolf recovery zones, or state management of wolves will be nothing but a sick joke. It should be against the law to do something so obviously against the spirit of the ESA:

    From the Idaho Spokesman Review:

    “A touch of Idaho-style “management” was applied to the Diamond Pack of northeastern Washington last weekend as a Washington man with an Idaho wolf hunting license killed a wolf in the Kalispell Creek area just east of the state line. It’s the second wolf from the Diamond Pack, protected in Washington, to be legally killed in Idaho.”

    The Diamond M grazing allotment lease does end Oct. 1. What a shame something couldn’t have been worked out so close to the end of the season.


  29. This is despicable! There was absolutely no reason to destroy the entire Wedge Pack! Why didn’t the rancher utilize and exhaust all of the non-lethal methods of preventing wolf depredation that are stated in Washington’s Wolf Management Plan? Or, if lethal control was absolutely nessecary due to failure of the non-lethal methods, then why was the entire pack killed off rather than only the specific individuals that caused problems? Is it really too much work to use non-lethal methods and/or to study the pack to see which individual wolves are the troublemakers?

    Washington is coming close to meeting the requirements of wolf recovery in the state (as to whether the recovery goal is adequate or not is debatable, but that’s not the point). Why set back recovery by killling off an entire pack of wolves?

    What happened to the pack’s pups? Where they among the 6 wolves killed, or are they still out there, surviving on small rodents or even starving to death?

    I was going to write a letter to the WDFG and ask then to stop the extermination of this pack, but due to excessive homework it was too late by the time I got around to it; by then the alpha male had already been killed, thus destroying the pack. I feel so guilty…


  30. There will be a meeting next Friday in Tacoma Washington where the subject of wolves will be addressed. People will have 3 minutes to speak. If it possible for you to attend and speak up, please do so. Here is the info:

    Next Friday, October 5th, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is hosting a public meeting in Olympia. Part of this meeting will be used to address the department’s handling of the Wedge…

    pack situation.

    If you are able to attend this meeting, please plan to be there AND register to speak. If registered, you will have three minutes to express your concerns to the commission. If there was ever a time to speak…it is now!

    If you cannot be there, please send an emailed comment to –

    Meeting Agenda –



  31. […] “Since this rancher refused, the state had no business killing the wolves and instead should have evicted this rancher and his cattle off public grounds permanently for refusing to comply. The way these crazy wolf haters are going at it, we will be lucky to have any wolves by the middle of next year. A forty year program to bring wolves back from the brink of extinction only to see all those decades of work destroyed in less than 2 years. Absolutely sickening.”(…) […]


  32. Lets change the grazing permits and charge a decent amount. If rancher then loses cattle repay him with this money. This is public land it has been usurped for to long. Why would Washington Game Dept. be shooting wolves on Federal Land, this whole mess stinks. If you want to know were the smell is coming from, follow the money. (Cattle Ranchers).


    • people need to watch and share video’s like this which outlines the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture and the greed of the ranchers and corporations who care about nothing except profits. he even goes into the hunting of wolves and other wildlife around the 28 minute mark:


  33. […] Howling for Justice Blog: Wedge Pack Slaughter Hangs Like A Pall Over Washington State…. […]


  34. i have a issue with some rich bastard calling for slaughter of innocent animals that are being what they are suppose to be. if he had such a problem with wolves he should have packed his stuff and moved instead of buying off some government office to get what he wanted.


  35. […] Wedge Pack Slaughter Hangs Like A Pall Over Washington State…. ( […]


  36. […] Remember a WHOLE wolf pack (8 wolves in total including pups) was slaughtered in Washington State. Why? Because 1 (yes: ONE) rancher called Bill McIrvin had his cattle grazing on PUBLIC land and some of his cattle were attacked by wolves because he refused to follow simple rules that other ranchers implemented to discourage wolves from targeting their cattle. “Since this rancher refused, the state had no business killing the wolves and instead should have evicted this rancher and his cattle off public grounds permanently for refusing to comply. The way these crazy wolf haters are going at it, we will be lucky to have any wolves by the middle of next year. A forty year program to bring wolves back from the brink of extinction only to see all those decades of work destroyed in less than 2 years. Absolutely sickening.” (…) […]


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